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daddy0theres a bug with filezilla 3.28.  how do we recommend bionic gets a newer version?17:58
naccdaddy0: file a bug?17:58
naccdaddy0: ubuntu-bug filezilla17:59
naccdaddy0: yeah18:03
lotuspsychjedax: can we change !wayland somehow that its 'available' instead of default?18:21
daxlotuspsychje: yes, please send factoid requests to #ubuntu-ops, preferably with the help of ubottu (/msg ubottu !wayland is <reply> new factoid here) but just dropping it in there normally is fine too18:22
lotuspsychjeallrighty tnx, problem is when your not around nothing ever happens18:22
lotuspsychjewe suggested few factoids in the past already18:23
daxthat's probably something that should be addressed by methods other than "just poke dax all the time", tbh18:23
daxlong-term, anyway18:23
TJ-if dax gets poked, maybe dax with poke other ops :)18:24
lotuspsychjedax: its not that i wanna bug you mate...18:24
daxlotuspsychje: i know. but i tend to take IRC breaks that last multiple weeks/months, one is probably coming up soon, and thus poking me doesn't really work as well as you'd like all the time :)18:24
lotuspsychjedax: problem is when a factoid gets noticed into ops channel, if nobody reads it that day, its gone18:26
daxlotuspsychje: I'll drop a note about the general issue into the ops discussion channel. If that doesn't help, there's not a whole lot else I can do. And please do start doing factoid suggestions through #ubuntu-ops in the meantime.18:28
daxAs always, Ubuntu's IRC Council has oversight over the IRC team in general, so if that's something you want to pursue that far, they'd be the people to talk to.18:28
lotuspsychjeallrighty mate18:29
lotuspsychjedax: council is still genii?18:33
dax#ubuntu-irc-council, irc-council@lists.ubuntu.com, member list is https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-irc-council/+members18:35
daxanyway, I have poked the #ubuntu ops in general about it again, so might wanna wait and see what happens in the future. is up to you. probably we have been un-bionic enough in this channel for now, regardless ;)18:36
lotuspsychjetnx for the move dax18:36
hggdhand, just to stress the point: the IRC Council *is* active. Poke us if needed.20:03

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