cristian_cwhen I resize bottom panel (also named lxpanel) height from panel settings, panel theme is not also resized.. How could I change theme size too?08:51
cristian_cwhen panel is higher, panel theme is ugly because it stands at its original size08:52
cristian_cAny ideas?08:52
krabadorcristian_c: use topexan11:04
nOObHi everybody.13:09
nOObI have simply I think question13:09
nOObHow to install or convert tar.xz to tar gz???13:09
nOObI have alien package to creating deb from tar.gz13:10
nOObwhat is app to converting tar.xz to tar.gz???????????VERY PLEASE TO HELP13:11
cristian_cnOOb: please, no more not needed caps13:25
cristian_cnot more needed question marks13:25
cristian_cif so, I cpuld try to answer some questions13:26
cristian_cok, then another question13:47
cristian_cI'd like to resize buttons in gedit titlebar. How could I set that in another desktop environment (as for example lxde)?13:48
cristian_cAny ideas?13:48
redwolfcristian_c, themes control the size of the widgets14:03
cristian_credwolf: do you talk about first or second question?14:04
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> about the toolbar thing14:04
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> if you use lxappearance you might switch between "text beside", "text below" or any other button type, but their size depends on the theme14:04
cristian_cI mean: first question is abput lxpanel bottom bar, second question is about gedit gnome titlebar14:04
cristian_cah, ok14:05
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> that was for the second then14:05
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> for the first question, you mean the background repeats itself  filling the panel?14:05
cristian_credwolf: gedit titlebar buttons are  typical gnome-style14:06
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> we can't avoid that, it's the way lxpanel works. but can replace the  background with your own14:06
cristian_c(orange-black buttons)14:06
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> eeww14:06
cristian_cah, ok14:06
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> I recommend you to test more themes until you find the one that suits you14:06
cristian_credwolf: I suppose your last suggestion is related to my first question (lxpanel)14:07
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> aye :)14:07
cristian_cabout lxpanel issue, so should I change theme in lxappearance, I suppose14:08
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> the panel uses their own backgrounds14:08
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> you can use right-click, properties to choose another one14:08
cristian_cso, I think sixe for a particular theme is not editable14:08
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> or leaving it plain, with a single colour14:08
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> no, size bitmap is not editable14:09
cristian_cok, I don't know where themes bitmaps are located in lubuntu, anyway14:09
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> only the default one, I'm afraid14:09
cristian_c(I mean, path)14:09
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> but you can download bitmaps from anywhere14:09
cristian_cI appreviate ypur answers very much, btw14:10
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> example: https://www.opendesktop.org/p/1115288/14:10
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> you're welcome, cristian_c14:10
cristian_cI like default theme, unfortunately if I change lxpanel height , theme becomes broken14:11
cristian_cok, I take a look14:11
cristian_cah, ok: panel settings->Appearance: 1) system theme, 2) homogeneus tint, 3) picture (chosen by user, default is lubuntu-background.png)14:13
cristian_cah, ok, sorry: /usr/share/lxpanel/images14:14
redwolfthat, yes14:18
cristian_cah, ok , lubuntu-background.png is 96x24, that is multiplied through panel length14:19
redwolfyes. I did that background14:22
redwolfyou can download more backgrounds from gnome-look.org14:22
cristian_cok, I'm looking at them14:28
cristian_credwolf: ok, I've found a tint similar to panel default background (setting to 255 opacity of solid color into color picker window)14:39
cristian_cso, when I resize the panel, background is not broken :)14:39
=== fab_ is now known as Guest45264
cristian_credwolf: about how adjusting window items of gnome applications (i.e. gedit),in lubuntu, I don't know what I could do16:02
Guest45264can i read french here ?16:02
cristian_cthis is an english language channel, for communicating between users of foreign countries16:03
cristian_credwolf: for example, evince seems to be supported by lxde windows, gedit not16:05
cristian_cin the second case, lxappearance has n0t effect on it16:05
zleapthere does seem to be #lubuntu-fr but it is invite only16:05
zleapso if you join you get kicked16:06
Guest45264i would like to know how to choose lubuntu for my pc , 32 bit or 64 bit . My pc is eee book ASUS with 1 Go of ram16:07
cristian_cGuest45264: ypu should look at your cpu16:08
cristian_ccpu name16:08
Guest45264processor AMD C-50 1 ghz with ddr 316:13
cristian_cGuest45264: 64 bits, so x86-64 iso16:15
Guest45264thank you very much16:16
Guest45264Goodbye and see you soon16:22
[Ketchup]hi, please can someone confirm the lubuntu website is down?17:01
[Ketchup]i've been unable to access it for some days now17:02
[Ketchup]is the .me domain genuine?17:05
[Ketchup]i see different links about, some pointing to .me and some to .net17:06
cristian_c[Ketchup]: what  version of lubuntu have you to get?17:10
n-iCegonna try lubuntu one more time in this old laptop18:05
n-iCelubuntu net or me18:05
n-iCeOk, I'm in lubuntu now.19:11
redwolflubuntu.me please :)19:57
n-iCeI'm runnning lubuntu20:00
n-iCeThanks redwolf20:00
n-iCeand you?20:04
n-iCeyes, you, lubuntu as well? defult config?20:04
redwolfwell, a bit tweaked, but yes20:04
n-iCelast version?20:04
redwolfI use lubuntu and some other things20:04
zleapsorry 17.1020:05
n-iCeyou mean20:05
zleapyeah i meant that20:05
redwolfright now I'm testing 18.04, because I have to experiment with it20:05
n-iCechrome does not run in 32bits systems right20:05
* zleap blames toucht typing20:05
redwolfofficial Google Chrome is only offered in 64 bit now, but you can use Chromium20:07
n-iCeI'm downloading it20:07
krabadorredwolf: don't you like lubuntu.net ?20:11
redwolfno, I don't. because it's not official, and stole the graphics I made for the real site lubuntu.me20:13
redwolfso, krabador, if anyone wants to do a blog, site or whatever about Lubuntu, the honest thing is to create your own content, and not stealing images and text, or even copy the structure of the site, and pretend to be the real one.20:14
redwolf he also claims that his site is not associated with Ubuntu or Canonical in any way, and we all know that Lubuntu REALLY IS an Ubuntu flavour20:15
redwolfso no, I don't like that crappy site who exist near the illegality edge20:15
Borw3which website?20:18
krabadorredwolf: ys20:18
krabador*yes, i agree.20:18
cristian_cok, but if there was a method for setting gedit titlebsr buttons, and that was written in an unoffical ubuntu blog, I'd thank that blog :P20:18
redwolflet me show you something, guys: https://share.riseup.net/#QiqRi3PueSy7IE42QoVE1A20:19
redwolfas it's so public now. there you can see what he used to make the fake site20:19
Borw3Is lubuntu going to switch to lxqt in 18.04?20:19
redwolfBorw3, yes, we will20:19
redwolfbut we'll keep an LXDE edition20:20
Borw3If upgrading from 16.04 to 18.04 will I need fresh install to get lxqt?20:20
redwolfnot really, it'll be like installing another desktop. but from that older version I always recommend a fresh install20:21
cristian_cI wonder if lightdm will support lxqt20:21
cristian_cand if lightdm will be used in lubuntu anymore20:21
cristian_cand lubuntu greeter configuration files lack documentation20:22
krytarikcristian_c: That'll be SDDM then.20:23
cristian_cah, ok, as for kde20:23
redwolfsorry, I'm back20:43
redwolfcristian_c, no, we'll have to use another Login manager20:43
redwolfyes, krytarik, thanks :)20:43
redwolfproblems, krytarik? :)20:54
krytarikredwolf: Yes, with Irssi having fun.. :P20:56
parheliawhat... does lubuntu.net do that lubuntu.me doesn't...?21:22
redwolfto be not official and almost illegal. that's a lot :D21:22
parheliait's so redundant...21:22
parheliaI doubt this smooth scrolling would work so well on the kind of PC one might try installing lubuntu on, either.21:23
parheliaon lubuntu.net, there is this weird "smooth" scrolling effect that lubuntu.me doesn't have21:25
redwolfreally? I haven't visit it lately21:25
parheliaas well as lots of other animations21:25
parhelialubuntu.me is mostly static (good)21:25
redwolfI try to keep it simple and fast21:26
parheliajust like the OS itself :]21:26
redwolfand as you can see, everybody is closing his shop: https://docs.lubuntu.net21:30
parheliaa good thing...21:32
RandomGuyOnIrcI am trying to install lubuntu 17.10, with an encrypted home directory. I get window, "record your encryption passphrase". I click run this action now. A terminal window opens. I can't type anything or save anything. The only way to proceed is to close the terminal, but I haven't saved the passphrase. How do I save the passphrase?23:30
RandomGuyOnIrcnevermind I think I found the answer23:36
RandomGuyOnIrcwell hmmmm, strike that nevermind. I think there is a bug in the installer, but there is some documentation23:37

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