soeemamarley: new driver ?17:57
soee390.25 that is17:58
tjaaltonalways impatient?18:03
ricotz(literally not even 30 mins ago)18:09
mamarleysoee: Sure, I will package it.19:03
mamarleytjaalton: It's really OK, if he tells me when the new driver is released, I don't have to constantly poll to see when it is released.19:04
* mamarley is a software crack addict too, which is how he got to be on the GPU driver team in the first place.19:05
tjaaltonfair enough19:30
mamarleysoee: ricotz: 390.25 is up in the normal staging PPA.21:34
ricotzmamarley, nice, thanks21:38

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