CoJaBovalorie: so, the xubuntu bionic 31-bit iso's installer is apparently broken too >_>00:49
valorieI've been reading the BR and yeah00:50
CoJaBoI did an "erase existing and install using LVM"; it gets most of the way thru, then complains about GRUB not being able to be installed on "/dev/dm" or maybe it was "/dev/dm0"00:50
valorieyou might add your info to https://launchpad.net/bugs/174435700:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1745118 in linux (Ubuntu Artful) "duplicate for #1744357 Unable to boot with i386 4.13.0-25 / 4.13.0-26 / 4.13.0-31 kernel on Xenial / Artful" [High,Triaged]00:51
CoJaBoIt then asks for an alternate device, but none of the options make the "OK" button do anything at all; the install hangs at that point00:51
CoJaBoInstalling grub manually does appear to result in a working system, tho it seems to have left a few junk packages remaining.. I think that's the best I'm gonna get tho lol00:52
valoriethis might be a separate bug00:55
lotuspsychjemorning flocculant :p05:55
flocculantlotuspsychje: morning :)05:56
flocculantglad I now know that the 32 bit issues I see is a kernel bug and infinity was right :p05:56
lotuspsychjecool you guys found it05:57
lotuspsychjeflocculant: everything on schedule for bionic?05:57
flocculantfor us it is pretty much, few more things to get in iirc05:58
lotuspsychjedid we pass alpha105:58
flocculantthere was no alpha105:59
flocculantxubuntu doesn't do alphas anyway 05:59
lotuspsychjeso we just follow the stream as it goes?06:00
flocculantyea - we do join in for beta 106:00
barcodeare ubuntu 18 package versions already frozen (the schedule is after FeatureDefinitionFreeze but before FeatureFreeze)?13:07
barcodei have a question regarding ubuntu 18: will versions of included packages change for the final release? (e.g. cmake is 3.9 at on the nightly. will it be 3.10 on the final release?) 13:30
barcodeare ubuntu 18 package versions already frozen (the schedule is after FeatureDefinitionFreeze but before FeatureFreeze)? if ubuntu 18 package versionss are not frozen, where can i request for a package to be updated for the final release?14:22
tewardbarcode: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BionicBeaver/ReleaseSchedule is relevant.14:32
tewarddepending on the nature of what you're looking to get 'updated', it may or may not happen.  File a request for the package to be updated as a bug *against* the package in question.14:33
VolkodavIs it about time to give it a spin on one of my boxes? How is it so far? Any known showstoppers?18:05
lotuspsychjeVolkodav: pretty stable on my side on xorg18:05
VolkodavDid you test skype printers all that evil?18:06
lotuspsychjeVolkodav: the wayland session is still worked on18:06
VolkodavDoes it give a choice what to use?18:07
lotuspsychjeVolkodav: my hp works pretty nice after adding it in gnome18:07
lotuspsychjeVolkodav: at login the choice is given xorg or wayland, for some systems18:07
lotuspsychjeVolkodav: nvidia has issues on wayland18:07
Volkodavhp is one of the best with linux from the very old days18:07
VolkodavI stickwith Brother since they started offering drivers18:08
VolkodavWell I have nvidia on that box 18:08
lotuspsychjeVolkodav: well the xorg/nouveau session might work nice18:09
Volkodavwell may as well stay with xorg for a while before they figure it out18:09
lotuspsychjeVolkodav: we just had the news xorg will be by default on final release18:09
VolkodavI guess it's good news huh?18:10
Volkodavwayland is still too rough around the edges ...18:10
VolkodavDoes it work for anybody ?18:11
lotuspsychjeVolkodav: sure18:11
Volkodavolder machines I guess?18:11
lotuspsychjeVolkodav: no, au contraire newer machines with higher specs, but depends also on the graphics18:12
Volkodavany flavors on daily images? Let me see18:12
lotuspsychjeVolkodav: im testing/bug ubuntu-desktop main flavor18:13
VolkodavI actually run xfce on ubuntu install was thinking of maybe wiping it out just go with xubuntu to get rid of some blob18:14
lotuspsychjeVolkodav: we need all kinds of testers on more flavors18:15
Volkodavwell it's just one image so far18:16
lotuspsychjeVolkodav: just keep in mind we still in development branch right, things 'could' still break18:16
VolkodavI don't mind I've been playing with alphas for last 14 years as far as I remember 18:17
VolkodavI remember the switch from kernel 2.8 to 2.10 for some reason - seemed like a bid deal back then18:18
lotuspsychjeVolkodav: think they gonna skip alpha118:19
lotuspsychjeVolkodav: so just keeping our systems up to date until beta118:19
Volkodavwhy so?18:20
Volkodavlooks like a rolling release type of deal18:20
lotuspsychjeVolkodav: no, its another reason18:22
Volkodavlotuspsychje:  you meant Alpha 2 18:22
VolkodavWhat was that fuss with BIOS on the current?18:22
ubottuThe original release of Ubuntu 17.10 contained a bug that makes firmware memory read-only. See https://pad.lv/1734147 for more info. This bug has been fixed in 17.10's repositories (so upgrades are safe) and new ISOs have been released (look for 17.10.1 in the filename).18:23
lotuspsychjehey flocculant 18:23
flocculanthi lotuspsychje 18:23
lotuspsychjewe miss you on discuss flocculant :p18:24
Volkodavlotuspsychje: Any idea when the flavors are due?18:24
lotuspsychjeone for you flocculant ^18:25
flocculantVolkodav: xubuntu is due at the same time all flavours are ;) also you'll not see an Xubuntu Alpha of any description, we only do Beta 1 onwards18:31
Volkodavflocculant: Thanks I'll wait till Beta 1 then18:32
flocculantVolkodav: ok up to you - it's pretty stable for me (and I run xubuntu bionic plus our 'officialish' ppas with it 18:33
daddy0bionic was locking me up daily, and rebooting with MCE errors.   ive gone back to xenial for few days now and its all good again18:59
daddy0older cpu e6700, 8gb ram, nvidia drivers19:00
lotuspsychjedaddy0: did you try nouveau on xorg?19:01
daddy0no just the nv blob every time i reinstalled19:01
lotuspsychjedaddy0: nvidia is a no-go with wayland19:01
daddy03d games were working fine, for what thats worth19:02
J03Ycan someone link me to a relatively stable release?21:13
J03Ymy bionic beaver is about ready to take a pwder21:13
J03Ythats puttin it nicely21:13
J03Ysumpn aint right21:14
J03Yit lasted 30 days lol21:14
J03Ycould be my fault i did touch some stuff21:14
J03Yno? ooook then....going with daily/nightly again21:15
hggdhJ03Y: Bionic is Alpha... if you really want something stable, it is 16.04 or 17.1021:28
hggdhJ03Y: and you can get the current "version" just by running "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade"21:29
naccalthough a vague "i did touch some stuff" doesn't give me much confidence21:31
TJ-maybe the stuff-in fell out?21:34
naccTJ-: :)21:35
J03Yits dragging slow, clicking a torrent link no longer opens transmission, somehow the browser cache seems to have been deleted, sound/hdmi/bluetooth no longer works like it did, i am not sure if my gf may have had a root terminal while i was asleep22:23
J03Yso i am re-installing22:23
J03Yalso i dont have an HDD so this was on a USB 3.0 stick and it may be failing22:24
J03Yive got it on a DVD but it loads up slow as christmas22:24
J03Ymeh, i am gunna whipe it with dd dev/zeros D/L a new image22:25
valorieJ03Y: you can just zsync to your HD, rather than re-downloading22:36

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