alkisgHi, I'm seeing a lot of instability with the -hwe kernel in 16.04, and I'm pondering downgrading all the schools here to 4.4 instead.17:33
alkisgQuestion, will I see severely degraded graphics performance, e.g. on haswell intels? I'm planning to keep the xorg-hwe stack... Or, anything else to worry about while downgrading to 4.4?17:33
alkisg(of course I reported all the bugs that I see, both to launchpad and upstream, etc etc)17:34
alkisgThank you tjaalton :)17:56
tjaaltonwhat kind of instability?18:09
alkisgImmediate reboots, https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=198529, vbox crashes the HOST, page faults on stress...18:14
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 198529 in x86-64 "Reboot on kernel load due to 92a0f81d" [High,New]18:14
tjaaltondue to meltdown?18:17
alkisgMaybe; that one in bugzilla came right before meltdown18:19
tjaaltonit's part of the meltdown fix commits18:23
alkisgIt's one of the "preparation" commits, yeah18:26
alkisgMaybe it'll settle down in a few months, but having the whole school not boot is a big deal for them...18:27
alkisgAnd unfortunately "press shift for grub to appear, then boot with the previous kernel" isn't something that comes to everyone's mind...18:27

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