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thelinuxboxhi, i'd like to remove xfce4-appfinder* but it wants to also remove xubuntu-core* xubuntu-desktop*, is their a way to prevent that?15:26
aenderboyeven though my xfce displays.xml contains a reasonable configuration, my displays end up in this wierd unusable state: http://i.imgur.com/6u8xIus.png15:41
aenderboywhy? my displays.xml: https://pastebin.com/kxrQUKxE15:41
aenderboyas soon as i use the settings ui to rearrange the displays as specified in the displays.xml, i have usable setup again. Even though the displays.xml didn't change at all.15:41
aenderboyi am running xubuntu16LTS15:41
pjotterHi everyone. I have a problem involving ipv4 and ipv6 in Xubuntu. Can I ask in here?16:27
xubuntu90iafter a windows news i try to install news xubuntu but :18:17
xubuntu90iubi user setup failed with exit code18:17
xubuntu90iThx for your help18:17
xubuntu90iubi user setup failded with exit code 10 ;)18:18
xubuntu90ifirst time i had e error: no such partion18:21
xubuntu90ientering rescue mode...18:22
xubuntu90igrub rescue>18:22
xubuntu90ii try to find the hd0,msdos but i can't so i try to install new xubuntu partition but i've got new problems18:23
xubuntu90iubi user setup failded with exit code 1018:23
xubuntu90iif some one can help me18:23
Jimubuntuhelp-resetting Xubuntu keyring password18:23
Jimubuntusorry! Hello everybody!18:24
xubuntu90iSomeone ?18:28
well_laid_lawnJimubuntu:  https://askubuntu.com/questions/533324/change-keyring-password-on-xubuntu18:29
well_laid_lawnxubuntu90i:  I don't know anything about ubi18:29
xubuntu90iI'll try later... thx18:30
JimubuntuI could really use some help-anybody.....?18:32
Jimubuntureset keyring password in CAELinux18:33
Jimubuntujust saw link, thanks well_aid_lawn18:35
koolkalangHi all, problem with linux headers update19:04
koolkalangupdating to linux-headers-4.13.0-31 gets my Software Updater stuck at configuring. I'm on Xubuntu 17.10 :/19:04
CoderEuropeNickServ identify bear20:30
CoderEuropeelderly mistake.20:32
knomeCoderEurope, you need stronger passwords.21:42
Unit193And SASL.21:46
CoderEuropewhere is the |  http://readthedocs.org/   |  for what you've just said ?22:43
knome"freenode sasl" gives https://freenode.net/kb/answer/sasl as the first ink22:44
knomemaybe it's there.22:44
CoderEuropehttps://readthedocs.org/projects/xubuntu/ Oh22:45
knomethe xubuntu documentation can be found at https://xubuntu.org/help/22:47
CoderEuropeis that in spanish aswell ?22:47
knomei'm not your servant, maybe find out yourself?22:48
CoderEuropeAnyway - I don't have access to the eMail any more assoc'd with this account, so I can't.22:50
knometry #freenode22:50
knomealso, if you have your password, you should be able to change your email too22:51
Unit193(That's also false that you can't.)22:51
CoderEuropehow ambivalent.22:52

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