studio-user909Anyone know why ubuntu keyboard shortcuts don't work in ubuntustudio?00:09
sinewavAny shortcuts?00:37
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peter_Where am I?18:23
peter_Just some dummy text.18:34
peter_------       ---------18:34
peter_     ---------18:34
peter_---------   ---------18:45
peter_       -------18:45
krytarikpeter_: That's enough now.18:46
peter_OK :)18:46
studio-user904Hi ubuntu studio :20:59
studio-user904On live ISO (installing the OS)20:59
studio-user904Great work21:00
studio-user904Tried the alpha, most of softs wroks great only some bugs . I'll make a report21:00
studio-user904Everything works even on Alpha (pre 18.04) but mixbus crashes21:01
studio-user904See you soon :)21:01

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