waldo323good morning14:59
cmaloneyGood morning15:11
waldo323it is michigan out again16:29
waldo323er the weather has changed again today16:30
rick_hyea, riding the bike friday, shoveling monday16:33
_stink_off topic, but probably some overlap in interest: does anyone know if the national do not call registry applies to live (that is, not robocall) cold calls from real estate agencies?21:23
_stink_i am looking but not sure.21:24
rick_hI'd imagine. Honestly I'd get the call, mention you're on the DNC list and ask for their details and see if it stops.21:26
_stink_i got mad too quickly to do any recon :)21:28
rick_hheh, yea hate the spam calls21:30
rick_hI end up never answering my phone and then once in a while miss stuff I do need.21:30
cmaloney_stink_: Do you have a previous business relationship with this realtor?21:34
cmaloneyor their agency?21:34
_stink_cmaloney: i thought about that... i searched my email for them first, which is the best way for me to know :)21:37
_stink_maybe my wife has though21:37
_stink_and even if she did something it would be limited to filling out a web form21:37
_stink_which i guess is enough for them to call us until i tell them to stop21:37
_stink_which... i did in so many words21:37
rick_hheh "so many words...mostly of the four letter variety"21:39
cmaloney_stink_: Yeah, we still get contacted by a realtor that we met when I was working at Sourceforge21:44
cmaloneythey make their rounds and call to let us know if we're still in the housing market21:44
rick_hheh, those house folks don't mess around21:45
cmaloneythey have the tenacity of an Art Van salesperson21:45
cmaloneywho got a whiff of pleather-scented chum21:45

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