doko__infinity: please merge glibc from unstable, currently blocking the binutils/gcc migration09:49
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juliankwow, 5 of my uploads migrated to release today. awesome11:10
acheronukjuliank: Implement a new sftp method that connects via openssh and then uses paramiko's sftp support.13:00
acheronukbut no dependency on paramiko?13:00
juliankacheronuk: It's a Suggests13:01
juliankacheronuk: Just like python-bzrlib was befor13:01
acheronukjuliank: well, as our CI docker containers use sftp to upload to launchpad, but do not as per standard apt install 'suggests', that brokoe our CI's ability to upload13:02
acheronukour = Kubuntu13:02
juliankacheronuk: that's unfortunate, but it's just the way it was before13:03
acheronukjuliank: not really, as it didn't fail without paramiko before, now it does13:04
juliankacheronuk: You must have manually installed python-bzrlib earlier, now you need to manually install python3-paramiko13:04
acheronukjuliank: I'm looking into. just having a maon when things break :P13:04
juliankor well, maybe you pulled in bzr and got python-bzrlib by accident13:05
juliankin any case, none of the default hosts use sftp so it does not seem wise to Depend on it. Recommends might make more sense, though.13:05
acheronukthat is was I was going to suggest (or actually recommend :P)13:06
juliankon the other hand since there are no preconfigured hosts with sftp, it does not make it a usual configuration, and thus is better suited to suggests13:07
acheronukjuliank: this requires the python3 of python3-paramiko, yes, but only before the python-bzrlib?13:07
juliankI can't parse that13:08
juliankBasically I did s/python-bzrlib/python3-paramiko/ on debian/control :D13:08
acheronukjust I have in deploy_in_container.rake python-paramiko & python-bzrlib already.13:09
juliankright, now you need python3-paramiko instead of python-paramiko13:09
juliankswitching to python3 was the whole point of the merge13:09
acheronukyep, so maybe just need to update that13:10
juliankacheronuk: you might want python-paramiko too in case you use bzr13:11
juliankdepending on your bzr needs :)13:11
acheronukyes, as long as they are both there for the xenial and artful as well, I was going to have both to be on the safe side13:12
juliankI have to do some followup on dput, as the error reporting on gpgme is a bit broken.13:14
julianklike it shows error messages for success and tracebacks for real failures13:14
juliankbut: it works, unsigned and wrong signatures are rejected and correctly signed is accepted13:15
juliankand that's an upstream bug.13:15
jbichajuliank: dput-ng recommends python-paramiko, not sure if that makes a difference13:16
juliankdput only suggests any non-default transport dependencies.13:16
juliankI have not heard back from upstream yet on my method :(13:17
jbichaor maybe ubuntu-dev-tools could recommend it?13:17
julianka recommends would generally be wrong, though, nothing uses it by default.13:18
juliankyou have to modify the config file to switch to sftp13:18
juliankSo I don't see python3-paramiko having to be installed in all but unusual situations13:18
jbichait's one less step (change this config and install this other pkg)13:18
jbichaI used to have timeout problems with the default upload method with bigger uploads13:19
juliankI'm not really convinced yet, but I have to take care of other stuff anyway13:22
* acheronuk tries to update his containers13:22
juliankgotta defend my master's thesis on thursday, gotta write a presentation for it13:22
jbichagood job, almost done! :)13:23
acheronukjuliank: good luck :)13:23
juliankthanks. I'll try to do my best13:24
tsimonq2juliank: I think it would be awesome if MoM could filter by uploader (or by "some" uploaders). Want some code from me, or can you do it? :)13:29
julianktsimonq2: You can filter on any text in the main row13:29
tsimonq2Hah :)13:29
julianktsimonq2: Excluding the comment, though, that's in an input and does not seem included somehow13:30
juliankgotta fix that :/13:30
julianktsimonq2: And since it's a regex you can also search stuff like foo|bar13:31
juliankit's pretty awesome :D13:31
tsimonq2It is :D13:32
acheronukjuliank: looks like my container's upload is now fixed :)13:32
juliankacheronuk: nice13:33
acheronukbut I still think a recommends may be better13:33
acheronukbut not that bothered13:33
juliankI mostly want to get it merged upstream and do what ever they want :)13:33
tsimonq2juliank: Also, what's up with the retro Ubuntu logo? ;)13:35
juliankThe whole page is a bit retro :)13:37
acheronukI like retro. for the logo, anyway13:38
tsimonq2juliank: Hm, I noticed that the search doesn't search comments13:39
juliankyeah, I just wrote that above13:39
juliank[14:30] <juliank> tsimonq2: Excluding the comment, though, that's in an input and does not seem included somehow13:39
juliankI'm matching the row's textContent13:39
juliankI guess I also need to find the input in there and match against it's value too13:40
julianktsimonq2: also inputing text in there and hitting enter reloads the page with your filtering gone and you have to go back13:44
juliankso it needs some more work on dtaisl13:45
juliankwhoa, we got another 10 merges down since I last looked at it 4 hours ago13:45
juliank254 now13:46
juliankit was 265 then I thinmk13:46
juliank2018-01-27 09:49 main needs-merge=26213:47
juliankhmm ok13:47
tsimonq2juliank: Hm, what's up with mousepad?13:50
tsimonq2Am I missing something or is MoM not picking up the merge?13:50
julianktsimonq2: It shows a merge on universe.html13:50
juliankah, now I understand13:50
tsimonq2juliank: Right, meant to say the opposite13:50
tsimonq2I'm the one who wrote that comment on there13:51
tsimonq2And it's been like that for a while13:51
juliankI'm not expert at this either, I entirely rely on cjwatson for everything :)13:52
juliankIt also showsa no last uploader13:52
juliankprobably gotta manually delete the merge or something, I don't know13:53
juliankxfdesktop4 LP PTS [xubuntu-bugs]13:54
juliankxfce4-datetime-plugin LP PTS [xubuntu-bugs]13:54
juliankare also affected13:54
juliankany row without an uploader name13:54
tsimonq2Hmph, so there's the pattern.13:55
juliankSo mostly xubuntu stuff and two gcc things13:56
tsimonq2juliank: One more thing... so it says "399 outstanding merges" but that number does not update when filters are applied... it should be I think14:01
juliankmaybe, I don't know.14:01
juliankIt was just a quick hack14:01
juliankdo you also want the graphs created dynamically?14:01
juliankEventually it should be 399 outstanding merges (... hidden)14:02
juliankI guess14:02
tsimonq2Dynamic graphs would be nice14:03
tsimonq2And yeah, hidden works14:03
juliankI'm not sure what all the different states actually mean in the graph14:04
julianklike needs sync or stuff14:04
tsimonq2"needs sync" is likely things that are candidates for being autosynced but haven't done so already14:05
tsimonq2Look at the timeline on it, that amount went up after the autosync was turned off for Artful14:05
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julianktsimonq2: I can't decide if 252 outstanding merges (XX shown) or 252 outstanding merges (XX hidden) is better22:45
juliankBut it's going to take some effort anyway to associate these lines with the tables and stuff22:45
juliankAnd I think I should move the filter section below the number of merges and text22:46
juliankand of course I need to add a link to the launchpad page for the version in proposed22:47
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jbichaRAOF: did you see that gnome-do was recently removed from Debian Testing?23:23
RAOFjbicha: I did, yes. It needs to be ported to various new things 🙁23:26
jbichaMono GTK apps in Debian are in rough shape since only a couple use gtk3, the rest use really old stuff :(23:29
tsimonq2juliank: hidden is better imho23:36
RAOFjbicha: yes, curse them for using stable and perfectly working existing code!23:46
RAOF(that, admittedly, doesn't support Wayland, but then again Wayland doesn't support Do either)23:47
jbichaGnomeVFS and gconf?23:48
jbichaI'm not worried about gtk-sharp2 (at least not for a couple more years), but gnome-sharp2 is pretty old23:51
RAOFgconf works fine!23:56
RAOFAnd we've already ported off gnome VFS to gio23:57

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