akikjas4711: so the mini.iso is missing some install routine you need?00:01
backnforthBashing-om, giving up?00:01
akikoh he left00:02
Bashing-ombacknforth: Nope. awating to see what results booting the liveUSb .00:02
backnforthBashing-om, I told hoh00:03
backnforthyou told you, I don't know how to do what you asked for00:03
backnforthI'm not getting those results00:03
Bashing-ombacknforth: And I responded that to see the liveUSB boot options . hit any key soon as the firmware screen clears ..........00:04
backnforthwhat's the firmware screen?00:05
Bashing-ombacknforth: on the old legacy sytems would be eqivalent of the bios boot screen .00:06
backnforthis that the grub boot screen?00:07
Bashing-om!efi | backnforth00:07
ubottubacknforth: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI00:07
DeihmosIs the desktop in Ubuntu 17.10 gnome ?00:10
Bashing-omDeihmos: Default in 17.10 is wayland optional to boot Xorg .00:11
ramrebol_my wifi is working !!   thanks for your attention :)00:11
Dkeaglei just checked, when ubuntu server iso start, i say "install ubuntu server"00:11
Bashing-omramrebol_: You do good work :)00:12
Kon-Deihmos, yes, Ubuntu 17.10 uses GNOME00:12
DeihmosDidn't they say it would be gnome?00:12
DeihmosWhat happened to unity00:12
Dkeaglehere, all the iso you link to me say "install ubuntu" , it's not what i'm looking for00:12
Kon-Unity went away00:12
Kon-Bashing-om, he was asking about the desktop environment, not the window manager00:13
DeihmosI see. It looked a little more modern graphically00:13
Kon-Ubuntu's default GNOME theme looks very much like Unity's00:13
DeihmosWhere is the theme?00:14
DeihmosI just installed 17.10.100:14
backnforthBashing-om, I see boot from first hard disk whenever I don't boot uefi00:15
DeihmosOk I think I got it.00:15
DeihmosI wonder why they ditched unity.00:16
Dkeaglenobody here can give me the link to the mini iso to install ubuntu SERVER net install i386 ?00:16
backnforthit says boot failed00:16
akikDkeagle: sorry i don't remember what mini.iso install routine includes. what is it missing for your use case?00:17
Dkeagleakik, all the mini iso i found install normal ubuntu00:17
Dkeaglei need the one to install ubuntu server00:18
akikDkeagle: yea but is some raid or storage setup missing from it?00:18
akikDkeagle: for most purposes the desktop/server differences is just packaging00:19
Dkeagleseriously ? there's no difference ?00:19
akikDkeagle: there are differences but the kernel is the same and all the packages00:19
Dkeaglei'm gonna use the server with command line in ssh connection, nothing else00:20
akikDkeagle: so what is missing from the mini.iso?00:20
Dkeaglei'm just gonna put a ftp server and maybe host my private website on it00:20
Bashing-ombacknforth: Yuk. hate to say but this is now beyond my abilities as I have but limited experience with EFI systems :(00:20
Dkeaglethe thing is that i watch some videos about ubuntu server00:21
DeihmosShould I use the mvidia drivers ?00:21
Dkeagleand every install with ubuntu server iso start with "install ubuntu server"00:21
backnforthBashing-om, I might try Ubuntu 16.0400:21
Dkeaglehere, all the mini iso i got start with "install ubuntu"00:21
Dkeagleis it the same thing ?00:21
dingir_damnit how do i add a program to the panel00:22
dingir_theres no right click menu00:22
dingir_i have made a simple script /home/dingir/start.sh00:22
dingir_i want to add this as an icon to the panel on the left00:23
Bashing-ombacknforth: How new is your hardware ? - but I do endorse 16.04.1 for stability .00:23
akikDkeagle: i'm not sure what you need but for example this machine i'm using, i've installed it from the desktop iso but i'm using it "as a server"00:23
Dkeagleakik, the problem is that i have the "ubuntu 17.10.1 server i386", 751mo iso00:24
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Necmi have python2.7  python3.500:24
=== dbd97a48-8610-4a is now known as SysGhost
Necmhow i can use 3.500:25
Dkeaglewhen i launch it, it says "install ubuntu server"00:25
Dkeaglebut a can't burn that one on a 700mo CD00:25
Dkeaglei need the exact same thing, but in mini.iso version (~50 mo)00:26
akikDkeagle: try the mini iso that you were linked to, and if it doesn't satisfy your needs, ask again?00:26
[Ketchup]hi, are metapackages safe to remove?00:27
Dkeagleakik, tried it on a VM, it installed desktop ubuntu, not server00:27
Dkeaglei need the iso who says "install ubuntu server" when it's booted on00:27
DeihmosShould I use the Nvidia driver?00:27
akikDkeagle: ok i can't help you with that00:27
Dkeaglelooks like nobody can... Thanks anyway00:28
akikDkeagle: but you know, if you stop the login manager, you'll get a "server" login00:29
akikDkeagle: then you can configure the network interface in /etc/network/interfaces00:29
akikDkeagle: and all the packages will be the same00:30
akikfor example i have sshd, smbd, ftpd, stunnel servers on this "desktop" install00:30
Dkeagleakik, i"ll try to find a mini iso for ubuntu server, but if i don't find it i'll do that way00:31
Dkeagleor i need to find a way to burn 751mo on a 700mo cd...00:32
kk4ewtuse a dvd00:36
eaglgenes101The officially supported way of making a custom image seems to be "do what we did to make our image"00:37
eaglgenes101Hope you're ready to dive deep into the tools00:37
=== guadalinex is now known as Guest71951
krytarikWell tbh, they are either just a) burning the wrong image, or b) handling the right one wrong.00:40
skinuxWill someone please at least tell me if this is the wrong channel to ask about this? https://gist.github.com/skinuxgeek/382fba37f940ff0c58e09f1405f70da600:42
skinux##java is a programming help only channel and there is no channel for FrostWire00:42
eaglgenes101You can search channels via /msg alis LIST <keyword>00:45
eaglgenes101Unfortunately a quick search turns some seriously inactive channels00:46
eaglgenes101Good luck00:46
akikskinux: it says it there. you probably need sun's jre00:46
eaglgenes101The relevant channel is ##bittorrent, but it seems rather unpopulated00:46
akikskinux: luckily sun's jre install is pretty easy, unpack and set JAVA_HOME00:47
skinuxThank you. I'm downloading it now.00:56
Guest70Hey guys! I just installed ubuntu 16.04 (latest) on a fresh new laptop and unfortunately encountering errors. Hopefully someone can help me! Initially, I found that I can't shut it down normally, when I click to shutdown it freezes there and I end up having to press the power button on the laptop. Now when I try to boot it back up, when I enter my00:57
Guest70password, nothing happens! it stays on the background image00:57
Guest70If anyone has time, it would be much appreciated!00:57
jmg8766i'm trying to get a PyOpenGL to work on ubuntu 17.10 and I keep getting the error "Shader Syntax Error:  vertex 0:1(10): error: GLSL 1.50 is not supported. Supported versions are: 1.10, 1.20, 1.30, 1.00 ES, 3.00 ES, 3.10 ES, and 3.20 ES"01:05
Guest70Will stay in this chat for a few hours, hopefully someone can help me! ill tip a few $ in crypto01:07
notfalcohey guys, please , I want to install ubuntu encrypted but not using ALL my disk, is there an easy way to do this ?01:10
metastablenotfalco: Is this because there's already another OS on the disk?01:11
notfalcometastable: this is because maybe I'll want a dual boot later, but no ATM, so I want to leave unformatted space01:11
metastablenotfalco: What would the other OS be if you did dual-boot?01:12
Kon-notfalco, I would recommend managing your partitions before starting the installation process. Get your disks partitioned and formatted as you want, and then you can make sure Ubuntu installs in the correct spot01:13
notfalcoAnything that the same grub on /boot could boot01:13
notfalcoKon-: bot that wont make it encrypted, I already tried installing in a encrypted volume made with the installer and failed :( even leaving the /boot unencrypted01:14
metastablenotfalco: It most certainly can.01:14
amzHi, how can I select ubuntu version to which I want upgrade? I mean I have Ubuntu 14 and want exacly 16.04.2 (no .3 or higher etc)01:14
metastableamz: Why?01:15
amzbcecause i want this version, have software which only work on this version01:15
amzi will deploy digitalocean vps on ubuntu 14 and upgrade to 16.04.201:15
metastableamz: I find that... suspect. Who says it only works with 16.04.2?01:15
amzit dont work on 16.04.3 because of other lib versions etc01:16
metastableamz: Have you tested this?01:16
amzand this is most easy way01:16
amzis this possible to upgrade just to 16.04.2?01:16
metastableamz: It's not actually that easy. No, it's not possible.01:16
Guest70bro I cant even login with 16.0401:16
Bashing-omGuest70: At the login screen, key combo ctl+alt+F2 to gain a console interface, Login here with username and password . Then we see what we can do .01:16
Guest70or shut it down01:16
Guest70thanks bashing ill try that01:17
amzeven when 16.04.2 is still supported version?01:17
metastableamz: The 16.04 release as a whole is supported. There is nothing in the repos that indicates "this is point release 2."01:18
metastableamz: Is this your code, or someone else's?01:18
metastableamz: Please bear in mind that even if this WERE possible (and it's not), you would still have to worry about keeping the system up to date, which would break it anyway.01:19
amzi dont need update this :)01:20
amzjust need run it, dont care about details :P01:20
metastableamz: That kind of mentality is why I get paid so much money...01:21
Guest70Bashing-om When I press ctl+alt+f2 at the login screen, with no password entered, the whole thing freezes (cannot enter password or see the console)01:21
skinuxakik: Installing Sun java didn't resolve the issue01:22
Bashing-omGuest70: That suggest a bad install . How did you do the install medium ? Need to verify .01:23
Guest70Bashing-om I got the iso from the ubuntu official website, and put it on usb key with rufus01:25
Guest70brand new usb key too01:25
Guest70I could reinstall01:25
Guest70I set a 30gb partition for the install01:26
Bashing-omGuest70: check the .iso file: http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows . Then next is verify the USB .01:27
Bashing-omGuest70: 30 Gogs will be a bit tight, but will do for a starter .01:28
metastableamz: I don't know who told you that that doesn't work on .3, because I'm running it just fine on .3.01:29
Loshkiamz: perhaps here: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/16.04.2/01:30
metastableLoshki: He wants to use DO, you can't use your own images.01:30
metastableLoshki: And there's also no reason for him to use an old release.01:30
phillijwCan someone help me fix this docker file script? https://github.com/phillijw/ynab/blob/master/Dockerfile ... I'm getting error on the localedef line01:31
metastableLoshki: I'm EXTREMELY suspicious of any claim that a specific Ubuntu point release is required, because there's nothing that defines a point release other than "we're gonna package the last X months of security updates so people don't have to download them all."01:34
Guest70Bashing-om Thanks for the help, I can confirm that the MD5 is the same as showed here http://releases.ubuntu.com/16.04/MD5SUMS01:39
Guest70How would you suggest testing the usb key?01:39
Guest70Also, I found that using the command "certutil -hashfile MD5" on windows worked better, the ones listed in the article linked didnt work01:40
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backnforth_Bashing-om, Just tried with Ubuntu 16.04 since I read Linux Mint uses Ubuntu 16.04 but still the same error01:44
Bashing-omGuest70: Boot from the key, as soon as the firmware screen clears press the escape key ( real small window of opportunity here) -> language screen; escape key to accept the defaults -> boot options screen -> "check disk for defects" .01:44
Bashing-ombacknforth_: A fresh clean install of ubuntu 16.04 ?01:45
backnforth_Bashing-om, Yep, except I did updates01:46
backnforth_Bashing-om, the amdgpu-pro drivers might work better on this01:46
Bashing-ombacknforth_: Updates are good :) .. So remind me what means " but still the same error " .01:47
backnforth_Bashing-om, My game is giving graphics that are black and white but mostly black01:47
Bashing-ombacknforth_: perhaps, but maybe in small steps, as we do not KNOW that amdgpu-PRO has been backported to that series of cards .01:48
Bashing-ombacknforth_: Let's look and see what driver the installed installed for graphocs ' sudo lshw -C display ' . if it is "radeon" .. well I just do not know what else we can do .01:49
backnforth_Bashing-om, do you want me to get amdgpu-pro first?01:50
Bashing-ombacknforth_: No .. last time we did that .. we could not recover .01:51
KalElwhat does ubuntu add over debian?01:51
Guest70Bashing-om Alright done too, I got "Check finished: no errors found" Would've been surprised since its a brand new laptop too01:52
backnforth_Bashing-om, https://hastebin.com/ajaturezan.pl01:53
backnforth_Bashing-om, It says Ri 270/270 but I have an R9 27001:53
backnforth_stupid me lol01:53
backnforth_yeah that's right01:53
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Bashing-omGuest70: I am at a loss then as to why you can not progress past the login screen .01:55
Guest50696how have u been guys01:56
Guest70Bashing-om Ok thanks for the help still, Ill see if I can found a solution01:56
Guest70if anyone else see's this and helps me resolve ill give a tip01:57
Bashing-ombacknforth_: what kernel - uname -r '? As I am aware that amdgpu driver must be kernel 4.7 and above . As the installer did install radeon, - rather than amdgpu -  I am sceptical that any other will work .01:58
backnforth_Bashing-om, 4.13.0-32-generic02:00
backnforth_Bashing-om, I'm going to install linuxmint and try that again. I can give you system details of that if you want02:01
cfhowlett!mint | backnforth_ mint isn't supported or discussed in this channel because it is not ubuntu.02:02
ubottubacknforth_ mint isn't supported or discussed in this channel because it is not ubuntu.: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)02:02
backnforth_well I could pm it then02:02
Bashing-ombacknforth_: But .. mint we do not support .. will get no help here in that event . Mint does things we do not know about .02:03
backnforth_Bashing-om, that's fine.. I'm just looking for a gaming system that works at the moment. I won't come here then.02:04
cfhowlettbacknforth_, happily, mint does have a channel for you:  #linuxmint-help02:04
TrentPWhat is the name of Ubuntu's new experimental hypervisor designed to work like LXD but for actual real virtual machines?02:09
PxxxS_PxxxYis it still recommended to use acpi call to disable the discrete GPU ? As per https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HybridGraphics ?02:21
BigBallsBigCockI like Ubuntu02:22
* BigBallsBigCock uses Ubuntu 02:22
TrentP"multipass" in case anyone else is wondering, installable as a snap apparently02:23
cfhowlettchange your nick BigBallsBigCock - this is a family friendly channel02:23
User__I have a few terminal console opened but I cannot access them. Why? is it a bug?02:25
cfhowlettmore info needed User__02:26
User__The terminal consoles are in my menu bar on the left02:26
cfhowlettmultiple session?  or multiple tabs in the same console02:27
User__I click on them, but they don't open02:27
User__they show up as preview, but I am unable to access them02:27
User__When I press alt+tab, I can see them also, but when I click on any of them, the screen shows the desktop instead02:28
User__I think multisessions02:28
User__Several terminals02:29
phillijwtrying to convert a docker script from 15.04 to 16.04 and receiving this. Anyone know why? cannot create /etc/sudoers.d/docker: Directory nonexistent03:05
phillijwwhile running this: echo "docker ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL" > /etc/sudoers.d/docker03:09
metastableThe /etc/sudoers.d directory doesn't exist.03:09
phillijwyeah but like... why did 15.04 assume it existed and that worked but now 16.04 it doesn't exist?03:10
phillijwI guess waht I'm asking is .. is there an equivalent command that works in 16.04?03:10
metastablephillijw: I'm not sure, because the sudo package in 16.04 assumes the existence of that directory.03:10
phillijwAh.. maybe sudo isn't even installed? Hrmph03:11
metastableThat would explain it.03:11
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RoadRunner|2Not getting sound in youtube or in a flash player plugin in Firefox (sound from audio or video players is fine). Using Xubuntu 16.04 with latest software updates.03:47
phillijwRoadRunner|2: pretty sure I had same issues. I just used chrome instead (if you're looking for a quick easy "fix")03:48
cfhowlettI chromium-browser is also an option03:48
RoadRunner|2also, tied "ps -x | grep pulseaudio" with no improvement...03:49
RoadRunner|2I am used to firefox so, I'd rather figure this out if not too complex...03:50
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MegafHi all, does ubuntu has something like deb.debian.org?03:53
Megafa server side automatic mirror direction thing to the fastest mirror03:53
RoadRunner|2phillijw: here's what happened after I killed the problem process: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26481641/03:53
Megafbeen googling for a while already, it's a mess, that's why I'm asking03:53
RoadRunner|2cfhowlett: regarding chromium, isn't it developed by Google?03:56
cfhowlettit is.  just none of the google branding i.e. "opensource" google browser03:56
falcomI'm trying to "Try Ubuntu" using live usb. It prompt for username/pw. Using "ubuntu" and an empty password will blink (like it logon successfully) but will show the login screen again03:57
falcomwhat's wrong?03:57
RoadRunner|2cfhowlett: to me google is synonumous with "big brother" so I'd rather stay loyal to ff if I can :)03:58
cfhowlettin either case, use incongnito and review your privacy settings03:58
ballpenany rsync user over here?03:59
RoadRunner|2thank you for that option; I'll use it as a last resort; but I am puzzled why such a large team as in Firefox can't figure out what seems to be a common problem?04:00
RoadRunner|2cfhowlett: I am now wondering if Ubuntu people will refer me to #Firefox...04:01
krytarikMegaf: There is https://askubuntu.com/questions/37753/how-can-i-get-apt-to-use-a-mirror-close-to-me-or-choose-a-faster-mirror/37754#37754 , but it's based on location rather than fastest.04:02
Bashing-omMegaf: GUI way: http://ubuntuguide.net/how-to-select-the-fastest-mirror-for-ubuntu-download . CLI Way: https://blog.kmonsoor.com/ubuntu-update-apt-get-server-to-use-fastest-mirror/ .04:02
MegafBashing-om, so the answer is no04:03
RoadRunner|2phillijw: could I trouble you for another possible solution to the sound under Firefox problem?04:07
falcomon my ubuntu live, when i login, it's looping. anyone know the reason / solution?04:14
phillijwRoadRunner|2: i'm definitely not the person to ask!04:20
Bashing-omfalcom: This happen after a upgrade ?04:20
falcomthis is ubuntu live (cd/usb)04:21
falcomBashing-om: i was able to go to the tty after choosing "try ubuntu" (not installation). try to login via tty. i login successfully and it shows the usual prompt, but it will show the login prompt again04:23
hitman1sudo apt-get update is stucking at 93%.04:23
RoadRunner|2phillijw: any particular individual I should be hunting down on this?04:23
Bashing-omfalcom: I am unaware of any need to "log into" a liveDVD/USB . What is the use case here ?04:24
falcomBashing-om: i want to use the usual tools they offer in it, but to do that i have to login, and im stuck in the login screen04:26
hitman1Also I can't install anything - I am getting unable to locate <package-name>04:27
Bashing-omfalcom: Sorry, in all my years of using 'buntu and booting many liveDVDs many times ; I have never had the need to "log into" the liveDVD , I am having that difficulty following your thought process here ,04:29
ZythyrQuestion: I edited the fstab file and put "nofail" for my /home partition. This partition is "encrypted". During boot it doesn't mount the "/home" partition becasue I am guessing I didn't decrypt the partition. However, the moment I descrypt the partition by doing "cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda3 data", will Ubuntu try to mount the /home partition or will I have to do it manually?05:52
KalElhow do i list all unsigned drivers that are currently installed?06:00
lotuspsychjeKalEl: ubuntu-drivers list to see whats available06:00
GudduCan i connect to a client's network using Cisco VPN Client in ubuntu? (Currently that's how i do it in Windows)06:08
GudduDoes Ubuntu has Cisco VPN Client install?06:09
lotuspsychje!vpn | Guddu06:09
ubottuGuddu: For more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN06:09
GudduThanks lotuspsychje06:10
lotuspsychje!info network-manager-vpnc | Guddu you might need this aswell06:12
ubottuGuddu you might need this aswell: network-manager-vpnc (source: network-manager-vpnc): network management framework (VPNC plugin core). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.4-4 (artful), package size 107 kB, installed size 668 kB (Only available for linux-any)06:12
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Guest70Bashing-om Reinstalling fixed it, I'm not sure but it might be due to the position of the USB key, it was being slightly pushed by an object during first install. Now on another set of problem hahahah06:40
fishcookerwhen this warning "apt does not have a stable CLI interface yet. Use with caution in scripts." will be removed06:41
Bashing-omGuest70: :) progress made, one giant leap for Guest70 .06:41
Guest70hehehe yes, going forward is the key06:42
Guest70After installing a few programs, I dual booted back into windows to shrink the win partition to give more to ubuntu, when I launched ubuntu back after logging now I can only see background and mouse moving06:42
baymanI see this entry in my syslog, how do i find and remove the cron job?: Jan 28 22:10:01 limelight CRON[17695]: (www-data) CMD ([ -x /usr/share/awstats/tools/update.sh ] && /usr/share/awstats/tools/update.sh)06:42
Guest70Trying a few solutions online atm06:42
geirhabayman: It's probably in /etc/cron.d/ though there are multiple places it could be06:44
baymanoo i see awstats file in /etc/cron.d, do i just rm it?06:44
geirhayes, or rename it to something like awstats.disabled  to disable it06:45
geirhaIf the filename contains a '.', it gets ignored06:45
Bashing-omGuest70: Did you mess with the ubuntu partition(s) in any way ? - then verify /etc/fstab UUIDs per ' sudo blkid ' .06:46
Guest70Bashing-om I did not, I only shrinked windows partition (biggest one, not easy to be mistaken)06:47
dirgeableHi! Just installed ubuntu. I cannot see notifications in the top right, they are black on black. i tried to get this https://launchpad.net/notifyconf but on make install i get this error https://launchpad.net/notifyconf. is there a better way?06:47
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lotuspsychjedirgeable: wich ubuntu version?06:51
Bashing-omGuest70: Can not see how resizing just Windows could then have effected the ubuntu install .06:53
dirgeablehhm got it installed but not doing anything06:58
ZythyrI am creating partitions for Ubuntu install. I am going to have two partitions, one for system and one for home. Is there a general standard practice or rule of thmb if the SWAP partition should be the last partition or before the system partition?07:11
Guest70Bashing-om Likewise, I think it's a bigger issue, if this keeps happening I will have to dig deeper07:19
jusssdoes Wayland work with other de except gnome?07:19
Guest70Reinstalling once again07:19
bencchow much time it usually takes for choromium package to upgrade after chrome release?07:23
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ducassejusss: just kde. the de needs to be explicitly written to work with wayland, they won't automatically just work07:40
jusssducasse: does kubuntu 17.10 use wayland?07:42
jusssI found that vlc or florence doesn't work on wayland with gnome307:43
ducassejusss: not by default, at least07:43
jusssso I'm tring use kde07:43
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jusssducasse: there're only 'ubuntu' and 'ubuntu on Xorg' on the login page, what's 'ubuntu'?07:44
jusssI assume it is wayland, am I right?07:44
ducassei guess so, i don't use gnome myself so i'm not sure07:46
jusssducasse: what you're using07:47
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neurehow do i fix https://gist.github.com/anonymous/73cab9b4ac24889344b7286c629c8974 ?08:18
neureseems like /boot is full08:18
neurethere are multiple vmlinuz, initrd etc files there08:19
neurewhat is correct way to clean up /boot?08:19
RyoshiKayois the rm everything that you're not using iirc08:20
RyoshiKayorm everything that you're not using iirc *08:20
neurei'll try sudo apt autoremove08:20
neurethat made some room08:21
ducassedo _not_ manually rm things that are managed by apt, that's horrible advice08:21
neurehow do i fix broken packages?08:22
ducassebroken how?08:22
neurethe failed install left something broken (my paste link) and i now get The following packages have unmet dependencies:08:22
neure linux-image-extra-4.10.0-42-generic : Depends: linux-image-4.10.0-42-generic but it is not going to be installed08:22
ducassetry 'sudo apt install -f'08:22
RyoshiKayoAfter you install a kernel, is there anything you have to do other than update-grub?08:24
neureit did something08:24
neurenow update and upgrade is happy08:24
jinkRyoshiKayo: Normally, you don't even have to do that, apt-get will do it for you in the post-install steps.08:25
RyoshiKayoI'm trying to install 4.14.0-04140008:25
RyoshiKayoI'm getting an HDMI bug that seems to be the same with this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/173408408:26
ducasseRyoshiKayo: you don't need to update-grub manually, the packaging does it for you08:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1734084 in linux (Ubuntu) "Kernel Update Causes HDMI Port to Stop Working" [High,Confirmed]08:26
RyoshiKayosupposed to be in mainline 4.1408:27
RyoshiKayosupposed to be fixed in *08:28
RyoshiKayoman I can type08:28
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TheEagerPadawanHi gents, whenever i run some audio i only hear white noise. I don't know if the new kernel updates have something to do with it.08:39
snipermaxanyone can give me a turtorial of VIM?08:45
senapsno ifconfig in ubuntu anymore? i don't have it in 17.1008:46
TheEagerPadawan@snipermax: just typ vimtutor in a cli08:50
ikonia /win 708:52
nimda_Hi everyone, I am using ubuntu 16.04.3 and glusterfs 3.13. I am seeing a huge amount of futex calls and errors on the system and it takes all the cpu time. I am stuck and I can't release why this is happening08:53
Ben64looks like 16.04 comes with 3.7.608:54
JoeLlamaokay so like I installed the full ubuntu 16.04 on an intel atom 1.6 GHz with 2G RAM and it works pretty nicely but it is a little slow... still not bad.09:05
JoeLlamawhat are the two types of ubuntu that are good on slower machines with low ram?09:05
JoeLlamaand how do they differ from 16.04?09:05
daxlubuntu. some people add xubuntu to that list but xubuntu is not particularly designed to be low-resource-using09:05
daxlubuntu 16.04 and ubuntu 16.04 are the same base with different desktop environments09:06
dax(lubuntu is LXDE, ubuntu is unity (based on GNOME))09:06
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vijaikumarHi guys09:24
vijaikumarI have xubuntu 16.10 in one of my machines09:24
vijaikumarI think plug is officially pulled on it09:24
vijaikumarI can't update my apt cache09:24
vijaikumarI am trying to upgrade it to any newer version09:24
vijaikumarBut it keeps giving me errors09:24
ikoniajust explain the problem09:25
vijaikumarAny suggestions ?09:25
Guest51104show error with http://paste.ubuntu.com09:25
ikoniashare any errors in pastebin.ubuntu.com09:25
Guest51104ikonia :D09:25
ikoniaso - we told you to use pastebin.ubuntu.com and you use something diferent09:27
vijaikumarsudo do-release-upgrade09:27
ikoniavijaikumar: ok, so the error is clear09:27
ikoniayou can't go directly between those two versions09:27
Ben6416.10 had it's 'plug pulled' 6 months ago09:27
vijaikumarIs there anyway for me to atleast jump to 17.04 ?09:28
Ben6417.04 is dead now too09:28
vijaikumarSo the only solution is to reinstall then ?09:28
Ben64that's the best one09:28
ikoniawhy not just wait for the next LTS release09:29
dingir_i want to create a shortcut to /home/dingir/start.sh and that it runs it in a terminal09:29
dingir_how do i do that.. i used to right click create new and click "run in terminal"09:29
ikoniaand you should be able to move between them09:29
vijaikumarikonia: i can't install anything09:29
dingir_dont know how anymore.. using 17.1009:29
Ben64ikonia: 16.10 isn't lts09:29
ikoniaBen64: I've just twigged it was 16.10 not 04 he's on09:29
ikoniaused the name not the number09:29
Ben64i've never done an eol upgrade, let alone eol to another eol release, idk how those work out09:30
ikoniaits not something you want is it really09:30
dingir_any clue09:32
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strkErr:3 http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu zesty-security Release --  404  Not Found09:38
strkwhat happened ?09:38
strkis 17.04 already too old ?09:39
strkseriously ?09:39
* strk ignores Ben6409:39
Ben64answered questions accurately and get ignored for it09:39
strkok, didn't really ignore you, but was tempted - are you _really_ saying that 17.04 is too old ?09:40
strkguess it was my fault in using non-LTS version09:40
ubottuUbuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) was the 26th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on January 13th, 2018. See !eol and https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2018-January/000228.html09:40
Ben64non-lts releases have 9 months of support09:40
* strk tries do-release-upgrade and hopes for the best09:42
strkthanks Ben64, and sorry for not trusting you (I'm not a frequent visitor of this channel)09:42
strk2014 packages are going to be upgraded.09:44
strklet's go, 45 minutes of download estimated09:44
strklooks like it's going to "artful" (is that 17.10?)09:45
ubottuUbuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download at http://www.ubuntu.com/download - Release Notes: https://ubottu.com/y/artful09:45
ph88hey guys, i try to play a windows game with wine .. the game starts and i hear music but the background stays pink. Anything i can do about this ?09:46
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strkph88: join the wine users community and ask there (it is what I'd do)09:48
ph88are they on freenode ?09:48
dingir_im adding a .desktop file to /home/dingir/Desktop but icon wont show up and when i click it wont execute09:49
dingir_i did chmod +x on it09:49
dingir_whats so complicated creating a shortcut09:49
geirhasounds like it doesn't detect it as a desktop file, then09:51
ph88maybe logout login ?09:51
dingir_also where a good place to start i want to share my drives on network09:52
dingir_between linux box09:52
dingir_i looked for "network file system" but dont find09:53
hanabishiplease advice me about Download management or download helper09:55
ducasse!nfs | dingir_09:56
ubottudingir_: nfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.09:56
iulian_Hello did in Ubuntu dbus service org.mpris.clementine still exist ?10:00
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bca8Hi - what is the best way to hardering the sysme ?10:10
frostschutzbca8, cast it in concrete10:19
strkyou can see he did already10:20
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dingir_i have 2 hard drive that do not auto mount on boot10:32
dingir_i have to go to "other locations" in file browser and click on it for it to be mounted10:32
dingir_how do i make sure that these drives get mounted automatically at boot?10:32
hanabishigood bye eveyone10:34
hanabishii'm back10:34
BillD73dingir_: simplest way(GUI) would be disks program, use the "gear" icon after slelecting the drive and edit the mount options10:35
BillD73dingir_: http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/07/mount-partitions-automatically-ubuntu-14-04/10:35
BillD73i just loooked and GUI is pretty much exactly the same from 14 to 16  cannot tell you about 1710:36
strkdingir_: manual way would be (I think) to edit /etc/fstab10:37
zozohey guys, I have a strange behavior on my 16.04 box: I can make only a few keystrokes on my keyboard before it gets interrupted. Also in tty1 I'm constantly have ^@ character printed, even with unplugged keyboard10:37
dingir_ok thanks10:39
strkzozo: sounds like an hardware problem, can you try a livedvd or usb key to see if the problem (that one or similar) persists ?10:39
BillD73dingir_:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions This details command line mounting etc10:41
zozostrk, I've tried different keyboards, problem persists. But I've tried to drop into grub menu, -- cant say for sure if problem exists there, because grub menu does not allow me to print more than one char per key press10:41
zozojust truing to find entry point from where to start debug10:42
BillD73zozo: have you tried and alt tty?10:42
zozoBillD73, alt tty?10:43
zozowhat does it mean?10:43
strkalternative tty ? ALT-F2 ?10:43
zozowell, yeah10:43
zozothe same result10:43
strkdo you get the char printed there too ?10:43
strkbecause you mentioned "tty1" ..10:44
zozoyeah, right. sorry. so any of ttys are affected10:44
zozoand I think that any GUI apps also receiving this character, but since it's control char, it's invisible10:45
strkI suspect no app ever gets it10:45
strkand it's rather an output-only thing10:45
strksomething writing nulls to console10:45
zozobut I cant clear string via pressing backspace10:45
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strkright, because it's not an input10:46
BillD73zozo: Xserver is usually on tty6   so you can do CTRL ALT F1 login and try your keyboard out. if alls well then we can look into a wrong keyboard10:46
strkso it doesn't end in stdin buffer10:46
zozoI mean, only few chars will be wiped, and then cursor will stop10:46
strkare you in a framebuffer ?10:46
BillD73strk: try to put your details into one line.10:46
zozo"are you in a framebuffer ?" how can I check that?10:46
BillD73zozo: were the chars same in your alt tty? random inputs to console?10:49
zozotty1 constantly recive ^@ char. So other ttys. And if I'm typing -- all the text just mixed up. Like this : "login: ^@^@zoz^@o"10:51
BillD73zozo: ok10:51
zozobtw, this behavior not when I'm on ssh10:51
zozoonly physical presence10:52
strkzozo: that confirms the problem is with the "console", not with the tty - framebuffer you should be able to tell from `dmsg` (it's a kernel support to start console in framebuffer)10:52
zozook, let me check10:53
strkdmesg  | grep -i framebuffer # here I get: [    0.896960] efifb: framebuffer at 0xc0000000, using 8128k, total 8128k10:54
zozo vesafb: framebuffer at 0xc0000000, mapped to 0xffff998701800000, using 5824k, total 5824k10:55
BillD73strk: wont the framebuffer be independent of our differences in hardwares?10:58
BillD73hers mine     [    2.290175] vesafb: framebuffer at 0xd0000000, mapped to 0xffffabd400600000, using 1920k, total 1920k10:58
BillD73compact laptop keyboard with pad10:59
zozoso should I trace `vesafb` somehow?11:00
BillD73zozo: what kind of keyboard? locale language?11:01
zozoit's usb keyboard, but I was switching to another one11:02
zozoas about locale -- seems that doesn't matter11:03
zozolet me check11:03
zozoLANG=en_US.UTF-8 LANGUAGE=en11:04
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strkmaybe framebuffer doesn't matter though, as you see a character printed as if it was part of the *text* output stream11:04
strkis the character ^@ (usually representing a NULL) always printed where the cursor is ?11:05
zozoit continues even without keyboard at all11:05
strkdoes it stop if you unload USB related kernel modules ? (beware you'd get locked out)11:05
strk"it continues" means it also advances the cursor at every new incoming null ?11:05
zozoafter ALT+F1 I constantly see ^@ get printed, one char per second, approx11:06
strkand one near the other, till it wraps to next line ?11:06
strkas if it was actually sent by a keyboard11:07
zozodidn't wait so long.11:07
zozogoing to check line wrap and unload driver11:07
* strk suspects a bug in the keyboard driver (or onboard chip...)11:08
zozoso.. here are new info:11:09
zozoleft arrow gives me ^[[D11:09
strkthat's ok, expected11:09
zozoenter key press just do what it should -- new line11:09
zozoand ^@ are wrapping around after reaching end of line11:10
strkwell, at least long time ago it was expected, nowadays it doensn't do it for me anymore :>11:10
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zozoalso, keyboard was working fine (I mean without this bug) some time ago, week or so.11:10
strktry ^.11:10
zozoseems to be related to system update11:10
zozowhat should I expect?11:11
strk^@ printed11:11
strk(not sure about this one, but I remember having seen it)11:11
strkdid you try unloading the USB drivers ?11:12
strkI've sometimes saw ^@ (null) in logs when concurrent inputs arrived11:12
strkso for example could it be 2 different drivers are sending the input at the same time ?11:12
zozoctrl-. does nothing11:13
zozoctrl-/ wipes one cahr11:13
zozo"did you try unloading the USB drivers ?" not yet11:13
strkalso consider the liveDVD boot, so you get a different kernel and set of modules11:13
zozo"lsmod | grep usb" gives me "usbhid                 49152  0  hid                   118784  2 hid_generic,usbhid"11:14
zozoshould I unload all of them?11:14
BillD73zozo: no11:14
geirhawhat does echo "$TERM" output?11:15
geirhathere's your problem, then11:15
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geirhasomething's overwriting the TERM variable. Probably .bashrc11:16
zozohow can I check that its exactly that?11:16
multifractalIf there's some problem with one's Ubuntu installation, is it possible to use the USB stick to "repair" the installation i.e. re-install system files but keep user files from ~/ ?11:16
geirhazozo: you could try   PS4='+ $BASH_SOURCE:$LINENO:' bash -xlic ''   and see if you see TERM getting assigned at some point.11:17
zozois it some kind of tracing bash script?11:18
geirhathe -x enables xtrace mode, yes11:18
strkgeirha: you mean if I set TERM=xterm from a console I'd start getting ^@ chars printed ?11:20
xenoixMultifractal, when you boot ubuntu there should be an option to start in recovery. And try to fix it from there11:21
xenoixIt has worked for me multiple times11:21
zozothat's kind of weird statement, because on the other box i don't have such behavior with xterm set11:21
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multifractalxenoix: OK but is that the general principle of "recovery"? It should replace system files but leave the user documents alone?11:21
strkzozo: /etc/termcap would also have a role in that case I guess (but I'd ask geirha to argument)11:22
zozogeirha: so If i create new user with standard bash shell (without TERM reassignments) It would be possible to eliminate this hypothesis ?11:23
xenoixmultifractal. I'm by no means a linux "expert" but i usually just make a backup with the built in tool to another computer, then i do the updates on ubuntu and try to restart. If that doesn't work i do the upgrade command and try it all over.11:23
geirhaDifferent terminals have different escape sequences. While a subset of xterm will also work on the virtual consoles, others will cause weird behaviors11:23
zozothat strange, but I don't have /etc/termcap11:24
zozobut I do have files in "/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libtermcap.[a|so]11:25
geirhatermcap is old, terminfo is the new one11:26
xenoixDoes anyone know how to hide the disconnect and join messages, i'm using irssi11:26
geirhaxenoix: try #irssi11:26
xenoixThx gierha ^^11:27
* strk is old (as termcap)11:27
strkxenoix: smartfilter.pl is what I use (works great)11:28
zozoguys, I don't know if ti's enough: I've changed TERM=rxvt in .zshrc jsut to check11:29
zozo^@ still there. Should I reboot?11:30
strktry TERM=linz11:30
strkbut make sure you enabled those traces, in case something overrides that TERM11:30
strkTERM=linux (sorry11:31
geirhazozo: you should not modify TERM from the shell at all. It's the terminal emulator that sets TERM to indicate what capabilities it has11:31
xenoixGeirha, #irssi helped me thanks11:32
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xenoixHi ^^11:33
__robI have a server running on 16.10 yakkety and it has slowly become more important then originally intended11:33
__robstarting to have problems finding packages for it too11:34
zozogeirha: what is the right way to change TERM to linux?11:34
__robwhat is the easiest path to upgrade this to the latest LTS version11:34
__robdo-release-upgrade doesn't work atall to artful11:34
geirhazozo: to remove the overwriting of it from the shell's rc files11:34
__roband It wouldn't have been an LTS version11:35
BeforeClickdoes anyone know a tutorial on how to install metasploit that doesn't require additional PPAs?11:37
ErayaydinHello, when I use `nc -l 80` its not work. But if I use `nc -l -p 80` its work. Is there any change in nc?11:38
Erayaydinwhat I cant use only -l11:38
ErayaydinI remember its work before11:38
zozogeirha: I've checked this PS4 trick and didn't find any TERM reassignment11:38
geirhaErayaydin: there are different implementations of nc with slightly different syntax11:39
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geirhazozo: I assumed you were using bash, but apparenly you used zsh11:39
Erayaydingeirha: is this because of distro or netcat self?11:39
zozogeirha -- you're right, but i don't know how did you..11:40
zozoI've switched back to bash, but still problem is here11:41
zozowhich driver should I unload to check it?11:41
geirhaErayaydin: apt search ^netcat    there's -traditional and -openbsd, you're probably used to the other one than the one you currently have installed11:42
strkgeirha: for a test, shouldn't setting TERM back to linux manually work ?11:42
strkzozo: see if that helps before moving on ^11:43
JoeLlamaok thanks dax (delayed response)11:44
zozostrk: no luck11:53
zozowhich module could I remove?11:53
strkdid you check it is not overridden ?11:57
zozoyes, i did11:58
zozoin all this output I do not see any appearance of TERM11:59
__robusing this answer to upgrade12:02
__robcommented out the lines in the python upgrade script12:02
__roband it now finds zesty, problem now is it errors calculating the upgrade12:02
strkzozo: echo $TERM # still gives you "linux" ?12:03
zozoseems like deadend12:04
__rob"Can't install 'xubuntu-core' "12:04
zozoI don't want to reinstall whole system because of that12:04
strkif you have a way to hard-reboot you could try the unload *all* usb modules12:06
zozoyeah, I can reboot it via button12:06
__robthats the last lines of my apt upgrade log for anyone that might be able to help me https://pastebin.com/3pjMKpCi12:06
zozohow can I get a list of all usb modules?12:06
__robfrom /var/log/dist-upgrade/apt.log12:06
strklsmod | grep usb12:07
strkanother idea could be checking who has /dev/console open - fuser /dev/console - check out fuser `tty`12:10
zozoalso, I've tried old keyboard, analog one. and I can't plug it. I mean, it doesn't work12:14
BillD73zozo: I believe you have to boot with analog keyboard connected12:16
zozoanother box works fine with hotplug12:16
zozobut I can check12:16
strk"analog" means non-usb ?12:16
BillD73zozo: lucky you, i never had any luck doing that lol12:17
strkmaybe that's how you broke the keyboard hardware ?12:18
zozono, it's different machines12:18
strkso that it now sends unknown power signals translated to ^@ in your console output ?12:18
strkah, "pity" (for the debugging of problem)12:19
zozostrk: yeah, I still have this ^@ chars12:19
zozogoing to check 2 things: unload usb drivers, and install another one kernel12:19
BillD73zozo: are you ssh in to machine producing ^@ ?12:21
strkBillD73: nope (he already said)12:22
strkzozo: also check TERM in your ssh sessions12:22
zozossh session TERM is linux12:23
zozogoing to unload modules12:23
strkone more point for geirha idea of it being dependent on TERM ...12:23
BillD73zozo: I would ssh in from working machine, unload the module usbhid , unpug the usb keybrd, shutdown via sudo shutdown, wait 10 or 15 secs, plug usb keyboard back in, boot and try again12:23
zozowell, I've unloaded module12:24
zozobut without unplugging12:25
BillD73zozo: if the kyboard fails to respond, ssh in and check  the lsmod | grep usb and see if it loaded usbhid again during boot12:25
oerheksor walk over there, plug in your keyboard you are working on, etc etc12:26
BillD73something is corrupting something somehwhere.12:26
zozoso here is what I did: ssh from another machine, unload usb modules, and checked tt1: The ^@ are still there12:26
zozo"something is corrupting something somehwhere."!!! you're rught!!12:26
BillD73i just hotswapped my usb wireless keyboard with a usb wired on my tower and had no issues12:26
zozoso, we are out of ideas, right?12:27
BillD73zozo: thought12:27
BillD73zozo: how old is the kybrd and do you eat around it? clean it regularly?12:28
BillD73"gamer" kybrds tend to get a lot of skin oils built up around the actuator12:29
BillD73and dust lol12:29
zozoBillD73: I've tried another one -- result the same12:29
zozoand another one is working one12:29
zozoalso ^@ repeating even without keyboard (with unplugged) so I don't think that problem is in dirty keyboard12:30
zozojust trying to understand what are layers between actually typing and displaying chars there12:30
zozoI've read TTY demystifying some time ago, but don't think that it could help me here12:30
zozodemystified -- sorry12:31
xenoixI had the same problem a couple of weeks ago.... Grabbed the latest updates and everything worked... I have no idea why zozo12:33
xenoixzozo: which shell are you using?12:34
zozobash \ zsh12:34
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strkzozo: you mentioned ^@ also appears when you *unplug* the keyboard, didn't you ?12:35
BillD73zozo: seen a bug report for it as well just, diff character "5". also have you tried disabling keyrepeat in gui or bios?12:35
strkso how much food you keep in your keyboard is irrelevant12:35
BillD73strk:  yeah I missed that part12:36
xenoixstrk: haha12:36
zozostrk: yeah, ^@ continues with and without keyboard12:37
BillD73zozo: though those bug rprts were for wireless logitechs12:37
zozo"keyrepeat in gui or bios" -- I was playing with keyboard's repeat time and dely time or what do you call that settings.12:39
zozoit just changes number of characters I can get just pressing any key12:39
BillD73kbdrate yeah12:39
zozook, so I gonna do full upgrade12:39
BillD73zozo: test.  open a windowed term and then another window, say a picture. resize where you can see both and then take focus away from term by click pic window12:40
BillD73watch term and see if it continues inputting ^@12:41
oerhekschange it back then .. really, is it so hard ?12:41
BillD73oerheks: lol12:41
oerhekswait, trolls always come up with something they did but didn't mention before.. and ignore it right after they mention it..12:41
zozoBillD73: ^@ only in tty12:42
zozonot in emulated12:42
* oerheks wanders off12:42
zozoxenoix: what was your updates which fixed that?12:44
ang310hi all I would like to Add custom color to directory listings.12:46
ang310I have created a .dircolors folder12:47
ang310and throw in there a theme for directory listings12:47
ang310then 'source .bashrc' but nothing seems to happen12:47
ang310anyone has a suggestion?12:47
jamiIs there something wrong with the ubuntu 17.10 repos? I just tried to update my lists but some server are not available? E: Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux/linux-libc-dev_4.13.0-31.34_amd64.deb  404  Not Found [IP: 80]12:48
deemjami: nope. working fine here12:49
BluesKajHiyas all12:50
oerheksjami, old verion, current sec update is 4.13.0-32.35 https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=artful&keywords=linux-libc-dev12:50
gandrusjacopocome stronzi12:50
BillD73zozo: do as oerheks mentioned, put your kbdrate back to what is was before hand and try it again12:51
metastable export BYOBU_CHARMAP=UTF-8 ; . ~/.bashrc12:51
metastableSorry about that.12:52
oerheksjami, if update errors persist, change mirror? or wait a few minutes, this could be a mirror getting updates12:52
jamioerheks: it was a docker image issue :) docker pull and the lists where up to date12:56
barcodehi. i have a question regarding ubuntu 18: will versions of included packages change for the final release? (e.g. cmake is 3.9 at on the nightly. will it be 3.10 on the final release)12:56
al2o3-cris it right to put xinput commands in .xinitrc?12:56
akikal2o3-cr: if it works, it's right12:57
al2o3-crakik: it's not working though, i have to issuse sh .xinitrc when logged in12:57
akikal2o3-cr: although i think the correct file now is either .xsession or .xsessionrc12:58
akikit's changed from year to year12:58
al2o3-crakik: ok i'll try them thanks.12:58
sadtacoHow do I run a script at startup if I'm running a system headless so there isn't actually a user logging in until SSHing in?13:01
=== aa is now known as Guest89704
zozoBillD73: changing the rate is not affecting ^@ presence13:02
akiksadtaco: you can put the commands into /etc/rc.local and run: sudo chmod +x /etc/rc.local13:02
zozoI will try later load from livecd13:02
sadtacoOh. And that can be pointed to execute something in the user's directory and it should execute it fine, yeah?13:03
sadtacoFor some reason I thought that only ran on login13:03
akiksadtaco: you can use a command like "su - username -c command"13:03
akiksadtaco: if the command requires tty access you might need to use "nohup command &" to handle it13:04
akiksadtaco: i.e. the command stays running but doesn't become a daemon itself13:05
barcodeare ubuntu 18 package versions already frozen (the schedule is after FeatureDefinitionFreeze but before FeatureFreeze)? if ubuntu 18 package versionss are not frozen, where can i request for a package to be updated for the final release?13:06
sadtacoWell who executes /etc/rc.local?  If I chmod +x my bash script in user directory, it should execute it fine, no?13:06
akikbarcode: support in #ubuntu+113:07
akiksadtaco: root13:07
sadtacoWell then yeah. Alright13:07
BillD73zozo: ok  sorry, Im at a loss.  The only tiem i ever experienced this as a with a logitect wireless keyboard and mouse connecting to a IR via usb on win Xp pro years ago.  unplugged the USB section turned of board and mouse, swapped batteries, pulgged in and turn on and it was fixed, but thisis not oyur case since your using a wired usb keyboard13:07
zozoBillD73 thanks anyway13:09
zozoI'm gonna try further13:09
dingir_quick question..13:10
dingir_how comes "sudo passwd root" allows me, as a normal user, to change the root password?13:10
dingir_if i add another account someone could change my root password?113:10
BillD73dingir_  have you used zudo and supplied root password in the current session?13:11
BillD73err sudo13:11
dingir_no, sudo passwd root asks for my user password13:11
dingir_i enter my login passowrd, then it asks for NEW UNIX password13:11
akikdingir_: the command "sudo passwd root" literally means, use the root account to change root user's password13:12
BillD73dingir_:  that seems normal to me.  you had to supply sudo password first13:12
dingir_so anyone with sudo access can change the root password?13:12
BillD73dingir_ so long as they now the root password13:13
wrq7253anyone with (unrestricted) sudo access *is* root13:13
dingir_if i add an account for "user1" with password "user1234" then user1 can run "sudo passwd root" and enter "user1234" as password to change the root password....13:13
akikdingir_: don't give other users full sudo access but limit them to only the commands you want them to run as root13:13
dingir_hrm confused a bit but ok13:13
dingir_i find it odd i could changer the root password with my login password13:14
akikdingir_: sudo configuration can limit everything a user can do13:14
wrq7253BillD73: they don't even need to know the root password: sudo sh -c "echo root:root | chpasswd"13:14
akikdingir_: by default ubuntu lets the initial user run all commands as root13:14
fallingauhey i seem to be having an issue with ubuntu's firewall ?13:21
fallingauinstalled gufw, run it and nothing ever pops up13:22
fallingausudo ufw status shows inactive but for some reason deluge seems to be getting blocked13:24
=== mkv is now known as m4v
oerheksfallingau, sudo ufw enable # should enable it13:32
=== mkv is now known as m4v
oerhekson 17.10 the Gufw tool is not visible, i noticed, like synaptic :-(13:36
fluriI have the following problem: I wanted to format my pendrive using the disk application. Unfortunatly, I accidently selected the wrong disk and erasing partitions. I, accidentally, deleted two partitions on my main disk. I am wondering now what partitions I deleted. There are still two big partitions/logical volumes (containing the actual data) intact. They are labeled as LUKS (which seems to be the encrypted file system) and LVM2 both 13:37
fluriThe disk itself is 256G13:37
akikoerheks: is it the problem with sudo apps in wayland?13:37
fluriso, the partitions I removed have 1G13:37
oerheksakik, synaptics is a known issue, on fedora/wayland too, they are working on it13:38
oerheksnow gufw is new to me13:38
fluriI am wondering now what kind of partitions these were (the swap partition is the only one which comes into my mind) and whether I am able to recover it without reinstalling ubuntu13:38
oerheksrecovering accidental deleted luks partitions, oh dear ..13:38
flurido you know which other partition is missing @oerheks?13:40
oerheksthe / = root and /home/ i guess13:40
fallingausorry, reset my router heh. ufw is inactive and port forwarding is active on router side but deluge is showing port open, then port blocked 2 min later13:42
fluri@oerheks: but isn't the root and the home the big partition with the actual data?13:43
fluricouldn't it be boot and swap (since it's only 1G that was freed)13:43
oerheksfluri, restoring those partitions, especially luks, can be hard to do, i would boot up a live iso, install extundelete, and see wht it brings, formatting should not zero the data > http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/xenial/man1/extundelete.1.html13:44
fallingaui guess im question is really: is there anything ubuntu wise as to why the ports that show open get closed after about 5 seconds. only having this issue with this system. all other items on the network have no issue13:45
sadtacoughhhh I keep not being able to ssh in and keep having this computer going down.13:45
oerheksand did you use full encryption, or just your home?13:45
flurifull encryption. But I am still on the machine13:46
fluriI am backing up the data right now13:46
oerheksgood start.13:47
oerheksfallingau, sudo ufw enable # should enable it, see it it works and stays open?13:51
fallingauoerheks, ahh so you mean that without the firewall enabled that the ports are getting shut off ?13:54
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fallingauhave enabled the firewall, downloads picked up for a second and then stopped again13:55
oerheksfallingau, oke, then i have no clue :-(13:56
fallingauon the bright side, my torrent is almost finished13:56
fallingauutorrent'd it on my phone while trying to figure this out lol13:57
strkafter upgrading from 17.04 to 17.10 the indicator applet nevershows ethernet connection being active13:59
strkrather it sticks with the empty wireless icon (I disabled wireless)14:00
fallingauoh well. figure it out another time. thank you for the help oerheks, much appreciated dood ^_^14:00
eddiedb, I'm trying to fix it now Stan14:01
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kirillowI installed 17.10 on a ThinkPad x270 and I have the following problem: Ubuntu boots only exactly every other time. It boots. I shut it down. I start again. Black screen. Hold power button. I start again. It boots. Repeat. Incidentally I have the same problem on an older acer aspire 1. it is driving me nuts and I can't find anything on that online.14:07
kirillowin both cases Im using grub. in both cases only ubuntu is installed14:08
Exterminadorstupid question: can I block a certain program from accessing other than just localhost and listen in any of the available IP addresses?14:13
akikkirillow: have you modified the kernel acpi configuration? TJ- has created a script which digs out the latest value that is used by windows to control the acpi subsystem and it adds the same setting for grub14:15
sadtacoI'm seemingly having trouble with 16 booting myself.14:15
sadtacoAnd it's on a desktop.14:15
kirillowakik: (not sure I understand) I haven't modified a thing. It's a fresh install on both machines. And it's the same after multiple reinstalls..14:16
jussshow I can disable the on-screen keyboard? it always pop up when I open something there's a input frame14:16
akikkirillow: acpi is advanced configuration and power interface which laptop manufacturers design with windows in mind14:17
jusssI try in settings- univsal access, turn it off, and it doesn't work14:17
akikkirillow: for linux you have in some cases tell the laptop how to use acpi14:17
kirillowakik: and there's a script i can run to do that?14:17
akikkirillow: yes14:18
kirillowakik: where?14:19
akikkirillow: can't find it right now. hold on14:19
sadtacoLooks like one of my GPU connections or something is faulty, or xorg config. Could be BIOS too but I don't think so.14:20
kirillowakik: Thanks!14:21
akikkirillow: it basically just reads the acpi dsdt table "sudo strings /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/DSDT | grep -i windows" then gets the latest windows label14:21
BillD73jusss: ubuntu version?14:22
akikkirillow: then it adds GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="acpi_osi=\"Windows 2009\" in /etc/default/grub14:22
jusssBillD73: 17.10 gnome14:22
akikkirillow: after a sudo update-grub and a reboot that new value is active14:22
john_ramboI am getting this error while running apt-get update >>> https://paste2.org/4YFMLD6X14:24
akikkirillow: can't understand why i can't find the link for you since he refers to it very often here :)14:24
BillD73jusss: https://askubuntu.com/questions/965250/on-screen-keyboard-popping-up-whenever-i-touch-screen/967831#96783114:24
jusssBillD73: I wonderful if I can just remove the caribou thing?14:28
oerheksjohn_rambo, likely it is line 13: Mirror sync in progress?14:28
oerhekswait a few minutes and try again?14:28
roscois there a way to open a shell during the install of ubuntu 16.04.3? none of the ctrl+alt+fx gives me a shell.14:28
BillD73jusss: couldnt say   no exp with the touchscreens14:28
john_rambooerheks, Presently running "Select best mirror"14:29
jusssBillD73: ok14:29
oerheksrosco, no, Terminal emulator (GUI terminal) is available only in the Try Ubuntu mode, not when installer is running.14:29
shyanybody Chinese14:29
shyexcuse me14:30
kostkon!cn | shy14:30
ubottushy: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw14:30
Aniaris there a packaging or i18n-specific ubuntu channel?14:31
dingir_what does it mean "mkdir -p"14:33
oerheks!packaging | Aniar, join #ubuntu-packaging or see:14:34
ubottuAniar, join #ubuntu-packaging or see:: The packaging guide is at http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/ - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports and !sponsoring14:34
akikdingir_: you can create all the subdirectories with one command "mkdir -p a/b/c/d/e/f14:34
dingir_thank you14:35
Aniaroerheks: thanks!14:35
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strkmoving windows with alt-drag broke too :(14:41
strkah,"super" key works, great14:42
akikof course it needed to be changed, because of change(?)14:42
oerheksit has been ctrl+super for ages ..14:43
strkI always used alt14:47
strkyeah, change for change sucks14:47
strkis the disappearing of cable-connection icon in indicator applet another such change ?14:51
strkyou know the two arrows (up and down)?14:51
strkreplacing the wireless signal strenght icon, when connected via cable14:52
deemstrk: you can chnage it back to move windows with alt. i'm moving my windows with alt too. (if you're talking about gnome)14:53
strkI think it's gnome, yes14:54
strkany not-changing-for-change keystrokes to pop-up a desktop version ? :)14:54
deemstrk: nothing i'm aware off, but if it's a default installation of 17.10 it's gnome14:57
localhost_Türk varmı14:58
jusssis 32bit ubuntu better than 64bit ubuntu when I run it on a chip cpu of 64bit with a merroy less than 2GB?14:59
strkpretty much a default installation yes14:59
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jussshi there, I found my ubuntu is stuck in login page, I mean when I put the user and password in it, and click ok, then it pop the login page again, I cann't get into the system15:10
jusssI have tried restart gdm in tty, that still happens15:10
jusss17.10 gnome15:11
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EriC^jusss: try checking the ownership of the file ~/.Xauthority15:13
EriC^it should be owned by your user and read writable15:13
jusssok, wait a sec, I will boot it15:14
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dreamscapeHi all, got a Ubuntu 16.04 (MATE) install here which i'd like to encrypt the data on (not just home, full disk) how can i do this after install? (I'm also dual booting with Windows 10 not sure if that effects anything?)15:15
jusssEriC^^: aha, it is owned by root15:16
EriC^^jusss: cool, sudo rm it and try logging in15:18
leftyfbdreamscape: you don't. You need to do that at install time15:20
oerheksFF58 in updates15:24
jusssEriC^^: still that15:24
jusssEriC^^: should I re-install gnome?15:25
oerheksjusss, maybe your system is not wayland compatible, choos xorg from loginscreen, next to your user name15:25
jusssoerheks: I trie 'ubuntu' and 'ubuntu on Xorg' both15:26
Tobahow do I configure ubuntu 17.10 to not try to use wayland?15:26
TobaIs there a config file I can edit and then reboot?15:26
Tobathe issue is, that my screen is so glitchy that I can't even navigate UIs15:26
jusssToba: choose it on the login page15:27
TobaPics/video of glitches are posted here - https://twitter.com/toba/status/95727028191093145715:27
Tobawhich part of the UI is it? I literally can't read text15:27
Tobaon my screen, mostly15:27
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nicomachusToba: there should be a litle icon at the top-right corner of the user/password box15:49
jusssEriC^^: I check the log via journalctl, and I found it is unable to read ICE authority file ~/.ICEauthority, so I delete it too, now I can get into the system15:50
nicomachusis there a way to find the file location of the icon that an app is using for the dock?15:50
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iorianicomachus, should tell  the  .dekstop file in /usr/share/applications... so   , something like : grep Icon  /usr/share/applications/myapp.desktop |  cut -f2 -d= | xargs locate | grep my_theme    ; e.g.      grep Icon  /usr/share/applications/gedit.desktop |  cut -f2 -d= | xargs locate | grep Humanity16:02
nicomachusioria: what if it's a snap?16:05
rlangford77Hi.  I'm aware of https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/locator/ec2/ to find cloud images (for aws, specifically).  I'm wondering, is there also an SNS topic that announces AMI publish events as well?16:05
nicomachusioria: I installed the Spotify snap and the icon is super pixellated compared to everything else on the dock. it wasn't like that before, when I had spotify installed via deb. and I'm using an icon pack so I can't figure out why it would be different anyway.16:06
nicomachusand there's no spotify.desktop file in /usr/share/applications/16:06
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qwebirc52564Hello, I'm having a problem killing a process (mplayer) accessing a remote file via sshfs, but the sshfs terminated abnormally.  Even after I killed the associated sshfs/ssh processes, it still does not allow me to kill mplayer even with SIGKILL - is this a linux kernel bug or a FUSE/sshfs bug?16:16
deemqwebirc52564: in which state is the process "D"?16:17
deemi mean, is it in state "D"?16:17
qwebirc52564deem:  /bin/ps -eFwwH output is as follows:mythbun+  1361  2256  0 45034 31428   3 Jan27 pts/4    00:04:14             /usr/bin/mplayer -quiet -softvol -softvol-max 10000 -quiet -cache 32768 -noconfig all -ao alsa:noblock:device=hw=0    /...[PATH-TO-SSHFS-FILE]...16:20
deemqwebirc52564: yea. that's not helpfull. "ps faux | grep mplayer" in a pastebin would be helpfull16:21
qwebirc52564deem:  output of "ps faux | grep mplayer" does NOT show the mplayer process.  it is short, so here:  mythbun+ 24193  0.0  0.0 119044  1036 pts/39   S+   16:13   0:00      |           \_ grep mplayer16:23
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MoPacHello. I'm confused since GTK 3.2 about what actually needs to be put into a gtk.css config file in order to set a minimum scrollbar width. The microscopic scrolbars are a real problem for me, but the old methods are deprecated. The reference says to modify the slider element, but I can't actually find the syntax for doing that.16:25
deemthat's strange. it should show the process. you can check the state of the process also with top: "top -p 1361"16:27
qwebirc52564deem:  sorry, I posted wrong command output - mplayer shows up correctly.  it is short, so here:  mythbun+  1361  0.1  0.2 180136 31428 pts/4    D+   Jan27   4:14      |       |   \_ /usr/bin/mplayer -quiet -softvol -softvol-max 10000 -user-agent Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:10.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/10.0 -quiet -cache 32768 -noconfig all -ao alsa:noblock:device=hw=0 /...[PATH-TO-SSHFS-FILE]...16:29
deemqwebirc52564: as i thought. if it's in state "D" it's waiting for I/O. In your case this I/O will never arrive, cause the sshfs connection broke down. I never experience a case where this will be solved by itself and i don't know any other way than rebooting the machine to fix this16:31
cschneidCan somebody give me the one-line pitch on what systemd is? Seems to be an init system + a bunch of other stuff?16:32
qwebirc52564deem:  that was what I suspected would be the case.  I really wish SIGKILL lived up to its name, and that it kills the process immediately or within a reasonable amount of time, regardless of circumstances...  Does that mean its a bug in the linux kernel or sshfs or FUSE or is my understanding of SIGKILL not correct?16:33
deemqwebirc52564: as far as i know this is the expected behaviour for processes waiting for I/O16:35
deemqwebirc52564: if they're waiting for I/O there is no way killing them. maybe someone knows how to kill them anyways, but to me there is no other way than to reboot, as i said previously16:36
qwebirc52564deem:  I see.  I have a follow-up question.  If that blocked mplayer process has a lock on the audio device, is there a way to release that lock so that other processes (including another mplayer process) can access the audio device and thus play audio?16:37
deemqwebirc52564: my knowledge about audio under linux is limited, so i'm afraid i can't answer this question16:38
TJ-qwebirc52564: is the sshfs still showing as mounted with "mount" ? If so, you could try "sudo umount --force" ?16:40
qwebirc52564deem:  This might be more of a process-file-release question rather than specific to audio.  lsof shows that mplayer has the audio device open, so is there a way to get processes to release/close that file, relevant lsof output is as follows:  mplayer 1361 mythbuntu    7u   CHR              116,3      0t0     17084 /dev/snd/pcmC0D0p16:42
TJ-qwebirc52564: A process is in TASK_UNINTERRUPTIBLE (ps shows as D - uninterruptable) because it had locks on vital I/O data-structures and is waiting on the I/O to complete. Back in 2008 TASK_KILLABLE was added but even now not many sub-systems have been able to move to it because of the nature of incomplete I/O16:43
auronandaceTJ-: just to let you know hans__ in ##linux was looking for you earlier. he wanted to thank you for helping him with UEFI16:44
iulian_Hello, did Clementine mpris it's disabled ?16:44
qwebirc52564TJ-:  I already killed the sshfs/ssh procesess and restarted a new sshfs to the same remote system.  Unfortunately, I cannot access audio anymore - and I hate to have to restart the computer simply because a hung/blocked mplayer process will not release the audio device.16:44
TJ-auronandace: thanks  for the update :)16:45
iulian_qdbus org.mpris.clementine16:46
iulian_    Service 'org.mpris.clementine' does not exist.16:46
qwebirc52564TJ-:  So, would that mean that it is a bug in mplayer for still using the older TASK_UNINTERRUPTIBLE instead of using the relatively newer TASK_KILLABLE ?16:46
qwebirc52564or would it mean that it is a bug in some linux-kernel subsystem?16:48
TJ-qwebirc52564: no, those are kernel states due to the I/O functions the process called16:48
qwebirc52564TJ-:  so, are there newer IO system calls that allow the process to be in TASK_KILLABLE rather than TASK_UNINTERRUPTIBLE ?  I'm just trying to figure out if this is a bug in mplayer, or linux kernel , or sshfs/fuse or ...  some combination of them?16:49
TJ-qwebirc52564: effectively, the user-space process tries to do some I/O operation, say a read(), and whilst the kernel I/O sub-system is dealing with it the underlying device 'disappears' or fails to respond, just as the code path entered a critical section where the I/O data structures are in-between states and there's a lock held. Because the I/O can't complete nor back-out, it's stuck. If it were 'killed'16:50
TJ-then it could leave the kernel in an unstable state16:50
TJ-qwebirc52564: it's not a bug as such, it's a result of the way the I/O sub-system operates, which is often dictated by the underyling hardware16:51
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qwebirc52564TJ-:  if it is not a bug, is it likely a design flaw in the linux kernel and/or SSHFS/FUSE IO subsystem?  or is it because of of older/deprecated features (TASK_UNINTERRUPTIBLE) rather than newer features (TASK_KILLABLE)?  Because the resulting behavior is certainly frustrating to people who rarely shutdown/reboot their machines...  And seems like, I am forced to do this just because that blocked mplayer process has a lock on the 16:56
TJ-qwebirc52564: the issue is in FUSE. I see there was a patch proposal in 2013 to switch to TASK_KILLABLE but don't see anything came of it16:59
qwebirc52564TJ-:  I see.  One last follow-up question before I give up on this and finally resort to rebooting...  Is it possible to force that blocked mplayer to release that audio device so that other processes can play audio?  Again, the relevant output of lsof is as follows:      mplayer 1361 mythbuntu    7u   CHR              116,3      0t0     17084 /dev/snd/pcmC0D0p17:00
TJ-qwebirc52564: interesting question!17:01
TJ-qwebirc52564: there is a way, but it is 'very' hackerish - using the debugger gdb to attach to the process and then call close() on the file descriptor17:03
qwebirc52564actually lsof shows that mplayer has that file open twice, one in 'mem' CHR type, and another in descriptor 7u:mplayer 1361 mythbuntu  mem    CHR              116,3              17084 /dev/snd/pcmC0D0p17:04
TJ-qwebirc52564: if you do "ls -l /proc/>PID-of-mplayer/fd/" and identify the FD number for the sound device first17:04
TJ-qwebirc52564: then you can try something like "gdb -p <PID-of-mplayer>" then "p close(<FD-of-sound-device>)"17:05
TJ-qwebirc52564: then "continue" and then "quit"17:05
qwebirc52564TJ-:  And that would work even if mplayer was compiled without debugging symbols/info and with optimizations?17:07
BluesKajMPV ftw17:08
TJ-qwebirc52564: Yes17:10
qwebirc52564TJ-:  GDB could not attach to it as a regular (non-root) user: Attaching to process 1361 Could not attach to process.  If your uid matches the uid of the target process, check the setting of /proc/sys/kernel/yama/ptrace_scope, or try again as the root user.  For more details, see /etc/sysctl.d/10-ptrace.conf ptrace: Operation not permitted.17:10
TJ-qwebirc52564: use sudo then17:10
qwebirc52564TJ-:  When I try to use GDB to attach to the process 1361 using root (sudo), it hangs with the message:  "Attaching to process 1361"17:11
TJ-qwebirc52564: grrr; due to the task being in TASK_UNINTERRUPTABLE... can't win can you!?17:11
qwebirc52564TJ-:  ouch...  seems like i've exhausted every option besides rebooting at this point, doesn't it... ;-(17:12
qwebirc52564TJ-:  this is a really stupid/ignorant question, but I'll ask anyways:  manually removing the symbolic link to /dev/snd/pcmC0D0p via '/usr/bin/sudo /bin/rm -fv  /proc/1361/fd/7'  will not solve this problem, will it?17:18
TJ-qwebirc52564: no :)17:21
TJ-qwebirc52564: you can always try though, you've not got anything to lose at this point17:21
qwebirc52564TJ-:  true, but it did not work even with sudo:   rm: cannot remove '/proc/1361/fd/7': Operation not permitted17:23
l0llip0pxuser: hello17:30
hydruidIs there a cisco call manager channel?17:30
xuserI have no idea, I just started using this program.17:30
xuserCan anyone inform me how this works?17:30
l0llip0pxuser: you ask a guestion and wait for possible answer17:31
qwebirc52564TJ-:  apparently, you can only/easily close the file descriptors of a running bash process within that bash shell, but for any other process, gdb attachment is required:  https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5987820/how-to-close-file-descriptor-via-linux-shell-command   https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/123413/close-all-file-descriptors-in-bash17:32
TJ-qwebirc52564: Yes, bash and most shells are designed for handling multiple FDs efficiently, but that is no different to having 'mplayer' close it's own FDs - if bash were stuck in TASK_UNINTERRUPTABLE the same problem will happen.17:35
TJ-qwebirc52564: I see someone saying they HUPed PID 1 - the init system to clear uninterruptable tasks, but that is about the same as a reboot - and doesn't guarantee the kernel is in a consistent state.17:41
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qwebirc52564TJ-:  I understand.18:03
qwebirc52564TJ-:  deem:  I admit defeat.  ;-(    thanks for the info/help.  no choice but to reboot then....18:03
nardianhello - i have a problem with ubuntu 17.10. I have a KVM - HDMI switch, and on every boot, ubuntu mostly fails to activatethe monitor. keyboard and mouse are working fine, but most times i have to boot an other computer on the kvm, switch to that port, wait for the monitor to get online, switch back to ubuntu - then everything works.18:06
nardiancurrently the monitor does not seem to work at all, i plugged a second monitor directly to the ubuntu machine, thats how i can type here18:06
nardian(the monitor is fine, i tested it by directly plugging it in to the ubuntu machine, no problems there)18:06
TJ-nardian: does that KVM work with older Ubuntu releases? Does it work with the 17.10 "Ubuntu on Xorg" session instead of the default Wayland session?18:08
nardianTJ, i didnt test it with older versions (got it to christmas :) )18:09
nardiannor did i tested it with xorg18:09
nardianuntil I plugged in this second monitor, it was hard to get it "online", but once it was online, it worked well (including switching to other ports and back)18:10
TJ-nardian: if the current session is Wayland I'd be eager to point the finger at it :) Try booting and choosing the Xorg session at the greeter, just to confirm whether that is the cause or not18:11
nardianTJ, sure, I can try, but I'm not perfectly sure what I have to look for / where I can choose between those two18:11
nardiando you mean at the login-screen where I usually have to type in my password this little icon where I can choose the desktop manager?18:12
nardianif so, i dont really need a reboot, only a re-login, am i right?18:13
TJ-nardian: at the greeter /log-in screen there should be a cog icon for selecting the session on the taskbar18:13
iorianardian, https://didrocks.fr/images/artful-shell-transition/ubuntu-default-sessions.png18:13
nardianthanks, brb18:14
TJ-nardian: I'm suggesting a reboot since you ought to reproduce the cold-boot initialisation/discovery phase with the KVM attached to that 'lost' monitor18:14
zomaarnVidia GPU apparently died at least for the HDMI part and now trying AMD graphics card but system freezes when amdgpu.ko loads and has no support in the radeon driver, but still using 4.10 Xenial kernel, any standard resource for this or do I just have to upgrade the kernel?18:14
zomaarI mean that nomodeset allows me to boot, but it can't load amdgpu.ko that way18:14
jbrown419hello all, im in need of some assistance18:14
lotuspsychje!ask | jbrown41918:14
ubottujbrown419: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:14
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NIck73Someone alive here?18:16
zomaarGo ahead jbrown41918:16
jbrown419Ubuntu will not start-up. It goes to black screen command line from which i cannot do anything because the system is red-only for some reason18:17
jbrown419it will not boot from  usb either18:17
nardian_TJ, for some reason, I had 2 Ubuntu on Xorg, one had a blank circle beside it, the other circle was filled with an ubuntu-ish logo... looked like I already was on one of them, now im on the other... dont see much differnce neither in ubuntu nor with the kvm problem18:17
Bashing-omNIck73: Throw some bait out and see what bites :)18:17
zomaarjbrown419: Is it a (initramfs) command line or a different kind of rescue prompt?18:17
zomaarjbrown419: Also, is this 17.10?18:18
jbrown419not sure, i would imagine its not initramfs because of the read-only problem. and it is 17.2018:18
jbrown419er .1018:18
zomaarWas it always this way or is this new18:18
zomaarI mean is this a fresh install18:18
jbrown419this is new. i put a clean install last night on macmini server and everything seemed fine. restarted this morning and here i am18:19
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jbrown419also, at this command line screen, a random line keeps popping up18:20
lotuspsychjepeter_: can we help you?18:20
zomaarI mean it didn't first work and then go haywire18:20
jbrown419it did work first18:20
jbrown419then went haywire18:20
zomaar17.10 also?18:20
jbrown419yes sir18:20
zomaarSo the 2nd reboot gave the problems18:20
peter_I am new in irssi and just testing it18:20
jbrown419after updating from software center yes18:20
lotuspsychjepeter_: welcome, this is the ubuntu support channel18:21
peter_Where can I find more info about Ubuntu Studio OS?18:21
jbrown419ive been informed microcode problems but not sure as to what that means18:21
lotuspsychje!studio | peter_18:21
ubottupeter_: UbuntuStudio is a collection of packages for the artist who wishes to use Ubuntu as their Digital Audio Workstation. It contains all the best Audio/Visual components from the Ubuntu repositories. For more info and install instructions, join #ubuntustudio or see http://ubuntustudio.org18:21
zomaarI guess more people report something like this...18:22
jbrown419[93.068135] ERROR @wl_notify_scan_status18:22
zomaarI do not use 17.10 myself so I cannot help you very much but it seems you need to downgrade a package18:22
jbrown419how can i get it to boot from the live udb>?18:22
jbrown419it doesn't seem to recognize it18:23
zomaarMicrocodes aren't persistent so it is weird if it would be permanent18:23
jbrown419o ok18:23
jbrown419im really really new to linux so forgive me if im not more help18:23
zomaarHowever it sounds like the firmware corruption that the newer kernels gave, that should have been resolved18:23
zomaarDid you use an older image of 17.10 or a very recent download?18:24
jbrown419[93.068135] ERROR @wl_notify_scan_status , any ideas on thwat this line is?18:24
jbrown419recent download18:24
zomaarSo you already had the newer kernel18:24
jbrown419i suppose so18:24
jbrown419so the microcode is out of the running18:25
zomaarWell actually if the USB boot no longer works it is rather serious18:25
zomaarThat is to say, in december there was a bug like this18:25
nemojbrown419: booting from USB on your personal system might involve going into bios and enabling legacy boot18:25
zomaarAnd it was fixed18:25
jbrown419how do i get bios to come up on a mini mac that has already been erased for linux?18:26
zomaarMaybe Command-C but I don't know18:26
nemojbrown419: on random systems where I can't find the keystroke I try del, esc, f1, f12, f10 all on startup over and over18:26
jbrown419ok nemo, let me try that18:27
nemojbrown419: last time I made an ubuntu 14.04 boot image for my coworker using ubuntu's boot creator his boot menu had both legacy and uefi boot options in his F12 boot menu - but that might be bios dependant?18:27
zomaarMac requires a key combo like Command-C18:27
TJ-jbrown419: have you checked whether the OS can see the USB device at all, with "lsusb" ?18:27
nemozomaar: he flashed the bios tho, no?18:27
nemozomaar: he said it was wiped.18:27
FrjdHow is it these days? Do I still need for example tlp on my laptop on 17.10 or are the defaults fine?18:27
jbrown419yes it can see it18:28
Frjdfor battery life that is18:28
nardian_TJ-, for some reason, I had 2 Ubuntu on Xorg, one had a blank circle beside it, the other circle was filled with an ubuntu-ish logo... looked like I already was on one of them, now im on the other... dont see much differnce neither in ubuntu nor with the kvm problem18:28
jbrown419i have a generic keyboard im using on the mac18:28
jbrown419no command button18:28
nemojbrown419: anyway, if you didn't wipe the bios.. https://www.quora.com/How-do-you-access-BIOS-in-Mac18:28
nemojbrown419: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201255  off same quora page18:29
jbrown419i probably did wipe the bios, i followed a guide online that had me do a whole new partition table18:29
oerheksjbrown419, just unplug the mac mini, hold the powerbutton for 10 sec, and then try again?18:29
zomaarThat's not wiping the bios18:29
TJ-nardian_: did you try a clean reboot too?18:29
nardian_no ^^18:30
zomaarjbrown419: No it sounds like a package caused it for you18:30
zomaarjbrown419: At least the boot failure18:30
TJ-nardian: I'm suggesting a reboot since you ought to reproduce the cold-boot initialisation/discovery phase with the KVM attached to that 'lost' monitor18:30
jbrown419no go, let me try the different variations. right now its just booting to grub18:30
zomaarjbrown419: Did you try to boot with the previous kernel?18:31
zomaarNo difference18:31
jbrown419i see the ubuntu mate splash logo now18:31
jbrown419and then kicked to terminal18:31
TJ-jbrown419: so, the OS can see the USB device, but the system firmware doesn't offer to boot from USB? That sounds like a system firmware options issue18:31
nardianTJ-, nope, no change18:31
zomaardoes it say (initramfs)18:31
TJ-nardian: OK, that rules that out then, which is good since we narrow down the problem area18:32
jbrown419no, Ubunto 17.10 jbrown-macmini tty118:32
zomaarOr does it require you to login18:32
TJ-nardian: can you show us  "pastebinit <( dmesg )"18:32
zomaarCan you log in using your regular user?18:32
zomaarSo it is a login prompt18:32
ioriajbrown419,  sudo service gdm restart    ?18:33
jbrown419but i cannot sudo from it18:33
nardianTJ- https://paste.ubuntu.com/26485078/18:33
TJ-jbrown419: these system firmware hotkeys might help: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT20125518:33
jbrown419failed to start18:33
jbrown419gdm.service not found18:34
ioriajbrown419,  oh, are you booting a  livecd ?18:34
jbrown419i was trying to so i could reinstall ubuntu18:34
zomaarAfter you login are you in your home directory?18:34
jbrown419ty tj18:35
zomaarSo X just failed to start18:35
zomaarAfter updates18:35
jbrown419is X the desktop gui?18:35
zomaarYou said the root filesystem was readonly?18:35
jbrown419when i try sudo it wont let me it says read-only18:35
TJ-nardian: line 804 onwards lists the outputs; do you know which one the KVM is connected to?18:36
jbrown419so i cannot update/upgrade anything18:36
Mrokii_I have found a site that talks about installing the latest Kernel that was just released. The site mentions a warning, that no Ubuntu-specific changes are included in this mainline-kernel. However, after that a repository for Ubuntu is mentioned, which is confusing. Is this another Ubuntu-specific version of the kernel I can install on a regular Ubuntu-installation or is this still the kernel without18:36
zomaarWhat does "sudo su" do18:36
Mrokii_Ubuntu-specific changes, even though it comes from a repository for Ubuntu?18:36
ioriajbrown419,  i'd try fsck from the grub screen18:36
TJ-jbrown419: what does this report? "grep ro /proc/mounts"18:37
PCatineanHey guys18:37
TJ-!mainline | Mrokii_18:37
ubottuMrokii_: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds18:37
PCatineanif I have a command that reveals multiple line separated by newspace and each line having a whitespace between two values18:38
nardianTJ-, i'm quite positive that #0 is display port (nothing plugged in there), #1 is hdmi (kvm, not working), and #2 is dvi (currently seeing / using)18:38
PCatineanhow can I feed those into a command delete arg1 --zone=arg2?18:38
TJ-nardian: so "HDMI-A-1" ?18:38
Mrokii_TJ-: I'll have a look, thanks.18:38
grandfsoHi! I have an old laptop running debian with BIOS uncapable of booting from USB. Would I be able to install Ubuntu on a USB stick from another OS ?18:39
nardianTJ-, as it is the only one containing HDMI, i guess? :)18:39
jbrown419grep ro /proc/mounts ; issuing command now, one sec18:39
grandfsoanother = from said debian laptop18:39
TJ-nardian: hehehe yeah! took some brains to figure that out :D  ... which Ubuntu release is this, 16.04 ?18:40
jbrown419thats command gave me a bunch of lines18:40
lotuspsychjegrandfso: try plop boot manager to load your usb anyway18:40
TJ-nardian: OK, oh, had to be, since Xorg on Ubuntu! duh. Right, so we have Xorg though, so "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log"18:40
zomaarjbrown419: TJ- is looking for a line that says " / "18:41
nardianTJ-: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26485106/18:41
zomaarjbrown419: But can you execute "sudo su"?18:41
EriC^^grandfso: you could try booting the iso from grub, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot#Menuentry_Example18:42
jbrown419proc /proc proc rw,nosuid,nodev,noexec,relatime 0 018:42
TJ-jbrown419: zomaar any line being returned shows a file-system mounted Read-Only, which we wouldn't expect, so that needs to be investigated as to why.18:42
jbrown419i can execute sudo su18:42
jbrown419im now in root18:42
jbrown419awesome zoomar :-)18:43
grandfsolotuspsychje: thanks, never heard of plop. seems usefull18:43
grandfsoEriC^^: This sounds like a plan :) cheers18:43
jbrown419should i reinstall grub? what should be the route i take to getting it back to reading usb?18:43
zomaarjbrown419: Your root is still read-only and we'd have to see why18:43
PCatineana b\nc d <-- take that output and do delete a --zone=b delete c --zone=d18:44
PCatineanhow can one do that with a bash command?18:44
jbrown419you are correct, it is read only still18:44
TJ-nardian: so "BenQ GL2450H" is the monitor on the DVI output?18:44
nardianTJ- both monitors should be the same...18:45
nardianTJ- bought them at once18:45
TJ-nardian: ahhh; Xorg logging isn't clear as to which output the EDID reported is from18:45
zomaarjbrown419: It might be possible to remount it read-write using "mount / -o remount,rw" but that won't solve the actual problem18:45
TJ-nardian: however, line 338 does say "RADEON(0): Output HDMI-0 disconnected"18:45
jbrown419i dont have any data im worried about losing on it btw so you can have me do whatever btw18:46
ioriajbrown419, ro fs suggests a fsck   (at least)18:46
nardianTJ- yes, but also DVI-0 disconnected, but that one works (Im using it right now :) )18:46
nardianTJ-, oh, DVI gets connected later, hdmi not....18:46
TJ-nardian: line 339 says "RADEON(0): Output DVI-0 connected"18:47
nardianTJ-, well, that confirms what i see - nothing on hdmi-display :D18:47
jbrown419ioria how do i do that?18:47
ioriajbrown419, you can do it from 'grub' -> recovery18:47
TJ-nardian: Just so I'm clear about the scenario - at boot time the monitor is connected to the KVM /and/ the KVM has that monitor selected? (so there should be a route straight to the GPU's HDMI-0)18:48
nardianTJ- yes, but still I dont even see the BIOS / grub / ubuntu booting...18:49
nardianTJ- and trust me, i checked at least 100 times if the kvm-switch is on the right port :)18:49
jbrown419ok entering recovery now18:49
nardianTJ- it has to be, as the keyboard im typing right now also is plugged through the kvm switch18:49
jbrown419failed to start remount root18:50
jbrown419and failed to activate swap18:50
TJ-nardian: OK, I just wanted to be sure. There are *a lot* of bugs with KVMs using HDMI especially, because to work correctly good models  have to 'fake' an output even when no monitor is connected (in other words, they don't simply pass-through the EDID from the monitor, they create one themselves)18:50
TJ-nardian: so the next question is, what's the make/model of the KVM and do we have evidence it is known to work with Linux/Xorg, and if so, for which versions18:50
jbrown419failed because control process exited with error code18:51
zomaarjbrown419: At least you can run fsck /18:52
jbrown419i can also dropn into root from recovery18:52
nardianTJ- "LINDY - HDMI KVM Switch Classic USB 2.0 & Audio 4 Port" and it already worked when i started a win10 machine (port 2), which was able to activate the monitor, and then switching back to ubuntu - then I see everything and can use it. The bug only appears for the "activating" stuff...18:52
zomaarThat's the purpose18:52
TJ-zomaar: jbrown419 Can I suggest you check whether the package "laptop-mode-tools" is installed? There's a known bug in systemd/l-m-t which when they're installed together causes l-m-t to put the root file-system back into read-only mode repeatedly. Purging l-m-t is the best solution in that case.18:52
nardianTJ- oh, and since I've plugged in this second monitor, the HDMI / KVM doesnt even work with this win10-trick...18:52
jbrown419ok TJ18:52
TJ-nardian: that's an interesting data-point18:53
nardianTJ- that means - the monitor works for win10, but switching back to ubuntu, the monitor stays black and goes into standby18:53
TJ-nardian: is the PC's GPU built-in to the mobo or is it a discrete plug-in adapter?18:53
jbrown419i cannot TJ as it is read-only filesystem18:53
TJ-nardian: hmmm, so unlikely to be an ACPI issue then18:54
jbrown419why the heck is it read-only damn it18:55
TJ-jbrown419: check this: "awk '/^Package: laptop-mode-tools/{print}' /var/lib/dpkg/status  "18:55
TJ-jbrown419: if you get a line returned it's likely the package is installed18:55
jbrown419the line was returned18:56
jbrown419i mean, it didn't do anything18:57
jbrown419just back to root prompt18:57
zomaarI have to reboot18:57
jbrown419oh man18:57
jbrown419ok i will try back later and see if anyone else is willing to help18:58
jbrown419thanks eveeryone18:59
nardianTJ-, so the X-log will NOT log when i plug in or out a monitor?19:01
TJ-nardian: I don't find anything obvious pointing to any incompatibilities with that KVM, so: Have you tried switching the KVM port the Ubuntu PC is using on it? I'd suggest swapping with the port the Windows PC is on, including using the same cables as the known-good Windows PC connection, to determine if this could be a fault in the KVM port or the HDMI cabling19:01
TJ-nardian: It should, yes, when a monitor is connected to the output it should report it fetch the EDID from the display19:02
nardianTJ-, kk ill try that one19:02
nardianTJ-, well, i unplugged both, dvi and hdmi monitors, but greping the xorg-log didnt show anything...19:03
nardianTJ- oh, you mean it would only show that EDID, not "hdmi" or "dvi"?19:03
nardian(or caps form)19:03
TJ-nardian: right, that is weird, it could be a GPU/driver issue, but it's quicker and easier to first rule out hardware problems before delving deep into code19:03
TJ-nardian: in most cases you sohuld see both "<output> connected" and EDID in Xorg, but I'm not up-to-date on what the radeon driver actually does report - generally these open-source drivers are extremely verbose though19:04
TJ-nardian: I shall be away for a little while; hopefully you can make progress19:05
nardian_TJ-, ye, that was my ethernet cable ...19:05
nardian_TJ-, but thank you - it really looks like an issue with the cable or the port19:05
nardian_switching the cable going into the machines from the win to the ubuntu, and now the monitor is up19:06
nardian_ill try a quick reboot19:06
nardian__TJ-,  yep. bios, grub, ubuntu booting... saw everything :)19:07
nardian__now i only have to check if the cable is bad or the whole device...19:08
nardian__but thank you for your help :)19:08
grandfsoEriC^^: do you reckon whether update-grub should throw errors if my edits in  /etc/grub.d/40_custom  are broken ? The added menu item appears in the grub boot menu, but when selected just gives me prompt and nothing happens.19:08
strixdiowhen trying to modify dnsmasq.conf and add "interface=wlx00c0ca8d8b66" it tells me "dnsmasq: unknown interface wlx00c0ca8d8b66" after googling a bit I'm not sure what else to do. Any thoughts?19:10
EriC^^grandfso: try typing them out in grub shell19:11
nardianTJ- ,yes, looks like port1 is bad... im kind of sorry for that, i was quite sure that i already checked different ports...19:13
mutantturkeyhi... having trouble setting up a package. i just get a hang on "Setting up mysql-server-5.7 (5.7.21-0ubuntu0.16.04.1) ...19:23
mutantturkeychecked out the process tree... its hanging on systemctl start mysql19:24
TJ-nardian: oh, that's good news in a way, means the OS is OK :)19:24
mutantturkeynot sure why19:24
mutantturkeyand i cant install ptrace..................................... because apt is broken19:24
zomaarI had to use a AMD graphics card but I didn't expect their to be no driver at all19:26
zomaarI mean in the sense of it just not working19:26
TJ-mutantturkey: anything in mysqld's log? or "systemctl status mysql" ?19:28
TJ-zomaar: which GPU is it (PCI vendor:device ID) "lspci -nnk -d::0300" should show it ?19:29
akikTJ-: did you make a request for the hard realtime kernel packaging?19:32
TJ-akik: I asked apw, he wasn't bothered either way. I asked where to find his mainline build scripts but never got a reply - I was planning on starting some test builds to verify it so he could just enable it19:34
TJ-akik: I'll ask again once the K.T. have had a breather after the PTI patches and Spectre test builds19:35
akikTJ-: thanks19:36
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic19:46
BudgiiHi! I'm having trouble removing a program called Actiona. I'd use rm -r but I can't seem to locate it. Any help?19:48
naccBudgii: how did you install it?19:50
BudgiiLikely through the command line, i'm unsure. it's been over a week.. lol. I'm looking through dpkg --list now19:50
naccBudgii: like with apt, dpkg, ./configure && make install, etc.19:51
Budgiiso I found it in the list: ii  actiona        3.9.2-1build amd64        emulate human activity through a19:51
leftyfbBudgii: sudo apt purge actiona19:51
naccBudgii: then what leftyfb said19:51
Budgiiso I did the purge, i'm not sure what to do with what nacc said19:52
leftyfbBudgii: nothing. You're done19:52
Budgiiah. ok, thank you both for the quick reply!19:52
ioriaBudgii, and you don't want to use 'rm -r'  to remove a pkg19:53
=== adam-mcc3 is now known as verify
BudgiiI didn't think so, but i was going to try it. I know its the solution for some executables, lol19:54
Budgiithanks ioria :)19:54
ioriaBudgii, ok19:54
TJ-nacc: did you see the questions/comments re the lvm2 sanlock/lockd issue in -devel @ ~16.:30 ?19:56
naccTJ-: no, i was afk19:58
naccTJ-: was this re: MIR?19:59
TJ-nacc: yes, I didn't want it to slip after our working with catphish to see it gets into 18.0419:59
naccTJ-: sorry, eyah -- i think we should demote it20:00
nacci don't see any reason for it to be in main, at least not obviously20:00
naccbut i need to look20:00
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texlaAborted (core dumped)20:07
texlaSyntax errors are detected in generated GRUB config file.20:07
texlaEnsure that there are no errors in /etc/default/grub20:07
texlaand /etc/grub.d/* files or please file a bug report with20:07
Steristhellos, in upgrading my laptop's SSD 500gb --> 2tb and going to make the difference a large partition that windows and Ubuntu will both recognize... I believe my two choices are NTFS and exfat... anything I should keep in mind when deciding between the two? incompatibilities, annoyances, benefits, etc20:10
oerheksntfs will be recognised standard, exfat needs 2 tools20:10
texlaThis is error I receive when doing update-grub there is a large amount of text before I can pastebin if required20:11
SteristI think I already have those installed because my phone and tab uses exfat on the sdcards20:11
Steristinstalled them a while back so I could transfer stuff20:12
oerheksSterist, then you are fine20:12
oerhekstexla, yes, pastebin your grub config,20:12
Steristthere's no other little quirks? all golden? :)20:12
oerhekssternot that i know of, there are tools available if the filesystem is 'dirty'20:13
oerheksSterist *20:13
r0b-has anyone has luck with setting up dhcpd on Ubuntu 16.04?20:14
TJ-r0b-: Why not tell us the problem you are having? There are certainly a lot of users who have had success20:15
Steristdirty meaning like, fragmentation? shouldn't matter on SSD if so20:15
oerheksthere is a good wiki too https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/dhcp.html20:15
ioriar0b-, maybe you mean  isc-dhcp-server   ?20:16
r0b-It cant listen on the interface.20:17
texlaoerheks, https://pastebin.com/1nvxUaLE20:17
cristian_chow can I resize title bar buttons in appòications designed for gnome?20:17
cristian_c(for example gedit or Software)20:18
cristian_cany ideas?20:18
oerheksSterist, no, if there is a faulty it somewhere, there is exfatfsck and ntfsfix20:19
Ben64cristian_c: mess with themes20:20
TJ-r0b-: then determine why that is; maybe some other DHPC daemon has bound to the interface/port combination20:21
=== eskimo is now known as eskimotesting
r0b-im working on it20:22
=== eskimotesting is now known as eskimo
r0b-followed the wiki exactly and its not working.20:24
iorialet's see this wiki20:25
strksound settings window is now too tall to fit in the screen and no way to resize :(  -- this is a 17.04 -> 17.10 issue20:25
ioriar0b-, why you need  isc-dhcp-server   ?20:25
TJ-r0b-: check what's listening: " sudo ss -upl 'sport = 53' "20:26
leftyfbr0b-: did you "You also may need to edit /etc/default/isc-dhcp-server to specify the interfaces dhcpd should listen to." ?20:26
ioriar0b-, that is another thing, not the 'common' dhcp ... that is on the router, afaik20:26
r0b-I have it set to listen to both LAN interfaces.20:27
leftyfbioria: there is no problem with isc-dhcp-server.20:27
leftyfbr0b-: post your configs to pastebin20:27
TJ-r0b-: have you checked the service log? "systemctl status isc-dhcp-server "20:28
r0b-the service log is telling me it catn listen on an interface20:30
leftyfbr0b-: does the interface exist (typo)? Is it up? Is there another dhcpd running from some of your debugging?20:31
=== the_ant1 is now known as the_ant
leftyfbr0b-: look through /var/log/syslog to see if there is more detailed errors20:31
r0b-afaik theres no more dhcp20:31
r0b-no other dhcp20:31
leftyfbr0b-: did you run the command from TJ- above?20:31
leftyfbr0b-: and?20:32
r0b-theres nothing.20:33
TJ-r0b-: If we're going to help you, you need to start pastebin-ing the config and the actual log messages20:33
r0b-other than the
leftyfbTJ-: you do know what you posted was dns, not dhcp right?20:33
TJ-leftyfb: oh my !!! LOL20:34
leftyfbport 6720:34
* TJ- jumps into the pool20:34
TJ-r0b-: check what's listening: " sudo ss -upl 'sport = 67' "20:34
r0b-I fixed it myself20:34
TJ-leftyfb: juggling too many similar investigations here :)20:34
leftyfbr0b-: what was the issue?20:34
r0b-I am a dumbass20:35
leftyfbwrong interface in /etc/defaults/isc-dhcp-server?20:35
r0b-problem is. I am working on a Live USB lol20:35
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leftyfbalso relevant information you should have provided20:36
texlaoerheks, https://pastebin.com/1nvxUaLE20:37
oerhekstexla, i hope you didn't edit that file, normally one uses /etc/default/grub  and run update grub https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub220:41
r0b-Ok if you must know what I was trying to do.. I have an HP T5740 thin client that I was going to TRY and use Ubuntu to create a wireless bridge basically.20:42
r0b-going from Wireless to Wired.20:42
texlaoerheks, No I only ran grub install to change grub from 14.04 to 16.04 and then ran update20:45
rmeloniHello there... sorry for my question. Is this the right irc for beginners?20:46
ioriarmeloni, yes, please ask20:49
gugahhi all, is there a way to do mouse debouncing on 16.04LTS? I've seen a patch for 14.04 which won't work on 16.04 and, I know, my mouse is faulty, but it shouldn't be hard to patch20:51
rmeloniI don't know anything.... how to refer to someone? I see many rows quickly up to down...20:52
YannxplorerBonjour le chan20:53
ioriarmeloni, you ask the channel, that's all20:53
Yannxploreroups, hello chan :)20:53
ioriagugah, you mean rebuild xserver-xorg-input-evdev-dev ?20:54
gugahioria: that's what Ive found for 14.04 yes20:55
ioriagugah, sorry, no news about that20:55
AllanisHeya guys. I have a not really Ubuntu related problem, I was wondering if I can get some hints.20:57
texlaoerheks, https://pastebin.com/YGpDX1V6...does the default ubuntu have to be enclosed in quotes20:57
AllanisLandlord asked me for a simple "password recovery" on a laptop I think he got at some auction somewhere.20:57
AllanisI thought, sure. it's Windows, I'll mount the drive using my trust Ubuntu flash drive.20:57
rmeloniThank you ioria, my (I hope) simple question is: my backup (deja-dup) failed at some point. Is there a way to view my files like a filesystem way? Or is there a way to go even an error occurs?20:57
AllanisI find out it used to belong to the local university, and is encrypted with Bitlocker, so I can't access the boot partition.20:58
rmeloni@ioria: I'm trying to restore...20:58
AllanisWould there be around this do you think?20:58
Allanisa way around*20:58
ZythyrI am using "dd" to write random to a partition. This is taking a long time because the parititon is ~1.5TB. Instead of filling every sector, how can I make it so it fills with random with every x amount of sectors and the skips y amount of sectors20:59
raikseyHey all, if I downloaded the zsh-syntax-highlighting plugin as a package from apt/universe, how do I then go about activating it in zsh?20:59
Ben64Zythyr: just fill it with zeros21:01
ZythyrBen64 Need to fill with random because i m doing it for encryption21:02
daxare you using /dev/random or /dev/urandom21:02
Ben64Zythyr: that doesn't make sense21:02
ZythyrBen64 https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManualFullSystemEncryption/DetailedProcessPartitionFormatEncrypt#Data_fill_for_paranoid_mode21:03
TJ-Zythyr: what are you using to generate the random data? There's a quick way by writing zeros to a temporarily LUKS/dm-crypt overlay21:03
Zythyrdax I am using /dev/urandom21:03
Ben64i don't see why you couldn't use zeros21:04
Ben64or whatever is already there21:04
ZythyrTJ- I am using "sudo dd bs=16M if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sdB1". This is taking too long. So what I was thinking was instead of it filling the entire parition, it would write random to X amount blocks, then skip Y amount of blocks and then wr ite X amount of blocks again.  So it won't be fully randomly but still the partition will be filled randomly21:05
daxBen64: because then an adversary can tell how much of your hard disk is used. which is not a big deal usually but some people care21:05
TJ-Zythyr: this is the fastest: "cryptsetup create temp1 /dev/sdXY --key-file /dev/random ; dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mapper/temp1 bs=200M ; cryptsetup remove temp1"21:05
TJ-Zythyr: that uses the fact that writing zeroes into the encrypted device causes cryptographically random bytes to be written to the underlying device21:06
AllanisSorry, disregard my query. I'm not touching the machine. I'm sure if this laptop was really purchased in an auction, the university it belonged to would have formatted the drive, or even destroyed the drive. I don't want to touch it.21:07
ZythyrTJ- So you are saying that I fill it with zeros, then encrypt it and then remove the paritiont so it would still seem encrypted?21:07
rmeloniBackup deja-dup failed on restore and stops there. Anyone knows how to ignore errors and continue to end?21:07
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Ben64Zythyr: the steps listed above are -- encrypt then write zeros21:08
TJ-Zythyr: no, you got that the wrong way about. You create an encrypted block device covering the entire block-device you want to randomise (in my example sdXY), then write zeros into the encrypted part, then delete the mapping, resulting in the underlying device being randomised21:09
Ben64hopefully faster than urandom21:09
TJ-Zythyr: at that point you then install your encrypted OS21:09
TJ-Ben64: yes, a lot faster :)21:09
Ben64i can push 19GB/s with /dev/zero, 72MB/s with /dev/urandom21:10
ZythyrTJ- When I do "cryptsetup remove temp1" does that "delete" the encrypted partition?21:10
TJ-it's usually slightly faster than 'openssl enc' if the dd blocksize (bs) is large... I sometimes use 1G for that but 200M generally is good enough21:10
TJ-Zythyr: it removes the temporary mapping21:10
Zythyrok let me try it21:11
Ben64the zeros will be unrecoverable after that21:11
ZythyrThanks trying it now.21:11
TJ-Zythyr: if you want to see the progress off dd, add the option " status=progress" to it's command-line21:11
rmeloniPlease give me hints on how to chat with you.... I'm NEW !!!21:12
Bashing-om!rab | rmeloni21:14
Bashing-om!tab | rmeloni21:14
ubotturmeloni: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.21:14
rachid1ca va21:16
rmeloniThank you Bashing-om, not working for me...21:16
OutyHi folks21:17
Bashing-omrmeloni: Well, what does "not working for me..." mean ?21:17
ZythyrTJ- So its zero suppose to be faster than random? Getting a speed of 22 MB/s. This is a HDD not SSD.21:17
rmelonitab not working...21:18
rmelonibut i've a question on my ubuntu backup software. My restore failed at some point and stop there. Is there a way to go further with a command line?21:19
TJ-Zythyr: it can depend on the CPU, whether it has hardware support for the cryptographic primitives for AES.21:20
ZythyrTJ- Do I even have to write a zeros after creating the encrypted block (temp1)? The reason I ask is because after creating the encrypted block temp1, whatever data is there is unknown and most likely random. When I delete the encrypted block, I am guessing its already randomized due to encryption?21:20
TJ-Zythyr: yes. creating a block device only creates the header for it. Until data is written to it nothing changes on the underlying device21:21
OutyI have a question. I installed a lot of icons recently. Now i have to update the icon cache for a few hundred subfolders in /usr/share/icons/  . I tried: ls /usr/share/icons/ > dir.txt   then    sudo gtk-update-icon-cache < dir.txt   ... this is not working - i know that now. but how do I do that =) ???21:21
Outymaybe a script with a loop ?21:22
TJ-Outy: have you read the man-page for it? It says you pass it the directory name21:22
TJ-Outy: "It expects to be given the path to a icon theme directory containing an index.theme" ... so you need to call it for each 'theme' I presume?21:23
OutyTJ-:  yes but i can pass only one directory at a time  i have to do hundreds21:23
rmeloniHello!!! I'm NEW... is there a more specific tag for Deja-dup?21:23
zomaarTJ-: Can't show you anymore because I swapped it for a working other (the graphics card)21:24
OutyTJ-:  maybe a script calling gtk-update-icon-cache for each line in dir.txt21:24
ZythyrTJ- Ahh I see. So after creating the block device, do I need to even write to ALL of the blocks in the partitions? Wouldn't only writing random or zero to first few blocks, cause the entire partition to look random after being encrypted again?21:24
zomaarTJ-: But my AMD was a R9 380 that needs the amdgpu pro driver but...21:24
zomaarTJ-: Solving the hang I get while booting instead of using another card was not worth it21:26
TJ-ducasse: how about: sudo find /usr/share/icons/ -type f -name 'index.theme' -exec sh -c 'gtk-update-icon-cache $( dirname {} )' \;21:26
TJ-Outy: how about: sudo find /usr/share/icons/ -type f -name 'index.theme' -exec sh -c 'gtk-update-icon-cache $( dirname {} )' \;21:27
rmeloniHello. Virtualbox hangs after meltdown patch solutions?21:27
TJ-zomaar: yeah, sometimes just replacing things is more efficient. No point getting hung up on problems when you can work around them21:28
OutyTJ-: thanks i'll study this line before execution. I thought of a loop script but this looks nice21:29
rmeloniBashing-om: help me... nobody answer me21:30
TJ-Outy: do just this to see what it finds. Those are then passed to the -exec command:  find /usr/share/icons/ -type f -name 'index.theme'21:30
Bashing-omrmeloni: I do not have answers for what you seek .21:31
TJ-rmeloni: which version of VB is in use?21:31
rmeloniBashing-om: but I've understand hoe to refer to someone! Thank you!21:32
naccrmeloni: if someone knows the answer, they will respond21:32
TJ-rmeloni: According to Oracle 5.2.6 has fixes for PTI issues https://blogs.oracle.com/virtualization/vbox-52621:32
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rmeloniTJ: VB? What it means? I'm very sorry... but I'm completely new...21:34
OutyTJ-: worked like a charm. thanks man... last question: -exec in this line is the option for what command ?21:35
naccrmeloni: VB = VirtualBox21:35
naccOuty: find21:35
TJ-Outy: it is the 'action' for the 'find' command (see "man find") ... it replaces the {} with the result and executes the commands21:35
rmeloninacc: Thank you! I though Visual Basic... :-((21:36
TJ-rmeloni: sorry! since you mention VirtualBox I thought you'd know21:37
OutyTJ-: Thanks a lot!  New knowledge acquired successfully today =)21:37
rmeloniTJ: after Meltdown patch, my ubuntu 16.04 LTS virtualbox hangs on start virtual machines....21:38
Outyrmeloni: last good kernel for 16.04 lts is 4.4.0-10421:39
TJ-rmeloni: right, and I told you that Oracle have released VirtualBox 5.2.6 to address meltdown (PTI) regressions.21:39
Outyrmeloni: i kept it for now21:39
rmeloniDuty: Thank you21:41
rmeloniTJ: Thank you, but i've alredy tried new version and got errors21:42
TJ-rmeloni: hmmm, then it may need reporting as a bug21:43
TJ-!bug | rmeloni21:44
ubotturmeloni: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.21:44
ZythyrTJ- When I try to remove with "cryptsetup remove temp1" I get error "Device mapp temp1 failed; device or resource busy. device temp1 is still in use21:44
jattwhat is this meltdown patch21:44
rmeloniDuty: maybe your solution the best, because i think it get the solution on the root21:45
TJ-Zythyr: probably the I/O is stull flushing to disk. Try issuing "sync" once that returns the flush will be conplete21:45
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Zythyrsync? how do i do that21:46
TJ-Zythyr: "sync" is the command21:46
nacc!kpti | jatt21:46
ubottujatt: Meltdown is a security issue with (primarily) Intel processors. It's mitigated by kernel patches named KPTI. Ubuntu released them in security updates for 14.04, 16.04, and 17.10. 17.04 will not receive this update. 18.04 will ship with kernel 4.15, which is patched already. 16.04 has updates for Linux 4.4 (release) and 4.13 (HWE), installs with 4.10 should upgrade to 4.13. See also !spectre, !nopti21:46
naccjatt: for more discussion #ubuntu-hardened21:46
ZythyrTJ- So do I do "sudo sync /dev/sda4"?21:47
TJ-Zythyr: "sync"21:47
TJ-Zythyr: The commands I'm giving you are inside the quote marks21:47
ZythyrI did only "sync" I returned. But device still in use21:48
TJ-Zythyr: the suggests you've something else still accessing it. Has the 'dd ...' command completed ?21:49
rmeloniTJ: Meltdown patch cause software houses a root solution, multiple processes is a single or multi-core chip before patch share the whole memory. After that, no more!21:49
ZythyrI stoped it by doing Ctrl + C21:49
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TJ-Zythyr: did you try to mount the /dev/mapper/temp1 or do any other operations on it?21:49
ZythyrI guess I can jsut reboot to fix the issue. I am on a live USB21:51
Zythyrbtw I didn't write to the entire partition. Was taking too long.21:52
TJ-Zythyr: something must be holding it open, and that usually means a process is accessing it still21:52
ZythyrTJ- Is this assumption correct? When I create a block device with cryptsetup, it only creates the headers. But if I write random to only X amount blocks, then remove the block device, then the entire parition is encrypted and ranomized? For example, if there are total 100 blocks and I write random to only the first 5 blocks, after removing the block device, the entire 100 blocks would look21:54
TJ-Zythyr: no, it isn't correct. Only the blocks that were written to will result in encrypted blocks on the underlying device21:55
TJ-You can't magically change the bits on a storage device without writing to each sector/block21:56
ZythyrIf I don't write to zeros or random to the blocks, they can be either in the 0 state or 1 state right? We don't know, but essentially isn't that random?21:57
TJ-Zythyr: not for the purpose you asked for, which is to randomise the entire device so that a subsequent encrypted OS install's own written blocks cannot be identified on the disk.21:58
Outyrmeloni: did it work ???22:00
Zythyrohh ok22:01
ZythyrTJ- I guess i'll pass on writing random since its taking too long. Thie guide I was following says "if i am paranoid" I should fill it with random. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManualFullSystemEncryption/DetailedProcessPartitionFormatEncrypt#Data_fill_for_paranoid_mode22:02
ZythyrTJ- Appreciate your help :)22:02
OutyTJ-:  why is dirname in the line? would it work with 'gtk-update-icon-cache ${} ' \;22:03
TJ-Outy: think about it. Did you run the find command without the -exec parts as I suggested?22:04
OutyTJ-: nope22:04
TJ-Outy: well, you should have if you want to learn! You'd see results like this: "/usr/share/icons/Humanity/index.theme"22:04
rmeloni:outty I'dont know yet, recompiling the kernel is not on my possibility22:05
TJ-Outy: but grk-update-icon-cache takes a directory path, not a file, so we use the 'dirname' command to strip off the filename, so it works22:05
titou_hi everyone !22:05
TJ-Outy: try "dirname "/usr/share/icons/Humanity/index.theme"  " see what you get22:06
OutyTJ-: without -exec it prints:  find: paths must precede expression: sh22:06
TJ-Outy: how about: " find /usr/share/icons/ -type f -name 'index.theme' "22:07
OutyTJ-: ahh now i see: Output each NAME with its last non-slash component and trailing slashes removed;22:08
rmeloniubottu: sure I've already reported what I think is a bug22:08
ubotturmeloni: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:08
TJ-Outy: precisely :)22:08
OutyTJ-: from man dirname  didnt kniw it was a command22:08
TJ-Outy: so, string them together and you get what you want22:08
titou_I'm trying to install french canadian language ... from within xfce it return "error you don't have the previlege blablabla..."22:08
rmeloniNoboby use virtualmachine on ubuntu????22:09
TJ-Outy: sometimes doing "ls /bin /usr/bin/" and then "man <some-command-name>" (e.g. "man dirname") can be VERY instructive22:09
TJ-Outy: most Linux systems are packed full of very useful tools.22:09
Outyrmeloni: i did oracle vbox22:09
TJ-rmeloni: Linux has it's own virtual machine hypervisor in-kernel, KVM, which is used via QEMU/KVM usually, and sometimes managed by virt-manager if you want a GUI22:10
OutyTJ-: jep i thought dirname was a descripton22:11
michael2hi, I would like to uninstall thunderbird email client - does anyone know how to do this?22:11
rmeloniOuty: and now? On 16.04 LTS works on you?22:11
TJ-michael2: "sudo apt remove thunderbird"22:11
Bashing-omOuty: Further thought: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/UsingFind .22:12
Outymichael2: sudo apt-get purge thunderbird --auto-remove --purge22:12
michael2TJ-: is it thunderbird or mozilla-thunderbird?22:12
rmeloniTJ: thank you!!! I will try it22:12
OutyBashing-om: thank you very mch22:13
TJ-!info thunderbird | michael222:13
Bashing-omOuty: OH, just peeking pver TJ-'s shoulder :)22:13
ubottumichael2: thunderbird (source: thunderbird): Email, RSS and newsgroup client with integrated spam filter. In component main, is optional. Version 1:52.6.0+build1-0ubuntu0.17.10.1 (artful), package size 47444 kB, installed size 128266 kB22:13
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michael2TJ-: Outy - thanks22:14
rmeloniAnyone has experience with deja-dup restore?? Mine stops with error... Any idea to go on eventually via command line so to skip errors?22:16
__robjust run an upgrade from yakkety to zesty22:19
__robI am wondering when prompted to keep local changes to any config files or overwrite, I want to keep my config22:20
__robbut is there somewhere the new ones are stored22:20
__robso, if my old config files are now incomplete for the new package, I have a reference to pull the new bits out of22:20
Outyrmeloni: checked it a few seconds ago... working22:21
Outyrmeloni: working checked a few seconds ago22:22
rmeloniOuty: not VM from ubuntu store... or you compiled?22:23
Outyrmeloni: its from ppa one moment ill post it22:24
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Outyrmeloni: wget -q https://www.virtualbox.org/download/oracle_vbox_2016.asc -O- | sudo apt-key add -22:28
Outyrmeloni:  wget -q https://www.virtualbox.org/download/oracle_vbox.asc -O- | sudo apt-key add -22:28
Outyrmeloni: followed  by sudo apt-get update   then install22:29
Outyrmeloni:  read this: https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads22:30
rmeloniOuty: hope your solution works... I'll get a feeback asap22:30
Outyrmeloni: Add the following line to your /etc/apt/sources.list. According to your distribution, replace '<mydist>' with 'artful', 'zesty', 'yakkety', 'xenial', 'vivid', 'utopic', 'trusty', 'raring', 'quantal', 'precise', 'stretch', 'lucid', 'jessie', 'wheezy', or 'squeeze':22:30
Outyrmeloni: deb https://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/debian <mydist> contrib22:31
rmeloniOuty: I've tried before to install 5.1.3 but failed on ubuntu. Just give me the time. I'll be back in a few  minutes...22:32
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rmeloniOuty: I can't find your link... but your suggestions give me the hints. I will give you a feedback asap.22:40
Euph0riamsg nickserv ident etFskTsM2KDfVnua22:40
Outysee private chat window22:41
Outyrmeloni: can you see this private chat window ?22:41
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xromulusLol Euph0ria22:53
kostkonEuph0ria, did you change your password?22:54
rmeloniHello there... Backup deja-dup issue. It stops on restore. Any idea to continues on error'23:02
tetotronicHello. I installed some automatic updates and now my display is corrupted.23:03
tetotronicCan somebody help me, please?23:04
Outytetotronic: corrupted? how does it look ?23:05
tetotronicOuty: It is split. On the left 3/4 of the display it looks like an old DOS display showing white dots, like a snowfall would have been shown in DOS.23:06
tetotronicThere is a strip on the right side that does show the proper display that I was able to see before applying the updates.23:06
pankajIs their any terminal application to view forums in ubuntu rather then googling it separately in browser?23:07
Euph0riaIs there any way to get native ZFS in Untubu?23:07
ubottuFor information concerning ZFS and Ubuntu, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZFS23:08
Outytetotronic: are you on ubuntu ?23:08
pankajBashing-om: Is it zfs for viewing forums?23:10
naccpankaj: no, that was not directed to you.23:10
tetotronicOuty: Yes, sir. Actually it is Xenial Xerus with Mate desktop.23:10
naccpankaj: you can use a cli-based web browser, i suppose, but afaik, the forums are web-only23:10
tetotronicOuty: I have to say it is a rather old computer. An Acer Aspire One netbook.23:11
pankajIs their command line tool for like Wiki or Mailing lists?23:11
Outytetotronic: you can list the last installed updates with: cat /var/log/dpkg.log | grep "\ install\ "   then do some research witch one could have corrupted your display23:11
tetotronicOuty: Well noted. Is this the correct command? <cat /var/log/dpkg.log | grep "\ install\ ">23:12
naccpankaj: well mailing lists can be viewed in a text based email reader23:13
naccpankaj: and the wiki in a text-based web browser23:13
Outytetotronic: yes  but im not shure if it will list automatic updated packets as well23:13
TJ-tetotronic: you can reduce that to "grep ' install' /var/og/dpkg.log"23:14
TJ-tetotronic: except for my typos of course! /var/log/ not /var/og/23:14
Outymaybe Tacoder knows more23:14
tetotronicTJ-: :D Thank you, will check it out.23:15
TJ-tetotronic: if you wan to examine the recently installed packages, view the /var/log/apt/history.log23:15
pankajnacc: OK.23:15
zomaarI personally always just use cat because that way I don't have to think about the order of arguments of grep ;-)23:16
tetotronicOuty: When I do find the one that I think may be the issue, what should I do? Is there a chance to "uninstall" it?23:16
Outytetotronic: yes - but not shure how to downgrade.  i wont purge it.    teto & tj know more about that ?23:18
TJ-tetotronic: if there are problems it's better to identify why than remove packages, sicne they are required. If it's a display issue then there may  be clues in /var/log/Xorg.0.log23:18
zomaarTJ-: Yeah I just wanted to play a game and it was not at the default resolution, so with the nomodset AMD drivers I couldn't do it.23:18
krytariktetotronic: Your description is a little different from what I've usually seen, but sounds like LP bug 1724639 overall.23:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1724639 in openSUSE "Bug in Kernel 4.13 : Intel Mobile Graphics 945 shows 80 % black screen" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/172463923:18
zomaarTJ-: nomodesetting resulted in the 800x600 game just being centered in a 1360x768 window23:18
tetotronicTJ-: I am a bit of a newcomer to Linux. What is "Xorg.0.log"?23:19
Outyubottu: this sounds like tetotronic described it23:19
ubottuOuty: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)23:19
Bashing-omtetotronic: once the package is known one can run ' apt show <package> ' , If the field is " Priority: optional " then yes, safe to remove .23:19
rmeloniTOALL: thank you for efforts, probably I'm in the wrong irc. I'm NEW to this world, so I wish you the best23:20
zomaarTJ-: So even if I didn't need any video acceleration, I still need drivers to play a simple game like that23:20
Outytetotronic: switching back to pre kernel should solve the problem was written in bug report23:21
tetotronicOuty: yes, I am reading it right now. May I ask you how do I switch back to such pre kernel...?23:23
zomaar...strangely my nVidia suddenly died at least for the HDMI part, as if some Linux command permanently sent it to sleep23:23
tetotronicOuty: Also, should I stop updating to new kernels...?23:23
TJ-tetotronic: Xorg.0.log is the log-file created by the X server, the software that drives the GUI23:24
Outyat boot time.. you should get the options where you can select older kernel with up/down arrows  if you havent seen this before hold shift at boot or press escape few times (usually when bootloader grub is starting)23:25
TJ-zomaar: are you using it with a keyboard-video-mouse multiplexer device? We had someone earlier with the same issue and it turned out to be a faulty port on the KVM23:25
zomaarTJ-: Yes actually it was used with that23:26
zomaarTJ-: But it was disconnected when it no longer worked23:26
zomaarI know I have had weird issues before, it is an expensive Aten model23:27
Outytetotronic: https://www.howtogeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/sshot169.png  should see something like that  the top one is newest (broken) kernel the third one (without recovery) is last working fine23:27
TJ-zomaar: I wonder if the fault caused something to fail in the electronics on the GPU side too23:28
Outytetotronic:   if you misst it:   at boot time.. you should get the options where you can select older kernel with up/down arrows  if you havent seen this before hold shift at boot or press escape few times (usually when bootloader grub is starting)23:28
zomaarI moved my monitor and suddenly the monitor went to standby (HDMI), then text mode gave a weird image, and after another few reboots there was no image anymore even in BIOS23:31
Outyzomaar: broken cables ;) ?23:32
tetotronicOuty: Thank you, I have used GRUB before and selecting one of those options I can use the computer just fine. Actually that is how I am using it right now.23:32
krytariktetotronic: Ftm, the generally proven workaround for that bug is to add "GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX=text" to the boot parameters.23:32
zomaarTJ-: There always seems to be... more power on the shielding than I expect.... maybe there really something is faulty23:32
zomaarOuty: No the cable was in fact a bit faulty with a broken plug but I replaced it and still the same23:33
tetotronickrytarik: Oh... Dear... Lord... thank you. Sorry to ask, but... How do I "add X to the boot parameters"?23:33
Outyzomaar: is it onboard graphocs or a card ?23:34
krytariktetotronic: Wrong terminology there even - but this one by editing "/etc/default/grub", and there are further hints on that in the comments to the bug report.23:35
zomaarTJ-: I had already damaged the card a bit through a fan not spinning and it overheated so I can just repurpose it for another computer and it's not so bad (if the VGA still works)23:35
zomaarBut I am now afraid of connecting something else to that KVM23:35
zomaarI think I will return it under warranty23:35
zomaarBut I have to test the card again23:36
zomaarThe KVM caused the USB of my Linux computer to entirely stop working23:37
OutyHave to sleep now. Thank you @ll for the help. You are 1337 - This is my first time here on #ubuntu channel and I loved it!23:37
zomaarAnd put both monitors to sleep....23:37
TJ-zomaar: sounds like a good idea; what you said about power suggests a floating ground. I'd be concerned as to how the KVM isolates the ground. I had a similiar issue with a PoE extractor connected to a RasPi... powered the headless RasPi fine until an external HDMI monitor was connected, at which point it instantly died. Turned out the ground shield was floating at 48V because the PoE extractor wasn't going23:38
TJ-through an isolation transformer23:38
krytarik!grub | tetotronic: Fwiw, more info23:38
ubottutetotronic: Fwiw, more info: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub223:38
TJ-Outy: we hope not to see you back (with problems!) :)23:39
zomaarWhich happened after I disconnected and reconnected the main power23:39
zomaar(The KVM is powered but can also run off USB but happens to lock up if you do that...)23:40
OutyTJ-: will avoid problems - I promise  ;)23:40
zomaarTJ-: Right, sounds like it23:40
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