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KarunamonHeya - anyone encountered a problem where a machine will PXE boot, get to the initrd step, and then immediately reboot?14:32
Karunamonmy machine isn't being commissioned because it's insta-rebooting immediately after initrd loads14:33
Karunamonseems to have something to do with the minimal kernel setting. The quick reboot happens if I leave it set to "no minimal kernel". Xenial hwe-16.04 causes a hang after initrd, ga-16.04 will at least boot14:37
Karunamonproblem is, it's something specific to this netbook kernel, because I have identical hardware running 16.04 HWE14:38
Karunamon*netboot, even14:38
roaksoaxKarunamon: htat probably means you have a wrong kernel set in the minimum kernel for the machine14:52
roaksoaxKarunamon: check the machine configuration, and go to the minimum kernel setting14:52
roaksoaxKarunamon: and change that to something else14:52
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xygnalmpontillo: please y20:30
xygnalupdate 174476520:30
xygnalposted a question20:31
mpontilloxygnal: replied on the bug. wish I had a better answer for you20:54

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