CrazyTuxhello, how can I instlall Kubuntu desktop environment on Ubuntu Mate?06:16
CrazyTuxand can I transfer files between my laptop and android phone using KDE Connect?06:16
valorieshoot, left06:41
pinkyprincesshttps://youtu.be/9VfMVqDs-WA (170,000 subscribers = game over)06:42
pinkyprincessAlfred Schaefer - Thought Criminal Monika Schaefer Arrested and Imprisoned in Germany06:42
pinkyprincessThe cat is out of the bag now.06:42
krytarikpinkyprincess: Please leave voluntarily.06:43
krytarikvalorie: And they got it answered over in ##linux.06:43
valorieoh good06:44
valorieyou must have a very good "stern voice" krytarik06:44
krytarikHehe. :D06:45
lordievaderGood morning07:35
valoriemorning, lordievader07:39
lordievaderHey valorie07:40
lordievaderHow are you doing?07:40
valorieI'm good, and you?07:40
valoriewe've almost made it through January07:41
valoriewhat a month07:41
lordievaderDoing good here :)07:41
CrazyTuxhello, I just installed Kubuntu Desktop. This package kde-telepathy-minimal is showing as broken in synaptic package manager. How to correct it?07:58
valorieCrazyTux: it is no longer maintained, so I would remove it07:58
valorieit's too bad it was installed as part of Kubuntu desktop07:59
CrazyTuxshall I remove it then?07:59
CrazyTuxwhich file manager is used in Kubuntu, by default?08:00
valoriewhich rocks by the way08:01
CrazyTuxok. How can I configure it so that folders open by double clicking rather than a single click?08:01
valorietelepathy used to rock as well, but all parts of it up and down the stack are rotting08:01
CrazyTuxvalorie, I'll remove telepathy.08:02
valoriesystemsettings > window behavior08:02
valorieor just type doubleclick like I did in krunner08:02
valoriealt+space or alt+f4 depending on your version of kubuntu08:03
valorieof course, gosh08:04
hateballbut alt+space is a saner combo and has been there since... I cant remember, 16.04?08:04
valorieI always use it now, so forgot the right f key08:05
valoriethanks, hateball08:05
CrazyTuxbtw, which display manager is to be used for Kubuntu Desktop?08:08
CrazyTuxsddm or lightdm?08:08
hateballCrazyTux: sddm is the default08:09
CrazyTuxhateball, ok.08:10
CrazyTuxI am not able to use KDE Connect.08:10
CrazyTuxto connect to my android smartphone.08:11
hateballCrazyTux: Give some more info as to what is not working08:14
hateballYou need to be on the same network subnet to start with08:14
CrazyTuxdoes it need a network?08:15
CrazyTuxI am using a wifi network08:15
hateballCrazyTux: both your phone and computer need to be on the same network08:18
CrazyTuxhateball, now I am using a single wifi network for both of them.08:22
hateballCrazyTux: so what is the actual issue? can you not see the phone? can you see it but not pair?08:23
CrazyTuxI can't see the phone here08:24
CrazyTuxI have the KDE Connect app installed on my android smartphone. I am not able to find my laptop displayed there.08:26
valoriedid you go through the pairing dance?08:26
valorieI find it works better from the phone to the laptop08:26
valoriediscover > ask for pairing08:26
CrazyTuxunder the available devices there is no device shown.08:27
valorieon laptop, accept pairing08:27
CrazyTuxdoes it need bluetooth to be on?08:27
valorieare the apps on the two devices roughly the same version number?08:27
CrazyTuxto pair?08:27
valorieno, bt not needed08:27
hateballCrazyTux: are you running a firewall on your machine?08:28
CrazyTuxhateball, yes. Ufw.08:28
CrazyTuxguys, thanks a lot. I am now able to pair the devices.08:33
valorienot a guy, but yw08:35
CrazyTuxKDE Connect is awesome.08:35
CrazyTuxthanks a lot.08:35
valorieit is lovely, really08:35
* valorie get off irc08:36
valorieniters all08:36
CrazyTuxthis is exactly what I was looking for.08:36
CrazyTuxdoes file transfer between the two devices using KDE Connect use network data?08:40
hateballCrazyTux: it uses your local network and nothing else08:46
CrazyTuxhateball, I am getting this error while updating the system. How can I correct it? https://hastebin.com/kumidilusi.vbs08:51
hateballthats a rather strange url08:54
hateballCrazyTux: well like it says, you have the same sources configured in multiple files08:55
hateballand W: is a warning, not an error08:55
CrazyTuxok. I removed one for the sources list. Let me try updating again.08:57
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BluesKajHiyas all12:50
gkohleyI have a question, maybe someone here can answer,  how can you keep Konversation running when closing it in the dock, like Kopete?12:57
gkohleyin the status and notifcations area?13:00
BluesKajyou can minimize to the system tray by eabling the system tray in general behavior in settings>configure13:02
gkohleythank you!13:03
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gilles_Hi there everyone14:38
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simulant_Hi can anyone help me get a screen resolution working that refuses to work?15:50
simulant_so far I've tried xrandr but get an error: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26484345/15:55
BluesKajsimulant_:  what does just xrandr output?16:02
simulant_BluesKaj: currently I've got it as high as 2560x1080 and it shows this with xrandr DP-1 connected 2560x1080+2560+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 160mm x 90mm16:03
simulant_BluesKaj: it seems to be the height I can't get it to set higher than 1080 on VGA...16:06
BluesKajsimulant_, ok, don't think VGA can go higher than 1080, but I'm just guessing16:07
simulant_BluesKaj: no it can as my old monitor I just swapped out with this new one did 2048x1152 on the same vga port16:08
BluesKajmy TV/monitor isn't capable of higher vertical res then 1080, using DVI to hdmi here16:09
BluesKajwhat about your dpi setting?16:10
simulant_BluesKaj: no idea how to adjust dpi??16:11
simulant_So far I've just done these: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26484430/16:12
BluesKajsystem setiings>fonts>enable/force dpi16:13
BluesKajit doesn't just affect fonts btw16:14
simulant_BluesKaj: hmm not sure about that as I have more than one monitor so it will mess them all up16:14
BluesKajdunno why the dpi setting is there16:14
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BluesKajsimulant_, a good place to ask might be ##linux chat if you can't get anymore info here or in #ubuntu16:16
LinpassionI whish to try kubuntu, so It's run under laptop by intel celeron 1.2gh and 4gb ram?16:24
ubottuIf you find a bug in Kubuntu, please follow the instructions at https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Bugs/Reporting to report the issue to the developers.16:40
viphello, I'm having problems with enabling sddm with systemctl16:42
linpassionI'd lke to try so i sai...can I use kububtu under laptot by celeron 1.2ghz ande 4gb ram?16:42
vipneeded to disable it autostarting (systemctl disable sddm) because of lack of xorg input drivers, and I cannot enable it back16:42
vipkubuntu 17.1016:43
BluesKajlinpassion, yes it should run ok as longas you don't have too many apps open at the same time16:47
BluesKajvip, which gpu? and dids you try to install the linux recommended driver for it?16:48
vipBluesKaj: intel16:50
vipBluesKaj: sddm is starting, and was working well16:50
vipI just need to enable it again to start automatically16:50
vipsystemctl start sddm works16:50
BluesKajvip, ok so .... ?16:52
vipso I cannot enable it, look at gist16:52
vipsystemd has some issues with itself, and I don't know what they are16:52
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BluesKajvip I had the same issue except starting sddm didn't work for me, so i had to regress to the default nouveau driver, but I'm not sure why sddm doesn't auto start16:56
BluesKajnouveau driver is for nvidia gpus16:56
vipit just cannot be enabled by systemctl16:57
vipbut he could disable it16:57
BluesKajvip, you could try adding a small bash script in startup & shutdown to start sddm before kde/plasma loads (sudo systemctl start sddm) and name it sddmstart.sh or some such17:01
BluesKajyou did say sddm starts with that commands , right?17:05
vipBluesKaj: yes, but that's a workaround17:22
[Relic]is this a black screen problem with the nvidia drivers and the new kernels?17:23
vipno, no problem with starting17:23
vipproblem with enabling17:23
BluesKajif it starts it's enabled, it just won't start automatically17:24
[Relic]ok, I just know when I udpated the last couple linux images, I had to purge the nvidia stuff and can't get anything above 384 to bring up the log on screen; had to go through the terminal to do that17:26
BluesKaj[Relic], that's because the 384 driver is correct one for your gpu17:30
[Relic]BluesKaj, but that blocks the use of cuda 9-1 since it installs 387.xx17:31
BluesKajyou don't just pick and choose any nvidia driver for your gpu17:31
[Relic]which was working just fine before the last 2-3 linux images17:32
BluesKajcuda is a different thing17:32
[Relic]but installing cuda installs something other than 38417:32
amitoshIf you have a optimus laptop, you can switch to intel drivers and still use CUDA17:33
BluesKaj[Relic], essentially they are the same driver, one accommodates cuda, the other is more basic afaik17:34
[Relic]one loads, one black screens with the new linux images; but cuda 9 has a great increase in speed up from 8 to 917:35
BluesKajwell use what suits you as long as it works17:36
[Relic]but right now I am trying to figure out why older cameras can't be detected through USB or if they are why I keep getting and IO error when trying to access them (they work perfectly fine on 14.04 LTS)17:36
ronnocmesa updated to v18.0 over the weekend, and now my lock screen is broken. I have to use 'loginctl unlock-session 2' to get my session back. but not sure if it's a KDE thing or Mesa thing or how best to report it...17:47
amitoshronnoc, I had this problem, seems like it was magically "fixed" by a new nvidia-38417:57
whereIsOverUnityIm new, where can I find a server list and import it into Konversation?18:28
BluesKajserver lists can be found here, http://irc.netsplit.de/servers/?net=freenode18:31
whereIsOverUnityI've got a question about my /tmp folder, I use Kubuntu 16.04 and I've this strange files: "sddm--sgIEnB" - "sddm--sgIEnB" - "sddm-:0-iPDnCa" - "sddm-:0-iPDnCa" - "sddm-authb447640d-56ae-47e1-b9cb-ac5e4305b556" "sddm-authcac8dd9c-cc6f-4f81-8de6-b028e2f62953"18:41
whereIsOverUnityI also had "sddm" user processes running, I killed one of them and my browser seems going faster18:42
whereIsOverUnitycan I have been hacked some way?18:42
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