TJ-We have a PTI regression killing resume-from-hibernate for 4.13-0-25 onwards. One user has confirmed "nopti" fixes the issue.  Bug #174309400:24
ubot5bug 1743094 in linux (Ubuntu) "[regression] hibernation (freezes on resume) due to PTI" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/174309400:24
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TomwolfI have a bug that has been fixed upstream. The problem is that the kernel panic happens on first boot after fresh install. It was fixed in kernel 4.13.0-31.34 and while I understand that 18.04 will use 4.15 I can't find a way to get an ubuntu installed with a working kernel. Any tips on how to go about things? I've just recently decided to actually learn how to work with linux servers so bare with me if I'm ignorant.13:01
TJ-Tomwolf: if you do the install but don't reboot at the end, you can start a terminal, chroot mount into the new rootfs, and "apt install linux-image-generic-hwe-16.04"13:04
TomwolfThank you =) If I want to upgrade to 17.10 or even 18.04 on the development server, will that keep the hwe?13:08
TJ-Tomwolf: Yes... hwe depends on the 4.13 kernel; later, hwe-edge will depend on 18.04's released kernel13:09
TomwolfThank you =) now I don't have to 'settle' for running Centos 7 when I really want to use Ubuntu.13:11
TomwolfI appreciate the help @TJ- =)13:13

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