daftykinsoh we know all about your moonlight Kraftwerk impressions00:03
daftykinsbug against subiquity seconded \o/00:04
zmoylan-pithe multitasking on even the 3a was excellent, no need for more than one device at a time00:06
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:37
zmoylan-pituesday... not a monday... so we have that going for us... :-)12:48
SuperMattYeah, but is it really all that great?13:28
zmoylan-pistill not a monday13:30
SuperMattI suppose13:34
SuperMattI'm just not convinced13:34
zmoylan-pituesday is as far as you get from a monday based on temporal inertia13:36
ali1234diddledan: i just installed your openra snap and it says all the multiplayer games are incompatible - even ones that appear to be the same version as the snap21:51

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