brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:24
diploMorning all09:52
SuperMattgood morning friends10:44
foobarry haven't been reading any social media/news/irc anything for a few weeks. anything happened?11:11
foobarrylast thing i read was meltdown11:11
zmoylan-piwell there's the current fitness tracker giving away us secret bases thing...11:12
zmoylan-piand meltdown and spectre haven't gone away either with microsoft disabling the intel patches for the bugs as they are awful11:14
SuperMattsome people think the rubbishness of the patches which have gone to the windows and linux kernels shows signs of another issue that Intel may be trying to cover up13:11
zmoylan-pianyone who's still nursing a hangover at this time deserves the pain of the shouting :-P14:48
popeyIt's 6:48 AM here :)14:49
zmoylan-piwell that time zone deserves shouting at for been lazy :-)14:51
diddledanis it morning?17:07
SuperMattI hope not, otherwise I've got another 7.5h of work17:14
diddledanSuperMatt: it's just hitting 12:00 here :-( time zones suck19:54
daftykinsdiddledan: they let you in!20:05
zmoylan-pithat sleepy sleep snoozy snooze really does work...20:28
ali1234popey: i just saw this on reddit: http://linuxgizmos.com/rpi-zero-w-clone-offers-quad-core-power-for-15/20:29
ali1234ARMv7 allwinner with pi zero form factor20:29
zmoylan-pii'd love to see sales numbers for the pi clones out there....20:34
ali1234there's really only one reason to use a clone, and that's because you need to use a distribution that dropped support for ARMv6... hence why i mentioned it to popey :)20:36
ali1234in all other cases you are better off with the real thing, because RPi foundation support is way better than what you get from allwinner20:37
ali1234they are still stuck on linux 3.4 afaik :)20:37
zmoylan-pithe numbers sold would indicate size of community and maybe the levels of support...20:38
zmoylan-pias you say, better off with real thing but would still like some competition for r-pi so they don't get complacent :-)20:38
ali1234nobody can compete with RPi because they have preferential treatment from broadcom20:39
ali1234RPi provide competition for *everybody else* - as i've said many times, you can't get away will charging $200 for a dev kit any more (although samsung still try, bet you can't even name their Pi competitor :) )20:40
zmoylan-pii know intels gallileo died a death20:40
zmoylan-piand r-pi is now chasing up on commodores most manufactured computer record if they haven't already beaten it.  there was some discussion as to what constituted a single model20:41
ali1234they beat it last year20:42
zmoylan-piwasn't there some argument that they were lumping multiple revisions of the pi into one to beat the c64?20:42
ali1234yes, but nobody cares. there were multiple revisions of the C64 too20:43
ali1234the fact is they all boot the same OS image :)20:43
zmoylan-pia lot closer in spec than the revisions of the pi i think20:43
zmoylan-pimind it was hard to have a difference in spec when the amounts of ram, cpu speed, etc. were so low... :-)20:44
ali1234yes, and a lot harder to release updated software if the hardware changed20:45
zmoylan-pitell me about it, when they made the spectrum +2 they changed the rom a teeny tiny bit and made about 5% of spectrum software not work...20:46
popeyali1234:  oooh, stop making me buy more pi clones20:51
zmoylan-pigotta catch them all! :-)20:52
popeyshame your usb connector thing wouldn't fit that20:52
popeyand guess there's not a market enough to redesign and market one20:52
ali1234yeah, i couldn't even make a variant because of all the components on the back20:52
ali1234that will also prevent it from fitting in most cases20:52
zmoylan-piknock one up on your 3d printer...20:53
ali1234doing a redesign would cost almost nothing. PCB prototyping is ridiculously cheap these days20:53
ali1234i mean it would cost like $5 for each prototype20:54
popeyyou could maybe add a spacer and have pogo pins on your board, attaching to pads on theirs?20:55
ali1234well, another problem is there are no test points to connect to20:56
ali1234the USB connectors are not through hole20:56
ali1234although there's a funny looking 4 pin header in between them20:56
ali1234i ordered one so we'll see20:58
zmoylan-pimaybe it's rs232... :-)20:58
ali1234no, that's visible on another header20:58
popeyyeah, 3 pin header near the sd slot20:58
ali1234anyone pre-ordered one of those gemini PDA things?21:01
popeyI think flexiondotorg did21:02
flexiondotorgI did21:11
ali1234are you a psion fanboy?21:11
ali1234or did you just like the look of it?21:11
ali1234the weird thing about the psion is that the fanboys had nobody to war with. there were really no competitors to it21:14
ali1234but everyone i know who had one was totally hardcore about it21:14
daftykinspsion \o/21:14
daftykinsstill not cleaned up that failed rubber on my discovered 3c21:14
ali1234isopropyl alcohol fetches it right off21:15
daftykinsmmm, had bigger fish to fry here of late unfortunately21:16
daftykinsalthough amusingly my parents found all the original boxes to the PsiWin software, unit itself and so on at their place21:16
daftykinsi've still got the floppies and the data cable, so it's a full set - shame its' hinges snapped on me opening up21:16
zmoylan-pipsions were the rolls royce of the pda market, there was nothing else like it.  it wasn't a companion device to your pc.  it could do 90% of what a lot of people did on their pc...21:23
flexiondotorgali1234: I never had a psion. I just like the form factor of the Gemini.23:44
* zmoylan-pi had 3a, 3c, 5, 5mx and also used a psion ii on occasion23:46
daftykinsand several shares? ;)23:50
zmoylan-pinot all at once... that would be silly :-)23:57

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