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kjackalhey stub I am trying to work on a fix to layer-snap10:10
kjackalis this layer on lp or gh?10:10
stubeither or10:10
stublp is canonical I guess, but I accept either10:11
kjackalso I can submit a pr to gh10:11
kjackalgreat, thanks10:11
stubkjackal: what is the fix?10:12
kjackalhas to do with no_proxy10:12
stubok. I think newer versions of snapd have a better way of setting the proxy now too, but I haven't investigated.10:12
stubThere is a branch in flight adding support for the snap-proxy too, but that doesn't touch the traditional proxy stuff.10:13
kjackalremember how the snap layer gets the no_proxy settings from juju (I guess) and then places them to /etc/systemd/system/snapd.service.d/snap_layer_proxy.conf . There is the case where no_proxy settings have a sull subnet and this large string is larger than 2048 chars so it gets skipped10:14
kjackalactually it gets trimmed to 2048 and the rest of proxy settings are skipped10:15
kjackalstub I do not think this will fix the issue, let me find the opened issue10:16
kjackalstub: https://github.com/juju-solutions/bundle-canonical-kubernetes/issues/41310:17
kjackalthe no_proxy line is too long and the parsing of the snap_layer_proxy.conf stops10:18
stubNo, that is a different issue. I understand it is the preferred way of accessing the snap store via proxy now10:18
stubIt does include the 'snap set core' command down the bottom, which I think is similar to the blessed way of setting http proxies10:18
stub(so rather than create a systemd override file, with the 2048k limit, it might be possible to run 'snap set core proxy.something=' and make it snapd's problem10:19
stubBut I don't know where the core settings are documented, nor do I know if the setting has been backported to Trusty yet.10:20
kjackalmy problem is not with the proxy, it is with no_proxy we grab here: https://github.com/stub42/layer-snap/blob/master/reactive/snap.py#L11210:21
kjackalI was thinking we could have a no_proxy config variable and not get the full list from hwatever juju model-config has10:22
stubYes. I'm just saying that I expect to stop creating systemd override files and start using snapd's proxy setting mechanism.10:22
stubI'd like to avoid new config items, as it pollutes every snap built with the layer. Insanely large no_proxy lists is not a common problem, so I'd like a less intrusive fix.10:24
kjackalI am trying to find this snapd proxy setting that goes through snap core but dont seem to be that successful..10:27
stubIt isn't documented at https://docs.ubuntu.com/core/en/reference/core-configuration , so it is either very new or yay documentation10:27
stubprobably a 2.30 thing, which is the version adam needs to force for the snap-proxy support10:28
kjackalyes... but there is nothing for noproxy there10:29
stubok, might be the case. The bug requesting actual proxy settings is still open (I don't consider the systemd override approach a particularly stable workaround)10:30
kjackalThere is this: https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/359410:32
stubkjackal: Would it be good enough for the snap layer to truncate the NO_PROXY environment variable before stuffing it in the systemd override file?10:33
kjackalstub, I am not sure when/why the no_proxy is needed by snapd10:34
kjackalyes, trucating it is good enough for me now10:34
kjackalusualy in network restricted environments snapd does not need to reach other services internal10:35
stubI'm not aware of anyone who needs no_proxy. I just pulled it from the environment with the other env variables because it seemed like a good idea at the time.10:35
stubSo truncate or don't propagate no_proxy at all.10:36
kjackalI would prefer to remove no_rpoxy rather than having it half in snapd config10:36
kjackalcool, even easier10:36
kjackaldoing it now, thanks10:37
stubIn other news, systemd's opinion of what makes a valid environment variable is different to the OS's opinion.10:39
kjackalstub: true, especialy since it is doing this silent fail10:43
kjackal"I will skip this config and pry noonw notices" :)10:44
pmatulisi heard there are CentOS-based charms in the store but this comes back empty: https://jujucharms.com/q/centos - how do i find these charms?16:16
rick_hpmatulis: https://api.jujucharms.com/charmstore/v5/search?series=centos716:31
pmatulisrick_h, thanks. so just one then? i actually tried this and it failed. some kind of image authorization problem16:40
rick_hpmatulis: so yea, you have to sign a thing in amz to get the centos image that's used16:40
rick_hpmatulis: it's something I did a long time ago tbh, and appears to only be one atm. We always wanted/hoped for me16:40
pmatulisrick_h, i did a manual launch. i didn't see any signing option16:41
zeestratSo, any tips for recovering an unresponsive juju environment that borked itself during upgrade-juju?  https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju/+bug/174626517:05
mupBug #1746265: juju-upgrade from 2.2.9 to 2.3.2 fails with state changing too quickly <juju:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1746265>17:05
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bobeohey everyone! I hope your day is going well!18:56
bobeoIs there a way to do: juju run --unit "select all units" "command" ; E.G. juju run --unit * ifconfig18:56
bobeois that possible tod o with juju?18:56
zeestratbobeo: do you want to target just units within an application or all units in a model?19:06
zeestratjuju run has --application which does the first and also --all which should do the latter19:07
rick_hwallyworld: do we have anyone that can look at zeestrat's issue there? I recall some chatter around that but I don't know the results/etc exactly21:05
wallyworldrick_h: doing an interview atm21:07
rick_hwallyworld: rgr21:07
zeestratThanks rick_h. Much appreciated.21:51
wallyworldzeestrat: rick_h: if you want all units of a given application, you can do juju run --aplication foo21:53
rick_hzeestrat: I more meant his issue with the upgraded juju model during upgrade and bug #174626521:53
mupBug #1746265: juju-upgrade from 2.2.9 to 2.3.2 fails with state changing too quickly <juju:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1746265>21:53
wallyworldbut you want all units in a model? --all will do all machines21:53
rick_hwallyworld: sorry ^21:53
wallyworldrick_h: oh, i see. i don't have any clue off hand. i'll need to look into it21:55
rick_hwallyworld: ok sorry, the error there rang a bell but I couldn't find what I thought I'd seen go by in conversations before.21:55

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