bashfulrobotGood day/evening everyone.19:59
* tsimonq2 waves20:01
* slangasek waves20:02
slangasekno sign of either chair or backup chair currently20:02
slangasekand while we could hold the meeting without them, I'm not sure it's a good use of bashfulrobot / fossfreedom's time to discuss here, with a non-quorate subset of the TB, vs just continuing the discussion by email20:03
mdeslaurFYI, I'll go and give my +1 to the budgie LTS via email in a minute20:04
bashfulrobotThank you!20:05
bashfulrobotSo my understanding is that or LTS status discussion will continue on the mailing list (instead of here?)20:06
slangasekbashfulrobot: yes, I think that's better than discussing it here with the two members who have already +1ed on the mailing list20:07
bashfulrobotOk, prefect. We (Budgie) appreciate your time!20:08
bashfulrobotslangasek: thank you!20:08
mdeslaurthanks bashfulrobot20:08
mdeslaurok, looks like nobody else is doing to show up20:15
mdeslaurmeetings cancelled.20:15
mdeslaurerr *meeting20:16
mdeslaurwow, I can't type today20:16
bashfulrobotMdeslaur thanks to you as well!21:07

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