jack2how i can connect the sinusbots with system start? atm i need to push the start button in this webinterface00:03
idwerTJ-: you were awesome00:14
TJ-idwer: That's a regression; I'll make sure the kernel-team take a look. Keep an eye on that bug because they'll probably ask you to test some kernel builds00:20
idwerwhich would be installed over some ppa?00:21
TJ-idwer: please add a comment on the bug confirming 'nopti' allowed -25 to work00:21
idwerit's 1am22 where I am, maybe later :)00:22
TJ-it's same here - only needs 2 minutes :)00:23
idwerhave to dig up that launchpad login then.. do I even have one?00:27
MikeSeeHow do I ensure that an rsyslog forwarding-chain is severed when I update settings on one link of the chain?  more detail: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26467641/00:34
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aroonianyway to make alt tab work so that i get the most recent window?  it seems like it always works by giving me the same order over and over again.  i'm using compiz application switcher if that matters00:49
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Ubuntu-Struggler[Difficult Installation Question] --> I'm trying to install Ubuntu 17.10.1 through a USB thumb drive. Error message is displayed after the Ubuntu logo: Busy Box v1.22.1 ... "Unable to find a medium containing a live filesystem" I'm fairly certain that the USB and Ethernet ports are pooping out, but they do work during the BIOS stage. I have a PS/2 keyboard that works. I can enter commands at the prompt (initramfs)01:15
Ubuntu-StrugglerThanks for any help!01:15
Ubuntu-StrugglerI have tried to install Ubuntu mini through a CD (which seems to work) but I cannot finish the installation since I could not establish a network connection01:16
ChronicChopsresearching, hold on01:17
ChronicChopsFrom what i've found, it seems that your USB ports may be the problem like you said.01:21
ChronicChopsTry using a USB 2.0 port or USB 2.0 pendrive01:22
ChronicChopsOr boot from a CD if you can.01:22
peterrI am trying to get a full screen window but it's never the entire screen01:38
peterrthe border?/bar on the left is always there....is this called the launcher?01:38
peterrI thought there is a setting so that it would 'hide' when you click a window to be full screen?01:38
Ubuntu-Strugglerfor chrome at least01:39
Ubuntu-Strugglerholy crap I found my solution.. took me three days to try a random option in my BIOS labeled "IOMMU".. apparently it controls USB support for Ubuntu01:43
peterrubuntu sucks....it also is a memory hog01:44
peterrwith gnome01:44
Ubuntu-Strugglerubuntu is amazing! I don't like unity though01:45
peterrthey are not using unity any more01:45
Ubuntu-Struggleryou should try i3wm... it has fullscreen stuff, but it doesn't like floating windows01:45
Ubuntu-Struggleri'm still using 14.04 on my computers01:46
peterrI tried F11 with Firefox.... I cannot see the title bars anymore after doing that....is that normal?01:46
Ubuntu-Struggler14.04 was the last version to support my old AMD video card lol01:46
peterrdoesn't matter anyway...looks like that will only work for browsers01:47
Ubuntu-Strugglerin Chrome, Crtl + 1, 2, 3, 4 switches tabs01:47
peterrWhat about other applications?01:47
peterrvideo players, you want full screen?01:48
Ubuntu-Struggleri use this guy: https://i3wm.org/01:48
peterrreally disliking the new gnome01:48
Ubuntu-Strugglerbut I don't really recommend it unless you're into it01:48
peterrso difficult to use01:48
Ubuntu-Struggleri don't think it is, but if you're used to the mouse, it can be frustrating at first01:49
peterrI don't have it on any other distro so can't compare01:49
Ubuntu-Struggleri3 will delete gnome when you install it too01:49
Ubuntu-Struggleri don't know why it does that01:49
peterrthe bar on the left - how do you get a screen to overlap it or how do you hide it?01:50
peterrunderstand me?01:50
peterrI don't want to use any 3rd party apps I don't know about01:50
peterris that called a launcher?01:50
peterrI don't even know what it is called01:50
Ubuntu-Strugglerthat's understandable, i'm not really sure how to hide the menu, but I know you can... it's in the settings menu somewhere01:51
Ubuntu-Strugglerit's called a windows manager01:51
peterrbut, what is that bar called?01:51
Ubuntu-Strugglerdoes this help?01:52
Ubuntu-Strugglerit's just called a sidebar as far as I know01:52
peterrhey, that was an old post but that helped me figure out what to do :)  thanks01:55
peterryou're awesome, struggler :)01:56
Ubuntu-Struggleryou're welcome!01:56
peterryes, people call it side-bar01:56
peterrI'll call it that from now on :)01:56
peterri wouldn't mind it if it was there and opening a window to full screen would 'hide' it but what I did - it doesn't work that way01:57
peterrbut, I will leave it as is until I find out if there is a way for that situation01:57
peterrwhat I did is go to settings and under 'dock' there is a setting to 'auto hide the dock'01:58
peterrI guess ubuntu calls it a 'dock' now?01:58
Ubuntu-Strugglerthey must01:59
peterror gnome calls it that...or both? i dunno01:59
peterrit's only there when windows don't expand 'over it' - the auto hide feature?>01:59
Ubuntu-Struggleri remember that it was really hard to customize gnome for some simple things01:59
Ubuntu-Struggleri could never switch back01:59
peterrwell, I used 'gnome classic' for a while so I was not familiar with all these quirks02:00
peterrthat's my excuse, I guess02:00
peterryou use that guy's app?02:00
peterrdid you say you are still on 14.04?02:00
peterrI recently upgraded from 17.04 to 17.1002:01
peterrI don't remember gnome being like this... I remember some things but I don't recall having an issue with the side bar02:01
Ubuntu-Struggleri'm installing 17.10 right now on a new computer... you have me excited to see what's coming02:01
peterrwhat de do you use?02:01
Ubuntu-Strugglerjust an install bar at the moment lol02:01
peterrI have used kde, mate and cinnamon ....just recently used 'ubuntu gnome' when someone was configuring gnome with ubuntu...when ubuntu used unity as default de02:02
peterra what?02:02
Ubuntu-Strugglerinstallation bar, I'm waiting on Ubuntu 17.10 to finish installing02:03
peterri stopped using kde because of some segfault crashes and it would never sync with my phone properly02:03
peterrwell let me know if you like it - if you get it configured before i leave :)02:03
peterralthough, I have run into issues lately and have come on here lol02:03
Ubuntu-Struggleri was going to switch it to i3 pretty much instantly02:04
peterryou should try the default configuration first....for just a little while ;)02:04
peterr? :)02:04
peterrdoes i3 replace gnome entirely?  is it a window manager/de?  What is it?02:04
peterroh nm. :)02:05
Ubuntu-Strugglertypically you can just swap between windows managers02:05
peterrI read on the link you showed02:05
Ubuntu-Strugglerbut i3 tends to remove gnome when you install it02:05
peterrnow, I am not used to the side bar not being there by just moving my mouse cursor over lol02:05
Ubuntu-Strugglerthen throws a weird low resolution error when you reinstall gnome and try to siwtch back....02:06
Ubuntu-Strugglerreally, I don't recommend it lol02:06
Ubuntu-Strugglerunless you love the idea02:06
peterryeah... I think it is too different :)02:06
peterrI used to like experimenting like that but now I try to use something that is more widespread... :)02:06
peterrsomething that is more commonly used02:07
Ubuntu-Struggleryeah, I generally agree since those things have less bugs02:07
peterrthat's why I try to stick to kde, gnome or maybe xfce ...although I liked mate and cinnamon02:07
Ubuntu-Strugglerbut having fixed windows is simply too good to live without02:07
Ubuntu-Struggleri hate that ubuntu tries to mimic apple OS02:07
peterrit does?02:07
peterrI thought apple's OS has the sidebar at the bottom?02:07
Ubuntu-Strugglerthe docking bar thing reminds me of apple02:08
Ubuntu-Struggleraw, that's the same thing02:08
peterryeah, I guess I can see your point02:08
peterrwell, some ppl used to say kde tries to mimic windows? :)02:08
peterrI don't mind it if it works how I would like02:09
Ubuntu-Strugglerhm.. i don't really think I've ever used kde02:09
peterri haven't used it in a while....the last time I tried it.... was just frustration02:09
peterrit was too bad because I thought it has some nice points02:09
peterrbut, the issues were deal breakers, unfortunately02:10
Ubuntu-Strugglerit sounds like a good idea to have all these options, but it feels like it just creates more bugs sometimes02:10
peterrsometimes, you think they should just combine forces and make something good02:10
peterrI think there are things in each that are annoying or problematic....02:11
Ubuntu-Struggler(except i3wm, it's perfect)02:11
peterrthe doc can be moved to the bottom or right, btw02:12
peterrI guess the next thing I will try to figure out....is whether I can do anything to free up memory resources02:12
Ubuntu-Struggleryeah I have 17.10 up and running now... reminds me of a Microsoft Surface...02:13
peterrI'm not happy that system monitor is showing 2.5 gigs used...and I'm not even doing much02:13
Ubuntu-Strugglerit's almost revolting, I can't install i3 fast enough......02:13
ZombieI'm partial to KDE.02:13
peterr13 tabs on FF and Hexchat running....is that why I have 2.5 gigs of RAM used?  C'mon gnome/ubuntu?!?02:14
peterris kde good at memory efficiency?  is there anyone who is not a resource hog?02:15
kk4ewtff definitely is especially if any of those tabs are video or flash02:15
peterrI'm not familiar with a Microsoft Surface... I know what it is but I don't know what the screen/desktop looks like02:15
courrierMy Dell XPS13 (16.04.3 LTS) fails to resume from sleep only when it has just been disconnected from its dockstation. I feel this problem happens more when my monitor is connected in VGA (1 time over 2 sleeps) but less when connected to HDMI (1 time over 5 sleeps), so it might be a video driver issue02:16
courrierHere's my system journal http://paste.debian.net/1007431/ Notice the "FIRMWARE BUG" line 475 and the timepoint I suspended the laptop trying to resume after dockstation disconnection line 165. Do you find any clue in the journal? (Sorry for the big log...)02:16
Ubuntu-Strugglerjust tried it, so I'll add my confirmation that i3wm from a fresh Ubuntu 17.10 installation will remove your gnome windows manager02:16
Ubuntu-Strugglergood luck courrier, I have no idea!02:17
courrierthanks :)02:19
peterrUbuntu-Struggler, it's just my paltry opinion but I don't think that is good programming02:22
peterrEven if I was unhappy with gnome windows manager, I don't think a program should totally remove it....does it at least warn you that it is about to be removed?02:22
Ubuntu-Strugglersure doesn't02:23
Ubuntu-Struggleri agree with you, but I'll call it a feature since I'm a fan!02:24
peterrHa ha02:24
peterrhow long does it take to remove it?02:25
peterrmaybe it is a simple process to install it back?02:25
cpined_hello, with cygwin I was able to run sshd on port 443 and connect from an external ip.  Why is that not possible with Ubuntu?02:25
cpinedhello, with cygwin I was able to run sshd on port 443 and connect from an external ip.  Why is that not possible with Ubuntu?02:27
peterrdo you mean ssh?02:28
Ubuntu-Strugglerpeterr, it's not a simple process to install it back, for a beginner at least... i3 changes things to low resolution mode that persists after logout02:30
peterrcpined, you should probably provide the channel the messages you received so that people who know about ssh have a better idea of what went wrong?02:31
peterrUbuntu-Struggler, hmmmmm... I guess I'll pass :)02:32
cpinedlaptop has ssh port 443 via cygwin, I can access from remote location using my public my public ipaddress:443...I'm not able to do that with Ubuntu.02:33
peterrI might go watch the video I was gonna watch before i didn't know how to change the appearance of the side bar...uh...the dock :)02:33
peterrwhat's the ubuntu message?02:35
Ubuntu-Strugglerpeterr, wellll, you were just complaining about gnome using too much memory~~02:35
peterrUbuntu-Struggler, yeah :)02:36
Ben64cpined: yes you can02:36
cpinedben64: Do I need to configure sshd_conf?02:37
Ben64sshd_config, yes02:37
cpinedaside from adding "Port 443", is there anything else?02:38
HotCupOf_whois CodeBug02:39
JTechcan I use nvidia-settings to set up dual-monitors? It can't seem to save the X config file, and when I create a new X screen the 2nd monitor just shuts off so I'm not sure I'm actually making it better... but my game under Wine won't work on the 2nd monitor.02:41
Ubuntu-StrugglerJTech, does arandr work?02:42
JTechUbuntu-Struggler, not installed. lemme look into that.02:43
JTechUbuntu-Struggler, it's for... shell scripts?02:44
JTechoh I see. xrandr is about video stuff02:45
Ubuntu-StrugglerJTech, it's just a neat tool to orient video displays.. it's generally more reliable than others02:46
Ubuntu-Struggleryou can enable/disable your monitors with it02:46
Ubuntu-Strugglerset resolutions02:46
Ubuntu-Strugglerset primary02:46
JTech.... doesn't seem to have a lot of options. what am I supposed to do with this?02:46
Ubuntu-Strugglerit doesn't have a lot of options lol02:47
JTechI mean my 2nd monitor is already enabled. how is it supposed to help my game function on the 2nd monitor?02:47
JTechI thought with nvidia-settings maybe I could do something to make the monitors separate... because my game refused to go on the 2nd non-primary monitor.02:49
JTechbut "new X screen" just turns the 2nd one off. plus I can't save settings.02:49
Ubuntu-StrugglerJTech, hm I've struggled with that before, I don't think I found a solution... I just switched my physical monitors lol02:50
JTechI noticed that the 2nd monitor was sort of just off-set from the 1st monitor so I thought maybe the game couldn't see the 2nd monitor. and that maybe creating a new X screen would make them distinct monitors to Wine.02:50
JTechUbuntu-Struggler, it was working before and then spontaneously broke.02:51
JTechI wonder if it's because I switched from launching Wow.exe to WoW-64.exe... I wonder why that would break it...02:53
JTechhm. let me try launching Wow.exe the 32bit version.02:53
JTechgod this is bullshit.02:54
JTechmaybe.... if I unplug my 1st monitor... and plug it back in.... I wonder if it'll reposition the 1st as being offset from the 2nd instead of the other way around.02:56
JTechwhy the hell are dual monitors in the same virtual space anyway?02:56
Ubuntu-Strugglerarandr can fix that part02:56
Ubuntu-Strugglerdrag the little boxes how you want them02:56
Ubuntu-Strugglerthen hit apply02:56
JTechbut that won't make them distinct.02:57
Ubuntu-Strugglerno that wont fix that02:57
Ubuntu-Struggler"mirror display" option02:57
JTechI mean I guess I want them in the same space so I can move my mouse from one to the other but... I dunno.02:58
JTechtrying to find solutions online, I see disturbing stuff about writing new /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/nvidia.conf files and making the system unable to start up.02:58
JTechfor some reason he creates 52-nvidia.conf in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/03:01
JTechand I don't know why the 52.03:01
JTechand I really don't want to be screwing around with stuff that requires a rescue boot to fix.03:01
rud0lfcan i set timezone per user from command-line?03:02
rud0lffor ssh access03:02
rud0lfor is it XY problem?03:02
ColdKeyboardCan anyone suggest how to fix Skype on Ubuntu 16.04? I tried installing (sudo apt-get install skypeforlinux= but that doesn't help. When I start Skype window opens but main window is transparent, or has screenshot of what's currently on display. Any idea how to fix this?03:07
JTech.... ok. I "solved" my Wine game's monitor problem by placing the monitor I want to use on the left-most side. it's... still a fucking mess though, because my Xubuntu menu is hidden underneath the game and my monitors are reversed.03:08
JTechso both Wine and Xubuntu's menus refuse to be anywhere by the left-most monitor.03:09
JTech*anywhere but03:09
Ben64use a virtual desktop in wine03:09
JTechBen64 I don't think that works. doesn't that create a bordered window?03:10
lamduhIs there anything important to know before switching desktop environments or does it pretty much just work03:10
JTechoh right! plus the virtual desktop ALSO refuses to go on the 2nd monitor!03:10
Ubuntu-StrugglerIs extracting an ubuntu iso to a usb thumb drive the same as using usb-creator-gtk?03:11
Ben64JTech: then fix your monitor setup03:12
Ben64Ubuntu-Struggler: no03:12
JTechben64 yup. virtual desktop is on the left-most monitor. can't move it. how was this supposed to fix it?03:12
Ben64you can move it03:12
JTechBen64 how?03:13
JTechnope. alt-rightclick dragging doesn't do anything03:13
Ben64did i say alt-right click drag03:13
JTechclick dragging doesn't either.03:13
JTechnor alt-leftclick dragging03:14
Ben64then you don't have it set up properly, it should be a window you can move like any other window03:14
JTechhmmm... doesn't work when I try to do it with the desktop from winecfg either.03:15
JTechBen64 I can put my game on the 2nd monitor windowed already. but I can't put it there in "fullscreen (windowed)" mode. all my options have problems.03:16
JTecha virtual desktop with a window border would be the same as having it there in windowed mode as far as how many pixels I get. I'm also not sure if it would perform better FPS-wise in a virtual desktop. would it perform like windowed mode, or windowed (fullscreen)?03:17
JTechhmmm.... is there a keyboard shortcut for the Ubuntu menu? if I switch monitors I need a way to access it underneath the game.03:21
JTechwhy are all my options garbage?03:21
Ben64it would perform like fullscreen03:24
xqbwhere is mousepad's config file, where the font information, number of spaces, and such is stored, located? is it ~/.config/Mousepad/accels.scm? also the same question for xterm-256color03:29
xqb(XUbuntu 17.10)03:29
JTech"Dual (or multiple) monitors can be referred to through a modified DISPLAY environment variable."03:30
JTechhmm... is that like the env WINEPREFIX ?03:30
JTechyeah... I think so.03:30
JTechahhhhhhh crap. where are my menu items hidden? someone told me but I didn't write it down! I have a broken one and it wont show up in the menu editor if it's broken!03:33
JTechwhew. I recognized it. .local/share/applications03:34
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JTechwhy does that menu item not show up in the menu editor??03:36
JTechis "wow64.sh" some sort of illegal filename to refer to in an appplicaiton launcher?? can I not have digits? WHAT?!?!03:37
JTechdid I somehow fail to make it executable? no. it's executable.03:37
JTechthere's no capital letters in the filename.03:37
JTechpermission denied.03:38
JTechwell something's wrong.03:38
JTechdo I not use sudo chmod u+x filename.sh ?03:39
JTechin the GUI file browser it has different properties than my other .sh file... user is root instead of my username. and all the options are greyed out.03:40
ColdKeyboardCan anyone suggest how to fix Skype on Ubuntu 16.04? I tried installing (sudo apt-get install skypeforlinux= but that doesn't help. When I start Skype window opens but main window is transparent, or has screenshot of what's currently on display. Any idea how to fix this?03:40
JTechhow do I create a shell file? if I do a sudo command it makes the file owner root. and... that might be a problem? I don't know.03:43
JTechmaybe I need to create it in a normal folder I don't need root access to create.03:43
JTechthe reason it wasn't executable AND the reason it didn't show up in the menu editor was because my .sh file wasn't created in another folder by a regular user AND THEN MOVED.03:45
hotbobbycan someone tell me why the date() function of my bash script doesnt work? https://pastebin.com/raw/YN4jhLfW03:57
hotbobbyoh i didnt realize im in the ubuntu channel not the linux channel, i hope this is still on topic03:57
g5385Sup everyone??04:00
g5385What are we discussing tonight?04:04
krytarikUbuntu, obviously.04:06
Jordan_Uhotbobby: If you're running the script in Ubuntu it is. What does your date function output? What do you expect it to output instead?04:09
mopdprobeHow do I install a patched version of a package?04:11
mopdprobeCan't I drop the patch to some dir?04:11
Jordan_Uhotbobby: Actually, I do know what's wrong. You've created a function named "date", and that function will be run instead of the "date" command. Since the date function then calls date, you have infinite recursion.04:12
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JTechwhy can I only move Wine's virtual desktop when it's smaller than the screen it's on? also it still won't put the desktop on the 2nd monitor even if I move it there and close and reopen it.04:17
Jordan_UJTech: Have you tried dragging the window by holding alt then grabbing anywhere on / in the window?04:19
JTechJordan_U, yeah.04:19
Jordan_Uhotbobby: (So change the name of your date function)04:22
* skraito hi all . happy sabbath day :) .04:26
JTechFYI, Wine on multi-monitors, solution: set the monitor you want to use as "primary". That's all. I can't believe the solution was this simple.04:26
JTechin the past I was confused by setting the primary monitor and not having the Ubuntu menu display on it. I guess it has nothing to do with that.04:27
hotbobbyJordan_U: yes! that was it, thank you very much04:49
hotbobbyi am indeed using ubuntu 16.04 to run this script04:49
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BigBallsBigDickI think they call be the South African beast too!05:30
gambl0redoes ubuntu come with postgresql?05:41
naccgambl0re: it's available yes05:41
gambl0rewhen i do command postgres -V i get zsh: command not found: postgres05:42
naccgambl0re: well, you have to install it05:42
Zombiewho here maintains libuser on Ubuntu? I'm extremely upset at the lack of support for libuser-ldap.05:42
naccZombie: this is the support channel05:43
naccZombie: maintainers are not generally here05:43
ZombieIts creating problems with Samba 4 on Ubuntu
naccZombie: libuser is in universe so it's comunity maintained05:43
ZombieOkay, can I re-word my issue a bit more constructive?05:43
naccgambl0re: that would not be the ubuntu packages05:43
naccZombie: you always can05:43
gambl0reim running the command apt-get install postgresql-9.605:43
naccgambl0re: that website is for adding the postgresql repository from pg05:44
naccgambl0re: we don't support that here05:44
naccgambl0re: postgresql-9.6 is only in artful05:44
naccgambl0re: 9.5 is in xenial05:44
naccgambl0re: oh i see, they make some mention of what is in ubuntu05:45
naccbut they don't tell you what version of ubuntu05:45
naccthat generally means a poorly written guide05:46
naccgambl0re: what is your question?05:48
naccgambl0re: it doesn't make sense to install package X (esp. where package X haas  version number in it) without saying what version of ubuntu their instructions apply to05:48
gambl0reall i want to know is how to install postgres05:49
naccgambl0re: what version of ubuntu are you on?05:50
ZombieI am building a VM Server that is a Samba 4 AD Domain,05:50
gambl0renevermind. i think i got it.05:50
naccgambl0re: there are two ways, if you are on 16.0405:50
naccgambl0re: sudo apt-get install postgresql-9.505:50
naccgambl0re: sudo apt-get install postgresql-server^05:51
ZombieIts uses Dove Cot for IMAP, PostFix, eGroupware, and OwnCloud.05:51
ZombieThese Applications are OpenLDAP in design.05:51
ZombieI need support utilities for libuser to create posixAccount attributes.05:52
ZombieThat a bit more descriptive?05:52
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chenbin emacs24.5 ubuntu16.04 , M-x package-list-packages can't install06:51
chenbin          pdf-tools?06:51
chenbin 06:51
senapsi have had ubuntu 17.10 on my laptop, it was broken, i changed the harddisk and the upgraded the ram from 2 GB to 8GB. now, it hangs while in installing splash screen! what can i do? can it be disk?06:54
chenbini meeted with splash screen sevaral times after installed ubun16.0406:55
chenbintry to re-install it06:55
chenbinperhaps my laptop is too old06:56
senapsnow, im trying to install, i select the list( install or try), and they get me into a ubuntu splash to load, but it hangs out.06:57
senapsim re building the usb bootable to see if that fixes the problem.06:58
chenbindon't expect to disk from a broken install07:03
chenbinmy sugest07:04
chenbineven if it can07:05
maretHi, I am trying to setup firewall for ubuntu server edition. First I run netstat -ntlp | grep LISTEN to get what apps are running now and out put is https://pastebin.com/JbE3aRXn. My next question would which of these ports should I allow for ufw? all or only those which are external? Some of them are used externally but some like mysql is only used itnernally for webapp07:59
za1b1tsuHello, I'm trying to use the terminal as often as I can to actually learn linux (I have ubuntu installed). I connected my android phone using usb and it shows up in the file manager.08:02
za1b1tsuThe problem is I want to use the terminal. I doesn't show up in lsblk, but it shows up on dmesg08:03
za1b1tsuI don't how how to access its 'partition' since I can't find it's partition name08:04
GizmoRomickIt's funny which desktop environment I keep going back to with my i7/16 Gigs RAM/Gefore graphics Desktop computer...MATE08:10
ducasseza1b1tsu: you don't access a phone like a normal block device, since it isn't one. the desktop uses gvfs to access it via mtp, if you mount it there you can find it under /run/user/ID08:10
za1b1tsuducasse found it thanks08:14
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cfhowlettgreetings.  ask your support question08:35
cadeskywalker   2.dynamicip.rima-tde.net) a quitté08:38
cadeskywalker             (Quit: Leaving)08:38
za1b1tsuif the terminal opens in home/me/, if I want to go to /run/usr/ID do I have to do cd .., cd ..08:39
za1b1tsuor is there a faster way?08:39
za1b1tsuFound it I can do /./run/.... , but what does /. mean?08:43
senapsisntalling process for my ubuntu freezes  what can i do to find the reason? i have changed my hard disk, it has a windows 7 installed that i want to get rid off, but it's hanging with no reason :(08:44
senapsi select to try it live or install it, next page freezes.08:44
ducasseza1b1tsu: you can do 'cd /run/user/etc' in one step08:46
za1b1tsuducasse oh I see, so how come it doesn't search for run in the current directoy?08:48
za1b1tsubecause its '/run' not 'run/' it goes to root dir?08:48
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ducasseza1b1tsu: because the initial / means /run is a subdir of the root08:53
za1b1tsuducasse thank you08:53
za1b1tsuIs this correct command to find a file that contains 'code'? find /run/user/1000/gvfs/mtp\:host\=%5Busb%3A001%2C005%5D/ -name code09:02
za1b1tsuby contains code I mean it has the substring 'code' in its name09:02
senapshttps://paste.ubuntu.com/26469286/  this is the log, and after this my screen just freezes.  i did this too, but didn't work. https://askubuntu.com/questions/861743/installation-of-ubuntu-16-04-from-a-usb-drive-freezes09:04
ducasseza1b1tsu: 'find /run/... -name *code*'09:04
lotuspsychjesenaps: have you tested F1 at logo, to see what kind of errors show?09:05
senapsyup, the text pasted is the log from that.09:05
ducasseza1b1tsu: 'find -name code' will look for a file with the exact name 'code'09:05
alocersenaps, no error is in that log09:06
za1b1tsuducasse, awesome cheers09:06
ducasseza1b1tsu: np09:06
senapsyup, no errors it just hangs... it copies the packages, does some gpg thing(i think it checks the signature or whatever) and then that 3-4 lines i copied and freezes.09:07
za1b1tsuducasse, awesome cheers09:08
za1b1tsuops mistake, but yeah you deserve multiple thanks lol09:08
za1b1tsuso I have some search results in terminal anyway I can select and copy parts of the find output?09:13
za1b1tsu*any way09:13
za1b1tsuwithout mouse09:14
ducassenot unless your terminal has a way to copy/paste with keyboard or you are using something like tmux09:15
za1b1tsuIm using terminator09:16
senapsis there any way for me to get out of this freezing thing? i had a cd for mint and did the same freezing without throwing any errors...09:17
ducassei don't think so, then. i use termite, which can do it.09:18
ducasseza1b1tsu: ^^09:18
za1b1tsuis tmux, termite better for stuff like this?09:18
za1b1tsuI want to use avoid the mouse as often as I can09:18
ducassetmux is not a terminal emulator, but it is something you should check out if you use the terminal a lot09:19
lotuspsychjesenaps: is your system uefi?09:19
senapslotuspsychje have no idea what that is. i checked for SATA Mode in setup thing and it was CHI or something like that, i changed that to see if it helps. and didn't. it just freezed again09:20
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lotuspsychjesenaps: tell us about your plan? ubuntu version? want to single install?09:21
senapsyup, i definetly want a single install, i have windows just to be able to make the usb bootable! i have downloaded latest 17.10 from ubuntu website09:21
ducassesenaps: 17.10 or 17.10.1?09:22
ducassegood :)09:23
senapsmy usb led stops blinking and is straight on, i think maybe it's installing or reading from the usb or something? :(09:24
senapsi punched my laptop, i lost my hard disk, i upgraded to a 1Tb hard and from 2 GB to 8GB ram.09:25
lotuspsychjesenaps: uefi settings for singleboot needs fastboot & secureboot disabled, have you checked that09:25
senapsno, i don't have any idea what those are.09:25
use-toHi guys!09:26
lotuspsychjesenaps: you know howto enter bios?09:26
lotuspsychjesenaps: ok, try to look for those settings: fastboot, secureboot and disable them09:26
lotuspsychje!uefi | senaps09:26
ubottusenaps: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI09:26
senapsi don't have anything  such as fastboot or quietboot!09:27
lotuspsychjesenaps: whats your computer model please?09:27
senapsacer travelmate 475009:29
lotuspsychjesenaps: ok that looks like old style bios09:31
senapsim on v1.15 bios09:31
lotuspsychjesenaps: have you tried ubuntu 16.04 as a test?09:33
senapsrecently? no. but before changing the hard, i have upgraded version by version from 9.4 and have had all the versions up to 17.1009:34
lotuspsychjesenaps: i would suggest trying a liveusb 16.04.3 LTS as a test09:35
senapsim just testing a debian and it's got hold in detecting network hardware page.09:35
lotuspsychjesenaps: we can only support the ubuntu part here :p09:36
senapsthen i should download it again.09:36
Bilzhi all. i'm wondering if its possible for the volume keys to work when the screen is locked in gnome (ubuntu 16.04)09:43
lotuspsychjeBilz: have you tried the Fn + sound up/down buttons?09:43
Bilzlotuspsychje, sorry, that's exactly what I mean. my function keys don't work (for volume, at least) when the screen is locked09:44
lotuspsychjeBilz: they work when unlocked?09:44
Bilzlotuspsychje, yup09:45
lotuspsychjeBilz: this is ubuntu-gnome 16.04.3 right?09:45
Bilzlotuspsychje, yep09:46
lotuspsychjeBilz: perhaps try to ask this in #ubuntu-gnome if its normal behaviour, im on another version cant test09:47
Bilzthank you09:47
lotuspsychjeBilz: you want your music keep playing when its locked or so?09:47
Bilzlotuspsychje, my music does keep playing09:48
Bilzbut i can't change the volume when the screen locks automatically09:48
lotuspsychjeBilz: ah but you cant adjust volume09:48
Bilz(or locks manually, for that matter)09:48
lotuspsychjepourya2374: welcome, what can we do for you?09:49
lotuspsychjeBilz: seems like an old bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-screensaver/+bug/97051709:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 970517 in gnome-screensaver (Ubuntu) "Change sound volume using keyboard multimedia keys while screen is locked" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:51
Bilzand no way around it i suppose09:52
lotuspsychjeBilz: well i might add a new bug perhaps09:53
alocerdoese ubuntu support nvidia dkms ?09:54
aloceri cannot find the package09:54
alocerso should i reinstall my nvidia after every kernel upgrade09:54
ducassealocer: there are nvidia dkms packages, yes - i think they're named nvidia-*09:55
TJ-alocer: there are 2 sources for nvidia drivers, the nvidia-XXX-dkms packages and the graphics-drivers PPA09:55
TJ-OK, ubottu, what's the factoid for the graphics-drivers PPA?09:56
lotuspsychjeBilz: just tested this on 18.04 with gnome, and my movie pauzes, i can adjust sound with Fn keys, but nothing to test09:56
qswzguys, my printer uri is eading state information... Done09:56
qswz^ sorry this09:57
qswzand obviously it's not printing09:57
lotuspsychjerunawaysheld123: how can we help you?09:57
Bilzlotuspsychje, interesting, thanks09:57
alocerTJ-, well i upgraded my kernel today and it is using the nouveau again ..09:57
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:57
runawaysheld123Im Running Ubuntu On VMware09:58
TJ-alocer: there are known breakages for the nvidia drivers which the graphics-driver PPA packages don't have, but I don't have the URL to hand and ubottu is not being helpful with the factoid about it - you'll need to web-search for the PPA :)09:58
alocerTJ-, thanks09:59
lotuspsychje!cups | qswz10:00
ubottuqswz: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu10:00
TJ-alocer: ahhh: https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa10:04
qswzubottu: thanks ok10:05
qswzah a bot lol10:06
qswzI installed te custom Brother drivers, but well10:06
qswzI get a  "package ia32-libs is not available, but is referred to by another package"10:08
qswzduring install10:08
alocerdpkg --add-architecture x8610:09
qswza thanks!10:09
qswzOdd number of elements in hash assignment at /usr/share/pkg-config-dpkghook line 30.10:10
TJ-alocer: qswz nope! tha'ts wrong. "sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386"10:10
qswzah ok, works10:12
s10gopalTJ-: acpi_osi= is not working , still battery draines10:26
xCuri0i tried to install live patching on elementary OS loki which is based on Ubuntu 16.04 and it gave this error10:26
xCuri0Livepatchd error: Detected elementary 0.4.1. Only Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is supported, exiting.10:26
xCuri0workaround ?10:26
TJ-s10gopal: did you see my follow-up on your bug report regarding the TPM ?10:26
xCuri0since elementary OS is basically Ubuntu 16.04 with a different desktop10:27
TJ-xCuri0: We don't support Elementary10:27
xCuri0TJ-, isn't it just ubuntu with a different desktop ?10:27
lotuspsychjexCuri0: we only support the official flavors10:28
s10gopalTJ-: i have to wait for v4.15?10:28
lotuspsychje!flavors | xCuri010:28
ubottuxCuri0: Recognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours10:28
TJ-s10gopal: you could test a mainline build from the kernel ppa10:28
TJ-!mainline | s10gopal10:28
ubottus10gopal: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds10:28
s10gopalTJ-: thx i will10:28
TJ-s10gopal: I have a shell cript to make it easy to fetch and install those: http://iam.tj/projects/ubuntu/wget_kernel_mainline.sh10:29
s10gopalTJ-: thx a lot10:30
s10gopalTJ-: Error: exit with code 110:40
TJ-s10gopal: right; read the report, it's probably telling you to install the signing key10:42
s10gopalTJ-: how ?10:42
s10gopalTJ-: got it10:42
s10gopalTJ-: key id ?10:43
TJ-s10gopal: about 3 lines above that message, far-right of the line... a string of HEX digits10:44
s10gopalTJ-: done , need to select kernel from grub ?10:45
s10gopalTJ-: u posted this ? "http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2017/02/ukuu-easy-way-to-install-mainline-kernel-ubuntu"10:46
TJ-s10gopal: no, I don't do GUI, I prefer console where I can see what is going on10:48
s10gopalTJ-: i think this is ur repo. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:teejee2008/ppa ?10:48
TJ-s10gopal: on reboot the new kernel should be the default since it is the latest10:49
TJ-s10gopal: no, that's nothing to do with me10:49
s10gopalTJ-: thx10:49
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za1b1tsuIm trying to open a file from the terminal but I want to specify which application to use. I've read that I need to use -a argument open -a "app" file. But I get an error Invalid option a11:15
cfhowlettza1b1tsu, man open      will tell you the truth11:16
za1b1tsucfhowlett: so there is no such thing as -a and furthermore there is no argument that allows me to open the file with a certain application?11:18
cfhowlettapparently the open command doesn't do that11:18
za1b1tsubut why does it show me arguments for the openvt, not open?11:18
blackflowza1b1tsu: you simply call the application you want to open it with, and then supply options and arguments depending on how that application expects it.11:19
blackflowfor example:    /usr/bin/firefox /path/to/some/file.html    because firefox takes first positional argument as URL/path to open11:21
blackflow(technically it should be file:///path/to/some/file.html  but firefox is smart like that)11:21
za1b1tsublackflow why the tripple /?11:21
blackflowza1b1tsu: because file://    /path/to/some/where11:22
blackflowthe first part is scheme the second is absolute path11:22
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za1b1tsuah I see, thank you11:22
ceephaxHey, I'm a bit late updating from 17.04 to 17.10 and get 404's when i try and do a dist upgrade. Is it wise to just edit the /etc/apt/sources.list and replace "zesty" with "artful" or is there a better way?11:23
cfhowlett!eol | ceephax11:24
ubottuceephax: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades11:24
TJ-ceephax: does "sudo do-release-upgrade" not 'just work' ? It's supposed to skip unavailable repos - I tested it a few days ago11:24
ceephaxTJ-: unfortunately not it says: https://paste.gnome.org/p16rppzz211:28
TJ-ceephax: well, that's understandable. "http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu stable Release" "stable" is not an Ubuntu release, that's Debian11:30
ceephaxubottu: ok so that link you have sent says i do replace the eol codename with artful11:30
ubottuceephax: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:30
ceephaxTJ-: oh thats strange i wonder how thats got in there then11:31
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ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD11:56
Dkeaglei'd like to install ubuntu server on a very old computer, it can't boot on USB and it only read CD, not DVD... The problem is the ubuntu server iso is 850mo...11:57
cfhowlett!pxe | Dkeagle11:59
cfhowlett!install | Dkeagle sorry, see the install factoid12:00
ubottuDkeagle sorry, see the install factoid: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate12:00
TJ-!minimal | Dkeagle12:00
ubottuDkeagle: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD12:00
Dkeaglei tried to use the mini iso (only 50mo) with net install12:01
Dkeaglebut it installed ubuntu (normal), not ubuntu server...12:01
gordonjcpDkeagle: can it netboot?12:02
cfhowlettDkeagle, no worries then!  boot to the command line, remove the desktop metapackages12:02
Dkeagledon't think so12:02
gordonjcpDkeagle: also, what sort of spec is it, if it can't boot off USB?12:02
DkeaglePentium 4, 2.00ghz, 1go RAM and 40Go HDD12:02
Dkeaglevery old IBM Thinkpad XD12:03
gordonjcpis the hard disk parallel or SATA?12:03
TJ-Dkeagle: so it's 32-bit CPU as well12:04
gordonjcpDkeagle: at that what I'd do is pull the drive, install it in something that *can* netboot or USB boot, and install on that, and then swap back12:04
gordonjcpTJ-: point12:04
Dkeaglei'm not sure but i'll say parallel, i don't think sata existed at this time xD12:04
gordonjcpDkeagle: tbh you'd be better with something like Alpine Linux on that12:04
gordonjcpDkeagle: even Ubuntu Server is a bit heavyweight for that spec12:05
Dkeagleon the specs page they say it's working well with 512mhz  cpu and 150mo ram12:05
Dkeaglei thought it was ok12:05
TJ-Ubuntu server without any additional packages is the same as ubuntu-minimal12:05
gordonjcp"well" is quite subjective12:05
gordonjcpthat said, this VPS is 14.04 Server in 256MB of RAM12:06
Dkeaglei used the "mini.iso" here: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/xenial-updates/main/installer-i386/current/images/netboot/12:06
gordonjcpI wouldn't say it runs "well", especially when spamassassin is getting a pounding12:06
senapsno matter what version of ubuntu i try to install, it freezes :(  where to look for debuging/12:09
b247Hi, can someone provide help on Ubuntu 17, Desktop, Gnome 3? I want to be able to start Thunderbird at system startup, in minimized mode12:09
lotuspsychjesenaps: did you test 16.04 as suggested?12:12
senapsyup, and i freezed in same place....12:12
senapsi tested debian and cent os, windows 10 too.... all freeze!!!! only win 7 works...the only thing i havent tested is burning ubuntu to cd and then installing it, witch is being done right now. im burning the cd.12:13
brainwashb247: maybe give this addon a try https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/addon/firetray/12:14
lotuspsychjesenaps: hd in good health?12:15
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cfhowlettfiretray has been discontinued ..12:15
=== jamoke is now known as Jamoke
senapsyup, it's a brand new thing, and has windows installed on it.12:15
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barnexHello, I have a device that udev thinks is a joystick (it's actually a built-in accelerometer) and I'd like to find out some info about it to add a rule that would make it not joystick. How do I go about it?12:15
lotuspsychjesenaps: tested the live envoriment instead of installing ubuntu?12:16
brainwashcfhowlett: yes, that's what the info text says12:16
senapslive freezes in the same place.12:16
lotuspsychjesenaps: is it possible to hastebin those errors?12:16
senapsi just noticed that my video memory is 128MB. does that make any problem?12:16
cfhowlettsenaps, possibly less painful: windows + virtualbox + ubuntu12:16
senapslotuspsychje there is no error. it's doing what its supposed to do, and freezes....12:17
lotuspsychjesenaps: at wich step exactly?12:17
senapscfhowlett i don't have any use for windows, and don't have good hardware for such virtualization! :)12:17
b247brainwash: This add-on is not compatible with your version of Thunderbird.12:18
brainwashb247: bummer12:18
senapslotuspsychje screen asks for install or live, i select one, next page is the ubuntu splash, with dot's in the bottom, after 4- seconds it freezes.12:18
lotuspsychjesenaps: could you F1 before it freezes, wanna know at wich point exactly12:19
senapsthis is where it hangs... want me to type it all?12:20
brainwashb247: then I suggest reading through https://askubuntu.com/questions/663187/how-can-i-run-a-program-on-startup-minimized12:20
lotuspsychjesenaps: artgul aardvark lol?12:21
gordonjcpDkeagle: but yeah, easiest thing would be to get some sort of laptop PATA adaptor and mount it up on a "real" machine, and install it on that, and transplant it back12:21
lotuspsychjesenaps: perhaps the few last lines you can see before freeze?12:22
gordonjcpDkeagle: I have quite successfully stuck a laptop drive into a USB caddy, mounted it as a physical volume for a virtual machine, and then run the installer in the VM, but this is pretty serious nerdery12:22
lotuspsychjesenaps: normally we could presume freeze happens on last line?12:23
senapslotuspsychje i was typing fast! :)12:23
lotuspsychjesenaps: glad, might thought a corrupt iso from somwhere dark :p12:23
barnexnvm, I've found that just removing the hp_accel module is simpler12:24
lotuspsychje!yay | barnex12:25
ubottubarnex: Glad you made it! :-)12:25
senapsyes, the last line is where it freezes... with debian,i get stuck in network-check(hardware), and in centos, i can't even pass through! it says kernel error.12:25
barnexcurb your enthusiasm :P12:25
barnexwould still be happy to know how to find those things out12:25
lotuspsychjebarnex: cant find a decent wiki on it12:25
lotuspsychjebarnex: is this really a joystick12:26
barnexno, it's an accelerometer built into a laptop, LIS3LV02DL12:26
barnexI imagine the original purpose was to detect falling down and stop the hdd12:27
lotuspsychjebarnex: perhaps the #ubuntu-devel guys might know more about that12:27
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lotuspsychjesenaps: can you tell me what kernel error exactly? perhaps its a pae error?12:29
senapssomething centos throws! :)let me look at it.12:30
lotuspsychjesenaps: we can only support the ubuntu part12:30
senapsyup, okay... what should i do?12:31
lotuspsychjesenaps: we just need your last error before freeze12:31
lotuspsychjeon ubuntu12:31
gianlucawhat is this12:32
lotuspsychje!support | gianluca12:32
ubottugianluca: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com12:32
=== gianluca is now known as Guest91925
Guest91925ok bro12:32
lotuspsychjebarnex: can this help in any way? https://askubuntu.com/questions/585706/deactivate-accelerometer12:35
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senapslotuspsychje it's that line i pasted.12:36
barnexlotuspsychje: thanks, yeah that's what I've found, like I said I unloaded the module and that's the fix "for now".12:36
senapsthere is no error12:36
b247brainwash: thank you, that's the way I'll go12:36
barnexlotuspsychje: but I'll look into proper udev fix later I think... Unless this can only work as a joystick anyway, then there's no point indeed.12:36
winkyis there any chatroom for android help?12:37
barnex#android and #android-dev - says google12:38
barnexsame network12:38
winkythanks i appreciate it12:38
barnexgood luck12:38
winkyi need to register my nickname to chat there12:39
winkyi dont remember how to register it12:39
barnexwell then do that. This is really off-topic mate.12:39
lotuspsychje!register | winky12:40
ubottuwinky: For information on registering your IRC nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.12:40
winkyok i found it12:40
akiksenaps: when you're in the grub screen at boot-up, edit the boot parameters and remove "quiet splash" from them12:40
akiksenaps: it could be a hardware problem if you're having this many problems booting different distros12:41
=== winky is now known as chickengoat
senapsokay let me burn another bootable usb and then.12:42
chickengoathow can i learn more about ubuntu?12:47
chickengoator linux in general12:47
chickengoatis there any cool fonts12:47
cfhowlett!manaual | chickengoat12:47
cfhowlett!manual | chickengoat12:47
ubottuchickengoat: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/12:47
chickengoatthanks hommie12:48
cfhowlett!fcm | chickengoat12:48
ubottuchickengoat: fcm is THE Ubuntu Community Magazine - find it at www.fullcirclemagazine.org, or #fullcirclemagazine12:48
chickengoatbtw android channel is so quiet12:48
chickengoati have a problem with my ubuntu , may u help me?12:48
chickengoatthe right button doesnt work12:49
chickengoaton the tactil mouse12:49
chickengoati dont know if its a problem of my ubuntu or my laptop12:49
Borw3chickengoat: What Desktop Environment?12:50
chickengoatwait sorry12:51
chickengoatits the one who come with the last version of ubuntu12:51
chickengoatwith unity12:51
chickengoatBorw3, are u just here to laugh?12:52
Borw3chickengoat: IDK, maybe :D12:52
chickengoatnobody is born knowing like u hommie12:52
chickengoatis there anyone active12:54
cfhowlett!patience | chickengoat12:54
ubottuchickengoat: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/12:54
senapsokay, i was trying to make the usb bootable, and was doing it by fat32 formating my usb, i just thought what the hell, lets test with ntfs, and it is installing. (i didn't have a choice, it came in to the live, and i clicked on install icon) erased my whole hard disk.12:55
chickengoatntfs is for window bro12:55
senapsi know, but it's working for installer usb flash. i didn't change the partitioning but hope i have my / and home in seperate partitions...12:57
akiksenaps: you don't need to format the usb device. you can use rufus in windows to write it. press alt-i once and rufus responds with "disabling iso support", then just write the usb stick12:57
cfhowlettsenaps, if not, you can change it to that setup post-insatll12:57
chickengoati always use rufus for that12:57
chickengoatits awesome12:58
chickengoatare there any linux developers?12:58
senapshow would ubuntu partition my 1TB?12:59
senapsand it has installed unity again i guess, shouldn't it install on Gnome by default?(although i hate gnome!)13:00
blackflowsenaps: 17.10 is gnome, but it's themed to look similar to unity.13:00
senapschickengoat rufus didn't work for me, it was first to test. fat32 usb drive didn't work and freezed, NTFS is working up untill now, it's about 70-80 percent.13:01
akiksenaps: you don't need to format the usb drive if you will write the ubuntu iso on it13:02
s10gopalakik: software auto format it13:03
senapsi know, but usb has to have a format anyways.....13:03
akiksenaps: no13:03
akiksenaps: are you going to write the ubuntu iso on it?13:04
senapsusb flash when you buy it is NTFS or FAT32 by default. it has a format. doesn't it?13:04
akiksenaps: yes but it doesn't matter in this case13:04
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s10gopalakik: he cant install ubuntu ( ufei) using ntfs13:05
akiks10gopal: the file system on the usb device does not matter13:05
s10gopalakik: i tried with ntfs , but failed to install13:06
akikit's like i'm talking to the wind13:06
akiksure you can test that the usb drive works and format it but if you'll write the ubuntu iso on it, it doesn't matter if it has a file system of any kind13:07
BluesKajHiyas all13:07
s10gopalakik: he dont want to make it bootable ?13:09
chickengoatthe format that matters is the format where u are gonna install ur ubuntu but not the format from the usb where ure gonna install the iso right?13:09
blackflowsenaps: what akik is failing to communicate is this. when you "format" a drive, you create a filesystem on it. The ISO is a "container" file that contains the filesystem already, so pre-formating the USB with a filesystem is irrelevant, since the contents of the ISO "container" will overwrite the USB, starting with first byte.13:09
blackflow("container" in quotes, not to be confused with containers in context of virtualization)13:10
akiks10gopal: by writing the ubuntu iso on the usb drive, it'll be bootable automatically13:11
oerheksusb drive should be fat16/32, AFAIK..13:11
s10gopali was right13:11
chickengoatin what were u right? lol13:12
=== Albatros is now known as alpha_Aquila
Sven_vBI think I managed to install from an ext3 USB thumb drive as well. I guess any FS that the boot loader can read is fine.13:12
s10gopalhe need fat32, it wont work in ntfs13:13
Sven_vB+I remember13:13
senapsthanks all, i just successfully installed my ubuntu, and had a moment of glory! for the first time of my life(using 8GB of ram!) i had 2 gb and 512Mb before this! for about 15 years.... so awesome experiensce it is to not have a lag! on opening firefox!!13:13
s10gopalit depends on efei / bios mode also13:13
chickengoats10gopal,  it doesnt matter the format of the usb where u are going to install ur iso bro , as blackflow said the iso is a container with its fylesystem inside13:14
=== gr33n7007h1 is now known as al2o3-cr
akiks10gopal: by writing the ubuntu iso on the usb drive, the underlying file system, be it fat or ntfs, will be destroyed and overwritten13:14
s10gopalsorry , i was wrong13:15
oerheksofficially: the boot partition should be fat16/32. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick13:15
oerheksanyway, i missed the real issue here.13:16
=== gr33n7007h1 is now known as al2o3-cr
Sven_vBI like to partition my USB thumb drives with 3 partitions: #1 FAT32 for legacy windows data transfer, #2 FAT32 with a hige file named "casper-rw" that holds an ext3 FS, #3 FAT32 about the size of the LiveCD image, with files copied onto it by UNetBootin. this way I can tell UNetBootin to just create ~4 MB of casper storage, then delete that one, and the live session will use the large casper instead.13:19
s10gopaloerheks: Tj helped me and he is fixing the  bug and it is ubuntu issue13:19
=== Ard1t is now known as Guest71153
Sven_vBadvantage is you keep your casper data between UNB install attempts, and UNB wastes less time on casper before trying the critical part, install the boot loader.13:21
TJ-wooa! too much mis-information here! For booting using EFI the EFI System Partition should be FAT, but GRUB's /boot/ is and should usually be a standard Linux file-system. For BIOS-boot the same (except there's no EFI-SP involved). For installing the ISO images are hybrid, meaning they have mutiple methods of booting to accomdoate almost all hardware: ISO9660+El Torito for CD/DVD, BIOS MBR/GPT + syslinux, and13:21
=== addictedTS_ is now known as addictedTS
Sven_vBoh and pro tip if you re-prepare a thumb drive with UNB: keep xdotool at hand to press "n" a few hundred times.13:23
TJ-And the ISO image is designed to be written to the installer device raw, starting from sector 0 byte 0. It totally overwrites any partitioning or file-systems (and data) already there13:24
Sven_vBTJ-, so no casper-rw for you13:24
TJ-Sven_vB: I don't see the point; if persistence is needed a stock install is just as good, if not better.13:26
Sven_vBTJ-, by "stock install" do you mean writing the ISO raw? does that include space for the casper-rw nowadays?13:28
Sven_vBhas been a few years since I tried raw, back then it had no persistence and legacy windows PCs couldn't store files on that USB drive.13:30
TJ-Sven_vB: stock install as-in installing Ubuntu to a USB mass-storage device rather than using a LiveISO squashfs + overlay for persisence. That probably made sense when USB devices were small (2/4GB) but nowadays they're more than big enough for a full uncompressed install13:30
TJ-Sven_vB: a stock install can also have a FAT32 partition #1 for multi-OS support13:31
Sven_vBsounds like I should read about stock install.13:31
TJ-Sven_vB: it's just doing the manual partitioning step in the installer and creating the first partition as FAT for multi-OS sharing, then creating the remainder for Linux as per normal13:32
Sven_vBTJ-, how would I start the installer (and which one? Ubiquity?) w/o creating a live USB drive first?13:33
Sven_vBoh, maybe you mean use a live USB w/o persistence to install a vanilla ubuntu onto another USB thumb drive?13:34
Sven_vBor maybe "stock install" means you're "stock" enough to not need persistence in the session that you use to run Ubiquity.13:36
Sven_vBlike in the old days when we used actual CD-ROMs13:36
BluesKajthis old pc misses the old days :-)13:38
Sven_vBwell I'll read some docs about it, will probably enlighten me more than guessing.13:39
Sven_vBhaha nice, searching for "ubuntu stock install" mostly finds "stuch" ubuntu installs13:40
Sven_vBlooks like https://tutorials.ubuntu.com/tutorial/tutorial-install-ubuntu-desktop is the official guide. meh that it seems to require JS to even render anything. :/13:45
Sven_vBwell I guess anyone going to install the ISO from that site can be assumed to accept arbitrary code execution in their browser as well. :D13:46
BluesKajanother new user leaves after being intimidated by what appears to be hi-level technical discussuion13:47
BluesKajnot many new users asking elementary questions in this chat lately13:49
Sven_vBand that tutorial assumes I just happen to have a live USB at hand.13:49
Sven_vBdoesn't really matter in the end, I'll just keep my partitioning scheme since it works nicely for me. :)13:54
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snqli can't download deb file. the link from this page doesn't work https://packages.ubuntu.com/zesty/amd64/chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra/download14:02
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TJ-!eol | snql14:07
ubottusnql: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades14:07
ubottuUbuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) was the 26th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on January 13th, 2018. See !eol and https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2018-January/000228.html14:07
VL6QDioiTsgY4QTHi, I'm trying to install some packages on Ubuntu 16.04.3 running 'sudo apt-get --install-suggests install build-essential', but I'm getting as error message: 'The following packages have unmet dependencies:  build-essential : Depends: dpkg-dev (>= 1.17.11) but it is not going to be installed. E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.'14:12
VL6QDioiTsgY4QTShould I try to force installation of dpkg-dev?14:12
TJ-VL6QDioiTsgY4QT: does "sudo apt-get -f install" fix things?14:14
oerhekswhy "--install-suggests" as the metapackage just does that?14:14
oerheksand did you properly update before installing?14:14
VL6QDioiTsgY4QToerheks: I ran it without the flag, and the suggested packages weren't listed as being marked to be installe, that's why I used the flag.14:15
TJ-VL6QDioiTsgY4QT: As oerheks suggests, there are no "Suggests" or "Recommends" for build-essential14:15
TJ-VL6QDioiTsgY4QT: presumably you want the 'suggests' for the dependent packages then?14:15
VL6QDioiTsgY4QToerheks: Yes, system is up to date14:15
TJ-VL6QDioiTsgY4QT: is the system multi-arch with a foreign-architecture declated?14:16
VL6QDioiTsgY4QTTJ-: I had just run 'sudo apt-get install build-essential', and when I looked at the suggested package list I found most of them were interesting, but weren't listed the about to install packages14:16
TJ-VL6QDioiTsgY4QT: OK, I thought that may be it14:17
VL6QDioiTsgY4QTTJ-: Nope, it's basically a fresh install of ubuntu server 64 bit. I didn't do anything fancy with it yet14:17
oerheksxenial updates gives dpkg-dev (1.18.4ubuntu1.3) >> https://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial-updates/dpkg-dev14:18
oerheksso you are not up2date ..14:18
oerhekssudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade # to see if packages/kernels are held back14:18
VL6QDioiTsgY4QToerheks: I had run sudo apt update and sudo apt upgrade14:18
VL6QDioiTsgY4QTProbably I have a bad mirror then?14:18
oerhekstry full-upgrade14:19
VL6QDioiTsgY4QTOh, I didn't know it had to be full-upgrade, sorry14:19
oerheksanyway, the output of update should show packages held back, if any14:19
TJ-oerheks: the messages isn't saying it's going to install 1.17.11 it's saying it depends on a version >= to that, which 1.18.4 matches14:19
VL6QDioiTsgY4QTBuilding dependency tree Reading state information... Done All packages are up to date.14:20
VL6QDioiTsgY4QTIt seems I'm okay14:20
VL6QDioiTsgY4QTCalculating upgrade... Done 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.14:20
VL6QDioiTsgY4QTNeither update and full upgrade seemed to want to install something14:21
oerhekscan you paste the output of:  sudo apt-get install build-essential14:21
oerhekson paste.ubuntu.com14:21
VL6QDioiTsgY4QTsure, just a sec14:21
TJ-VL6QDioiTsgY4QT: show us "pastebinit <( sudo apt-get -o APT::Get::Show-Versions=true --install-suggests install build-essential )"14:22
VL6QDioiTsgY4QToerheks: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26470561/14:22
VL6QDioiTsgY4QTTJ-: I'll do it now14:23
TJ-VL6QDioiTsgY4QT: mine adds debug logic to help us identify package versions14:23
VL6QDioiTsgY4QTTJ-: I understand sir, I'll do both.14:23
TormHow can i change the text color of Ubuntu in CLI?14:24
VL6QDioiTsgY4QTTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26470570/14:24
TJ-Torm: depends on how you're accessing it - is it via a GUI Terminal emulator program? In which case it'll have options to change the colour scheme14:24
Torm@tj I am running an ubuntu minimal cd on a laptop14:25
VL6QDioiTsgY4QTTJ-: besides that I get 'E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.' on console, probablu because standard error wasn't redirected14:25
TJ-VL6QDioiTsgY4QT: I think you may have found a bugette :)14:25
VL6QDioiTsgY4QTTJ-: Yeah, I was considreing that already14:26
VL6QDioiTsgY4QTBut I thought about saking for smarter persons first14:26
VL6QDioiTsgY4QTTJ-: Should I fill any ticket?14:26
amruyou want fedora workstation14:27
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TJ-VL6QDioiTsgY4QT: hang on I'm testing here to see if I can reproduce14:27
lotuspsychjeamru: dont suggest other distro's here please14:28
lotuspsychje!ask | dhdfhdf14:28
ubottudhdfhdf: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:28
dhdfhdfI am sorry14:29
=== coXZist1 is now known as coXZist
dhdfhdfI wanted to use the irc help command and mistyped14:29
VL6QDioiTsgY4QTaway from keyboard, will be back in half an hour or so14:29
oerheksVL6QDioiTsgY4QT, without  --install-suggests it looks fine..14:30
TormHow can i change the text color of Ubuntu in CLI?14:30
lotuspsychjedhdfhdf: this is ubuntu support, what are you looking for exactly?14:30
amruhow i know14:30
amrubut i dont professional14:30
amrui beginners14:30
lotuspsychjeTorm: you mean overall system text color, or terminal text colors?14:31
oerheksamru, join #fedora for that, this is ubuntu support only14:31
amrui am very sorry14:31
TJ-VL6QDioiTsgY4QT: well, **don't** use -install-suggests, the chain results in 2.5GB of packages including all of the desktop GUI and lots of other stuff being installed!14:32
TJ-VL6QDioiTsgY4QT: but I cannot reproduce your "not going to be installed" message14:33
amruhow to solve failed install app in ubuntu14:33
Tormlotuspsychje system text color in the Ubuntu Command line interface14:33
dhdfhdflotuspsychje: I am running a Ubuntu 17.10 64bit System and I can't get my "One by Wacom" (CTL-672) running. I have tried multiple different approaches I have found but there is always a multitude of problems. I am quite new too Linux and I could use some help.14:34
amruhow ubuntu works???14:34
Borw3amru: Magic of Thor :D14:35
amrui have 5 ubuntu here14:36
TJ-amru: you might find #ubuntu-pk more helpful for non-support questions14:36
amrubut how them i use14:36
Borw3amru: You put machine in water, and press [ON].14:37
oerheksBorw3, stop the 'lol' please, thanks14:37
oerheksoh ...14:37
TJ-Borw3: please stop with the unhelpful comments14:37
oerheks!ops | Borw3 is trolling again14:38
ubottuBorw3 is trolling again: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu, dax14:38
amrui very like ubuntu, because it simple and changeable desktop environment than microsoft windows...14:39
oerheksamru,  explain your problem please, what ubuntu version, what program fails to install?14:39
amrui use ubuntu mate 16.04.3 xenial xerus and program to installation is virtualbox 5.214:40
dhdfhdfSo is anybody here that has some experience with wacom tablets and may be willing to help? I can post the specifics but I don't want to spam this chat.14:41
oerheksamru, virtualbox gives 5.0.40 for xenial https://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial-updates/virtualbox14:42
arun007Hi I would like to create a custom ubuntu iso. Does CUBIC support UEFI booting14:51
lotuspsychjedhdfhdf: this looks like a good start: http://linuxwacom.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page14:51
oerheksarun007,  can't find that info, anyway pinguybuilder does14:55
lotuspsychjearun007: you can also contact the maintainer: https://launchpad.net/~cubic-wizard14:56
dhdfhdflotuspsychje: I did that but I get weird error messages and it doesn't work.  I tried this (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wacom/LatestDriver) but it tells me the artful release is not there. I tried two other websites aswell. =(14:56
arun007Ok I will try pinguybuilder14:56
lotuspsychjedhdfhdf: 17.10 got wacom section system settings, did you check there also?14:57
lotuspsychjedhdfhdf: you can test stylus/tablet/bluetooth there14:59
dhdfhdflotuspsychje: It doesn't find the tablet.15:00
lotuspsychjedhdfhdf: this looks like a clean tut: https://medium.com/@ahris/setting-up-wacom-tablets-with-ubuntu-16-04-d7277e4a595d15:03
gambl0reanyone have expreience with pgadmin3?15:03
oerheksthis linux wacom page gives 056a:037BCTL-672One by WacomNONONO ... no support :-( http://linuxwacom.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Device_IDs15:04
lotuspsychjedhdfhdf: can you see yours under lsusb?15:04
paulnoiseHi, I found the answer for this in this room before and wrote it down somewher safe......15:08
dhdfhdflotuspsychje: yes (Bus 001 Device 008: ID 056a:037b Wacom Co., Ltd ) thank you for the link15:08
paulnoiseI have an issue when i change the volume on my laptop (ubuntu studio) using the taks bar icon, I get a second volume control appearing above it.  any Idea how to stop this15:09
dhdfhdfoerheks: Does this mean that I there is no way that I can get it to work and have to wait for someone to write the driver or learn to do that myself? I don't want to go back to Windows ;(15:10
dingir_where do i go to change the audio output to use the nvidia hdmi so sound is on TV15:11
dingir_it it on both computer and tv as soon as i plug the cable in the video card output or only on tv or only on computer and i have to manually select audio out somewhere?15:12
lotuspsychjepaulnoise: have you tried the ubuntu studio channel?15:14
lotuspsychjeFint: welcome, how can we help you?15:14
Finti don't know how to use it15:15
Fintcan you help me15:15
lotuspsychjeFint: what are you looking for exactly?15:15
Fint.. don't know15:16
Borw3Is it possible to skip upgrade from 14.04 LTS to 18.04 LTS?15:16
lotuspsychjeFint: you need help on you dont know what?15:16
lotuspsychjedingir_: you can play with your sound settings: internal sound/hdmi sound15:17
FintAre you a real man15:18
lotuspsychjeFint: please only ubuntu support here, this is not a chat15:18
Fintweb sqlmap15:19
* oerheks waiting for a proper question, web sqlmap is just a word15:23
lotuspsychje!ltsupgrade > Borw315:25
ubottuBorw3, please see my private message15:25
VL6QDioiTsgY4QTTJ-, oerheks: Okay, thanks for the advice gentlemen15:30
VL6QDioiTsgY4QTI'll install the interesting packages individually15:30
dhdfhdfThanks for the answers. Have a nice weekend! bye15:31
oerhekshi backbox, another happy backbox user in the wrong place :-D15:47
TobaI have an issue since doing the release upgrade to ubuntu 17.1015:53
TobaI used to have this issue only on the full disk encryption prompt when I was running xenial15:53
TobaThe effect I'm getting happens both in X11 and at the character TTYs15:54
Tobathere are vertical columns of pixels... not sure how many pixels wide exactly. I think I'm seeing every-other column of the actual video output ubuntu is trying to create15:56
TobaSo half of the vertical columns have been deleted and the others just pushed up against each other15:56
Tobaseems like a video driver issue to me. Any ideas?15:57
Borw3Toba: Video driver causing characters to change? I think its CPU/GPU problem in my opinion.15:59
Tobait's not characters changing15:59
Tobait's the entire video output having this 'grating' effect15:59
Tobaand it was never happening in unity until after I did a release upgrade to 17.10 last night16:00
Borw3GIMP turns to GUmgM :D16:00
TobaYeah it's kinda beautiful. I am laughing but also I can barely use the computer like this16:00
Borw3Thats characters16:00
Tobait's like being in star trek and here I am on an alien vessel trying to check my email16:00
Tobano, it's not just that16:01
Tobaallow me to demonstrate. please hold16:01
Borw3Tried booting from another OS?16:01
TobaI haven't yet16:01
TobaI could try some other distro live usb or something I guess to prove it's not hardware16:01
Borw3I bet your BIOS got same character issues16:01
Borw3Yeah, try LOL.16:01
Tobabut I think you will understand it has nothing to do with the characters, those are just a funny entertaining example to look at because it's funny16:01
ikoniaBorw3: you understand the bios doesn't govern the characters on screen16:02
Borw3LOL, g2g ... brb soon16:02
Borw3ikonia: I guess it's the CPU/GPU that governs the rendering of characters.16:03
ikoniaBorw3: I'd appreciate it if you could stop helping if you don't know / understand how the components work16:03
ikoniaBorw3: guessing 'its the bios' is not helpful, so if you don't know, just don't help,16:03
Borw3ikonia: LOL, I didn't say it's the BIOS, I said he should try entering BIOS or boot up another OS, and if same issue exists, then its CPU/GPU problem16:04
Borw3....or hardware16:04
ikonia6:01 < Borw3> I bet your BIOS got same character issues16:04
ikoniaBorw3: thats you saying it's the bios16:04
ikoniaBorw3: and entering the bios would prove nothing,16:05
Borw3ikonia: LOL, I ment the BIOS would also display funny characters16:05
ikoniaBorw3: sop with the "lol"16:05
ikoniaBorw3: again - please stop helping if you don't understand16:05
Borw3ikonia: :D16:05
ikoniaBorw3: final warning - stop16:06
Borw3ikonia: :D........my hunctch is that it's CPU/GPU issue not the BIOS, and that his CPU/GPU might be degraded/degrading.16:08
Tobato put this whole bios thing to bed, the problem doesn't happen before it reaches grub16:09
ikoniaToba: sorry that noise was in the way of you geting help16:09
TobaI don't remember if grub does it, but linux does and bios doesn't16:09
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causativein 17.04 and earlier I liked to use the process manager applet to see small graphs of system resources at all times on the top bar, in 17.10 this is now broken, can anybody recommend a different program that does the same?16:13
TobaHere's a demonstration of the mouse going into the "hidden" columns and out again - I was going approximately constant speed with the mouse. https://mobile.twitter.com/toba/status/957285485730238465/video/116:14
popeyToba: what hardware you on there?16:17
DeihmosUbuntu has scaling options of 100 20016:18
Deihmosis there no way to get 150%16:18
causativeI have installed gnome-shell-extension-system-monitor but it does not show up in the status bar, how can I cause it to show up?16:19
causativeif I run gnome-shell-extension-prefs I find there is a slider set to "on" for this, but nothing is showing up16:20
popeyToba: you on 17.10 wayland session?16:20
TobaThis is the card I have - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B072J422CZ/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=116:20
TobaHow do I check what kind of session I'm on, popey?16:20
TobaIt is worth noting that this happens when I use ctrl+alt+fX to go to terminals too.16:21
popeyecho $XDG_SESSION_TYPE16:21
popeySounds like this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/174048416:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1740484 in xorg (Ubuntu) "video corruption with amd RX560 and 2k display" [Undecided,New]16:22
ioriacausative,  check   https://askubuntu.com/questions/973774/replacement-for-system-monitor-applet-for-17-10 for missing packages ; see also https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/120/system-monitor/16:22
TobaI will look into that bug and see if I think it's the same issue16:23
causativeyes ioria I have installed the latter but it's not showing up16:24
ioriacausative, try gnome-tweak16:24
causativedidn't see anything that worked16:27
ioriacausative, don't forget logout/in16:27
Tobaoh yeah, I do get some glitching stuff like these bugs show, sometimes, and I did before16:30
causativethanks ioria I'm seeing something now16:30
causativeunnecessarily large though16:30
Tobabut the vertical columns being folded in like this has got worse, and isn't in this bug report I don't think16:30
ioriacausative, ok, maybe requires a reboot (maybe not)16:30
TobaI'm pretty unhappy with the firmware of my QNIX 4k monitor in the first place, so I was originally chalking most of the issues I had up to buying a cheap monitor, now in this worsened light I think it's software16:31
causativeah it's working nicely now16:35
ioriacausative, oky16:36
Deihmosjust inatalled 17.10. how do you set up custom scaling16:37
Deihmosall it has is 100 200 30016:37
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aQaTLHello, I have a problem with wifi on Ubuntu 17.10. I have TP-LINK TL-WN881ND wireless card (RTL8192EE). I can see networks but I can't connect to them. I tried with wicd, tried diabling mac randomization, restarting networking service and dhclient16:42
aQaTLdmesg shows:16:42
aQaTLit looks like there's problem with authentication16:45
Tobaecho $XDG_SESSION_TYPE16:45
Tobasorry, I was trying to copy-paste 2 lines. The next was wayland... so yes popey I am on wayland16:46
TobaThe UI is a real trip to try to use with all this corruption16:46
TobaI can only chat because I'm using screen -x to make irssi actually readable on another computer next to this one16:47
zomaaraQaTL: I don't even know what it is trying to authenticate against. What is this stuff?16:48
aQaTLit's when I'm trying to connect to my wifi network16:48
zomaarDid it work in Xenial or Yakkety or Zesty?16:49
arm1eHi, can anyone help me make chrome and firefox look less like crap on a 1366x768 screen16:50
aQaTLit's a new computer, assembled yesterday16:50
zomaarWhy does it look like cra16:50
aQaTLi havent tried other distos16:50
zomaarI have no answer to you aQaTL16:52
aQaTLeh, when during install it wouldn't connect, but it connected when I rebooted after finished installation.16:53
aQaTLAnd then I wanted to switch to another wifi network16:53
aQaTLand now none of them are working16:53
arm1eAnyone know how to improve chrome and firefox on 1366x768 displays? The titlebars and fonts take up far too much realestate. I have wondered this for years but not found a fix. The same programs look fine on windows with the same resolution.17:05
jusssI'm using ubuntu 18.04, I have a touch screen, and it always pop up a on-screen keyboard, but how I can use it to input ctrl key?17:15
jusssa keyboard without ctrl or tab or shift esc, you guys call that a keyboard???17:16
thehebsare there any good monitoring apps for ubuntu, to send me alerts if a server goes down, or if a service running on the server goes down17:18
thehebsim running a bunch of masternodes for a friend17:18
thehebs(crypto currency stuff)17:18
kostkon!ubuntu+1 | jusss17:19
ubottujusss: Bionic Beaver is the codename for Ubuntu 18.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+117:19
DirkosIm using "fpm" to create new deb packages. Is there a difference in installed between apt install ./package.deb and dpkg -i ./package.deb?17:23
DirkosSince with apt it will not run my "pre-install" scripts and stuff it seems. Thing is that dpkg -i wont install all my dependencies automaticly17:24
tomreynDirkos: dpkg -i will set dependencies as needed. a follow-up "apt update && apt -f install" will install those dependencies.17:28
TheSHAD0WHowdy.  I'm not seeing any sign of windows networking on a newly updated xubuntu system.  Samba client is running.  Are there any new firewall settings that need to be tweaked?17:28
tomreynDirkos: the correct way to install software with dependencies, of course, is from an apt repository, using apt.17:28
Dirkostomreyn: yeah i know but somehow when i do it, it does not run the scripts or something17:29
Dirkosusing this atm: https://github.com/jordansissel/fpm17:29
tomreynDirkos: also i don't think "apt install ./package.deb" will install a package 'package' from a local file 'package.deb' but it looks for a package called './package.deb' (mathching the name as plain text, via globbing and via regular expressions) from the configured apt repositories.17:30
ducassetomreyn: actually, it will indeed install a local .deb17:31
tomreynat least that's how apt-get does it, and how i interpret the 'apt' manual page on 16.0417:31
zomaarDoes anyone know if the KDE tooltip color for GTK apps bug is solved in Xenial with xenial-backports?17:31
tomreynducasse: hmm i don't see any hint on this on the man page, but maybe i didnt look closely enough?17:31
ducassetomreyn: i've used it a ton of times, so i'm certain of it17:32
tomreynok, i guess we need to file a documentatrion bug then17:32
tomreynon 16.04?17:33
Dirkostomreyn: is there a way to install a package from apt locally?17:33
tomreynDirkos: ducasse just said that i was wrong and apt actually will install local packages the way you tried17:33
tomreyn(and i have no reason to believe he's wrong)17:34
ducassetomreyn: at least xenial and up, unsure about earlier17:34
tomreynDirkos: oh maybe i got your question wrong, are you asking whether you can use apt to install a package form a local apt package repository?17:35
tomreynif so, yes you can17:36
Dirkosyeah well i have one problem with it sec17:38
Dirkoslet me uninstall it first17:38
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tomreyni think it will handle file:// URIs just fine. https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/87130/how-to-quickly-create-a-local-apt-repository-for-random-packages-using-a-debian17:38
tomreynyou'll need to either gpgp sign packages (and import the key to the apt client) or use '[trusted=yes]' in your sources.list, though17:39
Dirkosthis is what i get: omnius-ose : Depends: php7.1-cli but it is not installable17:39
Dirkosif i run dpkg -i however it runs some pre-install scripts17:40
tomreynDirkos: if apt fails to resolve dependencies it won't install a package17:40
Dirkosyeah thats why there is a pre-install to add a PPA before installing17:41
tomreynhmm, that's rather dirty.17:41
tomreyni would not mess with apt sources as part of a package installation.17:42
Dirkosthen how to resolve that? Since i want the package to have all dependencies installed right?17:42
tomreynyou askthe user to install the ppa first using the utilities ubuntu provides (apt-add-repository), then ask them to install the other package.17:43
Dirkoswell there are pros/cons ofc17:43
Dirkosthen it works fine it seems17:43
tomreynthat's more manual work for the user but it puts the decision on what to trust to them, where it belongs17:43
Dirkostomreyn: true that, good tip17:44
Dirkosthe tooling FPM is pretty cool however :)17:44
zomaarPersonally I don't like it when installers run apt update without asking, if I'm on a slow link17:45
zomaarUbuntu does not use diffs for the list updates17:46
* tomreyn definitely does not like packages to modify his systems' apt sources without making me opt in to it.17:46
ivan__Public service announcement: don't forget to rm -rf *.tar.gz from ~/Downloads :)17:46
zomaar*apt in to it17:46
zomaarOn a really slow link it might take an hour to update apt17:47
tomreynbtw. this packaging discussion would better fit to #ubuntu-(app-)devel i think.17:47
tomreyn(sorry for not pointing this out earlier)17:47
zomaarSolving which topic goes into which bucket is not an interesting problem ;-)17:49
Dirkoszomaar: yeah good tip17:50
ikonia /win 717:53
zomaarDoes anyone know if the KDE tooltip color for GTK apps bug is solved in Xenial with xenial-backports?17:54
zomaarI mean that GIMP, Inkscape etc. will have unreadable tooltips17:55
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ioriazomaar, nope, but maybe a workaround  (Appearance -> Colors -> Options: Disable  "Apply colors to non-QT-applications")  https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=19707117:59
zomaarioria: Right, thanks17:59
ioriazomaar, ok17:59
zomaarYou mean "No it is not solved" right?18:00
ioriazomaar, no, i mean idk :þ18:01
zomaarOh ok18:01
zomaarMiss tongue person :p18:01
zomaarWell good to know anyway18:02
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=== bleakflow is now known as blackflow
TheSHAD0WHowdy.  I'm not seeing any sign of windows networking on a newly updated xubuntu system.  Samba client is running.  Are there any new firewall settings that need to be tweaked?18:08
ioriaTheSHAD0W, ufw is disabled by default (sudo ufw status) ; check the windows side18:12
TheSHAD0Wioria: You're correct, ufw is inactive.  So...  What else would do it?18:14
ioriaTheSHAD0W, the Win settings are correct ?18:15
TheSHAD0Wioria: I haven't gone through them.  It used to pick them up by default, the windows boxes are all set to "WORKGROUP"...18:17
Fenhlhello! I'm trying to set up mpd on a system with two audio outputs according to the Settings app. One of them is the HDMI output which is selected as default and works. The other isn't connected to a speaker. I've tried all combinations of card and device numbers as shown by `aplay -l` as the `device` field in the `audio_output` config, but none of them play any sound. Any other ideas?18:18
ioriaTheSHAD0W, smbclient -L  winpc-ip18:19
mitmfhello how can i install asm debugger?18:22
TheSHAD0Wioria: ^18:23
TheSHAD0WThis is a W7 machine I'm trying to pull off of.18:24
ioriaTheSHAD0W, how did you install samba ? i mean what packages ?18:25
TheSHAD0Wioria: The default on xubuntu LTS.18:25
TheSHAD0WActually, a friend's been monkeying with it; smbclient was uninstalled.  ^^;18:26
ioriaTheSHAD0W,  what packages ?   it's not installed by default18:26
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TheSHAD0WI used apt-get install smbclient to install that, it's all I've installed (plus its dependencies).18:26
ioriaTheSHAD0W,  sudo apt install    samba samba-common python-glade2 system-config-samba18:27
TheSHAD0WTY, working.18:27
mitmfhello how can i install asm debugger?18:29
mitmfhelp me18:30
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TheSHAD0Wioria: Done: Still showing the same message.  Restart machine, or... ?18:31
ioriaTheSHAD0W,  ps -A | grep 'smbd\|nmbd'18:31
* TheSHAD0W really should connect to irc on that machine instead of memorizing commands and running to the other room :-P18:33
TheSHAD0WShows 3x smbd processes and 1x nmbd process.18:34
ioriaTheSHAD0W,  ok, can you ping the win pc ?18:34
TheSHAD0WLemme repeat that, I tried that before.18:34
TheSHAD0WYes, still pingable.18:35
ioriaTheSHAD0W,  smbclient //win_pc_name/shared_folder18:36
=== gr33n7007h is now known as al2o3-cr
TheSHAD0WSame protocol failure message.18:37
TheSHAD0WAnd unfortunately I have to leave.18:38
ioriaTheSHAD0W,  try this:     smbclient -m SMB2 -L    ip18:39
TheSHAD0Wioria: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE, which is an improvement.  The system is password protected.18:42
TheSHAD0WI'm out, TYVM for your help, I may be able to take it from here.18:42
ioriaTheSHAD0W,  ok, gl18:42
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lapionr8169 rtl module cannot be compiled for 4.13.018:52
lapionr8169 rtl module cannot be compiled for kernel4.13.018:52
lapionSolved the problem never mind19:05
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nicomachusI'm getting an error while copying some files to the SD Card in my Android phone. I just did it through nautilus, and the copy gets hung on 12 bytes of 349.2 MB, then errors out with 'libmtp error: Could not send object'19:08
pedro_boa tarde19:12
marathontry killing adb and restarting it.19:12
nicomachusmarathon: no dice.19:20
marathonYou did 'sudo killall adb'?19:21
nicomachusmarathon: I rebooted the machine.19:21
marathonWow that's overkill19:21
nicomachusmarathon: between yesterday and today.19:21
marathonWhat have you tried and what version are you using?19:23
hoseinhi I can't upgrade my packages19:24
hoseinWhat should I do?19:25
nicomachushosein: looks like dpkg doesn't like your python3 install. might just remove and reinstall that19:25
wafflejockhosein, yeah appears this kicks off the chain of errors dpkg-query: package 'ibus' is not installed19:26
marathonHave you tried the obvious @hosein 'apt upgrade -f' ?19:27
hoseinI have tried "apt reinstall python3" it doesn't work though19:27
wafflejocknot sure if it's a missing dependency or why it wouldn't just get the ibus package along with pyhton3 if it needs it but looks to me like that's where the problems start (using any ppas?)19:27
hoseinmarathon, yes19:27
hoseinwafflejock there's a big chance the problem is due to my ppas but I set them to default and still no change19:28
tomreynwell removing apt source of ppa's doesn't mean the packages installed form there (which may have introduced these isuses) are gone.19:29
nicomachusmarathon: do you know where Android devices get mounted? It's not under /media like most USB devices19:29
oerhekshosein, on what ubuntu ?19:30
hoseintomreyn but removing python3 isn't an option either and reinstalling doesn't make a change19:30
marathonRight. Before I continue on and repeat myself with things you've already done. Please tell us WHAT you have already done. Thanks.19:30
hoseinoerheks 16.0419:30
ducassenicomachus: /run/user/ID/gvfs iirc19:31
marathontry reading this through as well: https://askubuntu.com/questions/87667/getting-mtp-enabled-devices-to-work-with-ubuntu19:31
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hoseinI may have ruined /var/lib/dpkg/triggers/File19:32
* hosein grins19:32
tomreynhosein: did you edit it?19:34
ivan__ /msg alis LIST19:34
tomreynivan__: no warez here, go away19:34
hoseintomreyn yes I deleted some lines because there were erros19:35
hoseinerrors *19:35
ivan__ /msg alis LIST *linux*19:35
nicomachusivan__: stop putting the space before the slash19:35
ivan__nicomachus: ty, didn't see it19:36
tomreynhosein: you may want to reinstall, manually editing dpkg files is rarely a good approach.19:38
tomreynhosein: if you prefer to try and fix it (may or may not work), start by posting the output of these commands: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-cache policy; sudo apt-get -f install; lsb_release -ds; cat /proc/version19:38
hoseintomreyn https://paste.unixcorn.org/?f38c424eb55e04e9#oD9bW4RYEDc+U7UTTZoRzNr+2sZfyHMrNmsHZEOmrQU=19:46
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hoseinany ideas ?19:59
qweqweqwei'm having troubles opening an AppImage20:01
qweqweqwei run chmod a+x but the app won't start20:01
internhi @all20:02
interni set $PATH variable for a executable but was curious where is this particular $PATH variable resides in ?20:03
Borw3intern: echo $PATH20:04
internI already checked in /etc/profile /etc/environment $HOME/.bashrc20:04
sadtacoAfter i disconnect from ssh, when I connect back in how do I attach back to that previous terminal output?20:04
intern@Borw3 it echoes content of $PATH but where it lies(in which file) ?20:04
Borw3intern: Don't know :D20:06
Bashing-omhosein: What do you get with ' sudo apt install --reinstall python3 ' ?20:07
krytarik!path | intern: See here20:08
ubottuintern: See here: The $PATH variable tells the shell where to look for the commands you tell it to run. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnvironmentVariables#File-location_related_variables20:08
hoseinbashing-om, E: Internal Error, No file name for python3:amd6420:08
Bashing-omhosein: Ouch ! my install " dpkg -l python3 >> ii  python3        3.5.1-3      amd64 " ... What in the world have you got not going on here ?20:10
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hoseiniF  python3                 3.5.1-3          amd64            interactive high-level object-oriented language (def20:11
intern@ubottu it tells what about $PATH and other not where it is stored..20:11
interni think..20:11
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Bashing-omhosein: hosein As we have that "iF" let's try : ' sudo dpkg-reconfigure python3 ' .20:14
NginUSSo today my HDMI monitor started turning off after I walk away for awhile, although Power Management has the screen set to never turn off.20:15
blackflowintern: you're talking to a bot :)   PATH is defined in /etc/environment as it's an environment variable, which can then be modified by various things, like shell rc files20:15
TzunamiiIf I compile a kernel (4.14.x) from kernel.org, do I need any Ubuntu-specific patches?20:15
hoseinbashing-om /usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: python3 is broken or not fully installed20:16
akikintern: the default path comes from /etc/environment and also from /etc/profile.d for snaps. you can then add to them from your own user scripts20:16
oerheksTzunamii, yes, you will find them here, also the compiled version, http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v4.14/20:17
TzunamiiThank you20:17
Bashing-omhosein: Apt could tell us something we do not already know :( ... maybe see what apt tells us : ' sudo apt install python3 ' .20:17
akikinternalkernel: also $HOME/.profile20:19
akikoh he left. sorry internalkernel20:19
oerhekspython3 is already the newest version (3.5.1-3).20:21
oerhekslooks like you fixed it already20:21
hoseinoerheks the problem is not version of my python20:24
hoseinit's my inability to install packages20:24
ph88Hey guys, i need some help with my audio. Ever since i set my audio to HDMI yesterday (when my laptop was connected to a tv) and unplug it in that mode .. audio works only half of the time. Works: error sound in editor, speaker test, playing mp3, youtube in chromium. Doesn't work: youtube in firefox, adjustment sound when i move audio slider. What could i do to fix this?20:24
NginUSph88: 'pulseaudio -k'20:29
Bashing-omhosein: oerheks " Package python3 is not configured yet. "  Try again maybe ' sudo dpkg-reconfigure python3 ' .20:31
hoseinbashing-om /usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: python3 is broken or not fully installed20:34
kostkon_ph88, did you delete your ~/.config/pulse folder to reset your pulseaudio configuration?20:34
=== kostkon_ is now known as kostkon
Bashing-omhosein: Yukkie .. ok try ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt full-upgrade ; sudo apt -f install ' .20:35
ioriahosein, maybe if you revert any config files you edit , might work again20:36
ph88NginUS, no effect    pulseaudio -k20:36
ph88kostkon, no not yet, i can try it20:37
hoseinioria I tried but it didn't change anything20:37
ph88brb reboot20:37
ioriahosein, what you did exactly ? what files ?20:37
NginUSph88: I usually have to close/re-open whatever apop I expect to use the sound device after I run that command, in case that helps20:37
hoseinbashing-om https://paste.unixcorn.org/?2733bf235ca93862#IAfTu+6IsNfoog7p7lAY8WsOIbntnkrDfMsDuqmNEik=20:37
hoseinioria /var/lib/dpkg/triggers/File20:37
ioriahosein, why ?20:38
hoseinioria there was an error, I tried to fix it by removing some lines20:38
ioriano sense20:38
hoseinnow I realize Linus had a point when he said fuck Nvidia20:39
hoseinI blame Nvidia's ppas for what has happened20:39
ph88kostkon, that fixed it :) thank you20:39
kostkonph88, np20:39
hektabyteHey guys, I recentlly got a popup with a message from my ISP - it was a window the "network sharing" icon.20:41
tomreynhektabyte: unless it was a web browser window, or you installed software provided by your isp, that' s unlikey20:42
hektabyteIt was a generic web browser window.20:43
tomreynhektabyte: so what's your question?20:43
hektabyteHow do I uninstall it?20:43
tomreynhow to uninstall your web browser?20:44
hektabyteWhat's the name of the package of that generic browser?20:44
nicomachusthere is no "generic browser"20:44
Bashing-omhosein: What is up that the system thinks it needs " ibus-table " package ? see: ' apt show ibus-table ' . I do not have a clue presently where all this is going to lead to .20:44
nicomachusif it's running you can check `htop`20:44
kostkonhektabyte, consider using a vpn then if your isp is injecting ads and stuff into your internet traffic20:44
hektabyteI'll make a screenshot next time.20:45
Cheezsure your isp isnt injecting code into your browsing?20:45
hektabyteIt may be possible.20:45
Cheezprobably just a standard web popup they injected. verizon do it a lot20:45
tomreynhektabyte: just switching to alternative nameservers may be sufficient.20:45
Cheez(Use SSL on your sites, folks)20:45
Cheezwell, tls, but you know what i mean :p20:46
hektabyteI'll change them to immediately, thanks!20:46
hoseinbashing-om N: Unable to locate package ibus-tabl20:47
hoseinbashing-om E: No packages found20:47
hektabyteSneaky a-holes, they could have done all kinds of shady stuff.20:47
Bashing-omhosein: Ya got a typo . " sysop@x1604:~$ apt list ibus-table >> ibus-table/xenial,xenial 1.9.1-3ubuntu2 all " .20:48
hektabyteBrb, I'll reinstall the OS.20:49
phillijwCan anyone help me get this dockerfile script to work properly? Old script was using old ubuntu, new script should use new. It doesn't work though: https://github.com/phillijw/ynab20:49
hoseinbashing-om ibus-table/xenial,xenial 1.9.1-3ubuntu2 all20:51
hoseinbashing-om https://paste.unixcorn.org/?b85d007ac2eb0995#xTACHZjJvxQKRAy30N9EA9UGINWjBbThXO9eBKC30RE=20:52
Bashing-omhosein: The qustion is though .. why do you have ibus-table installed ?20:57
hoseinbashing-om I don't know20:57
alekseyДоброго времени суток всем20:58
tomreyn!ru | aleksey20:58
ubottualeksey: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.20:58
Bashing-omhosein: In the case of " I don't know " .. and the package is "optional" I advocate to purge it and see what the package manager then does .20:58
geirhaphillijw: what happens?20:58
hoseinbashing-om dpkg: warning: ignoring request to remove ibus-table which isn't installed21:00
hosein :|21:00
phillijwgeirha: Unable to locate package wine-mono4.5.621:01
geirhaphillijw: aha, then that ppa probably doesn't have that package for xenial21:01
oerhekshosein, your python issue is rare, have you tried to reinstall ubuntu-desktop completely?21:02
Bashing-omhosein: Huh ??..lemme back up and regroup .21:02
phillijwgeirha: Do you know what I should do about it?21:02
geirhaphillijw: Looking at  https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-wine/+archive/ubuntu/ppa?field.series_filter=xenial   there's no wine-mono package built for xenial at all21:04
multifractalWhat's the best way to make a bootable win10 usb from the .iso file on ubuntu?21:04
hoseinoerheks Nope should I?21:04
tomreynphillijw: if the idea is to install it from that ppa then it looks like you don't "apt(-get) update" (but you need to)21:04
geirhaphillijw: that could mean that whatever it contained is just now part of the wine1.8 and wine2.0 packages there21:04
phillijwso I would modify this line by removing that package? RUN apt-get update; apt-get install -y wine1.8 winetricks wine-mono4.5.6 wine-gecko2.3421:06
tomreynphillijw: in fact you should probably use add-apt-repository instead of writing to the sources.list file and importing the signing key manually21:06
geirhaphillijw: Also, the text at the top that says "PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS REPOSITORY IS DEPRECATED" suggests that the PPA may be deprecated21:06
oerhekshosein, i would, as last resort21:06
phillijwtomreyn: fyi I didn't write this script. I am just modifying it from https://github.com/shofetim/ynab21:06
phillijwthe original script was using 15.04 which is no longer supported adn the packages are gone, etc...21:07
tomreynphillijw: well i don't care much, but i agree the message on top of https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-wine/+archive/ubuntu/ppa does not look like you should be using it21:08
kostkonphillijw, PPA is deprecated because they now have their own repo https://wiki.winehq.org/Ubuntu21:10
phillijwok so I can replace the "echo ppa bla bla" stuff with "apt-add-repository bl ablabla"21:12
geirhaand the new key and package names21:13
phillijwdo you know how I can go about figuring out the new package names if some got rolled together,etc?21:14
geirhaphillijw: just try with winehq-stable, like that page suggests. If anything's missing, ask #winehq21:15
geirhaphillijw: that means, remove the install of wine-mono, wine-gecko etc21:16
phillijwyep thanks21:16
untakenstupidnicwould someone hand me the https://sourceforge.net/projects/bodhilinux/files/4.4.0/bodhi-4.4.0-apppack-64.iso.torrent/download  torrent file?21:19
phillijwthat seems like a really strange question for an ubuntu channel :)21:20
kostkonuntakenstupidnic, go on. because?21:20
phillijwgotta run. I'll be back later if I am still stuck21:22
untakenstupidnickostkon:i am both unable to download it (sanctions) and unable to setup tor(no access to any repository,and other problems about tor)21:22
oerheksmore a question for #bodhi or #bodhilinux ? i see you are not even in there21:22
untakenstupidnicoh ,those channels exist! thanks,i was searching for them.21:23
untakenstupidnicoerheks: those channels are not used anymore.21:26
oerhekssure they are, 11 people in it..21:26
new2ubuntuHello all!21:27
=== mkv is now known as m4v
new2ubuntuI installed VMware 14 under Ubuntu 17.10.1 (with proposed-updates installed) and every time I try to create a Virtual Machine in VMware Workstation Linux it crashes VMware, any ideas or anyone seen this problem?21:28
oerheksuntakenstupidnic, you have chosen torrent, why not the regular iso ? http://www.bodhilinux.com/download/21:29
untakenstupidnicoerheks: see,the problem is not with torrent, problem is with SF. i just want the kb-sized TORRENT file.21:30
untakenstupidnicSF would not let me download that LINK TO THE IMAGE.21:31
oerheksthere is a button' Problems Downloading' with alternate adresses?21:32
kostkonuntakenstupidnic, if someone is willing to upload it for you on a server that you can access. doubtful though21:33
new2ubuntuAnyone read what I asked about VMware under Ubuntu?21:33
sammecsHi! Do you guys know how to force the Ubuntu installer to install Ubuntu in legacy mode on a Macbook? I have serious problems there...21:33
new2ubuntuWhat kind of MacBook?21:34
untakenstupidnicdear ubuntu people, could not anyone just download a few bytes of file and upload that on a random upload website on the first page of google?21:35
untakenstupidnici swear that wouldnt take even two minutes!21:36
untakenstupidnici just want to download the LINK!21:36
sammecsGood question. I’m booting it from internet recovery mode right now, but I guess 2012. MBP. More info when I have some basic OS.21:37
akikuntakenstupidnic: i can do it for you21:37
untakenstupidnicakik: <untakenstupidnic> would someone hand me the https://sourceforge.net/projects/bodhilinux/files/4.4.0/bodhi-4.4.0-apppack-64.iso.torrent/download  torrent file?21:38
akikuntakenstupidnic: i copied it to here https://transfer.sh/z2SnP/bodhi-4.4.0-apppack-64.iso.torrent21:39
akikuntakenstupidnic: of course it would be nicer to get the ubuntu iso :)21:40
untakenstupidnicakik:thanks again,i am using ubuntu for a couple of years and i think that an E17 lightweight distro would do better on my laptop than Ubuntu or Lubuntu21:43
tomreynnew2ubuntu: try virtualbox, that's supported here.21:43
new2ubuntuVirtualBox is now what I am required to use for the contract I am working on, but thank you for the recommendation. I had no idea that only certain products were 'supported here', is this an open forum for any questions relating to Ubuntu? If not, I apologize, but I didn't realize you only will help with certain products?21:51
new2ubuntunow what=not what21:51
new2ubuntuis there a list of products that people limit there help to here that I should have looked at tomreyn?21:52
new2ubuntuis there a link for the list?21:52
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oerheksnew2ubuntu, basicly all packages in our repos, we do have a wiki about vmware, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware but with bugs/problems like yours we cannot help you21:55
oerhekslike filing a bugreport, that should go to vmware itself21:55
akiknew2ubuntu: there's a vmware tag at https://askubuntu.com/questions/tagged/vmware21:57
new2ubuntua vmware tag?21:57
new2ubuntulet me look at that21:57
akiknew2ubuntu: well just a label21:57
akiknew2ubuntu: yes?21:57
new2ubuntuI read that list, there is no question of mine in that list on that page, I am not sure I follow what that is?21:59
new2ubuntuyou are saying you saw my question listed there?21:59
akiknew2ubuntu: no but you can send your question there22:00
new2ubuntuhow do I do that?22:00
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davesevhi, im trying to get supervisor to run on my ubuntu VPS, but i have the following error :  FATAL     can't find command '/.../python'22:02
akiknew2ubuntu: sign up, you can use the ubuntu one username, then ask a question22:02
akiknew2ubuntu: if you have a ubuntu one username, use launchpad at the askubuntu.com login22:04
davesevif i replace python with python3 i get error BACKOFF   can't find command '/.../python322:06
new2ubuntuI am signing up for a username and password22:09
new2ubuntuis there a VMware forum around here that might be able to help me since VMware is not supported here?22:09
wsl123I'm getting this error on every package install / update:  dpkg: error processing package libmpc3:amd64 (--configure):22:18
tomreyn!paste | wsl12322:18
ubottuwsl123: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:18
wsl123package is in a very bad inconsistent state; you should reinstall it before attempting configuration22:18
akikdavesev: don't replace python with python3. use the name python3 if you use python322:18
akikdavesev: the naming is by design22:19
tomreynwsl123: try reinstalling it then: sudo apt install --reinstall libmpc3:amd6422:19
untakenstupidnicnew2ubuntu: there is a #vmware channel in freenode and it seems active22:19
tomreynwsl123: but run "sudo apt update" beforehand22:19
wsl123apt -f install22:19
wsl123tomreyn: tried that, tried dpkg --configure -a22:19
wsl123done that22:20
wsl123tried uninstalling the package, reinstalling, apt update, dpkg --configure -a, apt -f install22:20
tomreynwsl123: niether of these are  the commands i just suggested, though.22:20
tomreynoh, maybe "reinstalling" is22:20
wsl123no i know but this is what i've tried22:20
wsl123just so you know22:20
wsl123to rule it out22:20
tomreynokay, you re still explainign the situation, sorry.22:20
davesevakik: i was trying different things to see if ican get it to work. but yes its for python322:21
akikdavesev: if you really want to do it, try making an alias? alias python=python322:22
wsl123tomreyn: basically it's saying there is a dependency problem; Package libmpc3:amd64 is not configured yet.22:22
wsl123not sure how to sort it out22:22
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tomreynwsl123: so try the command i provided. if ti fails, please show the command you ran and the output generated by apt22:22
davesevakik: im happy to use python3 i just dont understand why it is command not found22:23
wsl123tomreyn: hmm, seemed to have sorted it by removing the package line from /var/lib/dpkg/status22:25
wsl123tomreyn: is there a difference between apt install --reinstall then uninstalling / reinstalling? or is it just for convenience22:26
tomreynwsl123: are you saying you manyuelly edited /var/lib/dpkg/status, or are you saying that a line was removed off this file as a result of running the commands i provided?22:26
wsl123tomreyn: i manually remove the libmpc package line from there and now it's sorted itself out and reinstalled fine22:27
wsl123no errors now22:27
tomreynwsl123: okay, that's not how i would have done it, and i'm not sure this is a safe action to take.22:28
wsl123well it seems to be a generated file so usually shoudn't need to edit22:28
wsl123but as it's generated it's sorted itself out22:28
wsl123must have just been a slight glitch / stale info in there22:29
tomreynwsl123: the difference between "apt install --reinstall" and "uninstalling / reinstalling" is that the former can also work if the package is in an inconsistent state and cannot be removed properly.22:29
wsl123ah right22:29
wsl123well, thanks for the help22:29
DDRHello everyone. I'm having some trouble with the baloo indexer, it eats up about 16-20 gb of memory and then dies because my computer is out of memory. Is there any way to limit this? I do like my files indexed, it's really convenient, but the memory requirements are a bit crazy.22:31
Richard_CavellHi everyone. I can't get Steam (as in Valve's Steam) to run on my system. I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit MATE on an old machine with an integrated GPU. https://ideone.com/VjnxA922:33
tomreynDDR: hmm i had never heard of baloo until i just looked it up based on your report. i'd say if this process consumes more memory than your system has available and is thus opom killed then it's definitely worth a bug report22:35
ikoniaRichard_Cavell: so as the screen says it can't load the appropriate graphics libraries22:35
tomreynDDR: *oom killed22:35
untakenstupidnicDDR: use the locate.updatedb and locate ;D22:35
tomreynDDR: is your system fully up to date?22:35
Richard_Cavellikonia, So what should I do?22:37
tomreynRichard_Cavell: /join #ubuntu-steam22:37
ikoniaRichard_Cavell: you'd need to understand why it can't load those libraries, I suspsect the onboard gpu on an old cpu, just doesn't support the extensions22:38
pommedvsRichard_Cavell, ldd could help maybe ?22:45
DDRtomreyn: Thank you.22:59
cakilhi sir. how to fix "vncserver: The USER environment variable is not set" ubuntu 17.10 ??22:59
DDRuntakenstupidnic: I'm honestly not sure what that means.23:00
ikoniacakil: set the USER environment variable23:00
cakilwhat is the command. to set user enviroment?23:01
ikoniacakil: I suspect if setting an environment vairable is beyond your current knowledge you will be setting up a very insecure VNC setup23:02
cakilI want to use vnc create. set and wear lxde23:05
DDRI am on an up-to-date 17.10 install right now.23:08
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ghostnik11hey i am trying to attach a driver using btattach and it says their is no driver in dev/ttyS1?23:29
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DirtyCajuni am moving about 44TB of data from Server A to Server B. Server A is 12 JBOD drives. Server B is 8 drives in a RAID 6. Using NFS i am maxing out at about 1.1Gbps on a 10Gbps network. At even 50MBps read (lowballing) i should be able to hit about 4Gbps. Does someone know of a better system to transfer than NFS?23:43
JoeLlamaWhen I log in, ubuntu auto connects to wifi but it keeps asking for the password each time.  I read something about keyring being the issue.  What's the trick to fix?23:44
OhPiewho here uses irc for youbood? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbJHOnkFimg23:48
chriosDirtyCajun: ATA over Ethernet23:48
DirtyCajunnever heard of it. Google-fu here we go23:49
DirtyCajunlooks like it requires you to create a new partitioned space23:50
chriosAre server A and server B both ubuntu?23:51
DirtyCajunidentical revision and package level23:51
Borw3Help, I get  "Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)" whenever trying to install anything via apt-get23:51
chriosuse vblade23:52
chriosvblade 1 2 eth0 /dev/sda123:52
chrioson Server A23:52
DirtyCajunso unmount them from the OS as regular drives and then vblade them23:53
segersjerryBorw3, are you currently running synaptic? It takes that and holds on to it until quit.23:55
Borw3Ooh, nvm, I deleted the lock files :(23:55
Bashing-omBorw3: Another intance of the package manager active ? what shows ' ps -e | grep apt ' ?23:56
Borw3Bashing-om: Nevermind, thanks, I deleted the locks and rebooted.23:57
Bashing-omBorw3: :)23:58
chriosI think so23:59

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