nacchggdh: with wayland?00:33
hggdhnacc: yes01:04
hggdhdid not spend much time on it either, went straight to command-line01:05
nacchggdh: yeah that's fair :)01:08
hggdhnacc: got it, I was missing xauth on the remote server (centos 7.2). Installed xauth and lo and behold, xterm works02:21
hggdhfor whatever reason I expected xauth to be a dependency of xterm... it is not, at least on CentOS02:38
hggdhgawd, I hate products that install as a tgz. No dependencies resolution. Dammit.03:01
nacchggdh: what produce installs as a tgz?05:41
hggdhNach0z: one commercial file transfer program from IBM06:09
hggdhit is actually a cpio archive... same base structure for the last, what, 20+ years...06:10
hggdhnow, bed time...06:11
lotuspsychje!info gnome-todo14:26
ubottugnome-todo (source: gnome-todo): minimalistic personal task manager designed to fit GNOME desktop. In component main, is optional. Version 3.26.2-3 (bionic), package size 135 kB, installed size 445 kB14:26
jusssI'm using ubuntu 18.04, I have a touch screen, and it always pop up a on-screen keyboard, but how I can use it to input ctrl key?17:21
jusssa keyboard without ctrl or tab or shift esc, you guys call that a keyboard???17:22
tomreynare you aware that you're rambling about the quality of unreleased software?17:49
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=== bleakflow is now known as blackflow
CoJaBolol; be glad it boots at all; I'm trying it on a 32-bit machine, and it doesn't even get to desktop D=19:21

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