chesedomorning all09:46
paddatrappermorning chesedo 09:51
chesedohow is it going paddatrapper?10:01
paddatrapperchesedo: good thanks. You?10:35
chesedopaddatrapper: great ty, began with studies again late last week10:42
paddatrapperchesedo: nice. I start in 2 weeks again10:47
* chesedo has to spark, it seems that one lecturer is expecting us to complete 16 chapters (at least 8 are revision) before the end of Feb - then we will also have nothing left for the rest of the semester10:53
chesedoi guess this means UNISA uses java for its student portal backend -> https://pasteboard.co/H59IDft.png10:59
MaNIthey use sakai11:01
MaNIhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sakai_(software) <- which is indeed Java11:02
paddatrapperchesedo: heh, good luck!11:08
paddatrapperUCT uses the same platform11:09
paddatrapperit's not too bad, but the wiki and some of the other modules leave much to be desired12:24
chesedooverall not too much, it is just slow, outdated (uses iframes everywhere) and the discussion module is not geared at distance learners - we do not really use the other modules12:44
paddatrapperyeah I don't use the discussion and chat modules, but that's largely because my classmates ask stupid questions12:59
MaNIhaven't used it lately, but at the time they switched over the old unisa portal was actually far superior IMO13:05
chesedoMaNI: really? when was that?13:40
MaNI2009 or so13:42
superflyBwahaha! <paddatrapper> yeah I don't use the discussion and chat modules, but that's largely because my classmates ask stupid questions21:49
paddatrappersuperfly: They go one about things that have been clearly layed out in 50 different emails...21:50
superflypaddatrapper: I hear you. Anyone with a little real world experience tends to be like that.21:51
superflypaddatrapper: what I meant was that most students can be a little shortsighted because they haven't lived in the real world yet21:52
paddatrappersuperfly: yeah that is true21:52
superflyBoth my brothers and I had a gap year before studying, and we all saw the lack of thinking from those straight out of school21:53
paddatrapperit's crazy. Just a little bit of reading and half the questions wouldn't be there21:53

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