handsome_fengtsimonq2: I added a "modified by" line in util/ukui-menus-ls.py, Is that ok?01:03
tsimonq2handsome_feng: irt copyright?01:08
handsome_fengsorry, what does 'irt' mean?01:09
tsimonq2"in respect to", sorry01:10
tsimonq2(meaning "referring to")01:10
handsome_fengyes, I fond that the ukui-menus have been rejected, because the authors in ukui-menus-ls.py01:11
tsimonq2Right, one sec please :)01:12
tsimonq2handsome_feng: So I talked with an AA privately, he also mentioned that there's a spot where it says "Copyright: *No copyright*" and that it's better to omit the lines than say there's no copyright on it, and there's also a typo with "GNU Genaral Public License" or similar01:14
tsimonq2I'm really bad at copyright, so you'll have to bear with me here, but that's what I was told :)01:14
handsome_fengok, I will check that now01:16
tsimonq2handsome_feng: Also, while you're here, I think that the majority of the flavors plan on skipping Alpha 201:18
tsimonq2And especially with this, I'm not sure it would get processed in time :)01:18
handsome_fengGot it. Thanks01:20
tsimonq2Although there was talk about a testing day so I'd be interested to see if in mid-February sometime if Kylin would be willing to participate in an all-flavor effort :)01:22
tsimonq2Of course it's just a thought at the moment, nothing is really planned out, but it's an idea :)01:22
handsome_fengwe'd love to :)01:27
tsimonq2Great :)01:27
handsome_fengJust inform us when the meeting planned out01:28
tsimonq2As long as you're subscribed to the ubuntu-release mailing list, you should be informed :)01:36
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handsome_fengtsimonq2: I have updated the ukui-menus and the PPA, could you upload it first? I will check the other packages today01:50
tsimonq2handsome_feng: Sure, I'll look now.01:53
handsome_fengThank you01:53
tsimonq2You're welcome, always glad to help :)01:54
tsimonq2Now my question for you is when you'll become a MOTU :P01:54
handsome_fengI hope the sooner the better, haha01:57
tsimonq2handsome_feng: Trivial thing, you should override spelling-error-in-copyright on the next upload, Nam seems to be a surname :)01:58
tsimonq2Otherwise, uploading now :)01:58
tsimonq2handsome_feng: Which package would you like me to review next?02:01
handsome_fengtsimonq2: ukwm02:03
tsimonq2Grabbing now.02:03
tsimonq2handsome_feng: One thing that should be looked at from an upstream perspective (and perhaps for all the packages) is the fact that some of the copyright notices use an incorrect FSF address. Here's the list I got from licensecheck for ukwm: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26481335/02:06
tsimonq2I don't *think* that's blocking, but something that should be corrected.02:07
handsome_fengok, I will have a check now, and to save your time, I will ping you when I have checked all the packages02:08
tsimonq2handsome_feng: I'm NACK on uploading this, the d/copyright file is incomplete and only lists GPL-2+. I recommend using a tool like licensecheck. Here's what I got from `licensecheck -r . | grep -v "UNKNOWN"`: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26481355/02:10
tsimonq2I see some MIT/X11 (BSD like) and some LGPL.02:11
tsimonq2Also, in debian/rules, dh_install in override_dh_install should be dh_missing02:12
tsimonq2Let me run it through sbuild real quick to see if there's anything else I can recommend, so you can fix it all in one go :)02:13
handsome_fengthanks, I always check the copyright with my eyes ...02:14
tsimonq2no problem :)02:14
tsimonq2handsome_feng: Lintian looks good, so just those things I think.02:23

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