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smoserybaumy: i'm not sure how vcloud works, but if it didn't fit into the ovf datasource, then yes that would seem like the right path14:05
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dojordanHey all, quick question. Any idea why the latest 18.04-DAILY-LTS Azure image is from 1/24/18?19:22
smoserdojordan: dailies of stable releases build ~ twice weekly I believe. (and then, only when necessary)19:35
smoserand i see updates as 2018-01-22, not 24.19:35
smoseron azure.19:36
smoser20180126 is the newest cloud images has.19:36
smoserso... in summary19:36
smoser * 20180126 is the newest on cloud-images.  I suspect that is just the ~ twice weekly artifact.19:37
smoser * azure has 20180122. I'm not sure why that is not at 012619:37
smoser * i'm not sure why/where dojordan is seeing 012419:37
smoserdojordan: pastebinit (cli... uses paste.ubuntu.com or hastebin)19:40
dojordanhttps://paste.ubuntu.com/26485306/ -thats better19:41
smoserdojordan:  i have no idea what 'version' is there. but our cloud-images.ubuntu.com produces the data that my paste queried19:42
smoser(it is entirely possible that it is wrong)19:42
dojordan:( I'll just boot it and check the version...19:43
smoseroh. heres an explanaiton though...19:43
smoseryou have a 012219:43
smoserso i suspect that the stream data is just out of date19:43
smoserwhich ... sucks.19:44
dojordancan you run image-status on bionic?19:45
dojordanI see 1/26 daily xenial but not 1/26 daily bionic19:45
smoserfyi, image-status is https://github.com/smoser/talk-simplestreams19:48
smoser(see bin)19:48
smoserand i have to go agfk for 10 minutes or so. i've pinged internally on why out of date.19:48
smoserand i'll let you know.19:49
dojordangreat many thanks19:49
smoserdojordan: ah. sorry. i thought you were asking about xenial20:22
smoserso much of my info above is wrong.20:23
dojordanis the schedule different for bionic?20:31
smoserdojordan: bionic (the ubuntu development release) will almost *actual* daily20:33
smoserbut unfortunately often times errors occur and things lag behind.20:33
smosersuch as there being 5 days out of date on bionic :-(20:34
smoserdojordan: so ... bionic is just out of date a bit. there were some build failures. it will eventually catch up.21:09
smoserxenial stream data *does* appear out of date with what is published on azure.21:09
smoserpowersj: https://code.launchpad.net/~smoser/cloud-init/+git/cloud-init/+merge/33672221:09
smoserdid you run some new lxd ?21:10
smoseri suspect that woudl basically lose logs right now until liblxc3.021:10
powersjsmoser: umm21:10
powersjI tried it using the snap lxd on my local system, but I am not aware of any newer than 2.2x lxd21:11
smoserdid you get console logs ?21:11
powersjI know I saw the log message, let me run again with the keep flag21:12
powersjsmoser: NotImplementedError:LXD Driver version not 3.x+ (2.1.1)21:13
powersjas expected21:13

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