VONELLDoes anyone know where i can download a free users manual for LUBUNTU 17.10 at?02:33
tsimonq2VONELL: We have one in progress but otherwise there's no other manual, no, sorry.02:35
VONELLdo you know how i can get to the wifi setting in lubuntu 17.10?02:36
tsimonq2There should be an icon in the panel. Click on it.02:36
VONELLwhat does the icon look like02:37
tsimonq2A network icon.02:37
VONELLthank you so much02:40
krabadortsimonq2, and when you end the work of the manual, what will be the price?02:47
tsimonq2The price will be $0.02:53
tsimonq2(yes I know they're no longer here, but for the record...)02:53
krytariktsimonq2: Can I also pay €0 then? :P02:55
=== BrAsS_mOnKeY is now known as william
tsimonq2krytarik: No, you must pay €0.000001 :P02:55
krytarikOh noooees! :(02:55
tsimonq2And ONLY YOU, everyone else pays €0 :P02:55
krytarikYes, I figured.. :(02:56

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