nhainesMeeting comming up! \o/02:56
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nhainesHi everyone!  It's January 28th and that means it's meeting time.  :)03:00
nhainesTonight's agenda is available here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/18January2803:01
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nhaines#topic Upcoming events03:01
nhainesAnything interesting happening in the next couple of weeks?03:01
pleia2nothing up here03:02
nhainesThere's some kind of Snapcraft Summit going on in Seattle this next week: https://insights.ubuntu.com/2018/01/26/a-peek-at-the-snapcraft-summit/03:03
darthrobotTitle: [A peek at the Snapcraft Summit | Ubuntu Insights]03:03
nhainesSnapcraft is pretty awesome, and the snap and snapcraft devs are very diligent, so I have no doubt that amazing things are going to come out of that meeting.  Also I think I may have been off to the left in that article's photo, at the Ubuntu Rally in New York  :)03:03
nhainesAnyway, that's good news for Ubuntu and Ubuntu users.03:04
nhaines#topic Announcements03:04
nhainesAny announcements to be made this week?03:04
nhainesOkay, we'll move along to the agenda then.  :)03:05
pleia2I guess since the last time we had a meeting, make sure you patch your systems :)03:06
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nhainesOh right, that's a good reminder! :)03:06
pleia2the patches at this point are pretty comprehensive03:06
pleia2get new kernels, reboot, all safe03:06
nhainesMeltdown is mostly addressed and Spectre patches had to just sort of filter in.  So if you've already updated, make sure you check again.03:06
nhainesYour security, if not your backend system performance, will thank you.  ;)03:07
pleia2yeah, the bottom of that wiki page has the timeline, Jan 22nd saw the latest Spectre updates land03:07
pleia2come to my Ubuntu security talk at UbuCon!03:07
DonkeyHoteiis there an update addressing variant 1 yet?03:07
nhainesThe disclosures have not been handled to everyone's satisfaction, but the Ubuntu Security Team have done an excellent job of documenting their progress.03:08
pleia2DonkeyHotei: yes, it's all linked on the wiki page, but here directly https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2017/CVE-2017-5753.html03:08
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nhaines#topic SCALE 16x and UbuCon at SCALE03:09
nhainesSCALE is a thing that is happening!  And so is UbuCon!  At the other thing!03:09
pleia2yay :)03:09
nhainesUbuCon planning is going pretty well, and Richard Gaskin and I are handling that.  :)03:09
nhainesUbuntu will have a booth at SCALE and we need volunteers from the LoCo as always!  The signup sheet is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale16x03:10
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nhainesAs always, we need bodies to stand there and talk about Ubuntu with booth visitors.  SCALE is a very friendly, informal expo and so it's a very gentle way to gain a lot of booth experience if you've never done it before.  :)03:11
pleia2shall I share this call for participants on Twitter?03:11
nhainesYes, that'd be great.03:11
pleia2the wiki has also become very hard to log into and edit, might want to mention that they can contact you if they can't edit?03:11
nhainesYup, good idea.  They can email me or the list.03:12
pleia2(you need to be in a special group in lp to edit it at all, and that's poorly documented)03:12
nhainesI do forget that.  Mostly the wiki is just annoyingly slow.03:12
pleia2yeah, I got logged out recently and it was a 15 minute, multi-attempt ordeal to get back in ;)03:12
nhainesIn addition, we still have a speaker slot open for UbuCon, so if you have something cool that you want to talk about and it's Ubuntu related, you should definitely let me know.  :)03:13
nhainesYou can just email me directly at nhaines at ubuntu dot com and I'll forward that on to Richard Gaskin and we'll discuss.03:13
nhainespleia2: thanks! https://twitter.com/ubuntu_us_ca/status/95781414974398054403:15
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pleia2np, lmk when we have an UbuCon schedule and I'll make sure that gets out as well03:16
nhainesGreat!  We hope to firm that up over this upcoming week.03:16
nhainesPeople submitting additional talks will help with this!  ;)03:17
nhainesBut we have some exciting speakers lined up, and we're trying to confirm a couple more.  We'll have a press release out soon.03:17
nhaines#topic Other business03:17
nhainesIs there any other business before we wrap things up?03:17
pleia2oh, real quick03:18
pleia2I'm still the only active (for certain values of) admin for our social media things, if anyone else wants to help out, I welcome the help :)03:18
pleia2we do try to keep it very California-related, but I'm sure we could do a better job keeping it updated about team meetings and the regular Ubuntu Hours that happen03:19
pleia2(as in, I don't want the social media accounts just puppeting all Ubuntu news)03:19
nhainesI should probably get some of the passwords from you.03:20
pleia2probably so :)03:20
nhainesI did remember to re-set my calendar notifications for meetings properly, so that I remember to send out emails the Wednesdays before.  ;)03:20
nhainesOkay, I will attempt to remember to email you or something later!03:21
nhainesI am famously bad at social media, though, so anyone else should also volunteer to help out.03:22
nhainesOkay, any other business before we wrap things up?03:22
pleia2I'm all set, thanks for chairing03:23
nhainesYou're welcome!03:23
nhainesAlright, we have just two more meetings before SCALE!  Our next meeting is Feburary 11th, 2018.03:23
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