bdxybaumy: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26480828/00:10
bdxybaumy: ^ super new and untested, but its working for me http://paste.ubuntu.com/26480831/00:11
bdxybaumy: you can modify the install_sources config for both of the elasticsearch and kibana charms to get them on 6.x if needed too00:12
bdxbut you must be on juju > 2.3.100:12
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ybaumybdx: which versions do i have to specify for kibana top and filebeat when running the kubernetes elasticsearch charm bundle10:05
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kwmonroerick_h: do you know if the charmstore tracks who pushed a specific charm rev?  for things like telegraf, owned by ~telegraf-charmers, is there any data that could point to the actual user?16:42
kwmonroecory_fu: did we ever hatch a plan for preventing 'charm push' from pushing a layer to the store?  like, if -f ./layer.yaml && ! -f ./copyright.layer-basic; exit 1?16:46
rick_hkwmonroe: hmm, not publicly. I mean it's just an ACL "does the user have permission to do this"16:51
cory_fukwmonroe: There's not a specific plan, but the thing you would want to check for is .build.manifest.  It should be easy enough to add a warning and require --force or something if that file isn't present16:56
cory_fukwmonroe: Oh, except that charm-push is part of the go code and not charm-tools16:57
kwmonroesame with charm release?16:57
cory_fukwmonroe: Yep16:57
cory_fuStill shouldn't be too hard to do: https://github.com/juju/charm16:58
cory_fuJust need to do it in go16:58
kwmonroeheh, thx, i was mostly lost trying to find the repo.  who in the world would have thought ./juju/charm?  bonkers.16:59
rick_hcory_fu: kwmonroe yea, https://github.com/juju/charmstore-client  I think is the cli bits17:00
cory_fukwmonroe: I'm not certain that's the right repo17:00
rick_hcory_fu: kwmonroe charm is the definition of a "charm" in the juju model vs the cli17:00
cory_furick_h: Ah, that's it.  Thanks!17:00
kwmonroeoh mylanta17:00
sfeolecory_fu, ping, hey I noticed there is not many recent commits to libjuju, is that being worked on?  had some questions on it if so17:01
kwmonroelooky at rick_h!  https://github.com/juju/charmstore-client/issues/143 streets ahead my man.17:01
cory_fukwmonroe: Sorry for the chatter on that issue.  I misunderstood what you were saying17:09
admcleodsfeole: cory_fu good question17:22
sfeoletvansteenburgh, ^^17:26
tvansteenburghsfeole: yes we are still maintaining it17:29
sfeoletvansteenburgh, cool thx17:29
petevgHey, kwmonroe, I remember you teaching me things about setting the series of a charm in a bundle. I've got a question for you, when you have a moment:17:30
kwmonroesup petevg17:30
petevgNamely, if I am referencing a local charm, what are my options for setting the series?17:31
petevgThe charm lives in /home/<user>/charms/xenial/<the charm>17:31
petevgAnd the default series for the bundle is set to xenial17:31
petevgAnd the default series for the model is set to xenial.17:31
petevgBut the charm is multi-series, and deploys the trusty version.17:31
petevgDo you know of any other flags that I can set to make it be xenial/17:32
rick_hpetevg: what's the preferred series in the charm metadata.yaml? Juju respects the preference there using order. The first in the list is preferred, then the next, etc.17:33
rick_hpetevg: the other thing is what cloud is it, as if there's no xenial image available (maas, etc) it might fallback to trusty?17:33
kwmonroeha!  i was just having a convo about local charms in bundles recently... petevg, what rick_h said is the first easy place to start... does <the charm>/metadata.yaml list trusty first?17:33
kwmonroe(under the series: key in metadata.yaml)17:34
petevgrich_h: trusty is listed first in the charms. We were going to try editing the charm to list xenial first, but that felt wrong :-)17:38
rick_hpetevg: right, so the bundle selection at the application level should override17:38
petevgrich_h, kwmonroe: this is an openstack deploy on MaaS, but I think that the charms all have xenial versions for that environment.17:38
rick_hpetevg: I'm not 100% sure on the bundle override itself.17:39
kwmonroeyeah ^^ me neither on *local* charms17:39
rick_hI guess since it's a local charm...hmmm...maybe there's some bug in how that's getting pulled. Honestly though they should have xenial first imo :)17:39
petevgkwmonroe, rich_h: cool. We'll edit the charms for now, and I'll dig into it more later. Thank you!17:39
kwmonroeyeah petevg, do whatever you need to make xenail first feel right.17:40
kwmonroe'cause that's right17:40
petevgI guess I can file lots of bugs against the charms in question, and then contribute a fix. ... which will be outdated as soon as bionic launches :-)17:40
kwmonroewhoa whoa whoa there chief.  what's all this "lots of bugs" talk?  if a local charm isn't honoring the overall bundle series, that's one bug.  do not open more than one.17:41
kwmonroeor else17:41
petevgkwmonroe: I was going to fix the charms. But I guess fixing juju would be better. One bug it is, then :-)17:46
kwmonroeheh, right on petevg.  the issue then would become whether or not a bundle.yaml series should override the charm metadata series.  and i'm not so sure it should, so now that you're all-in on one bug, maybe you should open lots of bugs to make your charms xenial first.17:47
kwmonroei'll stop jumping back-and-forth over this fence now and leave you with "do what feels right".17:48
cory_fusfeole: Sorry, I missed your ping somehow.  It's still being maintained, though there hasn't been as much need for changes to it recently.  What was your question about it?17:50
sfeolecory_fu, hey,  my ? is around this bug: https://github.com/juju/python-libjuju/issues/20117:51
sfeolecory_fu, i can't seem to get that to work, if i try the example in my comment: add_machine(spec="ssh:user@")17:51
sfeolecory_fu, i believe the error I get is "Model not found"17:52
sfeolei'm thinking it may have something to do with my formatting17:52
sfeoleof course i ripped everything down, so i can't give you the exact error at the moment17:52
cory_fusfeole: Hrm.  I'm not sure.  I haven't done much with manual provisioning personally.  "Model not found" doesn't sound like it being an issue with the spec format, though17:56
sfeolecory_fu, 1 sec , i'll get the code17:57
sfeolecory_fu, https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/26484964/18:00
sfeolecory_fu, code and output18:00
sfeoleadmcleod, ^^18:00
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cory_fusfeole: Hrm.  I think that doc string is wrong.  Let me see if I can figure out what it should be18:08
sfeolecory_fu, thanks!18:08
cory_fusfeole: Bad news, I'm afraid.  It looks like much of the heavy lifting for adding a manually provisioned machine is done in the Juju client but is not reimplemented in libjuju.18:22
sfeolecory_fu, no worries18:23
cory_fusfeole: The logic that would need to be added can be found here: https://github.com/juju/juju/blob/develop/environs/manual/sshprovisioner/provisioner.go#L20-L7018:23
cory_fuEssentially, ensure an ubuntu user, add all of the local ssh keys to that user's authorized_keys, and then fetch and execute a provisioning script provided by the controller18:24
cory_fusfeole: ^18:24
sfeolecory_fu, what about situations where I want to deploy a bundle in libjuju and the machines already exist?  I know that when using the command line, you need to add a paramter --use-existing=True  , or something along those lines..  I believe that's relatively new..  I'm assuming libjuju doesn't handle that yet though?18:24
sfeolecory_fu, i found this: https://github.com/juju/python-libjuju/blob/master/juju/model.py#L110818:25
cory_fusfeole: Correct.  Re-using existing machines from a bundle is a new feature that isn't supported yet.  That one, at least, should be an easy change.18:25
sfeolecory_fu, ok ok18:25
sfeolecory_fu, at the minimum i'll file a bug18:25
sfeolecory_fu, thanks for your help18:25
cory_fusfeole: np18:30
cory_fuI commented on that existing issue as well18:30
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