tgBot1<Montefrio> oh yes, alaikum salam, Mohamed from Sudan , its better you are a UT developer than a Pirat :)00:01
tgBot1<Sumeet Kumar> So whats the best ubuntu phone01:09
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> @Sumeet Kumar, The one you can get 😂01:10
tgBot1<Sumeet Kumar> 😞01:10
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> sorry.. I have the N5 and it is pretty great.01:11
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> Can hook it up to screen and have full convergence01:11
tgBot1<Sumeet Kumar> Nexus 501:11
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> with kb/mouse01:11
tgBot1<Sumeet Kumar> Okay01:11
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> Yep01:11
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> Two version.. the D820 is US and the D821 is international.01:13
tgBot1<Sumeet Kumar> You can usually buy those at best buy like prepaid phones yeah??01:13
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> eehhh... not anymore... and I don't think they ever carried them.01:14
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> could only buy at google.com01:14
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> You can find used ones lots of places depending on country.01:14
tgBot1<sudanisayfree> I have create an  Arabic group this is the  â€¦   @UPorts_Arabic01:51
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> @sudanisayfree, \o/  Have you joined UBLangs group?01:52
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> You are the Arabic captain?01:52
tgBot1<sudanisayfree> @Crash_Burn, No01:53
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> @sudanisayfree, Ok, let me PM you some further instructions01:53
tgBot1<mvaisakh> In the news page, the link for Arabic telegram group doesn't work.06:18
tgBot1<mvaisakh> Just giving a heads up06:18
tgBot1<sudanisayfree> @mvaisakh, http://t.me/UBports_Arabic06:25
tgBot1<mvaisakh> Yeah it's working now06:29
tgBot1<Aury88> I guys! Yunit project has done some unity8 interface translations ( 149 languages in total, catalan, french and italian are "ready for use", portughese is almost ready). Do you think they could be usefull for ubports unity8? Who should I ask?06:49
tgBot1<malditobastardo> @Aury88, Good point06:54
tgBot1<peternerlich> @Aury88, probably here: https://github.com/ubports/unity8/issues06:56
tgBot1<Aury88> @peternerlich, Ok. I'll ask there👍07:24
tgBot1<Sumeet Kumar> Ok i guess ill have to order one09:29
tgBot1wahyujlt was added by: wahyujlt09:32
tgBot1<wahyujlt> Someone has already tried on Xiaomi redmi 2 phones?09:33
tgBot1<Stereofont> @Sumeet Kumar, Could also consider OnePlusOne or Moto G 'Titan'10:01
tgBot1<Stereofont> @wahyujlt, Likely to be very difficult I think. It needs a Halium port. I don't remember any Xiaomi on the list10:02
tgBot1<Stereofont> Here is the list. Some are finished. Others have had only a little work so far. Nothing for Xiaomi http://docs.halium.org/en/latest/supplementary/devices/10:04
tgBot1<Stereofont> @wahyujlt, Welcome Waugh! Ask questions, join in. Glad to have you in our community. https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome for lots of newcomer information 🚪10:06
tgBot1<Stereofont> http://t.me/UBports_IND10:06
tgBot1<Mattia990> @wahyujlt, No but i'm trying with Xiaomi mi310:07
tgBot1<Stereofont> This is the link for our Indonesian language link Wahyu10:07
tgBot1<Stereofont> @Mattia990, You should list it in the Halium wiki so that people know 😁10:08
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Hi guys, after a few days break I'm trying to flash my MX4 again after having emptied the cache in recovery. I use sudo ubuntu-device-flash etc but it states:10:10
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> error pushing: Failed to copy '/home/seumas/.cache/ubuntuimages/pool/keyring-longchainofalphunumericsIcantbebotheredtotype.tar.X's' to '/cache/recovery/': Is a directory10:12
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> *.xz I mean10:13
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Any tips?10:13
tgBot1<SigmaOne> @Stereofont, Hello I'm speak Arabic10:55
tgBot1<SigmaOne> @sudanisayfree, وعليكم السلام محمد10:55
tgBot1<Stereofont> @SigmaOne, http://t.me/UBports_Arabic10:55
tgBot1<SigmaOne> @Stereofont, Okay10:56
tgBot1<Stereofont> Please join10:56
tgBot1<SigmaOne> Okay10:56
tgBot1<Stereofont> 👌10:56
tgBot1<Javacookies> Isn't it should be UBports | An Ubuntu Touch Community? … or do I pronounce Ubuntu wrong or my English grammar is wrong? 😄11:06
tgBot1<Georgecloon> @Javacookies, It should be if you pronounce it oo-boon-too or oo-bun-too. I don't know what it is officially, or if there even is an official way of saying it11:17
tgBot1<dohbee> All long u11:31
tgBot1<rebeccant> https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu11:33
tgBot1<rebeccant> Pronounciation above. :)11:33
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Ubuntu can be pronounced however you choose, that's one of the freedoms it provides. I go with you-bun-tu.11:35
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> @Stereofont @dohbee Is my problem more so on the host PC side? Or the phone? Search engines bring up nothing about this push error.11:36
tgBot1<dohbee> I would have to answer that in about 30 hrs or so, at best11:39
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> If you're busy, I understand.11:39
tgBot1<dohbee> I am nowhere near relevant data11:40
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Hmm I might have a fix, may be because I did a cache wipe:11:48
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> https://forums.ubports.com/topic/111/ubports-recovery-status/311:48
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Is there a way to flag for a push progress percentage with ubuntu-device-flash?12:20
tgBot1<NotKit> https://github.com/ubports/kernel_bq_m10/commit/18ce36c8950f73df6c874f65d6862905a69e4286 - does anyone know the origin of that driver?12:35
tgBot1<NotKit> I'm trying to get Bluetooth working on a newer MTK SoC with 3.18 kernel12:35
tgBot1<Flohack> @TartanSpartan, @wayneoutthere xD12:43
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Amirite though? :)12:46
tgBot1<Flohack> Wayne says it ooboontoo ;)12:56
tgBot1matcher84 was added by: matcher8413:07
tgBot1<fulvius999> Fwd from Tewel: Ah, of course, thank you for your quick answering and help! I will try this...13:10
tgBot1<Ernst Vaarties> Hi. I have a BQ Aquaris M10 and am looking for a keyboard. Any suggestions?13:16
tgBot1<malditobastardo> I like the logitech BT one with the touch pad integrated13:20
tgBot1<Ernst Vaarties> Would that be this one? https://www.logitech.com/nl-nl/product/wireless-touch-keyboard-k400-plus13:24
tgBot1<wayneoutthere> @TartanSpartan, I'm going to call you Some-Ass, ok?  I choose this freedom.13:27
tgBot1<Javacookies> where do you intend to use it? at home? at work? anywhere? there are good foldable keyboards out there :)13:27
tgBot1<wayneoutthere> @Georgecloon, you can find your answer here:  â€¦ https://open.uappexplorer.com/app/sayubuntu.joe13:27
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Haha, don't discriminate against the Celtic peoples ;)13:28
tgBot1<wayneoutthere> just proving that names matter.  We might fail the first time but let's work together and 'get it right' over time.13:28
tgBot1<wayneoutthere> you can call me Wan-Yay once or twice but after a while.. i just won't remember to call you back...13:29
tgBot1<malditobastardo> @Ernst Vaarties, Yeah I have that one13:30
tgBot1<malditobastardo> I used to have cheaper ones but with lot of problems after a few weeks13:31
tgBot1<malditobastardo> Its your call, maybe I had back luck13:31
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> I'm a little loath to quote Joey after how much he's snubbed us since Canonical dropped the project, but...13:31
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2016/04/how-to-pronounce-ubuntu-correctly13:31
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> As for keyboards, I recommend this:13:32
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> https://www.amazon.co.uk/DURAGADGET-Black-Leather-SPANISH-Keyboard/dp/B01CGQCE8Q/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1517060026&sr=8-1&keywords=bq+aquaris+m10+case+duragadget13:34
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> The case and keyboard together allow the tablet to approximate a laptop form, you can prop it up as such, or fold it over and prop it up just as a tablet, the battery life is good, it's strong and protects well, nice and chunky to get a good grip of the device during transport, standard WIN/AND/IOS hotkeys and a function button for Home End PgDown PgUp and others, unfortunately the caps lock light doesn't seem to function so you just have to 13:38
tgBot1the state of that function, also it seems to have a North American QWERTY layout so the lack of Euro or £ symbols is slightly annoying, but other than that it's great.13:38
tgBot1<Jimmie Johnsson> Anyone know how to stop the apparmor service on ubuntu touch? I've been trying to figure out a coding issue and I just wanna be sure that it is indeed the apparmor that is disabling me from reading a directory and not something else13:39
tgBot1<dohbee> Check syslog for apparmor denial?13:40
tgBot1<dohbee> And apparmor is in the kernel, not a service13:40
tgBot1<dohbee> What directory?13:41
tgBot1<apessss> Help link dowload ubuntu touch for nexus 5 format zip please share 🙏🙏13:42
tgBot1<dohbee> There is none13:43
tgBot1<dohbee> Ubuntu is not an Android ROM13:43
tgBot1<Jimmie Johnsson> Ahh there is a log? Where is it? I've been trying a bunch. /home, /home/phablet, /tmp... I have put them in my read_path in the apparmor profile and tried making it use the 'unconfined' template but nothing really seems to help. I can see that others have read-access to the directory when I use clickable logs and with logging from my app - it should be allowed to read that dir but something is preventing it13:44
tgBot1<dohbee> The unconfined profile can already read everything13:45
tgBot1<wayneoutthere> @TartanSpartan, yeah.definitely *don't* quote Mr. Snaydown on how to pronounce Ubuntu. "there's no right way" is a load of crap.  There is a right way.  It's the way you say it in the country where the word comes from.  However... I also understand that there are problems in some languages making certain sounds.  For example, while living in Korea I noticed that men named Ryan were always "Lyin'"  So pronunciation problems while *trying* to s13:45
tgBot1it correctly are fine and human.   … However, not trying at all and saying "I'll just say your name how I want to" is arrogant and imperialistic.  That's what the Europeans would do while dominating another country .   … I'm in India so you are Indians! … ...uh.. no you aren't and no we aren't. … Yes! You are!  And I will call you that. … Arrogance.   … Ubuntu is also an interesting word.  Because of the vowels an consonants, there is not a singl13:45
tgBot1that can claim 'We can't pronounce this right".  It would be a lie.  It's easy.  It's a long 'ooooo' sound in each 'U' letter.  Simple as that.  Really.  It's that easy.   … And if you still can't say it right @exar_kun made a UT app to remove all excuses. … Have a nice day. *smiley*13:45
tgBot1<dohbee> It's the system log, /var/log/syslog and maybe something in the log of your app13:46
tgBot1<dohbee> Damnit wayne13:46
tgBot1<DanChapman> You also need to bump your app version number each time you change your apps apparmor profiles for it to take effect.13:46
tgBot1<Jimmie Johnsson> I do a 'opendir' on the directory and Im always hit with the permission denied (13 errno). I'll have a look at the log, thanks @dohbee13:47
tgBot1<wayneoutthere> @dohbee, yes, rodney?13:47
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> YMMV is a guiding principle of life.13:47
tgBot1<Jimmie Johnsson> @DanChapman Did not know that, maybe that is why its not taking effect? I will defently try that too13:47
tgBot1<dohbee> @wayneoutthere, Break. Long. Things. Up. Please.13:47
tgBot1<wayneoutthere> i didn't want to dwell on it so I put it in a big one.  it would have interrupted you worse in pieces13:47
tgBot1<wayneoutthere> believe it or not I was thinking about you here.13:48
tgBot1<dohbee> @DanChapman, Shouldn't need to, and doesn't matter if it's unconfined13:48
tgBot1<DanChapman> @dohbee, hmmm ok. so if it wasn't unconfined originally and the version number did not change when switching it to unconfined the apparmor profile would get reapplied? As far as a i recall that was never the case for me and it always required a version bump if you changed anything in apparmor.json13:52
tgBot1<dohbee> Adding read_path entries to an unconfined app is superfluous13:52
tgBot1<dohbee> @DanChapman, When you install the click again, it should generate and install the new profile. Version numbers are pretty superfluous, only for upgrade from store really13:54
tgBot1<dohbee> Hmm, maybe a bug in click then?13:54
tgBot1<Jimmie Johnsson> This is my apparmor profile:https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1s2eQw7Z-wDsDuzsIN6gKS8m7mFppvt5R?usp=sharing … Thats how it should look if its unconfied right?13:56
tgBot1<Jimmie Johnsson> Bumping the version of the  app did the trick13:58
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Happy to state that I've reverted my dormant, thought-bricked MX4 to stable Vivid.13:58
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Once again.13:58
tgBot1<Jimmie Johnsson> Dont know if that is a bug or just how its meant to be but just tried it and voila, it can read the directories13:58
tgBot1<Jimmie Johnsson> Dont know if I should log this somewhere so the next fellow who tries this out dose'nt run into the same issue as me? Im all for documenting and helping :)13:59
tgBot1<dohbee> @Jimmie Johnsson, Sounds like bugs14:00
tgBot1<DanChapman> @dohbee, I'm not sure tbh. I would say so... but it was always been like that so no idea if it's actually by design.14:00
tgBot1<Jimmie Johnsson> I've already been in contact with Douglass couple of e-mails before, he is the main "clickable" guy I guess? I can drop him a mail and see what he says14:01
tgBot1<Jimmie Johnsson> @DanChapman @dohbee thanks a million for the help - I would not have figured this out myself. Thanks14:01
tgBot1<DanChapman> 👍14:01
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Is it to be expected that system-image-cli spits out verbosity which namedrops Canonical?14:05
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> e.g.14:05
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> [systemimage] Jan 27 13:53:42 2018 (9050) [/com/canonical/applications/download/af1067b6cb284b6093e248fc8ba430cc] Running group download reactor14:05
tgBot1<UniversalSuperBox> Looks like it's in their namespace14:07
tgBot1<DanChapman> That's fine IMO. system-image-cli and system-image-dbus are canonical projects.14:08
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Fair enough.14:08
tgBot1<dohbee> It's the dbus namespace, yes14:13
tgBot1<Ernst Vaarties> Tnx I'm gonna use the keyboard for casual typing.14:28
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> You like it? It would work for that too, yes.14:52
tgBot1kalvincj was added by: kalvincj15:09
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Finally achieved my objective of moving to Xenial on Arale :)15:12
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Who is a guru with this development image, on the team?15:13
tgBot1<Stereofont> @kalvincj, Welcome Hallan! Ask questions, join in. Glad to have you in our community. https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome for lots of newcomer information 🚪15:26
marvisto port lastest version of ub touch need halium 7.1 or 5.1 ?15:27
tgBot1<Stereofont> Marvis it depends in the device. Can be either. But that is the extent of my knowledge on the subject15:56
tgBot1Fabrizio Zanella was added by: Fabrizio Zanella15:56
tgBot1<Stereofont> @Fabrizio Zanella, Hello Fabrizio. Welcome! Check https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome … Not-a-bot™ Ask, chat, explore!15:59
marvisStereo thanks xD16:00
marvisi will try port to my mtk device but will take a lot of work :x16:01
marvismy device is limited by 512 ram size and i don't know if will run fine.16:02
tgBot1<slackwire> (Photo, 640x1280) https://irc.ubports.com/Z04uiIS5/file_3922.jpg16:09
tgBot1<Stereofont> @marvis, Marvis, with MTK and 512Mb the project is as close to impossible as it can get. Seriously, don't give yourself that heartache. Find a more sensible device16:17
marvis@Stereofont Thanks for information, yes MTK is so much closed, the device kernel is hard to compile confuses makefiles and incomplete tree : (, i will try with other xD16:28
tgBot1<NotKit> there are relatively sensible MediaTek devices which have kernel source code at least, but yours is probably just not worth the effort16:30
tgBot1<Flohack> @marvis, No it will not, sorry to say. 1GB is bare minimum, better 2GB. Unity8 is a memory hog.16:31
bshahresourcehog.jpg :P16:32
tgBot1<Flohack> Lol16:33
tgBot1<Stereofont> @marvis, Enthusiasm is great but it will be crushed by unrealistic projects. We prefer to be honest. It isn't our intention to discourage16:34
tgBot1<Javacookies> @Flohack, you think it's possible to improve that? even Qt apps are memory hog! :)16:34
tgBot1<Javacookies> sorry to go to another topic … anyone else agree with this bug/issue? … https://github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch/issues/45116:35
tgBot1<Javacookies> I have a possible fix and I would like someone to test it and see how it compare to previous experience...in my opinion it's a better 👍16:36
tgBot1<dohbee> @Javacookies, Yes, it is fixable. If true anyway16:36
tgBot1<Flohack> @Javacookies, It is possible but we need a unity8 team to target this, and I dont see this coming16:37
marvis@Stereofont I understand thanks for notice me, i will try get a Xiaomi device to play16:37
tgBot1<Javacookies> @Flohack, I think it's more on the general Qt implementation since even apps are affected?16:38
tgBot1<Stereofont> @Javacookies, For project management, guessing that stable function is the top priority, with economy and efficiency being refinements that come later?16:39
tgBot1<Stereofont> @marvis, If you can discuss with someone else who is playing around with the same device it will be much easier. Two heads better than one16:41
tgBot1<Stereofont> Fwd from Mattia990: No but i'm trying with Xiaomi mi316:41
tgBot1<Stereofont> This16:41
tgBot1<Flohack> @Javacookies, Apps will speed up in xenial because of Qt caching. Memory I cant say but can also be better. But no apps open UT consumes already up to 800MB. Thats not a Qt problem16:43
tgBot1<dohbee> @Javacookies, No, it's just decisions in implementation16:44
tgBot1<Javacookies> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/qPIm6FbT/file_392316:47
tgBot1<Javacookies> I'll just ask again tomorrow regarding the tester I'm looking for … it got buried because I talked about two topics LOL … and I got to sleep :D16:47
marvis@Stereofont yeah i will find more things to change, this device is not so much popular is a alcatel 4027D16:47
tgBot1<DanChapman> @Javacookies, Is there a pull request for it so people can test?16:49
tgBot1<Javacookies> I'm new to this...what's a pull request? 😅16:50
tgBot1<DanChapman> https://help.github.com/articles/about-pull-requests/16:50
tgBot1<Javacookies> okay I'll read that...so it's what I need so people can test my fix right?16:51
tgBot1<DanChapman> Basically fork the keyboard-component make changes in your fork and create a pull request to merge it back into the keyboard-component16:51
tgBot1<DanChapman> Yes test and review the code changes16:52
tgBot1<Javacookies> okay, thanks … I'll do it tomorrow … it's just a two-liner fix..though I tried many things before I came up with this....kinda happy and at the same time disappointed...like what?! it's just like that?! 😂16:55
tgBot1<Javacookies> anyways, thank you again … good night!16:55
tgBot1<DanChapman> 👍16:55
tgBot1<dohbee> The life of a programmer.16:59
tgBot1<seshpenguin> How do I create a UT app using QT?17:08
tgBot1<mimecar> You can use https://www.gitbook.com/book/mimecar/ubuntu-touch-programming-course/details17:17
tgBot1leumasobz was added by: leumasobz17:19
tgBot1<mattbel10> @Javacookies, I'm on BQ E5 release channel. I tried to reproduce the issue and I noticed that on a multi-lines text sometimes, once activated the concerned bar function, the cursor moves up by one line; but sometimes doesn't, it remains still. It seems to me quite random behavior...17:51
tgBot1<Stereofont> @leumasobz, Hello Leumas. Welcome! Check https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome … Not-a-bot™ Ask, chat, explore!17:53
tgBot1<sudanisayfree> https://m.facebook.com/UBports_Arabic-265596383976294 … To reach big number of people in Arabic world , We created a page on Facebook17:58
tgBot1<sudanisayfree> @sudanisayfree, محمد عبدو: … On Twitter & Google Plus using :  â€¦ #UBPorts_Arabic18:08
tgBot1<KingJamez> @Flohack, I'm not sure ram is everything. The OPO has 3GB, but the N5 seems to be a bit more responsive with 2GB18:11
tgBot1<sudanisayfree> @sudanisayfree, Now , launched first hashtag : … #UBPorts_Arabic …  on Facebook18:35
tgBot1Andrissk was added by: Andrissk19:00
tgBot1<sudanisayfree> https://github.com/TeamButter/android_device_samsung_mint2g19:40
tgBot1<Marco> I was  able  to  install on Opo. I will continue following the italian ubports group. Thanks a lot19:47
tgBot1<bhdouglass> (Sticker, 336x512) https://irc.ubports.com/UtN8gciH/file_392419:56
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Guys, my MX4 on Xenial was working ok, but all of a sudden the WiFi interface has disappeared. What gives?20:04
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Never mind, this is the fix:20:12
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> (Photo, 1920x1080) https://irc.ubports.com/0xDLnFFQ/file_3926.jpg20:13
tgBot1<sudanisayfree> Question :  â€¦ Why , UBports installer cannot see the adb device list ( any handset ) will it's  connected on the pc operating system ? … I trying it on my device Samsung GT-S5282 ... …  it  only give me letter "  wait adb to attached the device " , I wait for 1 hour nothing happened ... … Really it should give me a  massage or letter like "  Your device is Samsung GT-S5282 , Sorry we cannot install ubuntu touch on it now "20:15
tgBot1<Stereofont> @sudanisayfree, The installer only has a few error responses. With future development more diagnostic responses will probably appear. Probably it will be more likely just to refer users to help on a web page or the install room here. The list of supported devices is on the UBports website20:22
tgBot1<Stereofont> No Samsung device is supported at the moment20:23
tgBot1<sudanisayfree> @Stereofont, Ok20:25
tgBot1<ignorare> Better less devices with 100 % funcionality instead of 100 devices with 20 % functionality and thousand constructions... :-)20:26
tgBot1Francisco Sousa was added by: Francisco Sousa20:51
tgBot1<Stereofont> @Francisco Sousa, Hello Francisco. Welcome! Check https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome … Not-a-bot™ Ask, chat, explore!20:52
tgBot1<Stereofont> https://t.me/joinchat/ALdCegI_knZj301cCAbSMw UBports Portuguese language group20:53
tgBot1javitoom was added by: javitoom21:16
tgBot1<milkor73> @javitoom, Hello Javi and welcome!  I'm part of the UBports welcoming team.    â€¦ To help you get started, please take a look right away at our newcomers welcome page (https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome) and thanks again for joining us! :)21:19
tgBot1<malditobastardo> hola Javi21:19
tgBot1<javitoom> Hello! Hola!21:19
tgBot1<dohbee> @Stereofont, It should be failing in this case though, not hanging. u-d-f errors out on unsupported devices21:19
tgBot1<milkor73> @javitoom, https://t.me/UBPorts_ES21:21
tgBot1<javitoom> @milkor73, Thank you21:22
tgBot1<milkor73> You are welcome Javito21:22
tgBot1<JoshuaAshton> Hey there, is there anything I can do to help. I use a Nexus 5X and am familiar with Linux and C/C++22:14
tgBot1<Stereofont> @JoshuaAshton, Yes, certainly. 5X does not have a working port yet but there is work being done on it. Maybe you could advance that. There is also a lot to do in getting 16.04 to a stable condition in all the supported devices22:33
tgBot1<AresMinos> Is there a list of ubp telegram lang groups somewhere?23:31
tgBot1<Stereofont> @AresMinos, They are all in the website but they need a bit of tidying. Soon ™23:33
tgBot1<AresMinos> I've already been searching the website for that, do you mind linking me?23:35
tgBot1<Stereofont> Arabic, Scandinavian, Sardinian, Romanian, Esperanto, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Dutch, [India], Turkish, Catalan23:37
tgBot1<Stereofont> All are in the News Channel23:38
=== doniks_ is now known as doniks
tgBot1<Stereofont> @ubports_news23:38
tgBot1<Stereofont> https://ubports.com/community/get-involved/focus-languagetranslation23:42
tgBot1<Stereofont> This23:42
tgBot1<Stereofont> I forgot Italian, Chinese, Korean23:43
tgBot1<Stereofont> 19 in all23:43
tgBot1<dohbee> Moar language23:49
tgBot1<Stereofont> There are probably enough here for Polish to get going23:52
tgBot1<Stereofont> Japanese is curiously absent23:53
tgBot1<AresMinos> @Stereofont, Thanks :) I must have been blind, I was on that page when I was searching for it and missed the links.23:56

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