Bladeroot@ubuntu-ivan:/home/nikolov# synaptic13:59
BladeNo protocol specified13:59
BladeUnable to init server: Неуспешно свързване: Отказано свързване13:59
Blade(synaptic:2357): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: :013:59
ikoniadreman - you know you are banned from ubuntu14:08
Bladeask for problem14:09
ikoniathis is not a support channel14:09
ikoniathis is the operator channel for the ubuntu namespace14:09
ikoniathanks, bye14:09
Bladebay lame14:09
ubottuoerheks called the ops in #ubuntu (Borw3 is trolling again)14:38
ikoniaBorw3: I've removed you from ubuntu and forwarded you to the #ubuntu-ops channel16:09
Borw3Why? :D16:10
ikoniaI've already spoken to you once today in private and I gave you multiple polite nudges and then warnings in the #ubuntu channel to stop with your behaviour16:10
ikoniaI didn't wish to continue to discuss this with you and disrupt the ubuntu channel any more16:11
Borw3ikonia: I was helping the guy, with misdisplayed characters.16:11
ikoniaBorw3: can you please stop with the "lol" ":D" "XD" style comments in the channel16:11
ikoniaBorw3: if you don't understand problems - don't help16:11
ikoniaif you know / understand a problem and can add value, that's great, but if you don't know or understand, your "attempts" at help are quite the oposite16:12
Borw3I was trying to discover where the problem was, and gave him ideas, eg: trying loading other live OS, checking to see if problem is in bIOS also etc...16:12
ikoniacan you please only try to help if you actually understand the problem and have a real idea about the solution16:12
ikoniado you understand ?16:13
ikonia.win 416:13
Borw3Okay, from now on, I will only help, when I know I have a solution.16:13
ikoniathats great16:13
ikoniaI'll remove the forward from this channel to allow you back into ubuntu, but please keep in mind, this is the second time in 24 hours your behaviour has not been appropriate for the channel16:14
ikoniaany more and you'll be asked to take a break from the channe16:14
Borw3ikonia: Okay, second time, I didn't know though in my defence.16:14
ikoniayou didn't know what ?16:14
Borw3"Only help when you know 100% solution to problem" was a rule I did not know existed.16:15
ikoniaBorw3: when I spoke to you earlier I explained about the "being helpful" approach16:15
ikoniait's not helpful to just randomly guess at things, more so if you don't really understand the problem16:16
ikonia!guidelines | Borw316:16
ubottuBorw3: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines16:16
ikoniaBorw3: I strongly suggest you read the url ubottu has given you before rejoining #ubuntu16:16
Borw3ikonia: I had similar problem once, and it was CPU damage.16:16
ikoniaBorw3: I've removed the ban forward in #ubuntu for you, if you /part this channel and /join #ubuntu you'll rejoin the ubuntu channel16:16
Borw3ikonia: Thank you.16:17

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