tsimonq2Please don't crosspost.02:35
lubot1<acheronuk> @tsimonq2  your force sync of libdbusmenu-qt breaks things.10:22
lubot1<acheronuk> libdbusmenu-qt5 changes to libdbusmenu-qt5-2, with no breaks/replaces, so gets a dpkg can't overwrite error on the previous version10:22
lubot1<acheronuk> and things will need rebuilds against the chaged lib name10:23
lubot1<acheronuk> the overwrite error causes tests for FW 5.42 to fail10:31
acheronuk$ reverse-depends libdbusmenu-qt510:42
acheronuk* hud10:42
acheronuk* libdbusmenu-qt5-dev10:42
acheronuk* libkf5notifications510:42
acheronuk* lxqt-panel10:42
acheronuk* lxqt-qtplugin10:43
acheronuk* quassel10:43
acheronuk* quassel-client10:43
lubot1<tsimonq2> ack, thanks for the ping.12:25
lubot1<mitya57> I would vote for rebuild rather than revert12:32
lubot1<mitya57> And maybe add Breaks/Replaces for 18.04 only12:32
lubot1<tsimonq2> I agree, right.12:33
lubot1<acheronuk> Was just testing both of those in a PPA while waiting for you to wake up12:34
lubot1<acheronuk> Just to see if it fixes my test failures as I supposed it would12:37
lubot1<acheronuk> breaks/replaces, then a rebuild of knotifications makes the failing plasma-workspace test deps satisfiable again it seems12:43
lubot1* acheronuk waits for the whole test to run12:43
lubot1<acheronuk> autopkgtest [12:53:21]: @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ summary12:53
lubot1testsuite            PASS12:53
lubot1acc                  PASS12:53
lubot1<tsimonq2> Hm ok12:54
lubot1<tsimonq2> @acheronuk Can you upload a fix or is someone going to have to sponsor? 😁12:54
lubot1<acheronuk> I was upload perms for libdbusmenu-qt5 and knotifications. Other rebuilds, against that, I do not. or not all.12:55
lubot1<acheronuk> *I have12:56
lubot1<mitya57> I can rebuild the rest in ~2 hours12:56
lubot1<acheronuk> @mitya57, Cool. That would be time to publish properly12:57
lubot1<mitya57> Or if you want you can prepare everything in a silo and then I will publish it12:58
lubot1<tsimonq2> He doesn't have silo access I don't think 😉13:00
lubot1<acheronuk> I don't have silo access.13:00
lubot1<mitya57> Ok, no problem13:01
lubot1<acheronuk> done13:05
lubot1<mitya57> Sorry, was too busy with other things and forgot about the rebuilds. Will do a bit more later.17:52
LocutusOfBorgmitya57, how bad is this upload? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openmw/0.43.0-3ubuntu118:47
LocutusOfBorgspecially because:   * Build-depend on libqt5opengl5-desktop-dev instead of18:47
LocutusOfBorg    libqt5opengl5-dev, enforcing the fact that OpenMW only18:47
LocutusOfBorg    works with -lgl and not -lgles/-gles2.18:47
LocutusOfBorg    (Closes: #886362)18:47
LocutusOfBorgis using "libqt5opengl5-desktop-dev" correct, right?18:47
lubot1<mitya57> @LocutusOfBorg, If it works with desktop -lgl only, then it won't work on arm64…18:49
lubot1<mitya57> So either your upload is wrong or the change in Debian is wrong.18:49
LocutusOfBorgso, better sync next time and ask to drop on arm64? why Debian has it then?18:50
lubot1<mitya57> There exist arm64 devices with both desktop OpenGL and GL ES18:52
lubot1<mitya57> Historically Ubuntu built for the latter. In Debian arm64 was added later and the change was not applied.18:52
lubot1<mitya57> As I said earlier, ideally it would be nice to drop this delta, but then we will have worse experience on devices like Raspberry Pi 318:56
lubot1<mitya57> Maybe we can build Qt Widgets with desktop OpenGL and Qt Quick with mobile? Need to investigate that.18:58
lubot1<mitya57> The Qt OpenGL module (for which the -desktop-dev provides was added) is deprecated anyway.18:59
lubot1<mitya57> I just pushed rebuilds of hud, lxqt-panel, lxqt-qtplugin and quassel20:31
lubot1<tsimonq2> Kool20:31
lubot1<acheronuk> Thanks20:36

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