hallynfeh, 'install maas region controller' on artful server install cd seems broken?03:23
naccpowersj: --^05:41
nacchallyn: i'll follow up with him on monday05:41
maretHi, I am trying to setup firewall for ubuntu server edition. First I run netstat -ntlp | grep LISTEN to get what apps are running now and out put is https://pastebin.com/JbE3aRXn. My next question would which of these ports should I allow for ufw? all or only those which are external? Some of them are used externally but some like mysql is only used itnernally for webapp08:02
DirtyCajuni am moving about 44TB of data from Server A to Server B. Server A is 12 JBOD drives. Server B is 8 drives in a RAID 6. Using NFS i am maxing out at about 1.1Gbps on a 10Gbps network. At even 50MBps read (lowballing) i should be able to hit about 4Gbps. Does someone know of a better system to transfer than NFS?23:42
Neo4what is main file for mysql in ubuntu?23:45
Neo4must have been this /etc/mysql/my.cnf ??23:46
Neo4my is empty almost. is it normally there only comments https://paste.ubuntu.com/26473855/23:47
Neo4what do might have got to do I for add this row "innodb_buffer_pool_size = 20M" ?23:48
Neo4mySql is sucking, I've read this might have got to help23:49
Neo4this is my /var/log/mysql/error.log file https://paste.ubuntu.com/26473497/23:51
Neo4I'd been trying to fix it couldn't have corrected this. What I had done? I used phpmyadmin and there select tables and rebuild tables and as well as this command in console had been used (couldnt have found console used command)23:57
Neo4sense the same like we run from phpmyadmin23:58
Neo4it does the same, and didn't helped anything :(23:58
Neo4why know what is the problemo?23:59

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