Scary_Guyhttps://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0108-national-do-not-call-registry third one down01:46
Scary_Guyalso this: https://egbg.home.xs4all.nl/counterscript.html01:47
Scary_Guyin PDF too: https://egbg.home.xs4all.nl/english/counters.pdf01:47
Scary_Guyfinally, for the "special cases" there is: http://www.419eater.com/01:48
jrwrenI think flav is working here: https://news.engin.umich.edu/2018/01/internet-scanning-u-m-startup-offers-new-approach-to-cybersecurity/03:08
Scary_GuyA. you mean that wasn't happening already?  and B. you don't mean Flavor Flav, do you.03:19
Scary_GuyI still say we need a unicode character for rhetorical questions03:20
Alobar500i didn't know there was a MI ubuntu team04:10
Scary_Guythis is more of a general chat04:12
Scary_Guylike people who use Ubuntu (and other *nix) who live in MI04:13
Alobar500cool. Port Huron here.04:13
Scary_Guywelcome, I'm in Madison Heights04:13
Alobar500Nice. I'm an IRC novice. Where should I go for help with a booting problem? I've tried google for the past month to no avail.04:14
Scary_Guyalso you should check out mug.org even though you're kind of far.  they cast the meetings on youtube.04:14
Alobar500ok will do thanks.04:15
cmaloneyGood morning12:12
cmaloneyHow's the day so far?12:31
n0pjrwren: yup, that's the place13:26
jrwrensomeone should have pointed Alobar500 to askubuntu.com :(13:37
cmaloneyWhat's that? :)13:54
jrwrencmaloney: ouch!13:59
jrwrenso... https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-01-30/amazon-berkshire-jpmorgan-to-set-up-a-health-company-for-staff   does this remind anyone of UAW & HAP in the 70s & 80s?14:05
cmaloneyonly slightly14:08
cmaloneyHonestly I'm not sure why comanies aren't lobbying more for single payer health-care14:17
jrwreni think they are, its just that health companies are lobbying more :)14:19
brouschWhen I brought it up with my old boss (small businesses) he told me that he uses health care as a differentiator to hire the best people15:43
jrwrenThat is one option.15:46
jrwrenAnother option is: all the best employers already provide really great health care. They have to, or people would leave.15:46
rick_hjrwren: I think that there's a line there though. It's kind of a top X% that's true but there's a whole world below that threshold15:56
jrwrenrick_h: absolutely.15:59

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