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hawa7hi, is there any reason why the eclipse package is still in version 3.8 and accordingly 6 years old?17:08
RhondaYou mean besides noone investing the time to work on it?17:09
hawa7seems like a very long time. so there could be a another reason apart from the usual17:11
RhondaFrom what I understood there were changes to it that made it harder to package, and it's java.  But I never digged deeper into it, and when I asked only frustration came back from the people that tried to work on it.17:11
hawa7i understand, java indeed is ugly17:13
hawa7this is the first package i came across in ubuntu, which is really that old17:13
hawa7is there a list of packages with their respective age in universe?17:16
Unit193Perhaps Debian 681726.21:32
ubottuDebian bug 681726 in src:eclipse "eclipse: Upgrade to latest upstream release (HELP WANTED)" [Serious,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/68172621:32

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