OMGmateHi All, after imaging the microSD and first boot I got to the desktop and did a software update. Got an error saying I needed to delete 4.074kb to do the update. Any help on this?01:03
sixwheeledbeastshantorn: been a while, but should simply be install windows then install ubuntu via a live image it will detect windows installation and install along side01:04
sixwheeledbeastOMGmate: this RPi?01:04
OMGmateCan I gpart the mSD while in the OS?01:08
OMGmateOr resize the two parts.?01:09
OMGmateThe /root is initially set to 63Mb on a 8GB mSD. Can I reset it  by a script in the img.tz file?01:12
sixwheeledbeastyou cant change the size of a mounted partition. Have you accidentally udist-upgrade instead of update?01:12
sixwheeledbeastso you are on 16.04LTS?01:13
sixwheeledbeastis common that people upgrade to 17.10 and have issues01:14
OMGmateDownloaded it from the RPI download area about 6 hrs ago.01:14
sixwheeledbeastonly 16.04 LTS is supported for RPi. Ok. i am surprised you have filled your space up from updates.01:15
OMGmateEven when I tried to uncheck some of the updates (about 100Mb) it still compained about the 4.073Mb needed to be removed. Total space in /root was 23Mb used.01:17
sixwheeledbeastwhat does df -h show?01:18
OMGmatesorry. Not available now. I looked around and tried to find a tool that would allow me to resize /root or show me just what in /root I could delete without hammering the OS. Anything I can do to with the image to have it reset /root to 100Mb on initial resizing after first boot?01:22
sixwheeledbeastLooks like they are recommending 9GB of space minimum on the site now. So you may run into issues with a small size card.01:22
OMGmateGotcha! have a 16Gb mSD. will try that tomorrow. Thx for all the help, have a great nite.01:24
sixwheeledbeastthe installer should partition the card for you to use all of it. this was implemented in 16.04.02LTS I believe.01:24
OMGmateIt does part the card but always with 63Mb for /root and the rest for the other part.01:25
Belial`anyone know if compiz will continue to be  supported/updated now that ubuntu is using gnome shell?03:09
TaZeRyou can continue to use compiz with ubuntu-mate if you want, it has nothing to do with ubuntu's switch from unity to gnome shell03:14
Belial`i know it'll still be there. i was just curious if it would still be patched03:15
TaZeRit will keep receving upstream updates from compiz its not related to unity or ubuntu03:15
Belial`and if, eventually, ubuntu mate would drop it because lack of upstream support.03:16
TaZeRunless you are confusing compiz for unity?03:16
Belial`sorry, i was under the impression ubuntu was maintaing compiz.03:16
andywhitehi guys ubuntu mate never requested a root password when I installed it what is is ?13:05
andywhitehow do I reset it ?13:06
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CoderEuropeLooking for this applet : https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/volume-control-applet/1579517:06
mate|22408hi all17:40
mate|22408how are you17:42
mate|22408where yo from17:42
mate|22408you bot ?17:42
ircfanplanet earth17:42
mate|22408i from russia17:42
ircfannobody is perfect17:43
mate|22408ok.. yo bot17:43
ircfandoes it really matter?17:43
ircfanas long as you guys believe that you can get something17:46
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mate|piterkeWitam szacowne grono20:43
mate|piterkemam takie malutkie pytanko czy pomoze mi ktos z Was spolszczyc linuksa lite20:44
CoderEuropesup ?23:12
CoderEuropehey PaulW2U o/23:45

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