AlexBluetoothhello everybody11:37
AlexBluetoothI've a problem with my Bluetooth: Mate 17.10; bluetooth is on but not working.11:37
DanielSanjoHi guys13:00
DanielSanjoI've got a question regarding Installation, its a bit longer so i created it on pastebin,, maybe you can help me?  https://thepasteb.in/p/48hYWY8yPRLTR13:01
sixwheeledbeastUse a decent sized Live USB with persistent storage and leave the Win10 installation alone?13:21
sixwheeledbeastThat way you can use your installation anywhere.13:22
DanielSanjoThat would be an Option too, but i would prefer an ssd for Performance + i never had an ssd failed but several usb sticks that died13:25
sixwheeledbeastthis was an internal SSD wasn't it?13:29
sixwheeledbeastYou could use the Live image and mount your ssd for storage13:31
DanielSanjoThere is 1 internal SSD with Win10 which i dont want to touch, and i have 1 external SSD (with a usb 3 Adapter) which i want to use for Mate13:32
sixwheeledbeastWell I don't see why you couldn't use that. Set the machine to boot from USB first, then if it plugged in it will boot Mate. You may have to copy some efi files around if secure boot. Not something I have ever tried myself.13:41
DanielSanjoi'm pretty sure this will work somehow, what i don't want is a shared efi Partition because i don't want ubuntu interfere with the Windows Installation in any way13:59
mate|74969I can't open any pendrives or other drives on my mate.it says that the permission is denied and the selected location is not a folder.What am I gonna do??15:44
shine0nc://document electricidad16:33
shine0n20 tiras PVC clase 216:34
mate|49277If xenial is supported until 2021 why does ubuntu mate support end in 2019?17:33
ircfanwhich ubuntu mate? artful?17:37
mate|49277download page says xenial17:37
ircfan2010, 2014, 2018 etc. is the LTS17:37
mate|49277right .. just curious why it states on the download page that support ends in april 201917:38
ircfanyou are correct, thats weird17:39
ircfanwhy would they disclose mate from the lts17:40
mate|49277i'm deploying the build across the company so i want to make sure ... i suspect it's just a mistake17:40
m4tmate|49277: they might stop releasing new installation iso's. but the packages will probably still be maintained, at least for security reasons. they're in the standard repos.19:08
m4tif you wanted you could just install a minimal lts (default "flavor") base, then apt-get install mate-desktop-environment19:09
mate|49277yeah .. just complicates the install a bit but it's an option19:16
sixwheeledbeastUbuntu has to grant LTS status to a flavour. The application was a 3 year one.20:18
mate|28810Hi, I need ti update my java21:00
mate|28810I have dl the .gz, but I don't know how to install without the terminal21:01
mate|28810I'm on ubuntu 16.0421:01
mate|49277thank you sixwheeledbeast ... that explains it21:03
alainI have a 32 bit and 2 64 bit running Ubuntu Mate.21:30
alainThe 32 bit is running perfectly however both 64 , a laptop and a desktop, have issues updating. When I try to update it freezes and display waiting for unattended update21:32
alainI also have a laptop and a desktop running Ubuntu 16.04 lts both 64 bit that do not have issues updating at all. The same issue goes for the raspberry pi 3 yeah I know it is different but have the same updating issues21:34
alainI just wanted someone to know this. I just had an adventure updating to 17.10 from 17.04 ubuntu  mate it had 2 errors and was able to get with your help but still updating issues.21:36
drzeusHowdy! Have an issue with not seeing the SD card slot- can I get that up and running on ubuntu?21:46
drzeusoops nevermind it was a faulty adapter.21:48

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