TJ-could someone have a quiet word in #ubuntu with tatertots; he's a helper but after nacc pointed out he was being a little unhelpful has become antagonistic. I've just reminded him of the CoC01:25
elhe is a bit. though it's not a good idea to tell someone that they'll face a consequence you cannot personally provide01:28
elTJ-: i'm going to try bring them in here and you being here will not help matters, could you please leave01:31
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elthey're refusing to join01:46
tatertotsFirst, just to let it be known some dude named "el" was under the false impression there was some "business" for "me" to discuss in #ubuntu-ops, personally, i don't know that guy from Adam. With that having been said i'm aware none of you have anything positive to say toward me, (Tell K1l or kl1 or whatever i said salute i see the dark side of the force is strong with him) and I'd like to note i have left #ubuntu the moment08:11
tatertotsceasar/k1l sent "el" after me.08:11
bazhangtatertots, hi08:12
tatertotsAnd since there is nothig to "financially" gain by changing any of your minds/hearts or opinions of me, i will not be attempting to do so. The only thing that is up for discussion as far as i am concerned is if your hatred of me extends to #vmware and #windows-server. And you can simply say "yes or no"08:12
Flanneltatertots: No one has any hatred of anyone here.  You should probably do some introspection if you're this standoffish.08:13
bazhangtatertots, not so serious as that if you would let me as a third partu to all to comment08:13
bazhangand party08:13
Flannelbazhang: We knew what you meant!08:13
bazhangFlannel, you have years of my typoes!08:14
Flanneltatertots: Anyway, we're all on the same team in #ubuntu.  Someone was just commenting that you were appearing a bit antagonistic.  Take it as constructive criticism.  As humans, sometimes we get curt and don't notice.  It's helpful if other people can nudge us back to being 100% helpful instead of only 50% helpful.08:17
FlannelIt happens to all of us.  We have a bad day, or just forget that we're dealing with other people, or whatever.  No big deal, that's one of the nice things about being on a team, we can lean on each other.08:19
tatertotsso how long is the ban this time?09:27
Flanneltatertots: You're not banned, so... zero?09:28

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