lordievaderGood morning07:10
lordievaderHey eoli3n How are you?07:13
eoli3nfine, u ? :)07:18
lordievaderDoing good here :)07:20
cpaelzeralmost forgot, good morning07:40
lordievaderHahaha, hey cpaelzer07:47
lordievaderHow are you doing?07:47
cpaelzergood, busy enough to forget to say hello for more than an hour but good :-)07:47
ahasenackcan I use rmadison to query packages for EOL ubuntu releases, likey yakkety?11:27
ahasenackor, what other way is there to learn at which version a certain package was in one of these releases?11:31
* ahasenack tries packages.ubuntu.com11:33
* ahasenack tries launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/<package>11:35
* ahasenack tries launchpad.net/ubuntu/<release>/+source/<package>11:36
eoli3nis there any way to msg a offline user ?12:19
eoli3nwith !tell or something ?12:19
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:19
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.12:20
lordievaderDon't think ubottu has that  functionality.12:20
boxrickHere is a random question, I currently use Xenial for everything. Not tried Bionic yet, how working / broken is it currently. And does it massively differ in any way ?12:21
lordievaderSuch question are usually forwarded to #ubuntu+112:22
boxrickFair enough, I guess I should be more specific. Has the networking changed much in Bionic?12:23
Odd_Blokeboxrick: Networking has changed fairly substantially, yes.  networkd will be the default (in the server), and it will be configured using netplan.12:25
boxrickJust found this. https://insights.ubuntu.com/2017/12/01/ubuntu-bionic-netplan/12:26
boxrickGood news, ifupdown was rather unreliable.12:26
eoli3nso if somebody saw it yesterday, i was debugging a kickstart install, which actually breaks win7 boot. I'm not a end user, i need to automate to deploy 800 nodes.12:27
eoli3nhere is the kickstart file -> https://ptpb.pw/TMJt12:27
eoli3nhere are my tests -> https://ptpb.pw/Uc7_.png12:27
eoli3nand here the log of win7 cdrom repair tool -> https://ptpb.pw/fxvz12:27
eoli3nTJ-, which is not connected right now, helped me a bit yesterday12:28
eoli3nhe asked me to add sector#1 to #2047 test12:28
eoli3nin table, every orange part are differing from previous state12:29
eoli3ni want my kickstart install, to work without kicking win7 install, and without needed of repairing anything12:29
boxrickSo Odd_Bloke, getting netplan and systemd networkd working in a similar way to Bionic on Xenial. Is that even possible?12:31
Odd_Blokeboxrick: I don't think you'd want networkd in xenial, but I _believe_ netplan can render ENI.12:37
Odd_Blokecyphermox will probably be able to be more helpful, though he might not be awake for a couple of hours.12:38
cpaelzerahasenack: also full publication history can sometimes help to uncover weird version changes and what happened13:07
cpaelzerhard to read but once mastered full of info13:07
ahasenackcpaelzer: where is that?13:09
ahasenackah, link in the top right13:10
ahasenackhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python3.4/+publishinghistory for example13:10
eoli3nhow could i have partuuid on parts, using msdos part table13:15
eoli3nwhen i run blkid i have some PARTUUID setted13:16
eoli3nthe part table is msdos, wtf13:16
danrikDoes anyone know if ubuntu 17.10 still supports md5 signed vpn certificates?13:30
danrikI know that fedora dropped it completely, but thought that ubuntu still supports it: https://ask.fedoraproject.org/en/question/80081/fedora-23-unable-to-verify-openvpn-certificate-after-update/13:31
cpaelzerahasenack: I'll look at your samba merge now13:52
cpaelzeranythin in particular to watch out ofr?13:52
ahasenacknot this time13:52
ahasenackcpaelzer: one thing, though, it won't build without bionic-proposed13:53
ahasenackbecause of a build-depends change13:53
ahasenackand migrations are basically frozen still13:53
cpaelzerhave you a ppa already as usual?13:53
cpaelzeror not yet because of that?13:53
cpaelzeryou can enable proposed in the ppa I think13:53
ahasenackcpaelzer: I do13:54
ahasenackand I have :)13:54
ahasenackjust a sec13:54
ahasenackcpaelzer: https://launchpad.net/~ahasenack/+archive/ubuntu/samba-merge-4.7.413:54
eoli3ni really need help14:05
eoli3nis there anybody which could help on multiboot kickstart deploy ?14:05
ahasenackdon't know about kickstart, sorry :(14:08
cpaelzerme neither14:09
eoli3nhm, thx for answering anyway :)14:11
cpaelzerahasenack: MP is good, a few minor questions but no stoppers - if you need sponsoring let me know14:21
pankajI am addicted to watching youtube videos. Just wanted to get rid of web browser functionality in ubuntu. Is their any way to achieve this task?15:22
Ussatspeaking og youtube....15:22
Ussatya I know off topic, but had to15:23
cyphermoxboxrick: hey, how can I halp?15:25
boxrickOhh I was just looking at getting Ubuntu 18.04 like networking in 16.04 ( IE netplan and systemd.networkd )15:27
cyphermoxboxrick: aye15:27
boxrick1) Is this actually realistically possible15:27
cyphermoxthere may be a couple of moving pieces to configure, but it should be possible15:27
cyphermoxnetplan is already the same version as in bionic15:27
boxrick2) Is there much point in doing this ( my idea here is to make the transition to 18 less painful down the road ) and I also have a bunch of pain with ifupdown currently in xenial.15:28
cyphermoxboxrick: so; remove any ifupdown configuration you have and migrate it to netplan; make sure you're running the latest systemd from -updates, and you're already pretty good15:28
cyphermoxthe benefit depends on what you're doing for network configuration right now15:29
boxrickWell its all built inside of Ansible templates, but we have to modify the networking-service with some systemd extends15:29
cyphermoxyou're right that if you migrate now, you won't have to do it later, but unless you have things that aren't working in ifupdown, you don't have all that much of a benefit15:29
cyphermoxalso, if you use openvswitch, for the time being you're better of keeping ifupdown15:30
boxrickifupdown doesn't like you replacing the config files and restarting15:30
boxrickIt expects, take the network down, then put the new config in15:30
boxrickThen bring it back up15:30
boxrickOtherwise it all goes haywire.15:30
boxrickSo I have some workarounds for that, but I was hoping the 18.04 way would work better.15:30
cyphermox'service networking restart' is not something you ever want to do15:31
boxrickWhich is kind of mad15:31
boxrickSince it works perfectly in CentOS.15:31
cyphermox(I agree, ifupdown requires the config to tear down network)15:31
boxrickBut I have worked around that anyway by doing it in a different fashion which allows us to do restarts cleanly.15:31
cyphermoxwell, netplan is unaffected by that, if you just 'netplan apply', you should see your configuration applied.15:31
cyphermoxso yeah, all of it is very much dependent on the complexity of your network configuration15:32
boxrickWell that sounds promising, and we don't use Openvswitch right now.15:32
cyphermoxand we can discuss this further in #netplan if you want15:32
cyphermoxopenvswitch is planned, but it's complicated, so it takes time15:32
mwynneHi. One of my ubuntu-server VMs rebooted last night, and I can't find anything related to the reboot in syslog or kern.log. Any suggestions for where else I can look to find what happened?17:22
naccmwynne: do you have unattended-upgrades enabled?17:22
mwynnenacc: How can I tell?17:23
TJ-mwynne: /var/log/apt/history.log and term.log17:23
naccmwynne: config wise /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50unattended-upgrades, iirc17:24
mwynneIt looks like it's enabled, but '//Unattended-Upgrade::Automatic-Reboot "false";'17:24
naccmwynne: ok, i'd check the logs TJ- mentioned17:25
mwynneI'm assuming since that's commented out it shouldn't reboot automatically?17:25
mwynneIt looks like it's doing upgrades17:25
mwynneHow can I disable that?17:25
sarnoldfirst you have to figure out why it rebooted17:27
sarnoldanything in logs? audit logs?17:27
sarnoldhypervisor logs?17:28
mwynneI can disable it, but I'd like to know why.17:28
mwynnesarnold: I'll check hypervisor logs.17:28
mwynnesarnold: Nothing I can find in those logs.17:36
Neo4Hi! I've made list of apps that must be needed for create mail server, is it full list what I need? https://docs.google.com/document/d/1X3azb3yyFc3vOyUefcTpKVUlEWdXc4Stw9to2KB_eKg/edit?usp=sharing17:38
mwynnenacc: `last -x` gives me this: http://paste.openstack.org/show/650992/17:38
naccmwynne: and that's a new kernel installed?17:39
naccthat would seem like an unattended-upgrade run (note, u-a also logs its own stuff)17:39
nacc /var/log/unattended-upgrades17:39
mwynnenacc: Yeah, new kernel. I guess that forces the reboot?17:42
naccmwynne: i'd check the log, but i'd assume so? it would certainly have flagged a need-reboot17:43
sarnoldyou could start up another vm with an older kernel, set the cronjob to run 'soon', and see what happens..17:45
sarnoldI'd certainly be surprised to see a machine reboot after installing a kernel update17:45
sarnoldbut maybe your system is configured in that fashion17:45
nacccpaelzer: fyi, i'm holdinng off on the php-defaults merge, because 7.2 just landed in unstable, so i'm going to be bumping it17:45
sarnoldpity there's no clear "shutdown request made by comm ... pid ... user ..."17:45
mwynnesarnold: yeah... grep -i reboot in the unattented upgrades dir doesn't return anything either :S17:46
sarnoldshutdown? halt?17:46
=== Ussat-1 is now known as Ussat
Neo4when I do it sudo echo "hello body" | mail -s "hello subject!" neo@kselax.ru18:04
Neo4I got new massage in /var/mail/neo18:04
naccNeo4: why are you sudo'ing to echo?18:05
Neo4when I try send message from gmail.com on neo@kselax.ru I didn't get anything18:05
Neo4nacc: I want send from root at first18:05
naccNeo4: "on neo@..." -- do you mean *as* neo@ ... or *to* neo@... ?18:05
Neo4on this mail neo@kselax.ru18:05
Neo4from my gmail.com mail and I got nothing18:06
naccNeo4: ok, you didn't answer my second question18:06
naccNeo4: "on neo@..." -- do you mean *as* neo@ ... or *to* neo@... ?18:06
Neo4to neo@kselax.ru18:06
Neo4from neovichnn@gmail.com18:07
Neo4on /var/postfix/main.cf I have this mydestination = kselax.ru localhost18:07
Neo4it seems mails will delivered only from kselax.ru and from localhost?18:07
Neo4neovichnn@gmail.com ?18:08
Neo4must be I need add gmail.com there, Now will try18:08
Neo4no, doesn't work18:11
naccNeo4: i have a hard time following what you are doing, please dont use enter as punctuation18:14
naccNeo4: mydestination = kselax.ru means that anything sent to *@kselax.ru on that machine will be delivered locally18:14
Neo4nacc: it is not influence on deliver from other machines?18:16
Neo4understood, I thought there should be names for others18:16
Neo4I'd read that and didn't understood anything18:17
naccNeo4: then, without intending offense, maybe setting up a mailserver isn't for you18:17
naccNeo4: or you need more basic level knowledge of mail routing, etc. before you do an actual implementation18:17
Neo4nacc: no, my, I know how that origin is my last part and what mean destination, Will learn ahead :)18:18
Neo4nacc: it's very fast do you think I'll be give up18:18
naccNeo4: i don't undersand what you wrote, sorry18:19
Neo4nacc: when you read that doc it means that destination is specify domain that will delivery from somewhere far like gmail.com or something else18:20
naccNeo4: no18:20
naccthat's not at all what it says18:20
nacc"The mydestination parameter specifies what domains this machine will deliver locally, instead of forwarding to another machine."18:20
Neo4yes I've understood for now18:20
naccit doesn't talk about other domains at all18:20
Neo4yes, yes, I know and test show it18:20
naccNeo4: again, are you sure you want to run your own mail server?18:21
naccif you're using gmail already, just use gmail?18:21
Neo4before my mails that I send on gmail.com had been deliverd on gmail and now after put gmail.com to my destination I've got nothing18:22
Neo4nacc: yes,18:22
naccNeo4: send *on* gmail? do you mean *to* gmail?18:22
naccNeo4: sending "on" gmail sounds like you are using the web intnerface18:22
Neo4nacc: any serious administrator must know how to configure server :)18:22
Neo4own mail server is need almost for any organization and this is very important ability18:23
naccNeo4: i think you're putting the cart before the horse a bit18:23
naccmany companies just pay google to do it, because it's a PITA18:23
sarnoldNeo4: a huge number of companies outsource it to google or microsoft, because it's such a pain in the ass to host email these days18:23
Neo4nacc: I mean to neovichnn@gmail.com after put domain to mydestinaton = gmail.com It wont send18:23
naccNeo4: well, yes, becuase that's what mydestination does18:23
naccNeo4: you told postfix that gmail.com is your local destination18:24
sarnoldNeo4: take a look at "g suite email" https://support.google.com/domains/answer/606922618:25
naccNeo4: you are welcome to continue to learn how to use postfix, but realy most of your qquestions should be directed to a postfix-specific channel, it feels like, or the docs18:25
sarnoldyes the name is stupid but $5/mo to not think about email sounds like a good deal to me :)18:25
naccNeo4: but honestly, it seems like more work than it's worth, and you already have gmail18:25
Neo4sarnold: really? I've watched this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPz8wf2i-Gw18:25
Neo4and guy said it's very important skill, and this is considered the must difficult task for administrators because should be configure a few programs for works together18:25
naccright, it's difficult and fiddly to get right18:26
naccso why are you doing it? just to have it on your list because a youtube video said so?18:26
Neo4nacc: in that video that guy did it for 1.5 hours18:26
sarnoldNeo4: it's extremely difficult, it *is* important, but many companies don't even want the trouble.18:26
Neo4very fast18:26
naccNeo4: did what for 1.5 hours?18:26
naccNeo4: you mean they configured a mail server in 1.5 hours?18:27
naccNeo4: fine, go do exactlly what they did...18:27
Neo4sarnold: he said many companies required own mail server, and that server that he show in video is real server that can be work perfectly18:27
Neo4nacc: yes with preconfigured config files18:27
naccNeo4: right, so not realistic at all18:28
naccNeo4: yes, if you have *already* configured your mail server, configuration is easy18:28
naccthat seems rather circular18:28
sarnoldthe first mail server I set up I spent a solid month reading the sendmail book before starting18:28
Neo4nacc: see there, it's realistic, he has already files for apps and do it fast18:28
sdezielsetting up a mail server is only one part of the equation, ongoing maintenance need to be factored in18:28
naccand actually undrestanding what you are doing18:29
Neo4sdeziel: he is not newbie, for him it's 1 - 2 hours18:29
Neo4sarnold: I also spent much time but I think it worth it, Soon I'll have my server and be able send many massage for people )18:30
sarnoldNeo4: the trouble is, email is way more difficult today than it was twenty years ago18:30
sarnoldgranted, postfix is a thousand times better than sendmail18:31
sarnoldbut spf and dkim and god knows what else is so much harder18:31
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TJ-gap in the market for a config tool then :)18:31
Neo4sarnold: in video didn't use spf and dkim. there use postfix, mysql, clamd, clamSMTP, spamassassin, postfixadmin and squirrelmail18:32
Neo4I think for start we can do it without spamassassin, clamd and clamdSMTP18:33
sarnoldNeo4: does he get around to *sending* mail??18:33
Neo4don't know might be18:34
Neo4I can send on gmail without spf and dkim18:34
Neo4sarnold: it won't problem install this if you know all of rest18:35
UssatThat video is very wrong, its hardly an important task now, maby 5 years ago, but now most big corps dont do that in house19:00
naccUssat: +119:08
UssatOpen a ticket to SAN team requesting a 3TB mount for a VM, ticket comes back.....this has been completed19:16
UssatWhats the mount point ???19:16
ahasenacknacc: hey, any idea what's going on here? It's a clean checkout (branch listed at the bottom): https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/26446136/19:48
ahasenackfor some reason it thinks there are changes not represented as a patch? And then fails19:48
naccahasenack: i'd need to  try and reprodcue it locally19:49
naccahasenack: is the branch pushed somewhere?19:50
naccahasenack: the file it's iterating is the generated patch19:50
ahasenacknacc: git ubuntu remote add paelzer19:50
ahasenackthen checkout lp1726879-artful19:50
naccahasenack: for SA?19:50
naccahasenack: give me afew19:50
* ahasenack likes git ubuntu remote add <person>19:50
naccesp. as we use it for bugfixes and stuff going forward19:51
naccit makes it so much easier to do Git reviews (for me)19:51
ahasenackhm, I wonder if this package has two tarballs19:52
ahasenackit does19:52
ahasenackspamassassin_3.4.1.orig-pkgrules.tar.xz and spamassassin_3.4.1.orig.tar.xz19:52
naccwe *should* handle that ok19:52
naccahasenack: which snap are you at?21:25
ahasenacknacc: lemme check21:27
ahasenacknacc: git-ubuntu  0.6.2+git59.1e67e4c  350  nacc       classic21:28
naccahasenack: hrm, i don't see that from the store anymore21:28
naccbut htat's ok21:28
ahasenackI can update21:28
naccmy git-ubuntu fixes snap (locally built) didn't hit anything with that branch21:28
nacci'm switching to edge to check again21:28
* ahasenack gets 35121:28
ahasenacknacc: I still see it with r35121:30
naccahasenack: ok, i'm stilll d/ling it here21:30
naccahasenack: interesting, reproduced, debuggin21:34
naccahasenack: can you file a bug?21:34
ahasenackon it21:35
* ahasenack -> eod21:37
ahasenackcya tomorrow21:37
naccahasenack: ok, it's related to component tarballs you were right21:48
naccahasenack: https://bugs.launchpad.net/usd-importer/+bug/1738957 I think is the fix21:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1738957 in usd-importer "lint fails when multiple orig tarballs exist" [Undecided,In progress]21:50
naccbut nnot 100%21:50

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