elso the exact same behaviour a year ago from your account was not to do with a child building a computer?00:00
RxMcDonaldWe got the case, the power supply, the mother board, 2 SSD00:00
RxMcDonaldWell, it was probably him as well, but can't remember really what happened a year ago00:00
RxMcDonaldHe was 11 years old by then, it's the only thing I can think of00:01
daxthat's odd, since your first comment upon joining #ubuntu-offtopic was referring to it00:01
daxand your first comments upon joining here clearly implied that you yourself joined #ubuntu-offtopic00:01
daxso, again, I'm not buying this at all, but feel free to continue contorting your argument to fix the above00:01
RxMcDonaldI mean, I usually join ubuntu offtopic so I didn't understand why I was banned00:02
RxMcDonaldTried to join yesterday and I couldn't00:02
daxthat's odd then, considering I don't see you in there for six months before the day that you got banned00:03
daxand, notably, your questions weren't any more sane six months ago either, so I assume that was in fact your son too00:04
daxand going back earlier than that, oh look, your behavior between six and twelve months ago was without exception the same too00:06
ela child that doesn't know that a cpu isn't a computer but at the same time knows what a "low level systems software engineer" is00:06
RxMcDonaldYeah that's my job00:06
RxMcDonaldI guess he was bored or something?00:07
elwho needed help with html that, and i quote, <RxMcDonald>    it runs some very low level JavaScript close to the metal"00:07
RxMcDonaldhaha that's my boy00:07
daxPlease go ahead and let us know all alternate nicks and accounts you are using to "usually join ubuntu offtopic", thanks.00:07
daxsince, clearly, it's not your current one00:07
wxlis his name pinnochio?00:08
RxMcDonaldhey man cmon00:09
RxMcDonaldyou were kids some day too00:10
RxMcDonaldthat javascript joke is harmless00:10
elwell since the only use of our channels has been from your son, you don't need us to unban you, as you don't actually use them.00:10
elgood day00:10
RxMcDonaldI wanted to use it yesterday and I was banned00:11
elbad luck, your son has ruined that opportunity for you.00:11
daxit's odd that you would suddenly want to use it for, as far as anyone can tell, the first time ever, right after "your son" got banned from it00:12
daxso yes, considering the complete lack of non-problematic behavior on your account (which, I note, you are fully responsible for if you share it), and the apparent inability for anyone to distinguish between "your son" and you, you will remain banned00:12
daxand, I do note that my previous question did not get answered yet, on the off chance that you want to continue talking in here anyway00:13
dax00:07:52 <+dax> Please go ahead and let us know all alternate nicks and accounts you are using to "usually join ubuntu offtopic", thanks.00:14
dax00:07:58 <+dax> since, clearly, it's not your current one00:14
RxMcDonaldInstead of drunk driving or doing drugs my kid is doing harmless javasript jokes00:14
RxMcDonaldNo need to ban him for that00:14
hggdhhe is not banned, *you* are banned00:14
wxlyou're banned, my friend. you need to take responsibility for your account as aforementioned.00:14
daxkrytarik: i apologize in advance for ruining your evening, but 88 is often used as code for Heil Hitler05:41
dax(H being the 8th letter of the alphabet)05:41
krytarikWow, one can make bad things of *anything*, can't one!? >_>05:42
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