FishPencilDoes anyone have an idea why Ubuntu is sticking with GCC 5, even with Artful?00:00
FishPencilSeems odd to continue to use that version00:01
FishPenciloh wait, default gcc is 7, but they also have 4 and 5 packages00:01
ZythyrQuestion: I am installing Ubuntu in BIOS (legacy mode). My first partition is 550MB and I marked it as "Reserved BIOS boot area". No I need to have a "bootable" flag "On" for this partiton? Yes I know for BIOS bios grub 550MB is more than enough, but I kept it at 550MB becasue I plan on migrating to EFI in the future.00:09
TJ-Zythyr: for BIOS Boot you only need at most 2MB :)00:16
TJ-Zythyr: and no it doesn't need a bootable flag, in fact, with GPT, there is no such thing although if you're creating a hybrid MBR that also maps that partition then the MBR can have it's boot flag set00:17
ZythyrTJ- Im doing BIOS with GPT partition scheme. In Gparted, My first partition is 550MB and I put "bios_grub" flag on it. But before installing Ubunut, its asking me if I want to put "bootable" flag on it. I did 550MB because in the future I will be doing EFI instead of BIOS00:17
TJ-Zythyr: if you can plan on having EFI later, then just create both an EFI System Partition of about 512MB and a 2MB BIOS Boot partition00:17
ZythyrOhh okay. So if I am doing GPT then bootable flag not need00:18
ZythyrSo the 2MB boot partition needs to be before the EFI System Partition?00:18
TJ-Zythyr: here's what I use: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26486498/00:18
TJ-Zythyr: as long as the BIOS Boot partition is near the start of the disk the order doesn't matter00:19
ZythyrTJ- Thanks for the share. I did similar but I didn't create teh "BIOS boot partition" of 8MB. I created a 550MB partition and called it "EFI System System" even though I am using it as BIOS boot partition. Is that fine?00:26
TJ-Zythyr: well it means you can only do either/or. With my way you can do both and so choose which mode to boot in00:27
ZythyrOhh I didn't know both options were possible. I already started install of Ubuntu server. Is it possible to fix it after installation?00:28
dingirwhats the purpose of encrypting my home folder00:28
dingirif i want more security i should encrypt / too ?00:29
ZythyrAnd when you say choose either/or, how do you choose if u want to BIOS or EFI method of booting?00:29
TJ-Zythyr: all you need to do is partition it so both partitions are there; you can do the additional GRUB work later to have both types of boot available00:29
TJ-dingir: encrypted home means that even if the PC is booted, your personal files cannot be read unless your user is logged in00:30
TJ-dingir: whereas Full Disk Encryption protects the complete OS when it's NOT running (e.g. if the system/disk were stolen)00:30
Zythyrdingir Encryption is good if you don't want anyone with physical access to your hard drive to be able to read your data. For example, if your PC gets stolen, even though you may have a strong login password, the theif can use a live USB and read your data00:31
ZythyrTJ- Is your system configured so it automatically detects if your PC supports EFI boothing and if it then it boots to EFI and if not then BIOS?00:32
mattflyhello everyone, ive recently updated my ubuntu 16.04 lts using a nvidia gpu (laptop), but i got some problem trying to reboot and im unable to see my system GUI, right now im on recovery mode, the error is "bbswitch not suitable _DMS call found00:32
mattflywth is that how to get the gui back?00:32
TJ-Zythyr: no, it's configured so I can choose at boot-time, in the firmware's boot menu, which type of boot I want00:33
mattflyand my connectyion sucks00:33
TJ-mattfly: is this of any help? https://askubuntu.com/questions/857816/my-drivers-recognize-my-graphics-card-but-nvidia-settings-do-not00:34
andrejHow do people update things like quagga that pop up a dialogue asking about restarting a daemon using things like ansible?00:34
dingirbut if only /home is encrypted its secure too if hard drive gets stolen as in no one can read the data00:36
dingircan i encrypt /home if system already installed?00:36
TJ-mattfly: also this ubuntu forums post about 16.04 and kernel upgrades seems more relevant. Try booting to an earlier kernel version via the GRUB boot menu > Advanced sub-menu. https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=237205600:37
iulian_anyone can check please qdbus org.mpris.clementine00:37
iulian_Service 'org.mpris.clementine' does not exist.Why ?00:38
TJ-dingir: it's not /home/ that is encrypted, it's /home/$USER/ and yes, it's also protected if the device is stolen. It doesn't protect against someone being able to insert malware if they have physical access to the powered-off PC though00:38
Zythyrdingir I recently researched about encryption. I dected to encrypt my entire home partition instead of just /home/myusername. These two articles will be a good read for you 1) https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Disk_encryption and 2) https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManualFullSystemEncryption00:41
Zythyr^ the second article if for block device encryption compared to this artcile which is just to encrypt your /home/userusername folder 3) https://www.howtogeek.com/116032/how-to-encrypt-your-home-folder-after-installing-ubuntu/00:42
Guest65Hi there, I was wondering if anyone else has had success getting Ubuntu running on a MacBook Pro Mid-2015, and if they have seen any major performance degradations00:46
ZythyrTJ- When you say firmware's boot menu, you mean like the BIOS menu if u want to boot in UEFI mode or Legacy mode?00:47
TJ-Zythyr: if it's using EFI then it's not BIOS :) BIOS and UEFI are firmware, UEFI manual boot menu usually offers the option to boot in UEFI mode via entries in the firmware's own memory, or via Compatibility Support Module (CSM) in BIOS mode for a specific device.00:49
ZythyrTJ- Ubuntu server is asking me if I want to install GRUB boot loader. Do I choose "/dev/sda" or do I choose "/dev/sda1"? Assuming my configuration was like yours where my sda1 was BIOS boot partiiton and sda2 EFI, then what would I choose?00:49
TJ-Zythyr:  /dev/sda00:50
lordcirthZythyr, Grub always goes on the drive00:50
TJ-Zythyr: GRUB figures out where to put it's core image and boot files, and write it's own config00:50
TJ-!mactel | Guest6500:51
ZythyrSo always choose the drive? Not the partition (ex: sda1)00:51
TJ-!mac | Guest6500:51
ubottuGuest65: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages00:51
TJ-Zythyr: yes00:51
TJ-Zythyr: unless you're doing something /very/ special and experimental00:51
Zythyrohh okay00:52
Guest65thanks ubottu00:52
ZythyrTJ- If I configure my partitions like yours, do I still mark sda1 (BIOS) as "bios_grub" partition in Gparted? And during installation mark it as "Reserved for BIOS boot"? As for the EFI partition, I won't be able to mark it for "EFI" becasue my system doens't hhave EFI so ubuntu doesn't even give me option to mark it00:54
TJ-Zythyr: Yes, mark sda1 as bios_grub ... create the EFI SP as any other type - the only important part is to reserve the space. Once the OS is installed and booted you can change the partition type00:55
ZythyrOhh okay. And the sda1 partition will be "unformatted" right? And  the EFI parittio nas Fat32? Once I am done with installation of Ubuntu, I can mark the EFI partition as EFI? But do I need to do some configurations of grub after this?00:57
TJ-Zythyr: yes, sda1 is unformatted. GRUB writes it's core image directly into that partition using grub-install00:57
ZythyrOhh okay great! THanks for the clearifcation.00:58
ZythyrI think I am going to scratch the current install and restart.00:59
Zythyrand do the partition scheme like yours00:59
TJ-Zythyr: after installing/booting in BIOS mode there is a bit of a dance to do to install the grub-efi - The way I do it is create a Virtual Machine that boots in EFI mode, attach the real hard disk to it as (/dev/sda) and a VM disk image file (e.g. /home/tj/diskimage.bin ), attach the installer ISO image as a DVD device to the VM, and boot. During EFI install I install the OS to the disk-image file but set01:01
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TJ-the boot-loader device to /dev/sda so it uses the EFI system partition.01:01
ZythyrAhh so u trick it into installing grub on /dev/sda01:02
ZythyrGood to know that01:02
ZythyrI think for now I will have partition scheme like your, but not touch the EFI System Partition. If an when I move to a system that is UEFI based, then I will worry about fixing the EFI system partition. But for now I will have the partition there as making it future proof01:03
TJ-Zythyr: I then shutdown the VM, delete the disk-image file, mount the EFI SP into the current running OS ("mkdir -p /boot/grub/efi; mount /dev/sda2 /boot/grub/efi") and copy the grubx64.efi to the EFI removable media path so I can boot in EFI mode without an entry in the firmware's boot menu (EFI boot via the device name) with "cp /boot/grub/efi/EFI/ubuntu/grubx64.efi /boot/grub/efi/EFI/boot/bootx64.efi"01:04
TJ-Zythyr: finally!! once rebooted in EFI mode, I just run "sudo grub-install /dev/sda" and it redoes the install but also calls efibootmgr to add Ubuntu to the firmware's boot menu01:05
TJ-Zythyr: in reality, I pull a lot of tricks and don't do it that way, but I'm a GRUB hacker so I know how to short-circuit things, but if I told you that process you'd get hopelessly lost :)01:06
stockLinux kernel Version 4.4.0-111.134~14.04.1: contains a truckload of changes related to "speculative execution"    Does this boot or even run ?01:11
ZythyrTJ- hahha thanks for the clearification after the VM install trick. Or else I would have been lost lol01:12
ZythyrTJ- Here is my setup. Apparently in Gparted I had the ESP option. I am unsure what will happen when I do Ubuntu Server install and when it installs GRUB. Maybe it will configure for both BIOS and EFI??? https://imgur.com/a/i2GGc01:13
TJ-Zythyr: installer will only install GRUB in the same mode the installer booted in. So if installer starts from EFI mode it'll install grub-efi in EFI SP,if booted in BIOS/CSM mode it'll install grub-pc to the BIOS Boot partition01:17
TJ-Zythyr: this is why we have to 'dance' to do both01:17
Zythyrahhh now i understand what u mean01:18
TJ-The problem is, if booted in EFI mode we /could/ install for both EFI and BIOS mode, but if booted in BIOS mode there's no access to the EFI variables so we cannot install an EFI boot menu entry, which means there'd be no access to the installed OS on reboot01:21
aienaDoes anyone know of an XPath visualiser for linux? SOmething like XMLQuire?01:27
stockwell seems to boot and run all right : Linux acer30u 4.4.0-111-generic #134~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Mon Jan 15 15:39:56 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux01:29
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ZythyrTJ- if booted in EFI mode, how do I install for both EFI and BIOS? The reason I ask is becasue I can attached the HDD to a PC that boots into EFI mode and then do Ubuntu install from there01:38
stocklooks like a very nasty job nicely done : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/KnowledgeBase/SpectreAndMeltdown01:39
TJ-Zythyr: you'd install in just EFI mode as usual (with the EFI SP and BIOS Boot partitions), reboot into the OS, then do some clever stuff with installing the grub-pc-bin/grub2-common/grub-common but *NOT* the grub-pc package (because grub-pc would cause grub-efi and the other grub-efi-x86_64* packages to be removed)01:43
TJ-Zythyr: there's a better way than that though, which is to create an LXD container with /dev/sda mapped into it and install just the grub-pc package.01:44
TJ-Zythyr: I really ought to write-up all these methods because they look much simpler when you see just the commands without the long-winded explanation01:45
weaksauceany caveats to find -exec sed that works from the command line but not in a script?01:46
stockwhere can one find /proc/config.gz on Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS01:47
stockah less /boot/config-`uname -r`01:49
TJ-weaksauce: shell expansions of variables, paths, maybe?01:49
ZythyrTJ- Ohhh so its not that simple even when booted into EFI mode. lol01:50
ZythyrThat a write up tutorial somewhere would be great01:50
weaksauceTJ- https://gist.github.com/anonymous/ebf243c44800342653838e15591400d001:50
weaksauceSUB is printing out what I expect01:51
TJ-Zythyr: I have a guide to the boot process itself here: http://iam.tj/prototype/guides/boot/01:51
weaksaucei have taken off the exec portion and it's listing all the files that I expect it to see01:52
stockstock@acer30u:~$ dmesg | grep -i isolation01:52
stock[    0.000000] Kernel/User page tables isolation: enabled01:52
stockallright ave a good one01:52
TunaLobsterHey guys. Hitting an issue today on 14.04 LTS (using for legacy software support). The issue comes up when a python (2.7) portion of a script is writing to disk. It's somewhere between blitz++, python2, and mpirun. I'm not able to reproduce outside of this program right now. Apt update history shows nothing changed since last known working run of this program.01:53
TJ-weaksauce: does ./test exist for find in the script to find ?01:53
weaksauceit does TJ-01:53
TJ-weaksauce: so is the issue all those logical-ORs because that's very different from the single shell command above01:54
TJ-weaksauce: think about your "-name *.sh" clauses; what is going to process those * ? It'll be the shell won't it?01:55
weaksauceTJ- reading the man page it seems like that shouldn't be an issue with the -exec \; version as it serially sends it to sed.01:55
TJ-weaksauce: you need, I think, "-name '*.sh'  " - single quotes around them01:55
TJ-weaksauce: you want find to handle the * not the shell01:55
weaksauceTJ- ah. i will try that01:55
weaksauceTJ- no dice. no error just no editing of the file01:58
weaksauceTJ- https://gist.github.com/anonymous/ca2bd1bc4a30e9b351d8e7334e8f74ab01:58
weaksaucethat is a more complete picture as the other one was edited a bit01:58
TJ-weaksauce: does the command return file names for sed to process?01:58
weaksaucethe first find does in fact print them out yes01:59
weaksaucethere are two finds with almost identical predicates01:59
TJ-weaksauce: try this, I did something like this earlier for someone else: "... -exec sh -c "sed -i -e '$SUB' {}"  \; "02:01
weaksauceTJ- tried a few variants of that and nothing is giving an error but it's not doing anything02:07
unomasbeerne1 have any really good fonts for coding02:07
TJ-weaksauce: hmmm, if you remove the -exec it does print out the file names that matched?02:09
TJ-weaksauce: I'm wondering if this is due to running under zsh. Have you tested it with other shells?02:10
weaksaucei haven't no02:10
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weaksauceTJ- changed the script to #! /usr/bin/env sh and it's still the same. ran it under sh in my terminal too02:12
weaksauceevery time i want to like find I find it fails me hard02:13
weaksaucemaybe i can use xargs and pipe it02:13
TJ-weaksauce: OK, I see your problem. You need to surround your logical or's with \( .... \)02:20
TJ-weaksauce: this works for me (to echo the command) find ./$WEBEXT_NAME \( -name '*.json' -or -iname '*.js' -or -iname '*.sh' -or -iname 'license' -or -name '*.sh' \) -exec echo sed -i -e $SUB {} \;02:20
weaksaucethat works inside a script?02:20
TJ-weaksauce: the ORs need combining to all bind to the -exec02:21
weaksaucewhat a powerful but fickle tool02:21
weaksaucethat worked! thanks TJ-02:22
TJ-yes, it is, it's great for catching you out02:22
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weaksauceit feels like it should be a little easier to do find and replace in a bunch of files02:22
TJ-Unix philosophy; one tool for each task and pipeline their stdout/stdin02:24
weaksauceyeah. i didn't mean by find or sed but more from a third party.02:25
TJ-It'd be so specialised then it probably wouldn't get used, whereas shell + find + sed lets you do anything you want - when you figure out how to use them :D02:26
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DDRI've got a bunch of files that didn't come with extensions. I can use my browser's content-sniffing on some of them, but I'm wondering if there's a more general-purpose command-line tool I can use.02:34
picardaHello I need help, I want to create a user+pass but on a specific folder. Then use an ftp client...02:35
DDRSimplest way: Create new user. ln -s whatever folder you want to let them at in their home folder.02:37
DDR(You'll need to give the new user read/write permissions to that folder so they can access it.)02:38
DDRThen assuming you've got ftp running, they can access it via their ftp.02:39
DDR* you've got your ftp daemon running02:39
picardaI do not have ftp install but I'm able to log in the regular home folder by ftp...02:39
picardaI did a choen -R myuser:www-data /var/www/myfolder02:40
DDRpicarda: That doesn't actually make too much sense to me. There's not really the concept of "log into a folder" here, just accounts and such afaik. Perhaps someone else will be able to help, here?02:42
picardaDDR: I understand your point...I just did it like this because I'm not a pro...02:44
picardaIt will be better to install an ftp server then create account...02:45
ZythyrTJ- Great! I'll look at the your blog. Looks like you have a lot of deatils info on there. Will be a good read :)02:48
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eaglgenes101Alright, I'm having issues with firefox03:05
eaglgenes101First, it starts not responding to some queries, but UI elements act fine individually (IE the url bar can be typed into, but enter doesn't do anything)03:06
eaglgenes101Then the program locks up a bit more, I can use the WM to do stuff, but the program softlocks03:06
eaglgenes101Then gnome, my current desktop environment, locks up badly enough that ctrl+alt+f? doesn't do anything03:07
eaglgenes101Thankfully the kernel responds to magic sysrq keycombinations, so I can do a clean reboot, but this leaves me without logs to look through03:07
eaglgenes101Anyone seen this sort of pattern and know where to look?03:08
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eaglgenes101So long story short: how badly locked up is the system if it responds to sysrw keycombos but not ctrl+alt+f?03:25
Alobar500Hi, I'm an IRC and Linux novice. Was wondering if someone could help me. I have a short post here about the problem: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=238371503:26
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armin_i am japen04:10
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naccAlobar500: do you have a live USB handy? Have you tried booting into such a USB?04:32
naccAlobar500: i assume you are on 14.04?04:33
HappyHotDogdoes anyone have any idea why the umake version of firefox-dev hasn't got an icon?04:34
HappyHotDogI tried to make sure it was added on the .desktop file04:34
naccHappyHotDog: are either of those things about the firefox package in Ubuntu?04:34
naccHappyHotDog: if not, it's offtopic for this channel04:34
HappyHotDogwell ok, it's just this has come from the ubuntu developer PPA04:35
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naccHappyHotDog: then contact the PPA owner04:35
HappyHotDogi can try in another chan though04:35
HappyHotDogwhich is ubuntu themselves04:35
naccHappyHotDog: link?04:35
naccHappyHotDog: so you added the PPA from https://launchpad.net/~lyzardking/+archive/ubuntu/ubuntu-make ?04:38
naccHappyHotDog: you should contact that owner, which is not "ubuntu themselves"04:38
HappyHotDogwell apologies, I didn't mean to offend.04:39
HappyHotDogI thought it came from ubuntu but I was wrong04:39
naccHappyHotDog: not offended, just an FYI04:40
Alobar500nacc: Yes I have one handy and I can boot to it now. I've tried using it before but couldn't fix the boot problem.04:40
naccAlobar500: the live USB boots fine?04:40
Alobar500nacc: yes04:42
naccAlobar500: then it's not the kernel itself04:42
naccAlobar500: or wit, is your live USB newer than trusty? e.g. xenial?04:42
Alobar500nacc: and the main 2tb usb drive I'm trying to fix boots fine to my laptop. It just won't boot to my desktop anymore.04:43
Alobar500nacc: yes the live usb was made yesterday with xenial04:44
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naccAlobar500: what is on the bootable disk? Can you just reintall the corrupted windows drive with ubuntu then use the external drive just as storage rather than boot media?04:44
Alobar500nacc: the corrupted windows drive is trash as far as I can tell. My system runs off the external 2tb drive which only has ubuntu on it.04:45
naccAlobar500: you mean physically the disk is dead?04:46
naccAlobar500: i see04:47
HappyHotDogwell I feel dumb.04:52
HappyHotDogchecked the github for the PPA and found the solution there04:52
cfhowlettno apologies needed + glad you found the solution04:53
arunkumar413any ideas on PYTHON2_INCLUDE_DIR04:54
arunkumar413I'd like to set this variable in cmake04:54
naccarunkumar413: you probably want a cmake channel04:57
Alobar500I just tried another boot-repair using a live usb and got the same error. Here's the boot script results: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26487403/04:59
cfhowlettAlobar500, mbr based puters cannot manage more than 4 main partitions05:00
cfhowlettI see a blend of mbr/gpt which can be done if setting up a gpt based sytem05:02
Alobar500cfhowlett: that's a little over my understanding, sorry. What could I do to get it to boot again on the desktop I've been using?05:03
cfhowlettI'm late to the party.  I take it that this was booting OK.  What did you change?05:03
Alobar500It was booting ok for awhile. I think an update made it change. Here's my post on the forums: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=238371505:05
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cfhowlettok --- how many kernels are present on that machine?05:06
Alobar500probably over 15. I just deleted about 10 of them using synaptic. The machine boots fine to my laptop, but will no longer boot to the desktop.05:07
cfhowlettWhen I've had this issue, it was caused by an overloaded /boot partition which scrambled the /kernel set up.  I suggest you boot from USB, chroot your system and run  sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade05:08
cfhowlettthen reboot without the USB05:09
darthho0hey, i have a small ssd as my storage for my ubuntu os. It's full and I need to get more space. I completely emptied out the Home directory but there's still so much storage used. What folders are taking up the space?05:09
cfhowlettempty out old kernels darthho005:10
Alobar500ok. That might, be the problem. I don't have a boot partition. Boot is just sitting on the whole 2tb drive/partition.05:10
darthho0cfhowlett: how do I do that?05:10
Alobar500boot-repair suggested I make a /boot partition. Can i safely resize the current partition that includes boot, then make a seperate /boot partition about a 1gb size without losing my data?05:12
cfhowlettAlobar500, good but by default, the boot partition on 16.04 is only about 250 mb.  8 - 9 kernels would go through that quickly05:12
cfhowlettAlobar500, prob but backup /data first05:12
Alobar500ok. I'm on 14.04 now. Should I delete more old kernels? Maybe I'll do that before making a seperate /boot partition. See if that works.05:14
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cfhowlettdarthho0, a few steps: dpkg -l | grep linux-image          sudo apt purge all except the 2 highest numbered images05:15
cfhowlettAlobar500, you're booted?05:15
cfhowlettAlobar500, darthho0 please read:  http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2016/05/remove-old-kernels-ubuntu-16-04/        personally, I prefer removal via dpkg.  YMMV05:16
Alobar500cfhowlett: ok will do. I'm booted into a live usb into the desktop. But earlier I booted the 2TB drive to the laptop and removed old kernels with SYnaptic05:19
cfhowlettAlobar500, very good.  I have not worked with supersized storage like yours, so my solution may not be effective.  ask again in this channel05:20
roadrunneratwasthi all. i have a dual boot machine and need to give more space to my ubuntu parition.  is it relatively safe to use gparted to shrink the windows partition and move it to the right?05:25
cfhowlett"relatively"  sure.  after you backup everything important.  note: when I have done this, it broke the win7 bootloader.  easily repaired with windows tools, but still05:26
roadrunneratwastyeah.  that's the thing. i have had to fight windows 10 a few times already05:26
cfhowlettI've no experience with win10 so can't advise05:27
lotuspsychje!uefi | roadrunneratwast05:27
ubotturoadrunneratwast: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI05:27
roadrunneratwastin that case, are there any downsides to just storing everything on the windows partition?  i am a developer and i work in linux. but it turns out that, for example, the Android SDK is 6GB.  Is it okay to store dev files and even my own code on the windows partition and work on it in my ubuntu parititon?05:30
cfhowlettbad idea as windows still uses ntfs and your ubutnu storage = ext4.  perhaps a shared cloud storage solution?  virtualbox / gDrive05:31
roadrunneratwastthen maybe i can just chop off the end of the windows partition and format it as ext405:32
roadrunneratwastand store everything there05:32
lotuspsychjeroadrunneratwast: also alot of dev tools are available on ubuntu, think of single install ubuntu?05:32
cfhowlettroadrunneratwast, what is your percentage of time on ubuntu/win10?05:33
roadrunneratwasti spend most of my time on ubuntu05:33
roadrunneratwastbut there are certain things i need windows for05:33
roadrunneratwastand am reluctant to go single boot05:33
cfhowlettroadrunneratwast, as do I.  I have windows in a virtualbox which I boot 1-2 yearly05:34
roadrunneratwasthm.   i don't know yet.  i have no lurve for the windows05:34
lotuspsychjeroadrunneratwast: alot of things can we launched from wine/playonlinux aswell or as cfhowlett suggests vbox05:34
roadrunneratwastbut a lot of things can not05:35
lotuspsychjeroadrunneratwast: like?05:35
roadrunneratwastjust hardware compatibility stuff05:35
roadrunneratwastnot everything has linux support05:35
roadrunneratwasteverythng is supported in windows05:35
jussshi there, I just run `systemctl restart gdm` in gnome, and now I'm stuck in login page again, input user and password then pop up login page again, I wonder this is a feature or bug?05:36
lotuspsychjejusss: ubuntu version? graphics card chipset?05:36
jussslotuspsychje: 17.10 gnome05:36
jussslotuspsychje: intel video card05:36
jussslotuspsychje: ubuntu on Xorg05:37
lotuspsychjejusss: hmm thats weird indeed, should work wich kernel are you on?05:37
jussslotuspsychje: the latest 4.15 from official ubuntu kernel05:38
lotuspsychje!info linux-image-genercic artful | jusss tested booting this?05:38
ubottujusss tested booting this?: Package linux-image-genercic does not exist in artful05:38
lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic artful05:38
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (artful), package size 2 kB, installed size 14 kB05:38
jusssI don't think this is related with kernel05:39
lotuspsychjejusss: try a few tests, like nomodeset or other kernel boot05:39
lotuspsychjejusss: you dont have hybrid graphics with intel right?05:40
jussslotuspsychje: like I said, the graphic is normal, I'm stuck in the graphical login page, not tty05:40
jusssthe login page belong to gdm I think05:41
lotuspsychjejusss: im asking because nvidia is a no-go with wayland and can result in a login loop like you experience05:41
jussslotuspsychje: I don't have one nvidia card, only intel video card05:41
lotuspsychjejusss: wayland also result in the login loop?05:42
jussslotuspsychje: maybe you can try it on your local machine, see what happens05:42
jussslotuspsychje: wayland and xorg both05:42
lotuspsychjejusss: im testing 18.04 both sessions work here, but wayland more laggy05:42
jusssI meet this case last night, and I delete .ICEauthority and .Xauthorty, I can ge into the system05:43
jusssI just wonder why this happens05:43
lotuspsychjejusss: alot of bugs on that login loop mate05:44
lotuspsychjejusss: perhaps syslog/dmesg could help us?05:44
jussslotuspsychje: aha05:44
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jussslotuspsychje: yeah, you are right, maybe journalctl can log something05:44
lotuspsychjejusss: i would suggest the artful kernel test also05:45
lotuspsychjejusss: system also up to date?05:45
jussslotuspsychje: yeah, up to date last night05:45
lotuspsychjejusss: loginloop after an update?05:45
lotuspsychjemorning ericus05:46
jussslotuspsychje: no, login loop after I run `systemctl restart gdm`05:46
jusssI just wonder why it cause this case,05:46
looneywats up05:46
lotuspsychjejusss: a thread about it here: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=237488505:47
lotuspsychjejusss: did you play with gnome extensions?05:48
jussslotuspsychje: yeah, I did, but I delete them now05:49
lotuspsychjejusss: just to make sure, your on 17.10.1?µ05:51
jussslotuspsychje: 17.10, I just download the iso from ubuntu official website, I'm not sure what it is05:52
jusssnot sure about the number after 17.10.05:52
lotuspsychjejusss: recall when you downloaded the iso?05:52
jussslotuspsychje: 1:00 PM, yesterday05:53
lotuspsychjejusss: there are important updates on the .105:53
lotuspsychjejusss: but if you say your up to date05:54
=== leion1 is now known as leion
lotuspsychjejusss: related bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdm3/+bug/171581105:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1715811 in gdm3 (Ubuntu) "GDM crash loop Ubuntu 17.10 (Intel)" [Undecided,Confirmed]05:55
jussslotuspsychje: maybe I should re-install gdm05:57
jussslotuspsychje: what packages is I need to purge?05:57
lotuspsychjejusss: that could do the trick yeah, look at the bug its mentioned05:58
jusssok, the last comment metion 'apt install gdm3 ubuntu-desktop "05:59
=== Jochen_wvdT is now known as Schlawiner
=== leion1 is now known as leion
catdiEriC^^: Hello Eric06:17
jusssaha, if I remove caribou, that I have to remove gdm3 ubuntu-desktop06:19
jusssWTH? I just want to remove a on-screen keyboard, I have to remove all entire environment?06:19
lotuspsychjejusss: caribou is part of the ubuntu system,hence why it wants to remove desktop06:24
lotuspsychjejusss: just disable the service?06:24
cfhowlettjusss, it's a small package.  why delete06:24
jussslotuspsychje: it can not be disable in the 'settings-universal-access'06:24
jussscfhowlett: because it sucks! no ctrl no esc no tab, do you call that is a keyboard???06:25
lotuspsychjejusss: think you need to disable it in systemd services06:25
cfhowlettthis ^^^^06:25
jussslotuspsychje: you even write a systemd service for that keyboard?06:25
lotuspsychjejusss: ubuntu doesnt chooses with services are important for the user= the users choice06:26
lotuspsychjejusss: like= enable dislike= disable06:26
ehO_kanyone know of an online virus scanner for ubuntu?06:27
cfhowlett!virus | ehO_k06:27
ubottuehO_k: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using Samba). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus06:27
cfhowlettah ... ONLINE virus checker.  no way in 7 hells I would trust that but you do you ...06:28
RedCat27https://metadefender.opswat.com/ is good if you want to scan a particular file06:29
RedCat27maybe not the most useful for Linux, but good to have on hand06:30
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jussswhat are policykit-gnome and ubuntu-desktop? they're all gnome?06:35
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=== harindu23 is now known as harindu_
=== harindu_ is now known as zuko951
zuko951nick harindu06:44
=== zuko951 is now known as harindu_
dingiris using encrypted filesystem more likely to encounter failures06:51
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mackersomething ive noticed it upgrades generally fail now, say from 17.04 to 17.10, or 17.10 to 18.04 etc07:17
mackerit always errors out because it cant stop systemd to upgrade systemd07:18
mackeris there  away around this?07:18
=== leion1 is now known as leion
mackerI prefer a fresh install as much as the next person, but sometimes were lazy07:19
mackerso even update-manager -d errors on the systemd part so everything rolls back07:19
kiwi_hi... using ubuntu, there is a handy command line program for removing leading whitespace from a string. i forget the name of that program, what was it, please?07:24
kiwi_it's a program made for just this specific job07:26
kiwi_similar to 'cut', 'tr', 'head' etc....07:27
Ben64sed "s/^[ \t]*//"07:31
dingirwhat is whitespace07:33
dingirspacebar caracter?07:33
kiwi_yes, or tabs07:33
kiwi_awk '{$1=$1};1'07:33
kiwi_i asked for the name of that program, not how to remove whitespace ... ;-)07:34
Ben64why does it matter, it works07:35
=== leion1 is now known as leion
kiwi_Ben64, because it matters, simple as that ;-)07:37
kiwi_ok, forget it, thanks for your help, anyway ... bye07:37
causativeI have been having a problem since updating from 17.04 to 17.10:  first of all, it's using more memory than it used to and not using any swap, and second of all, as soon as it runs out of application memory the system hangs for ~15 minutes and when it recovers dmesg is full of page allocation faults07:44
causativeI have 4 gigs of memory and the last hang occurred when i just was playing 2 videos in firefox and almost nothing else07:45
Ben64causative: pastebin the output of 'free -m'07:45
causativeright now it's ok, when it comes out of the hang it has used some swap, but it does not use swap during normal operation07:46
causativeI know it occurs when the available memory runs out because I have a status bar widget showing the amount of application memory07:47
causativeand every time it hangs, the widget shows all memory used07:47
causativeand during normal operation it does not show all memory used07:47
Ben64sounds kind of normal07:49
Ben64if you run out of memory, you'll experience bad things07:49
causativeit should be using swap instead of hanging for 15 minutes07:49
Ben64it is using swap07:49
causativeand it is using too much memory as well for what it's doing, compared to 17.0407:49
causativeI just said it's not using swap during normal operation07:49
causativethis is after the hang07:49
causativeif I booted it up clean, it would use all 4 gigs of memory and 0 swap, then hang07:50
causativefrom just browsing the web07:50
Ben64browsers take lots of memory07:50
causativeit's obviously not normal07:50
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Ben64what's the output of 'cat /proc/sys/vm/swappiness'07:51
dingirhi i have a question07:51
Ben64then it's set up normally. don't run out of memory : /07:52
Ben64use something like htop to see what's eating it all, and take care of it07:52
causativeit's obviously not set up normally since it was not happening before and it's not using swap!07:52
Ben64but it is using swap...07:52
causativeI already explained that to you07:52
Ben64it's using swap because it ran out of memory, that's literally what swap is for07:52
causativemy widget shows swap as well as memory and at the time of first hang since boot it will always show 0 swap used07:52
causativeit should not hang for 15 minutes or come back with 4000 lines of page allocation faults in dmesg, it should just transfer some things to swap07:53
Ben64it can't always do that07:53
causativewhy not?07:53
causativeI have an SSD, swap should be fast07:53
Ben64because things need to be in memory to be used07:53
harindu_there is a variable ( i don't remember which one) which determines the swappiness07:53
dingirif i encrypt my home folder, am i more subject to increase failure of filesystem or having it not fixable after power outtage and stuff like that?.. is it more likely for an encrypted partition to give problems when checking filesystem after unexpected shutdown.. is it harder to fix than non encrypted?07:54
harindu_if it's zero it doesn't swap even it's out of memory07:54
causativethere's no reason for it to need 4 gigs of memory to play 2 videos in firefox07:54
causativeit did not used to need that07:54
Ben64harindu_: yep checked that, it's at the default value of 6007:54
Ben64causative: you should check htop07:54
causativeit tells me firefox is using the memory07:55
causativegnome-shell at second place with 243 MiB07:55
causativefirefox at 397.4 MiB and some Web Content processes at 208, 143, 130, 105 MiB07:56
causativedoesn't seem like it ought to add up to 4 GiB, but apparently there are a lot of smaller processes that add up07:56
dingirwhat algorith for encfs?07:56
causativebefore closing firefox just now it was using 2200 MiB, now it's using 1573 MiB and I have nothing open but some terminals, emacs and xchat07:58
causativeis it normal for 17.10 to use over 1 GiB of memory immediately after boot with nothing open?08:04
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auronandacecausative: i'm on 17.10 and it is using around 800mb. got thunar, cmus, htop and weechat running08:10
auronandacecausative: i'm using i3 though rather than a desktop environment like gnome08:10
auronandacecausative: also dropbox is running in the background08:12
=== leion1 is now known as leion
causativeso 1.1 GiB on boot may not be too abnormal if gnome-shell is a beast, maybe part of my problem is some memory leak in firefox or noscript08:13
causativebut it still should not be hanging 15 minutes the first time it reaches full memory, there should be plenty of inactive memory that can be swapped the first time it hits the limit08:14
auronandacecausative: yeah, sounds like firefox or one of the sites you visit08:14
auronandacecausative: any of those sites using flash?08:15
causativeI don't think so, I believe twitch and youtube are on html508:16
xenoix_Does it happen with all sites you've tried so far?08:17
auronandacecausative: haven't got any funky addons?08:17
causativenoscript and ublock origin, it could be a noscript problem since noscript was broken after they updated to the new firefox framework and may still be partly broken08:18
xenoix_auronandace: I mean noscript can be pretty funky, i remember last time i updated it. It broke every site i tried to visit...08:18
xenoix_causative: yeah exactly08:18
causativebut I don't think 100% of the problem is how much memory is used, the problem is the 15 minute hang instead of swapping smoothly08:19
Ben64the problem is you really need more than 4GB of memory now if you want to use web browsers08:21
causativethat's nuts08:22
Ben64700MB used on 17.10 i just installed and booted08:22
Ben64not really, 4GB was low like 10 years ago08:22
causative10 years ago my desktop computer had 512 MiB08:23
hateballcausative: Are you sure this freeze hangs when your system needs to swap? Such hangs sound like the type you can get with buggy gpu drivers also, but you'd likely see something in dmesg or ~/.xsession-errors then08:23
hateball"freeze hangs" - more coffee needed08:24
causativehateball, it always happens as soon as the green application memory bar in my status indicator reaches full08:24
Ben64maybe not quite 10 years ago, but 4GB is pathetic for now08:24
causativethis was a high end laptop 4 years ago08:25
causativecost around $800 at the time08:26
causativebut you're focusing on the wrong thing, it isn't the fact it runs out, it's what happens when it does, instead of quickly swapping08:27
Ben64the whole problem is you running out of memory08:28
causativewhy should it take 15 minutes to swap out enough memory so the system is usable?  and why would this create thousands of lines of page allocation faults in dmesg?08:29
Ben64because you ran out of memory08:29
=== josh is now known as Guest43493
causativeswapping is a normal part of system operation, it should not cause a massive hang08:29
causativeand it shouldn't create any dmesg messages either08:29
neurewhy doesnt ubuntu install disc contain boot repair?08:32
=== Miklo` is now known as Miklo
neuredoes anyone have image which would have it?08:32
neureubuntu alternative has rescue?08:34
neureis that still a thing?08:34
auronandacecausative: 4gb used to be pretty high a while back but now it is verging on the low end. my silent pc has 8gb or ram and one of my laptops has 32gb. also video sites like youtube and twitch are certainly going to be resource heavy and eat up ram quickly08:42
causativeyeah ok I get it that I'm running out of ram, the point is what happens after instead of a normal error-free swap08:43
fishcookerhow to move files with progress... like rsync --progress like08:46
sveinseMy gnome login is going completely bonkers all of the sudden: https://youtu.be/YZt1jVtfgu4 - How can I fix or debug this?08:47
causativefishcooker, you can try Ubiquity08:47
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jonnnnnnnnnnnnnnguys need to help a complete noob to re-sync and zero out his hard drive/usb on ubuntu would s1 be willing to post the most efficient method of doing so via terminal please assuming sdx i want to lay out a complete copy and paste so they can walk thru it  forward and backward (steps) also would like to have an output displayed for them if poss this09:01
jonnnnnnnnnnnnnn is where i am hazy (example pls with exact syntax)09:01
jonnnnnnnnnnnnnnterminal commands or gui not fussed09:02
alocerjonnnnnnnnnnnnnn: what ?09:03
ikoniajonnnnnnnnnnnnnn: you want to zero your disk ?09:03
ikoniais that what you're asking ?09:03
mjaykhay mo_09:04
mo_anyone here09:04
mjaykmany people mo_09:04
mo_what can we do here09:04
mjaykask questions09:05
mjaykget help09:05
ikoniamo_: you're in an IRC channel for the single purpose of Ubuntu technical support09:05
ikonia!guidelines | mo_09:05
ubottumo_: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines09:05
ikoniamo_: you can also type /topic to see the channels topic and useful links09:05
mo_thank u09:06
vltjonnnnnnnnnnnnnn: its qyt hard to read your question mayB u could try to break it down in2 smaller sections what have u tried so far can you describe that you can use a pastebin too thnks09:08
jonnnnnnnnnnnnnnsorry i would like to zero my usb09:08
jonnnnnnnnnnnnnni want the explaination to be easy to follow09:09
jonnnnnnnnnnnnnnfor a complete noob09:09
vltjablo1: That's what we have problems with already reading your question ;-)09:09
vltjonnnnnnnnnnnnnn: ^09:09
jonnnnnnnnnnnnnni am after your brainpower and methodology not tried anything09:09
jonnnnnnnnnnnnnnhence the breakdown09:10
jonnnnnnnnnnnnnni would also like to synch the usb bytesize as currently incorrect09:11
neurewhat do you mean by "zero"? for what purpose?09:11
neurewhy do you want to do this?09:11
jonnnnnnnnnnnnnnwrite over the entire drive with random data or ones and zeros09:11
neureah, so you want to erase data09:12
jonnnnnnnnnnnnnnbecause when the usb is inserted it displays incorrect size09:12
neureso the issue is that it shows wrong size?09:12
neurenot that there is some personal or otherwise sensitive information?09:12
jonnnnnnnnnnnnnndifference between (cant remember terms but perhaps filedescriptor size mismatch09:12
neurewhat filesystem does the drive have?09:13
jonnnnnnnnnnnnnni dont giv a shit about data and being able to recover it09:13
neureokay, so you just want to get the full size for your use?09:13
jonnnnnnnnnnnnnnso forget the zeroing out09:13
jonnnnnnnnnnnnnnresync primary concern09:13
alocersudo dd if=/dev/random of=/dev/sdx bs=4096 && sync <- will rewrite your sdx with random data09:14
jonnnnnnnnnnnnnni know about the diff between 1024  and 100009:14
neuresee https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/108539/how-can-i-find-the-actual-dd-size-of-a-flash-disk for example09:14
jonnnnnnnnnnnnnni want it not to show an error when i try to use it or insert it09:14
neurewhat does sgdisk --print say?09:14
neureis it hard drive or usb memory stick or what?09:14
jonnnnnnnnnnnnnnhang ten gotta dig up usb brb09:15
jonnnnnnnnnnnnnnim not on ubuntu so imma log out be back soon same name09:17
neurethis looks like close match to what you are looking for: https://superuser.com/questions/1086118/restore-the-size-of-an-usb-drive-linux09:17
jonnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooh will read09:17
neureif you are on windows there may be a windows way to do it09:17
neureworth a google09:17
neurebut be careful :P09:18
=== TreyNTX692 is now known as TreyNTX69
neureyou dont want to accidentally remove your OS09:18
jonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnot even bro rofl good old dd shes a curve ball for the novice (forwarned)09:25
jonnnnnnnnnnnnnncioa stelios09:25
jonnnnnnnnnnnnnnor should i say cuzzo dd lmao09:26
=== K4j is now known as Kaj
jonnnnnnnnnjust waiting for a mate09:39
=== beaver is now known as beaver01
=== mike_ is now known as Guest49198
lenswipeehi, does ubuntu come with office application?10:01
goneanyone here10:02
jkopyczynskii need friends :c10:11
jonnnnnnnnnwhy do i get this error on my usb's intermittently10:27
alocerjonnnnnnnnn:  ?10:27
jonnnnnnnnnall i do is install linux distros10:27
jonnnnnnnnnand store files10:27
alocerjonnnnnnnnn: what error ?10:27
jonnnnnnnnnalocer r u from redi10:27
causativeI have set swappiness to 100, and though 2686 MiB/3865 MiB application memory is used, 0 swap is used so far, why is this?  when will it swap?  only when it is out of memory and then it will hang for 15 minutes?10:27
jonnnnnnnnnany way its me guys10:28
Ben64causative: because it doesn't need to use swap10:28
causativecan I make it swap?10:28
Ben64swapping is bad10:28
causativeis there a way to trigger swapping manually?10:28
Ben64use more memory10:29
jonnnnnnnnnsoz image pasted10:29
causativeif I max out of memory then it will hang for 15 minutes10:29
causativeI want to avoid that10:29
jonnnnnnnnngot a few convos going on10:29
causativeor I want to see if triggering a swap manually would cause the same hang10:29
Ben64causative: the real answer, which you don't like, is to not max out memory10:29
causativeplease stop talking Ben64 the problem is it hangs whenever it tries to swap, and will not use any swap otherwise10:30
jonnnnnnnnnwhy do i get this error intermitently https://pasteboard.co/H5iXxUU.png10:30
jonnnnnnnnnon me usbs10:30
Ben64no, the problem is you run out of memory. swap is not 'extra memory' and should not be used as such10:30
causativethere is some problem with the swap, could be hardware or software, and maybe there is a way to fix it10:30
alocerjonnnnnnnnn: did you used dd ?10:30
causativebut you are providing a negative amount of help by arguing with me this way10:31
Ben64you want things to be a certain way, and they just are not that way10:31
jonnnnnnnnnusually its...10:32
tykaynhi folks, anyone for support about nvidia cuda causing black screen at boot ?10:32
tykaynon ubuntu 16.0410:32
jonnnnnnnnneither startup disk creator10:32
jonnnnnnnnnor rufus10:32
tykayni have lightdm that doesnt want to startup10:32
jonnnnnnnnnfor windows iso bootable usbs10:32
causativeyou are discouraging anyone else from helping Ben6410:32
Ben64causative: no i'm not, anyone else is free to answer10:32
alocerjonnnnnnnnn: there is thing called block size ... you need to set it manually becuz corrupt usb disk10:32
causativethey are free to, but your arguing makes it less likely they will10:33
jonnnnnnnnncan you elaborate as why you need to set10:33
jonnnnnnnnnand dont u only need to set if using dd terminal10:33
alocerBen64: swap is used when you ram is full.10:33
alocerBen64: by full i meann no free space left on memory. cache don't count10:33
Ben64jonnnnnnnnn: when you write an iso to usb like that, it does that sometimes, you can ignore it10:34
Ben64alocer: correct10:34
causativealocer, my problem is that whenever the system needs to swap,  it goes into a hang for 15 minutes10:34
alocerBen64: is it swapfile ?10:34
causativeand creates many errors in dmesg10:34
causativehow can I diagnose this?10:34
aloceris it swapfile ?10:34
Ben64it's probably locking up, because no memory, then it takes a while to run oom-killer10:35
jonnnnnnnnnok id like to understand the intricacies behind why and how can u expand on that or link to information that will make me understand more10:35
Ben64it's not a problem with swap or anything like that, it's a problem of you running more things than your memory capacity allows10:35
causativeshut the hell up Ben6410:35
Ben64that's not nice10:35
causativealocer, it's a partition10:36
jonnnnnnnnnlol u guys crack me up10:36
alocercausative: be nice or no one will help10:36
LeFennechello all10:36
causativeI don't want Ben64 to help, all he does is deny there is a problem10:36
Ben64jonnnnnnnnn: for example, if you dd an iso to usb, it makes everything on the iso on the usb, including mbr, partition table, partitions, etc. when doing that it can be different than the hardware (usb stick) it resides on10:37
ducassecausative: there's not a lot anyone else can add, Ben64 is right10:37
alocerwell there is no prblm kind off.10:37
jonnnnnnnnnthis is like springer today10:37
causativethere are two swap partitions:  /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-swap_1: 3.9 GiB and /dev/mapper/cryptswap1: 3.9 GiB10:37
jonnnnnnnnnthank you10:37
alocerjonnnnnnnnn: rufus or such apps do the same as dd.10:37
causativeunsure why it's 2 when the total size should still be 3.9 GiB10:38
jonnnnnnnnnthank u all10:38
jonnnnnnnnnur all awesome10:38
LeFenneccan anyone help me i can't do a apt-get update10:38
Ben64LeFennec: 15.10 is long dead10:38
LeFennecwho i can fix this10:38
causativealocer, are you saying it is normal for a system to hang for 15 minutes whenever it needs to swap, and produce tons of errors?10:38
causativethis has never happened before when other ubuntu systems I have used have swapped10:39
LeFennecBen64, what i can do ?10:39
LeFennecBen64, migration ?10:39
Ben64!eolupgrade | LeFennec10:39
ubottuLeFennec: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades10:39
Ben64you can go from 15.10 to 16.04 and that's supported until 202110:39
alocercausative: when you have no ram available system priorites making more available.10:39
causativebut why would that take 15 minutes10:40
causativeand why would it produce 4000+ lines of dmesg errors10:40
LeFennecBen64, i can do this with live usb wwithout lose my data ?10:40
Ben64liveusb? you can do it from your installed system10:41
causativeit's a total hang, nothing responds, the screen is frozen for the 15 minutes10:41
LeFennecBen64, with upgrade (live usb == boot usb )?10:41
alocercausative: bpaste your  dmesg10:41
Ben64LeFennec: not sure what you mean10:42
causativealocer, ok I have one saved from an earlier crash10:42
causativeer, hang not crash10:42
LeFennecBen64, when i try to do an upgrade i have also errors i ask you if i can reinstall the version 16.04 without lost my files ?10:43
Ben64if you have a separate /home partition, yes10:44
causativealocer, https://pastebin.com/iSDdgysa10:44
causativenote that it does not show what happened when the crash first started because dmesg has limited size10:44
causativeI don't know how to see the earlier dmesgs from crashes like this10:44
LeFennecBen64, https://gist.github.com/anonymous/bdbb45e1470e31524f55fee1e68afca3 when i try to upgrade10:45
LeFennecBen64, no my home is in the same partition :/10:45
alocercausative: i can't open pastebin. would be kind to paste it on paste.ubuntu.com ?10:46
alocercausative: my job is to watch for linux health at my company10:48
alocercausative: one of the thing i look out for is swap. and when its get used. we bring down the system and switch the server to investigate the issue.10:49
alocercausative: if your swap gets used like that it means BAD things are happening10:49
alocerle me look into dmesg more .10:49
causativeit was using swap in 17.04 a bit but not causing problems like this10:50
causativeI would get like a 2 second hang sometimes10:50
causativeand I'm not sure that was because of the swap or something else10:50
alocerswap is not a problem here m810:51
jonnnnnnnnncan someone explain what swap memory is for and if i need it on my ubuntu installs (always is made when i install)10:52
jonnnnnnnnni have 16GB of ram10:52
alocerjonnnnnnnnn: lmgtfy.com/?q=swap10:52
alocerdoese ubuttu search on google /10:52
causativejonnnnnnnnn, it's space on your hard disk that can be used like RAM is, it's much slower than RAM but should prevent a total failure if you run out of RAM10:53
jonnnnnnnnnnah i broke the internet lols10:53
jonnnnnnnnnthanks causative10:53
alocerwrong. doesn't protect you from filure10:54
alocerprotect you from loss of dtat10:54
Ben64can't be used like ram either10:54
jonnnnnnnnnfukn hell this is personal between u2 lols10:54
jonnnnnnnnnthanks for replies10:54
Ben64watch the language please jonnnnnnnnn10:54
alocercondolenses Ben6410:55
causativealocer, what makes you say swap is not a problem?  what is the problem then?10:55
alocerdid you install the os your self ?10:56
aloceri m not a pro .. but seems like a hardware problem.. i can't figure it our man. sry10:57
causativethere might be something wrong with my SSD10:57
alocerit might be that10:57
alocerbut youre swap is working fine10:57
nesciussmart would show that10:57
causativehow do you know?10:57
nesciusswap is only used when ram is full, or when suspend/hybernate10:58
alocerits 4 years i m using linux and my swap never goest over 0 :)10:58
causativenescius, I get all these error messages and a 15 minute hang whenever my ram becomes full10:58
causativethen it comes out of the hang, and some swap is used and the system is ok for a while until it runs out again10:58
roryswap doesn't work like that, ie ram "overflow" - actually depending on swapiness, the system will keep stuff in both RAM and swap so it can be quickly removed from RAM if needed10:58
causativeI've had swappiness set to 100 for a few hours now rory and it's not using any swap at all10:59
causativeis that normal?10:59
alocercausative dmesg log > https://paste.ubuntu.com/26488497/11:00
alocercausative: you have a hardware problem.11:01
alocercausative: lots of stalled for thousand of seconds11:02
causativewith what hardware?11:02
alocerand they all happens when your trying to access you hard disk . but i don't know which one11:02
alocerudisks get stalled11:03
causativeso you think it's the SSD11:03
alocerkthread get stalled11:03
aloceryou only have ssd ?11:03
alocerpossible ... contact the system76 support.11:03
alocerand make sure you're ssd is working the way it should11:04
nesciusit could be the ssd - logs are full of this udisksd: page allocation stalls for 10444ms11:04
nesciusdo you have a smart daemon installed?11:05
causativedon't think so, getting smartmontools now11:07
causativewell, I ran a s.m.a.r.t. extended offline self-test on the ssd and it said "completed without error"11:20
causativeso it might not be the ssd11:20
causativeit's a relatively new ssd, got it last summer11:21
zomaarWhat was the issue causative?11:22
zomaarI was using a KVM switch chained to a VGA switch that apparently caused my VGA card to die but this was only temporary, but I'll have to wait till TJ- comes online again11:23
causativezomaar, whenever the system runs out of memory (but has plenty of swap) it hangs for 15 minutes and produces errors like this:  https://paste.ubuntu.com/26488497/  and then returns to apparently normal operation, having apparently used some of the swap during the hang11:23
hateballcausative: what ssd do you have? some misbehave so you need force disable ncq11:24
hateballbut then you usually notice that during normal operation as well, not just when it swaps11:24
zomaarI really would like to make a huge hardware database that people can insert their experiences into11:24
causativedevice model is SanDisk SDSSDA240G11:25
zomaarI have had huge issues with a slower, older mSATA SSD that caused kernel hangs, but not just when swapping11:25
hateballcausative: oh I see now you have a system76 machine... that should already be tested against that type of stuff I guess11:25
causativeit's not the drive that came with it hateball11:26
hateballcausative: ah!11:26
causativethat was an HDD that was failing11:26
Ben64probably doesn't help having encrypted swap11:26
hateballcausative: fwiw, you could try the kernel parameter "libata.force=noncq" and see if it's the same type of issue I've had in the past. See this post for example https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/211550/how-to-really-disable-ncq-in-linux11:27
spexiHi! When using Spotify, it displays a notification at every song change, and it tells which artist, song and album it is. Is there a way to show that notification again after that first time?11:27
causativeyeah but... what's the point of encrypting my home directory if I'm not going to encrypt the swap11:27
zomaarProbably is no issue11:27
Ben64causative: those are totally different things11:27
causativeif i consider the information in my home directory worth encrypting, then the information in swap would be equally worth encrypting11:28
mjaykcausative: depends on the circumstance. People are different and have different applications.11:28
zomaarNo I don't think the general use case would advise against encrypted swap in that case11:28
zomaarBut YMMV11:29
Ben64it only has 4GB ram, probably a weak cpu as well, it runs out of memory and has to swap to slow encrypted swap11:29
zomaarStill it is easy to test without if th swap is separate11:29
Ben64of course it's gonna take a long time11:29
causativeben, it did not take a long time or produce errors prior to updating to 17.1011:30
zomaarIt's not the encryption11:30
Ben64it sure doesn't help the situation11:31
zomaarHave you tried older kernels?11:31
causativeno, guess I'll try that later11:31
zomaarI think it's someone the kernels folks would be interested in, but I don't really know how to get their attention11:32
zomaarDoes the mainstream kernel even have a bug tracker?11:33
zomaarIs your swap part of an encrypted LVM or separate?11:34
zomaarYou can easily create a different swap to test11:34
zomaarThe crypt device mapper target is really just one of the simplest out there...11:36
bbkingI'm trying to boot an ubuntu 16.04.03 usb on an old system11:36
bbkingthe bios appears to have no EFI11:36
zomaarTime to celebrate11:36
bbkingI wonder if the new ubuntu iso images require efi?11:37
zomaar2 rounds on the house11:37
EriC^^bbking: no, they don't they boot on both legacy and uefi systems11:37
bbkingI'm using the grub from the previous install ubuntu 1411:37
bbkingto check if it sees any boot partitions11:38
zomaarEriC^^: Is it a dual kernel image? I noticed the exention was .efi11:38
bbkingit doesnt seem to see the usb drive11:38
bbkingor it sees the drive but doesnt see it as bootable11:38
EriC^^bbking: does 'ls' show it?11:39
zomaarSo you can't boot it from the BIOS?11:39
bbkingls shows the some other stuff on the computer,  same stuff with or without usb plugged in11:39
bbkingnope, having a bloody hard time with this11:39
bbkingI have an older bootable usb too from debian -- same problem11:40
zomaarIs this the same debian person?11:40
bbkingits debian 7 I think11:40
bbkingthe old one11:40
zomaarI mean were you here before trying to get Ubuntu on a Debian machine?11:41
bbkingso I dont think its the usb itself11:41
EriC^^bbking: can you put the iso on another hdd native on the machine?11:41
bbkingshouldnt be an issue what is already on the machine11:41
zomaarEric is implying that you can boot an ISO from grub11:42
bbkingEriC^^, yeah I'm thinking, put the iso on a hdd and loop mount?11:42
bbkingright, that way I'll at least see the iso11:42
bbkingyeah that must be the next step maybe something screwy about the usb controller on the mb.11:42
bbkingusb keybaord works11:43
zomaarThere is a howto for it but it requires essentially only like 2 commands in Grub11:43
BluesKajHowdy folks11:43
bbkingone thing occurs to met11:44
bbkingto me now11:44
bbkingthere are lik 30 HDDs on that system11:44
zomaarOne to mount the loopback and one to get the root from it11:44
bbkingnot a typical desktop setup11:44
bbkingand raid controllers etc.11:44
bbkingmaybe its somehow too much for the grub shell to list them all11:45
bbkingthey dont pop up -- all of the ext4 file systems.11:45
zomaarIf your BIOS has issues with it11:45
zomaarThen you know11:45
zomaarIt's expected that Grub has too11:45
causativezomaar, hateball alocer nescius thanks for your help I have a few things to investigate now11:46
zomaarJust loopback mount the ISO and get going :)11:46
zomaarOr I mean, get it going :)11:47
EriC^^bbking: maybe cause the bios can't boot from the usb grub can't see it?11:47
EriC^^bbking: if you had the space maybe you could make a tiny fat32 in one of the disks and put the iso there so it stands out more in the ls output11:48
bbkingjeeez, I unplugged 30 HDDs and now grub shows my usb11:52
bbkingbios screwup I guess11:52
alexandrпривет народ12:20
wodimlibmagickwand-dev : Depends: libmagickwand-6.q16-dev but it is not going to be installed12:36
wodimwhat does this mean12:36
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dingir_with what do you encrypt the home folder?12:43
dingir_i just apt-get install encfs and it says its vulnerable to some attacks and should not be considered safe in certain situations.. whats the defaujlt encryption ubuntu is proposing when installing?12:43
dingir_i missed that part12:43
dingir_where cryptkeeper?12:47
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SjorsHi all13:11
SjorsI have a machine here, and it seems most of its RAM is being used by the kernel at the moment, but the memory usage of kernel threads is shown as 013:12
SjorsI'm trying to figure out, using slabtop currently, to figure out how, but the numbers don't seem to add up13:12
Sjorsdoes anyone know of a good way to figure out the memory usage of kernel threads?13:12
chrismlif i a command in screen and don't detach it but my ssh session times out, that will fail the command right?13:18
binaryhermitthe command would still be running inside the screen session13:19
rreck_is it likely the command will fail13:19
rreck_oh sorry i didnt understand it meant running under screen13:20
rreck_i guess i should have clued in on the word detach13:20
rreck_forget i said anything13:20
Sjorschrisml: regardless of whether you detach the gnu screen session, if your ssh connection drops the session remains13:29
Sjorschrisml: you can just re-attach it later13:29
chrismlSjors great! thank you13:30
ix_does anyone know linux lite's repo? I'd like to add it to sources.list13:38
simulant_Hi can anyone please help as I'm tearing my hair out with display issues here! I have three 2560x1440 displays (pretty nice, but not so nice as I can't get them working!!). I have an integrated intel gpu which I plugged all three with dvi, hdmi and vga. I couldn't get the vga one past 2048x1200 though!! So I've now added an nvidia graphics card and set my bios to use both. But even though the 3rd screen is on hdmi on nvidia I still13:40
simulant_can't get full resolution13:40
simulant_the result is two screens look great and one looks naf!13:40
simulant_can anyone please help me to fix this?13:40
simulant_I've tried doing xrandr addmodes etc and it just won't effing work13:41
zomaarOnce upon a midnight dreary...13:42
zomaarAs I wondered weak and weary...13:43
zomaarWell that could have led to a question I guess13:44
simulant_zomaar: I have a question if you want one? I posted it just before you entered!13:44
zomaarOkay say so13:45
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A1ReconI ran `sudo apt autoremove` today. Paste: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26489350/ Somewhere in the middle it got an error and aborted. Now my Linux partition has gone Read Only.13:46
zomaarLet me guess you are on 17.1013:46
simulant_zomaar: how did you know?13:47
A1ReconI can't save anything. Some programs wont run because they can't create temporary files.13:47
zomaarNo I was speaking to A1Recon13:47
A1Reconzomaar i am on 16.0413:47
zomaarOh okay really13:47
simulant_zomaar: sorry that wasn't supposed to sound sarcastic, i realised after I typed that - you would know, most folk are on that!!13:47
simulant_zomaar: ah ok thanks13:47
zomaarA1Recon: Well that makes it easier (for me :p)13:48
A1ReconNow i don't even know how to frame a question for askubuntu13:48
learnergang gang13:49
A1ReconThe terminal won't autocomplete commands using the 'Tab' key. Reason `cd /medbash: cannot create temp file for here-document: Read-only file system`13:49
zomaarA1Recon: What is uname -r?13:49
A1Reconzomaar uname -r is 4.13.0-32-generic13:50
zomaarA1Recon: It doesn't seem like the removals of your kernels caused that, it can be a hardware error.13:51
zomaarDid you yet reboot?13:51
A1Reconzomaar haven't done a reboot yet13:51
A1Reconnot since the error showed up13:51
zomaarOkay so a hardware error occurred maybe and your filesystem was remounted read-only13:52
zomaarIs a guess13:52
zomaarYou can check "dmesg" if there are any signs of hardware failure and also13:52
zomaarTry to search for "dmesg | grep mounting" or "dmesg | grep mounted" to see when and where it happens13:52
mnkybrdrA1Recon: It appears some file system corruption occurred and made the disk go read only13:53
A1Reconzomaar found errors here https://paste.ubuntu.com/26489406/13:53
mnkybrdrDo you have multiple disks in the server?13:53
A1Recondmesg ^13:53
zomaarOr alternatively sudo journalctl | grep mounting etc13:53
mattflymy terminal emulator gets super laggy when i hit tab and sometimes get stuck13:53
simulant_I've posted my problem here too if anyone can please help: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=238383713:53
mattflywhat can it be? (hit tab for auto completition)13:53
mnkybrdrsda5 seems to have failed due to some corruption13:54
mnkybrdrHave you shut down the server uncleanly in the past?13:54
A1Reconmnkbrdr nope13:54
zomaarCurious, no hardware errors?13:54
mnkybrdrA1Recon: is it virtualised server or on a physical box?13:55
A1Reconmnkybrdr its my laptop13:55
zomaarAfter reboot you might need to do "fsck $ROOT", it should still boot fine13:55
zomaarAfter that I mean13:56
trubledhello, linux noob here, i'm trying to extend my partition linux (i dual boot it with windows) so i made some free unallocated space but gparted won't let me extend it (shows minimum size = maximum size and i can't change it), does anyone have a clue?13:56
A1Reconmnkybrdr a friend on another IRC says ```EXT4-fs error (device sda5): ext4_iget:4894: inode #956913: comm dpkg: bogus i_mode (0)```  file system corrupt reboot and let it fsck run gsmartcontrol and make sure your disk is OK13:56
mnkybrdrSometimes it can work, but sometimes I have had to use chroot to repair it13:56
A1Reconoh boy13:56
mnkybrdrIts not as bad as it sounds, but scary the first time13:56
zomaarsimulant_: Bit hard to help, I am not using Gnome13:57
mnkybrdrhttps://basictheprogram.blogspot.de/2011/02/how-to-chroot-simple-and-fast-archive.html Says how to get in from a live CD and mount disks, then you can run check disk as the disks arent mounted13:57
A1Reconmnkybrdr what if the system wont boot up at all?13:57
A1Reconi mean reboot13:57
simulant_zomaar: I'm on kde here (kubuntu actually I just posted in ubuntu as there is a bigger userbase to hopefully help)13:58
mnkybrdrYoull need a bootable USB stick just in case, then that link above tells you how to mount the disks from the live CD13:58
zomaarA1Recon: If it ends at a prompt run "fsck $ROOT" like I said13:58
zomaarsimulant_: Okay on KDE it is even harder as the KScreen software is not very good13:59
zomaarsimulant_: But the only way you can do it is with xrandr13:59
mnkybrdrhttp://bitsofmymind.com/2014/03/14/how-to-fix-fsck-your-root-file-system-that-you-have-to-boot-into-on-linux/ looks a better worse case guide13:59
mattflymy terminal gets stuck whenever i press tab to autocomplete, what can this be???13:59
mattflyi have upgraded my system and changed to kernle 4.1314:00
mnkybrdrmattfly: do you have network drives mounted?14:00
mattflyubuntu 16.0414:00
mattflybut im not autocompleting on then14:00
mattflywhenever i press tab and wherever this happens14:00
mnkybrdrDo you have them symbolicly linked into the autocomplete paths?14:00
mattflybut i am using sshfs14:00
mattflywell let me check if the same doesnt happen on other paths14:01
zomaarsimulant_: You can try to run "xrandr" but it is difficult to make it persistent.14:01
mattflyaw okay it only happens when they are linked inside the autocomplete path14:01
simulant_zomaar: tried xrandr and it won't set the resolution14:01
zomaarsimulant_: Can you run "xrandr | nc termbin.com 9999" and paste it here just for kicks?14:02
simulant_zomaar: i think my edid is messed up or something...14:02
mattflyi have it like this /tmp/remote --> remote is the remote fs folder14:02
simulant_zomaar: just guessing though!14:02
mattflyif i enter on tmp and type lt gets stuck14:02
simulant_zomaar: http://termbin.com/fnki14:02
A1Reconmnkybrdr zomaar ----> i will create a bootable USB and then shut down system. and switch to my mobile irc app for further contact. Thanks.14:03
zomaarsimulant_: You can verify with the read-edid package14:03
A1Reconand try whatever you guys suggested. wish me luck14:03
zomaarsimulanet_: Read the help on how to use it, you need to do "get-edid | parse-edid" or something14:04
mattflyoaky i killed all sshfs processess14:06
mattflynow seems to have no trouble but im unable to mount the remote systems again14:06
mnkybrdrmattfly: you can try to unmount them and try tab complete14:06
mattflyit works now but i cant mount them again without having this probolem14:07
simulant_zomaar: i don't get these edid things - is there a way to just delete them all and get regenerated fresh?14:07
mnkybrdrmattfly: there should be a way to exclude certain filesystems from tab completion14:07
mnkybrdrim just looking now14:07
zomaarsimulant_: sudo apt install read-edid14:07
mattflyis not just tab completition, if i enter them and hit ls it also gets stuck14:07
mattflythey are not being mounted or something is wrong14:07
mnkybrdrthat seems like the sshfs is running very slowly for some reason14:08
mnkybrdrhow close are these other systems?14:08
zomaarmattfly: Welcome since Linux remote mount problems since 199314:08
mnkybrdrzomaar: at least its not Windows Samba server14:09
mattflyit used to work fast, but aftr the upgrade something is wrong14:09
mattflymaybe reinstalling sshfs?14:09
simulant_zomaar: when i run get-edid | parse-edid it displays an edid but is that for all the monitors or just the screen I ran it on?14:09
mattflyaw it randomly started working now14:09
zomaarsimulant_: I have no idea14:09
mnkybrdrmattfly: it appears you have may have some network issues (or slight outage)14:09
mattflyyeah might be mnkybrdr, my connection is pretty slow these days, thanks for your help14:10
zomaarmattfly: Better boot older system before you reach that conclusion14:10
mattflyyeah... i always had problems after upgrading ubuntu or making any change at all... i cant wait to change to 18.04 lts14:11
zomaarI consider that a bit of a foolish statement :p14:11
zomaarStuff is changing too fast for it to be reliable, but that's just me :p14:12
mnkybrdrmattfly: it gets easier the more you do it14:12
mnkybrdrand knowing to interpret error messages14:12
mnkybrdrI upgraded to Ubuntu 17.10 on monday on my laptop and my network wouldnt work.  Turned out something was messed up with DNS14:13
mnkybrdrbut I found the bug online and found the work around14:13
* mnkybrdr hates dnsmasq14:14
zomaarI like to buy those assembly kits too where you have to solder all the parts14:14
Sven_vBOpenSCAD just crashed and left a rectangle of garbage on my screen. it survives "killall openscad" (expected because there's nothing suspicious left in xlsclients), survives switching workspaces and even switching to a text console and back. it appears on screenshots but is penetrated by xkill's cursor, so it kills the window behind that rect. how can I get rid of it?14:16
mnkybrdrSven_vB: relog maybe quickest14:18
=== Menzador10 is now known as Menzador
Sven_vBso you say this X session is beyond repair?14:20
mnkybrdrI've never been able to solve it on my desktop and as most of my apps remember what was open I simply logged off and on again14:21
Sven_vBhehe ok. not as easy in my case.14:21
mnkybrdrI sort of assumed that from your question14:22
dingirwhat is secure encryption for /home partition14:22
ren0v0Hi, can anybody recommend software to sort videos, without using nautilus to open and close each video ?14:22
Sven_vBdingir, XOR14:22
ren0v0something you can skip each video and just hit delete or something14:22
dingiri see encfs comes with a vulnerability warning14:23
dingirok let me see14:23
dingirits a package name?14:24
Cheezdingir: if you're worried about the encfs issues (and to be fair some arent) there's still cryfs14:25
ducassedingir: by default ubuntu uses ecryptfs, not encfs14:26
Cheezoh, home dir encryption, missed that bit >_<14:26
dingirSven_vB: XOR is an enxryption program?14:29
ducassedingir: by default ubuntu uses ecryptfs, not encfs14:29
Sven_vBdingir, no, an algorithm. the disadvantage is that you ned a key file at least as big as the partition you want to encrypt.14:30
dingirwhat does it mean a key file14:30
=== nescius_ is now known as nescius
dingirif i did not encrypt /home on install is it too late14:33
Sven_vBdingir, if you want to understand serious answers to your initial question, you should first read a bit about encryption in general. most probably the choice of software isn't even the biggest factor in your security scenario.14:33
ducassedingir: the ecryptfs-utils package has scripts to encrypt an existing homedir14:34
zomaardingir: Sven_vB is messing with you a little bit, XOR is not a serious encryption program14:36
dingirwhat do you think are big factors in encryption scenarios..14:37
dingiralso i have a good question14:37
Sven_vBzomaar, it's the only proven secure algo, when used as one-time pad.14:37
=== nicolo is now known as Guest5582
dingiris an encrypted partition more prominent to failures or compications from an enexpected power failure14:38
Sven_vBmost modern encryptions actually do use XOR at their base, just with a less secure algo for key bits.14:38
zomaardingir: Encrypted home directories are difficult to access from outside systems14:38
dingiram i more likely to loose everything.. like bad blocks at the bad place and you are locked out or something like that14:38
BluesKajyea you might lose it if it's loose14:39
mnkybrdrdingir: especially as I forget passwords14:39
Sven_vBdingir, yes encryption will make it harder to access your data via irregular methods.14:40
dingirsometimes i see checkdisk or something checking my file system on boot.. if its encrypted, do i have higher risks of the checkdisc being a fail14:40
zomaarI wrote my own password cracker for all the times I've lost an encryption password14:40
Sven_vBdingir, checkdisc should be unable to check your fs at all unless you provide the key.14:42
dingiris it possible it could get screwed in the right  place that even with the key it could not be read anymore14:42
zomaardingir: The problems are a) Forgetting your password b) Accessing through recovery14:42
dingirrecovery means like unexpected shutdown?14:43
Sven_vBdingir, if you use an encryption method with very small key material, like some random key stored at the start and end of your partition, encrypted with your password, and both key material sections are damaged, your entire data is gone.14:43
zomaarI would generally recommend against using eCryptFS and use encrypted /home instead, but that's just me14:44
dingirwhat you mean use encrypted /home instead14:44
dingiruse what instead of ecrypts?14:44
dingirSven_vB:  ok14:45
Sven_vBif you use XOR-OTP, only those parts of data are lost where the data disk and the key are damaged in the same spot.14:45
zomaardingir: That would be an encrypted partition that is mounted on /home and that you need to unlock at boot14:46
dingirwhere to get info.on that key thing14:46
zomaardingir: But this is not a default option in Ubuntu and would need a lot of knowledge on your part now14:46
dingirzomaar thats what id like..14:46
zomaardingir: What you can do is encrypt your entire system when you install Ubuntu14:47
zomaardingir: But Sven_vB is saying that if you use regular encryption with Ubuntu, and the start of your partition gets damaged, the entire partition is now unreadable and unrecoverable for you14:47
dingirlike once i had a hard drive failure i was able to save some files and make a partition that was containing the bad blocks and not use it anymore.. could i have save myself like that if the partition was encrypted14:48
Sven_vBzomaar, what, they only store the key material in one spot?14:48
dingirok so why is the original encryption like that..14:48
zomaardingir: You can make a backup of the encryption headers in LUKS14:49
zomaarSven_vB: I think so14:49
zomaarSven_vB: I don't think the LUKS header specification has a backup header location...14:50
dingiri have to backup the part containing the key14:50
=== LevierMRQ1 is now known as LevierMRQ
dingircause if it fails the partition is gone14:50
zomaarYes, basically that's it14:51
zomaarThen you are safe14:51
dingirand this part is called LUKS headers and this is part of how ecrypts work?14:51
Sven_vBdingir, you could sync important files to some cloud storage ;)14:51
zomaarNo it is part of how LUKS works14:51
zomaarNot eCryptFS14:51
zomaarLUKS == full system encryption14:52
zomaareCryptFS == only your individual files14:52
dingirso i should use LUKS instead of ecrypts, but luks is not original encryption option?14:52
dingiri encrypt the whole disc14:52
zomaarLUKS is the option you have when selecting "Encrypted LVM using entire disk" when you install Ubuntu14:52
sweinwhy is 16.04 desktop so picky about lightdm and ubuntu unity starting on login.14:52
zomaareCryptFS is the feature called "Encrypted Home Directories"14:53
dingirok got it thanks14:53
=== to is now known as Guest82650
dingirwhat does LVM stand for?14:53
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto14:53
Sven_vBprobably Logical Volume Management14:54
zomaarIt's a partition table inside an encrypted partition, in this case14:54
dingirand to use LUKS i have to encrypt the whole disc, not just a partition is that correct?14:55
zomaarYes you are correct, this is true for the standard Ubuntu install14:55
zomaarAlthough you can manually encrypt only /home if you make it a different partition, but this requires a lot of manual work14:56
dingirand what is the flaw with using ecryptfs already..14:56
dingirno problem creating a partition i can do it14:56
zomaarIt is very hard to access your data from outside the system14:56
dingirlike from.ssh?14:57
zomaarIt is possible but just hard14:57
zomaarNo, when you boot the Ubuntu Live DVD and then try to access the files on your harddisk14:57
zomaarYou will find it very hard to access them using the provided scripts14:57
zomaarSo if you are in a pinch it is a liability14:58
dingiroh ok.. is it more likely for a ecryptfs partition to become unrecoverable than a luks one?14:58
zomaarIt doesn't have to be that way, it just is14:58
zomaarLet me show you the commands that are about needed to unlock it14:59
dingirecryptfs dont have headers i can make backup of?14:59
zomaarNot even sure if this works on Ubuntu15:00
zomaar  mount.ecryptfs /source /home/user -o key=passphrase:passphrase_passwd=$1,ecryptfs_cipher=aes,ecryptfs_key_bytes=32,ecryptfs_passthrough=n,no_sig_cache,ecryptfs_enable_filename_crypto=y15:00
zomaardingir: It is somewhere in your home directory15:01
zomaardingir: But hidden15:02
dingirlets say:15:02
zomaardingir: It's in /home/.ecryptfs/ or something15:02
dingiri am likely to drop the laptop off the table, is it a better idea to not encrypt filesystem in case of the hardrive being damaged.15:03
zomaardingir: For Ubuntu it would even be harder I think because it uses a wrapped password15:03
dingirlike do i have better chance to recover files from a damaged hard drive that is not encrypted or it doesnt matter15:04
zomaardingir: LUKS is pretty safe as long as you know how, eCryptFS is also safe if you have enough time and internet access to find out how to do it15:05
zomaardingir: But for LUKS you need a backup of the header just in case15:05
zomaardingir: In general your chances are reduced with encryption15:06
dingirok and for ecryptfs what kinda backup could save me15:06
zomaardag oerheks15:06
zomaardingir: A backup of your entire /home, not just /home/user15:06
zomaardingir: Or at least of your /home/.ecryptfs/ because otherwise you backup the encrypted files15:07
zomaar(I think)15:07
dingirok thanks man15:07
zomaarI just would stay away from it myself15:07
dingirdo you use encryption15:08
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
zomaarI lost the key that answers that question15:09
dingirif someone encrypts his hard drice with either luks or ecryptfs and not make backups of headers and .ecryptfs folder, he is doing bad practice and looking for problems... assumption correct?15:10
zomaarDepends on other backup strategies of existing data you might have in place15:11
zomaarThere is a higher chance your LUKS header will get lost than your eCryptFS thing, but eCryptFS is just harder to use15:12
dingirok thanks again ill read on LUKS and eCryptFS15:13
jussscan I remove a module which is in use?15:15
zomaarOnly from the filesystem15:16
Neo4why use wget? we can use it for read ulrs like curl?15:19
Neo4wget -q -O - http://google.com  >/dev/null 2>&115:19
tokamI am having problem with this bugfix15:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1715552 in linux (Ubuntu) "VMWare does not start" [High,Confirmed]15:19
tokam"Failed to get gcc information."15:20
tokamFor Patrick's first recipie15:20
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=== kostkon_ is now known as kostkon
mitmfdual booting for linux is good idea?15:44
oerheksmitmf, sure15:44
mitmfdual booting vs vm, which is better?15:45
oerheksdepends what vm, what host, use the one you like best?15:47
Sven_vBmitmf, depends on what you want to do with it.15:47
mitmfthanks :)15:48
jimb_mitmf, I prefer multi-boot for the times when I don't need to rapidly switch between each OS. If you have something where you are developing/deploying from one environment and need to quickly test changes as seen from another OS... then VM.15:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1745646 in linux (Ubuntu) "Battery drain when laptop off (shutdown) , WOL disabled , no usb device connected" [Medium,Confirmed]15:49
s10gopalis it worth to purchase 128 gb ssd for laptop ? (( os ubuntu))15:51
Ubuntu_secHi 2 all15:51
Ubuntu_secWill future Intel/AMD microcode updates for Spectre Variant 2 require to update the Ubuntu again, or is it just firmware updates for the CPU/Chipset?15:52
jimb_s10gopal, SSD uses less power and is lighter (generally speaking)... plus the faster access times are nice. If you do a lot of filling/empty/fill/empty of the drive, then it's less suggested as SSDs do not have the same high number of rewrites as megnetic media (edge case)15:52
kostkons10gopal, go for it, did the same, replaced my 250GB HDD with an 120GB SSD15:54
oerheksUbuntu_sec, the full pach would be the new microcode, when it is ready, and kernel 4.15. but that kernel won't be backported to 17.10, i hope it will be available in 18.04 LTS15:54
s10gopalkostkon: apt install work faster ?15:55
Ubuntu_secWe are currently on Linux 3.13.0-141-generic  (LTS 14.04)15:55
kostkons10gopal, it does (quite a bit)15:55
Ubuntu_secWill it require another update?15:55
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Ubuntu_secoerheks - what about Linux 3.13.0-141-generic (LTS 14.04)?15:58
s10gopaloerheks: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1745646 see this15:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1745646 in linux (Ubuntu) "Battery drain when laptop off (shutdown) , WOL disabled , no usb device connected" [Medium,Confirmed]15:59
oerheksUbuntu_sec, it would be wise to update to 18.04. when released, older versions will not get the full patched 4.15 kernel AFAIK15:59
oerhekss10gopal, it is a HP issue, not only your model laptop, why do you still spam this bugreport?15:59
Ubuntu_secoerheks - it's beyond my control, this is an AWS image provided by another company15:59
s10gopalall laptop has this issue and it is os problem not hardware problem16:00
oerheksUbuntu_sec, ask them for an updated image?16:00
Ubuntu_secoerheks - isn't LTS 14.04 still supported?16:00
oerheksUbuntu_sec, yes, they are, but this issue is so deep in hardware, i think it breaks this cycle16:01
Ubuntu_secoerheks - they say they would need to test it thoroughly, and it can take weeks/months. We need to be protected16:01
Ubuntu_secoerheks - so update to 18.04 will be the only option to be fully protected?16:02
oerheksUbuntu_sec,  then ask your intel/amd vendor to provide a good safe cpu16:02
Ubuntu_secoerheks - such CPUs don't exist yet. What will be our options to be protected - only upgrade to 18.04 LTS ?16:03
ubottuSpectre is a security issue in almost all modern processors, which was released along with !Meltdown (but is not the same thing). While there are several initiatives underway to mitigate it, there is no "magic bullet" software fix. Ubuntu is monitoring ongoing efforts and will provide security updates as they become available. See !usn for security update notifications.16:03
ubottuPlease see http://www.ubuntu.com/usn for information about recent Ubuntu security updates.16:04
L0g4nAd4msI realized that my ubuntu 17.10 somehow automatically changes focus when i hover another window. how can i disable that functionality ß16:05
Sven_vBfor anyone with similar problems: I was able to get rid of the non-repainting screen area by de- and re-activating compositing in Settings > Window manager tweaks.16:07
Ubuntu_secoerheks - I need to come back to my management with a clear answer  - will 14.04 LTS support the new microcode? If yes - will this require to run another update of the OS itself? If 14.04 LTS may not support the new microcode - what are our options to mitigate - is it only upgrade to 18.04 LTS?16:08
oerheksUbuntu_sec, new microcode is in working progress, you would get it with regular updates when available16:09
oerheksyou can read here that the last update is pulled back, advisory by intel16:10
oerheksand it will be published in usn16:10
oerheksAnd yes, the safest way is to update to 18.04, ask your AWS vendor for the image, it will be released end of april 201816:11
Ubuntu_secoerheks - so 14.04 LTS is likely to get this support through running "sudo apt-get update" and "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"? No upgrade to 18.04 LTS will be required? Hopefully the microcode will be released before April, so we would like to be protected as soon as it's available16:12
oerheksas 4.15 is just released, see kernel.org, intel can do their best to make it safe again. nothing we can do now16:13
Ubuntu_secoerheks - so the 3.xx kernel will not get patched?16:17
oerheksUbuntu_sec, no, see16:18
ubottuMeltdown is a security issue with (primarily) Intel processors. It's mitigated by kernel patches named KPTI. Ubuntu released them in security updates for 14.04, 16.04, and 17.10. 17.04 will not receive this update. 18.04 will ship with kernel 4.15, which is patched already. 16.04 has updates for Linux 4.4 (release) and 4.13 (HWE), installs with 4.10 should upgrade to 4.13. See also !spectre, !nopti16:18
Ubuntu_secoerheks - can I use kernel 4.15 in 14.04 LTS?16:19
oerhekswith HWE you would get a newer kernel16:19
oerheksnot sure 14.04 LTS will get that kernel ..16:19
ubottuThe Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack16:20
Ubuntu_secoerheks - so if Intel releases the microcode before 18.04 LTS is released - how do we get that fully patched kernel? Will 16.04 LTS be any better?16:21
oerheksmicrocode is not the fully patched kernel, these are 2 seperate things16:23
oerheksi guess 16.04 is better than the 'old 14.0416:23
Ubuntu_secoerheks - thank you! Is there a blog post/article detailing all these option for full protection of Spectre Variant 2?16:28
naccoerheks: 14.04 won't, they are on 4.4 (HWE) and that is getting the same patch 16.04.1 is16:29
oerheksnacc, yes, that is what !meltdown says16:30
naccoerheks: yep, just confirming :)16:30
oerhekscomprehensive list with all details16:31
oerheksthis hw issue breaks the lifecycle, i am afraid16:32
dedzeHi, I receive warnings that my boot something is almost full, I click to open the Disk Usage Analyzer and there is this warning: Error opening directory '/boot/lost+found': Permission denied16:34
dedzeThe boot disk is 411.8 MB16:35
dedzeAnd about 403.11 of it is hiden16:35
dedzeHow can I free up some space?16:35
deemdedze: mostly it's enough to delete some old kernels16:35
oerheksdedze, perform sudo apt autoremove # to clean up boot from old kernels16:35
deem'sudo apt autoremove' should do the trick16:36
dedzeThanks oki I will try this guys16:36
dedzeIs 1.239 = 1 thousands 239?16:38
dedzeOr is it 1 point 239?16:38
Random832locale dependent16:41
bbqueenhi, I have a bunch of drives on my ubuntu installation -- they have all but one been sorted into /dev/disk/by-uuid16:41
bbqueenis there a reason why any one disk would not be assigned a uuid by ubuntu?16:41
bbqueenhow would I get ubuntu to assign an id to it?16:42
dedzeThanks guys it cleared a lot in boot!!!!!16:42
ox1detech support trouble = I have 2 ubuntu computers - one laptop, one pc - on boot the computer loads and then the screen goes blank after being active for one second - same problem on both - what do i do/16:43
s10gopalTJ-: when i turn off my laptop , laptop clock's time changes and still getting battery drain16:44
oerheksoxilook into powermanagment, screen blanc after X sec, or screensaver, depends what ubuntu version16:45
TJ-s10gopal: is that with the mainline v4.15 kernel you were testing?16:45
s10gopalTJ-: yes16:45
s10gopalTJ-: it happens with every kernel16:45
ox1depower management? how do i navigateto power management with a dead screen?16:46
JoeLlamaWhat is the the most recent version of ubuntu that runs on 32 bit systems?  I'm told it's 16.04.16:47
oerheksox1de, what ubuntu version are you on?16:47
oerheksso odd, that 2 machines screens go dark after 1 second...16:47
ox1dei cant remember precisely - a modern version16:47
calimero_82hi guys, im not able to install ubuntu in jumper ezbook 3 pro.... i have installed it but after the boot it doesn t start16:48
ox1dei know its troublesome16:48
oerheks"you know" but don't remember what version ..16:48
ox1dei know  its odd16:49
oerheksdoes this happen from the beginning, or after something you did/upgrade?16:49
ox1dethe systems worked fine for a year and then zonked out16:49
oerheksoke, then it can not be solved by nomodeset, i guess16:51
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter16:51
TJ-s10gopal: must be a firmware issue then, something in the motherboard. This is often an issue when manufacturers only design their PCs for MS Windows16:52
oerhekshp phone home issue, perhaps?16:52
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s10gopalTJ-:   plz read pm16:53
TJ-s10gopal: I can't, I have PM blocked16:53
s10gopalTJ-: [22:18] <s10gopal> i'm college student , can you please suggest me which tools should i learn and work on linux tools or windows tools . i'm intreasted in working on IOT16:54
TJ-s10gopal: Hmmm, that'd depend on the devices you're targeting, but generally you need to focus on 'embedded' Linux tools and how to build very small kernels and userspaces, plus special ways of interfacing to the hardware (serial/UART ports and so on)16:56
s10gopalTJ-: thx16:57
qswzwhen I have the follwing rsa public key, the last bits are optional and can be changed right?  ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDBKsshcy..../qF caub@tp16:59
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daxqswz: the caub@tp bit? yes17:17
qswzdax: ah thanks17:18
Euph0riamsg nickserv identify LxtCenuxBabkf1I17:21
jimb_I don't think that went as planned17:21
daxEuph0ria: you just sent that to about 1500 people. I suggest /msg nickserv help set password17:21
ash_workwhen you do a reverse history search (ctrl+r), can you escape out of that17:24
ash_workwithout leaving the command it tries to find?17:24
jimb_ash_work, you may want to hit END first...depending on where the cusor is17:25
ash_workleftyfb: thanks :)17:29
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texlaSyntax errors are detected in  /etc/default/grub17:34
texlaand /etc/grub.d/* files..How do I correct?17:34
general_ghesthello all17:34
TBotNikAll: Looking for a good "Speech to Text" app for Ubuntu.  Anyone know where one is?17:35
d3f3nd3rwhere is the german ubuntu IRC?17:37
EriC^!de | d3f3nd3r17:39
ubottud3f3nd3r: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!17:39
rlangford77Where can I find out if ubuntu/canonical has an SNS topic for ami publish events?  Trying to keep things updated response to spectre/meltdown.17:39
general_ghestJust upgraded amd video drivers and now my ubuntu hangs out. I only see a start screen and pc refused to boot.17:40
d3f3nd3rty ubottu17:40
general_ghestHave someone problems with amd catalyst video drivers?17:42
general_ghestHow can i change driver to previous version? from console17:44
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naccrlangford77: you want #ubuntu-server17:53
AmisHello! What is the most simple way to forward a port from server A to a local port on computer B? I do not have access to server A (it's a webserver) but I do have full access to computer B. Computer B is an ubuntu machine.17:56
naccAmis: afaik, you'd either need access to the router in front of A or to A itself.17:56
Amisnacc, no simple "forwarding" like.... emulating NAT or something on an Ubuntu machine?17:57
naccAmis: I don't understand how you'd forward traffic intended for A if you don't modify A or the network in front of A.17:58
maximCHif you can't access computer A or all routers that directly connect to computer A it can't be done.17:58
TJ-Amis: if you want a port on A forwarded elsewhere you need admin access to A17:58
neurream I supposed to have /bin directory?17:58
naccAmis: your request doesn't make sense as currently expressed17:58
naccneurre: yes17:58
neurrei installed win 10, then ubuntu, then after a while ubuntu stopped from booting, there is no grub menu visible at all17:59
Amisnacc, maximCH : sorry. My questing was misleading. I CAN access the port on server A that I want to forward. I just don't have real access like SSH or anything like that.17:59
neurrei booted to live cd and mounted the linux filesystem17:59
neurreand i cant chroot to it because there is no bin..17:59
Gencadeneurre: >After a while.17:59
naccneurre: then you maybe mounted the wrong filesystem?17:59
Gencadewhat's that mean, do you remember the event that happened before? it17:59
naccAmis: what do you mean you can 'access the port on server A'?18:00
naccAmis: if you mean you reach A:<port> that's not the point.18:00
maximCHAmis: define access to the port you have then if you don't have ssh to the machine?18:00
neurreGencade, not really, I suspected windows 10 update had nuked grub218:00
neurrenacc, I dont think so, https://pastebin.com/N43rSdXy and I mounted /dev/sda518:00
Gencadeneurre: Hm.  Is ubuntu listed at all in your boot menu?18:00
Amisnacc, maximCH : it's pretty simple, I may be just bad at explaining :D. Say computer B can access imgur.com:80. There's computer C without internet access but can see computer B so I want to imgur:80 -> B:8080 -> C18:01
neurreGencade, I dont get a boot menu. Or do you mean bios/uefi? Only windows in bios/uefi18:01
neurreUnless I go to uefi bios, no menu ever shows up18:01
AmisSo computer B is like a router...18:01
neurrei have fast boot and secure boot disabled18:02
maximCHAmis:  so you want to use computer B e.g. as a proxy ...18:02
AmismaximCH, sorta18:02
AmisBut for just one single IP:PORT combo, nothing complicated18:02
neurreanyway I am happy to nuke this ubuntu installation and reinstall it18:02
neurrebut the installer will not offer install alongside option18:03
maximCHAmis: ssh into computer B with -D 8080 set ... then set the proxy of the web browser on the computer you're using to access computer B to localhost:8080 ... and then you can access computer A from the machine you're logging into computer B from.18:03
neurreso I suppose in order to get the installer to offer the "install along windows" option again, I need to nuke the old ubuntu installation?18:03
rlangford77@nacc, thanks!18:04
naccrlangford77: np18:04
lotuspsychjesepiakid67: welcome, how can we help you?18:10
sepiakid67im uh18:10
sepiakid67im tryna set up pidgin18:10
naccsepiakid67: pllease don't use enter as punctuation, just ask your question in one line18:10
sepiakid67(with freenode)18:10
lotuspsychjesepiakid67: there's a nice #pidgin channel if you want18:11
sepiakid67how do i leave18:11
kostkonsepiakid67, there are better options for irc18:11
sepiakid67yeah hexchat isnt working18:12
arooniquestion;  almost *every time* i try to resume from suspend on ubuntu my machine locks up leading to me needing to force shutdown/reboot.  very annoying.  ubuntu 16.04 w/ lenovo t420.  questions: 1) any fix? 2) would trying hibernate work any better?18:12
sepiakid67it isnt auto-logging into the channels when i open and shit it18:12
kostkonsepiakid67, which one is it. from the repos or the snap one?18:12
TJ-arooni: is the PC using the acpi_osi= workaround18:12
kostkonsepiakid67, try the snap version.  sudo snap install hexchat18:13
AmismaximCH, I never knew that you could create a proxy server with SSH. Most useful thing of the week. Thanks.18:15
sravanI am new to it18:17
FrameFeverhow can I install  g++4.9 as 32 bit version?18:17
FrameFeverubunut 14.0418:17
lotuspsychje!support | sravan18:17
ubottusravan: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com18:17
sravanoh thank you!18:18
arooniTJ-: is that in /default/grub18:18
TJ-arooni: it'd show up with "cat /proc/cmdline"18:18
arooniTJ-: heres my line ; BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-4.13.0-26-generic root=UUID=e2134f25-3709-4afb-85e9-72b1e6b46ca3 ro acpi_backlight=vendor acpi_osi=! "acpi_osi=Windows 2012" quiet splash crashkernel=384M-:128M vt.handoff=718:19
TJ-arooni: but yes, it would be configured from /etc/default/grub18:19
sepiakid67shit how do i change username on hexchat?18:19
naccFrameFever: afaics, 4.9 is only availably in 16.0418:19
sepiakid67i cant log in18:19
naccsepiakid67: please watch your language, we try to be family friendly in the channel18:19
sepiakid67and the answer is18:19
TJ-arooni: OK, so yes, it is using acpi_osi ... can you "pastebinit /var/log/kern.log" ?18:19
arooniTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26490734/18:20
sravananybody know any mobile sync application for connecting and sync the mobile? (for ubuntu 16.04)18:20
=== jim_wyatt1 is now known as jim_wyatt
lotuspsychjesravan: sync what on wich device?18:22
sepiakid67ill just reinstall hechat18:22
neurreinstaller is stuck on Detecting filesystems...18:23
neurrewhat can I do?18:23
TJ-arooni: well that log is full of UFW blocking messages but not boot or suspend/resume history. Looks like you need to fix those UFW rules since it looks to be blocking a lot of local and IPv6 connections18:23
sravanlotuspsychje: to connect Samsung galaxy A7 to ubuntu desktop and i want to sync my contacts.18:23
arooni TJ- i trust no one18:24
TJ-arooni: looks like you don't trust your own PC18:24
FrameFevernacc: I can install it, but It seems to be not 32 bit18:24
neurreanyone know about the Ubuntu installer?18:25
neurreit seems to be stuck for me :(18:25
naccFrameFever: using what package name?18:26
sepiakid66some sort of gnome error18:26
sravanneurre: mention the difficulties18:26
neurreThe installer UI is stuck, it shows Detecting file systems...18:27
neurreThere is Skip button, but it is ghosted18:27
neurreit is not making any progress18:27
neurreand I am afraid this computer might not boot properly now18:28
sepiakid67try reinstalling18:28
neurreis there anything I could do at this point?18:28
neurrecan i just kill the installer?18:28
oerheksneure, looking at that output, sda2 is ntfs, but not found.. maybe it contains errors?18:28
sepiakid66well if nothing happens, then get another copy18:28
oerheksneure, did you resize it ?18:28
TJ-arooni: you'll need to capture a log just after it fails when the kernel messages are still there, rather than being swamped with UFW messages18:29
sravanare you using USB or Disc?18:29
sepiakid66try wiping it with gparted18:29
neurrei chose the install along side in the begining, the installer prompted to choose how the partitions are sized, I did not make any changes18:29
neurrethere is pre-existing non-working installation18:29
neurreso I kill the installer now?18:29
oerheksneurre, "there is pre-existing non-working installation"... any more info you forget to mention?18:30
neurreoerheks, I had machine with Windows 10. I installed ubuntu to it (alongside). I was able to dual boot for a while, then grub/ubuntu boot option disappeared18:31
lotuspsychjesravan: can this help? https://www.linux.com/learn/how-sync-android-linux-desktop18:31
neurreand the computer keeps booting directly to windows. I suspect some windows update overwrote MBR or something18:31
neurreso i am trying to get linux back to this computer18:32
neurreso i run installed again from live USB stick18:32
oerheksneurre, that can easily be fixed, boot the live iso and follow the reinstall grub from the !grub wiki18:32
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub218:32
sravanneurre: nothing wrong in rebooting the system18:32
neurreoerheks, well the linux installation does not seem to be a functional one, it is missing /bin for example...18:32
neurrei have no idea why18:32
neurreI tried one of the fix steps (chroot) from the link you posted18:33
neurreI'll just kill the installer and try again18:33
neurrei could try to remove the old linux installation completely18:34
sravanneurre: i think that make sense.18:34
neurrewhat is the installer called?18:34
sravantry from scratch again18:34
neurrei dont immediately spot it with ps18:34
zomaarbut you need to close down everything before you retry again18:35
zomaarIe. you have to deactivate swap18:35
zomaarAnd close filesystems18:35
neurreso easier just reboot?18:35
zomaarOr it will fail with horrible spasms18:35
neurreyou think if i reboot at this point I can still to windows ?18:35
zomaarIf that doesn't take time for you18:35
zomaarGrub should have been installed with Windows as option, if it was installed at all18:36
zomaarThe bootloader doesn't always work though....18:36
neurreim not sure what you mean18:36
zomaarSmart thinking though18:36
zomaarWas Grub installed?18:36
sravanneurre: If u didn't touch d drive in which u installed windows, nothing to worry. U can try from the scratch18:36
neurrehas it already been installed at this point?18:36
gutjihello, i have some issues when using my microphone audio in viber and skype. my voice has a  weird echo sound. my output of lspci | grep Audio is : https://paste.ubuntu.com/26490805/18:36
neurresravan, in the beginning it says it does save some changes on the drive18:36
neurrebut it is not very explicit about what changes it does18:37
neurresome partition table stuff i think18:37
neurrevery scary18:37
neurreoh well18:37
neurrei will try my luck18:37
zomaarHow soon did you break off?18:37
sravangutji: Please go to the setting and change the device config.18:37
neurreit is stuck in the step where it has asked about time zone18:37
neurreand keyboard18:37
neurrebut not asked about user name yet18:38
zomaarThen I don't think it has installed Grub18:38
neurrebut it did save *some* changes18:38
gutjisravan: where exactly18:38
neurrei hope those did not erase windows boot loader..18:38
zomaarYes partition table18:38
neurrethen I will just reboot the USB18:38
zomaarIf you complete you can boot through Grub anyway18:39
zomaarIt wasn't necessary to reinstall Linux though18:39
zomaarAs miss Oerheks indicated18:39
sravangutji: please refer this link https://support.skype.com/en/faq/fa897/troubleshooting-problems-with-skype-calls18:40
gutjisravan: I did that already but I did not resolve my issue18:41
sravangutji: http://www.thewindowsclub.com/no-video-audio-sound-skype18:43
sravantry this. still u face problem please confirm that ur microphone is working properly18:43
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neurreim back18:47
neurrefirst i want copy a few files before i nuke the old installation18:47
zomaarI hope you did not select formatting18:47
zomaarThe scary stuff18:48
FuraiHey, did any of you guys use SonicWall's NetExtender in the latest version of ubuntu? I can't seem to make it work. There must be some routing issue or something.18:48
naccFurai: is it an ubuntu package?18:49
zomaarneurre: It does not select format by default18:49
neurrezomaar, i am not there yet, copying some files first18:49
gutjisravan: I have recorded my mic with audio-recorder it seems that it is muted18:49
zomaarI mean last time18:49
neurrecp is fast but sync after takes ages :P18:49
lotuspsychje!who | zomaar neurre18:50
ubottuzomaar neurre: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)18:50
Furainacc, as far as I know it's not.18:50
naccFurai: then you want to contact SonicWall, not us :)18:51
zomaarNot applicable, ubottu ;-)18:51
FuraiI'm asking here if someone had some experience with it, that's all. Maybe someone already did make it work somehow. Anyway, thanks.18:51
naccFurai: polling is also not really appropriate for this channel, and any related discussion would end up offtopic18:52
neurrecan i see progress of sync somehow?18:52
naccneurre: of the `sync` command?18:52
sravangutji: please confirm that hardware is properly connected and not muted18:52
neurrenacc, yes18:52
naccneurre: not really18:52
neurreso I cannot see filesystem cache used buffer size anyhow?18:53
sravanlotuspsychje: Thank you! it worked. (https://www.linux.com/learn/how-sync-android-linux-desktop)18:53
naccneurre: why would that help?18:53
neurrenacc, I have no idea how long I have to wait :(18:54
lotuspsychje!yay | sravan18:54
ubottusravan: Glad you made it! :-)18:54
FrameFevernacc: g++-4.918:54
naccneurre: sure, but seeing what is in the fs cache won't change that. sync doesn't drop the chache18:54
FrameFeverI want to install g++-4.9-multilib18:54
naccFrameFever: taht package is not available on 14.04. `apt-cache policy g++-4.9` in a pastebin please.18:54
naccFrameFever: not available *from ubuntu*, that is18:55
neurrehow about filesystem statistics?18:55
lotuspsychje!latest | FrameFever18:55
ubottuFrameFever: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.18:55
neurreis there something that can show how much data is being read/written for each filesystem?18:55
zomaarneurre: what sync command are you talking about?18:55
FrameFevernacc: I need this package on travis18:55
FrameFeverthere is only 14.0418:55
neurrezomaar, I did cp stuff from linux filesystem to USB drive18:55
FrameFeverright now I am testing live on 16.0418:55
sravanthank you <lotuspsychje> <ubottu>18:56
neurrezomaar, then I did "sync" to make sure the stuff actually goes to the stick18:56
zomaarneurre: Oh18:56
neurreit is USB3 stick so it should not be too slow18:56
lotuspsychjesravan: celementine can sync music to phones too, have you tested?18:56
FrameFevernacc: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26490887/18:56
neurreand the amount of files was not much18:56
zomaarneurre: You can see dirty buffers in cat /proc/vmstat | grep nr_dirty18:56
naccFrameFever: not relaly somethig we can help (adding nonsupported packages to 14.04)18:57
naccFrameFever: reading your paste18:57
EriC^^neurre: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/48235/can-i-watch-the-progress-of-a-sync-operation18:57
naccFrameFever: well, did you run `sudo apt-get update` like it said?18:57
sravan@lotuspsychje: Nop. let me try that.18:58
neurrewell I have Dirty stuck to 50060 and writeback is around 13k and really slowly going down18:59
neurreDirty is not going down18:59
qswzmsg nickserv identify hunter218:59
GalaxorTwo machines I'm on are using slightly different collations.  It's making it hard to compare directory contents, because ls returns the filenames in different orders, and the sort command sorts it in the same way as ls, so the sort output is different on the different machines too.19:01
zomaarGalaxor: You can use LANG=C if you want19:02
GalaxorI'm thinking this has something to do with locales, but I don't know what the deal is.  echo $LANG yields en_US.UTF-8 on both.19:02
neurrefunny, seems like I cannot even sudo kill -9 the sync process :P19:02
Galaxorzomaar: Oh, good idea, thanks.19:03
akikGalaxor: try LC_COLLATE=C19:03
naccneurre: right, it'll be in uninterruptible sleep19:03
naccneurre: 'D' state19:03
naccneurre: killing it would be a bad idea generally19:03
cruzadorHey guys, hoping for an explanation here. I have my boss who is starting a screen session on a VPS under 'user'. When I login as root, su - user, then try to attach I get "Cannot open your terminal '/dev/pts/1' - please check.". But, if I do this "script /dev/null" before running "screen -x", it works! Why is that?19:03
neurrei think im just going to reboot and try again next time19:03
TJ-neurre: if sync is TASK_UNINTERRUPTABLE only a reboot will work19:03
zomaarUnplug the stick19:03
zomaarTry a smaller write19:04
Galaxorakik: Aha, I tried to set LC_COLLATE=C, and I think I found the source of the difference.  One of the machines responded "-bash: warning: setlocale: LC_COLLATE: cannot change locale (en_US.UTF-8): No such file or directory".19:04
akikGalaxor: LC_COLLATE=C makes it show dot files/dirs first19:04
neurrezomaar, that did it :D19:04
neurreidk why that stick didnt make any progress19:04
Galaxorakik: So it looks like I haven't actually installed en_US.UTF-8 on that machine.19:04
neurrei'll try another one19:04
zomaarneurre: You can also do sudo sysctl vm.dirty_writeback_bytes=1048768 to have almost zero write buffers19:05
zomaarAnd dirty_bytes to 2* that19:06
cruzadornvm, found my answer here: https://serverfault.com/questions/255521/why-does-redirecting-script-to-dev-null-allow-screen-to-work-while-sued-a :)19:06
zomaarneurre: If you do sudo sysctl vm.dirty_bytes=1048768 you will have 1MB of max write buffers for the entire system19:07
zomaarneurre: Then if you do cp -v you will see the actual progress19:07
neurrethat is exactly what im doing now19:08
gutjisravan: It is conencted indeed, now the sound cracks19:08
neurreI see what i was copying now19:08
neurreeven cp goes to D state19:08
GalaxorSo, I installed the locale and now the two sort the same way.  I ran:  sudo /usr/share/locales/install-language-pack en_US.UTF-819:09
oerheksfresh ClamAV available https://usn.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-3550-1/19:11
neurreso how should i try to do the reinstalling?19:12
zomaarIf you didn't botch the existing install you don't need to19:14
zomaarBut the installer deletes everything @neurre19:14
neurrei am afraid my installation is already broken19:14
neurrebut I think my Live USB stick is not good19:14
neurrei got a different issue now19:14
zomaarneurre: Then it's up to you and the same thing as initially19:14
neurreJan 30 19:13:26 ubuntu ubiquity: /usr/lib/ubiquity/localechooser/localechooser: 41: /usr/lib/ubiquity/localechooser/languagemap: logger: Input/output error19:15
neurreI will get a new USB stick tomorrow19:15
neurreand redownload installer image19:16
neurreat least I was able to copy all my  files to the USB stick19:16
neurrethanks everyone19:16
icelanddid ya19:20
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OutyHi @ll :)19:34
wodimlibmagickwand-dev : Depends: libmagickwand-6.q16-dev but it is not going to be installed19:37
wodimwhat does this mean19:37
kostkonwodim, apt-cache policy libmagickwand-de libmagickwand-6.q16-dev19:38
kostkonwodim, sorry, that should be   apt-cache policy libmagickwand-dev libmagickwand-6.q16-dev19:39
wodimkostkon, ^19:39
kostkonwodim, do a   sudo apt-get clean   then a   sudo apt-get update   and try again19:40
wodimexactly the same19:40
kostkonwodim, might be a problem with the mirror, you could try changing to a different one in software & updates (alternatively open your updater and click on settings)19:41
leftyfbwodim: sudo apt install libmagickwand-dev libmagickwand-6.q16-dev19:41
wodimleftyfb,  libmagickwand-6.q16-dev : Depends: libmagickcore-6.q16-dev (= 8: but it is not going to be installed19:42
OutyTJ-: Man you're a geek - just watched your launchpad profile ;)19:42
wodimadded that one:  libmagickcore-6.q16-dev : Depends: libtiff-dev19:42
leftyfbwodim: sudo apt install libmagickwand-6.q16-dev19:42
leftyfbthen add libtiff-dev19:42
wodimah ok it all comes down to this19:42
wodim liblzma-dev : Depends: liblzma5 (= 5.1.1alpha+20120614-2ubuntu2) but 5.2.2-1.2 is to be installed19:42
leftyfbwodim: what exactly are you trying to install?19:42
leftyfbwodim: what exactly are you trying to install?19:43
wodimI need the dev package for a pypi package19:43
leftyfbwhich pypi package?19:43
wodimI'm not going to install the python library from the repos if that's what you're going to suggest19:43
leftyfbwodim: which pypi package?19:43
wodimit all comes down to liblzma-dev being broken19:45
wodimwell, "broken". depends on an outdated package19:45
kostkonwodim, how do you know that19:45
wodim liblzma-dev : Depends: liblzma5 (= 5.1.1alpha+20120614-2ubuntu2) but 5.2.2-1.2 is to be installed19:45
leftyfbwodim: I have liblzma-dev installed just fine19:46
leftyfbversion 5.1.1alpha+20120614-2ubuntu219:46
wodimcould it be because of xenial-updates ?19:47
wodimor xenial-backports ?19:47
leftyfbwodim: you should try changing your repo from de.archive to us.archive19:47
wodimaaah hell, I think I know what's going on19:47
Sohron_backports is not supported i believe, so it can make a problem19:47
leftyfbwodim: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/26491152/19:48
leftyfbSohron_: it's not backports19:48
wodimnah it's zesty I think19:48
leftyfbwhat's zesty?19:49
kostkonwodim, where?19:49
leftyfbfrom your pastebin, it looks like you're running xenial. You shouldn't have any zesty repo's enabled or else you run into issues similar to what you're experiencing19:49
wodimyeah that's what happened I think19:50
wodimI did it months ago so I did not remember :/19:50
ToxygeneDoes anyone know if Ubuntu / bash have a per-user version of /etc/profile.d?20:08
ToxygeneSomething like ~/.bash_profile.d/ ?20:09
jimb_Toxygene, such as ~/.bashrc ?20:11
ToxygeneMore like a per-user directory that all the files in it are source'd20:12
maximCHAmis: you're welcome .. :) (sorry... was afk)20:12
jimb_Toxygene, well, the ~/.bashrc is sourced at login20:13
leftyfbToxygene: https://medium.com/@waxzce/use-bashrc-d-directory-instead-of-bloated-bashrc-50204d5389ff20:13
Sohron_Toxygene: one can source anything from ~/.bashrc20:14
Toxygeneleftyfb: Perfect, that looks like what I'm looking for20:15
jimb_leftyfb, Interesting... instead of a single file broken up into groups, the idea is to create many files with the same content that would have been merged into one.20:15
Sohron_Toxygene: look at /etc/bash.bashrc20:15
leftyfbjimb_: it's good for profiles based on machine or ssh key or work/home20:15
Sohron_Toxygene: look at /etc/profile20:15
Sohron_though :D20:15
akikleftyfb: man bash doesn't mention .bashrc.d ?20:16
leftyfbakik: it's not a thing. Just create it yourself and add to .bashrc to source everything in it20:16
leftyfbakik: it could be called ~/.mystuff for all anyone cares :)20:16
akikyea no thanks20:16
ToxygeneYea, that's even better. I can create /etc/profile.d/per-user-things and that'll source everything in $HOME/.profile.d20:17
jimb_leftyfb, I see how it could be useful if you wanted to use specific versions of each file for certain users. Thanks for the info.20:18
iorianot everything20:20
leftyfbioria: not everything?20:23
iorialeftyfb, for env is good, but func definitions are available only in n that shell instance20:24
iorialeftyfb, you still need .bashrc20:24
TheSHAD0WHaving some head-scratching problems with samba.  ioria: Still on?20:34
leftyfbioria: I don't follow. I have functions in .bashrc.d and sourced using .bashrc20:34
iorialeftyfb, i thought we were talking about  /etc/profile.d ..20:34
leftyfbioria: nope, I don't use that.20:35
TheSHAD0Wioria: Still having some issues.  I enabled SMBv1 on this machine to see if that was part of the problem.  When I did, the machine did pop up under the file manager...  But so did another machine that doesn't have v1 enabled.20:35
iorialeftyfb, sy, that's what Toxygene said ... /etc/profile.d20:35
ioriaTheSHAD0W, how ? Add-WindowsFeature FS-SMB1 ?20:36
TheSHAD0WThis was enabled on the Windows machine.20:39
TheSHAD0WThis was working before, so I'd guess SMBv1 was enabled back then.  At some point SMBv1 was disabled by default, due to security problems.20:40
ImageJPEGI see there's php-fpm and php7.0-fpm. What version is the former?20:42
jerichowasahoaxImageJPEG: I want to say 5.x but I'm not entirely sure20:42
jerichowasahoax!info php-fpm20:42
ubottuphp-fpm (source: php-defaults (54ubuntu1)): server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (FPM-CGI binary) (default). In component universe, is optional. Version 1:7.1+54ubuntu1 (artful), package size 3 kB, installed size 12 kB20:42
Outysyntax question:  I try to learn find. I try to find a folder called "Scans" so I do search for "can" like this:  find .  -path '*can*'     but this will also print out files with "can" in its file names20:42
Outywhere am i wrong20:43
jerichowasahoaxImageJPEG: actually now that i think about it, php-fpm could just be a virtual package that acts like an "alias" for php7.0-fpm20:43
ioriaTheSHAD0W, try enable it again (but it's a winn issue, i guess)20:43
dv`_Outy: -type d20:43
ioriaTheSHAD0W, something like : Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature20:44
Outydv but is -path not excluding file names ?20:44
Outydv why is there -name and -path when it makes no difference  im confused20:45
dv`_Outy: -path is full path, -name is just the filename20:45
jimb_Outy, `find ./ -type d -iname Scans`20:46
Outythanks dv & jimb  will try and learn20:47
dv`_the manual page is your best friend for that20:47
jimb_Outy, `man find`20:47
* jimb_ loves `find`, especially when used with -exec20:48
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TheSHAD0Wioria: It's more complicated than that, it seems.  Still testing.  This may be fun.  :-P20:49
ioriaTheSHAD0W, ok, but you have a win7 config that i ever met20:50
Outywanted this to work my way:  find /media/hal9000/SanDisk\ SDXC/ -path -type d '*can*'   but now it gives me: find: paths must precede expression: d20:51
Outy nasty20:51
TheSHAD0WWell, seems Win7 doesn't disable SMBv1 by default, apparently I did it manually.20:51
Outyfound it20:52
TheSHAD0WThe problem is, SMB1 has a serious vulnerability and is deprecated.  Win10 has it disabled by default.20:52
Outyfirst -type d then -path20:52
TheSHAD0WI'm wondering if there's a problem with Samba in that it doesn't pick up devices that only have SMB2.  Win8+ has SMB3.20:53
ioriaTheSHAD0W, samba should be use only on lan,  behind  a router fw20:53
TheSHAD0Wioria: Yup, and that's what I'm doing, but still.20:54
Outydv & jimb : got it -name can be characters in a filename or dirname20:56
ImageJPEGYep, php-fpm seems to be a meta package20:57
Outy-type d is for searchin in dirnames only20:57
jimb_Outy, Yes. I use "-iname" as it's not case sensitive20:57
jimb_Outy, Yes. Since you were looking explicitly for a directory, I figured that would reduce wasteless output20:57
Outyjimb read that a sec ago :)20:57
jimb_Outy, When searching for find usage information, it may also be helpful to look for `GNU find` versus only `find`... ambiguous word20:59
Outyjimb thanks, i read about version differences before - im aware of that :)21:00
Outyjimb_:  im using linux for 1,5y now  time to go depper21:01
jimb_Outy, You are welcome.21:01
jimb_Outy, if you ever think you have went deep enough... then grab some of the kernel bugs and pluck away ;)21:01
Outyjimb_:  *smiles*  that will take some time ^^21:02
lolBananaI am setting up LXD for the first time and I want to get it so it would put any new containers on my local network just like a VM would, I am following the guide here: https://insights.ubuntu.com/2016/04/07/lxd-networking-lxdbr0-explained/ but I am a bit confused, since my port isn't eth0 should i replace eth0 with whatever the name of the port I have?21:03
OutylolBanana: ifconfig will show your network devices very well21:04
lolBananaOuty: i know  that but i am confused as to how i should issue the command so that LXD containers would use my local network rather its own bridge21:05
lolBananaOuty: article says the command is "lxc profile device set default eth0 parent eth0" should I replace 'eth0' with the name of my port that shows in ifconfig?21:05
nacclolBanana: well it still uses its own bridge, it's just a bridge to an actual physical device21:05
nacclolBanana: that is nont what the article says (containerbr) at the end21:06
* TheSHAD0W will leave SMBv1 enabled for now, wannacrypt probably won't make it onto his intranet but you never know21:06
TheSHAD0WThank you ioria.21:06
nacclolBanana: but yes, you want to s/eth0/your device name/21:06
TheSHAD0W... Who's gone.21:06
OutylolBanana: is ther a lot code to replace?  maybe someone knows how to redirect or link eth0 to whatever eth* device you have21:07
lolBanananacc: ok so, my port is enp0s3 so the command should be "lxc profile device set default eth0 parent enp0s3" ?21:07
Outylike a virtual device21:07
Outythats what i thougt of21:08
nacclolBanana: no.21:08
nacclolBanana: again, you seem to be misreading the page?21:08
nacclolBanana: you are oly chaning eth0 to somethign else21:08
lolBanananacc: so how should i write command?21:09
nacclolBanana: ok, read the page again. You are only changing eth0 to enp0s3. Not other strings to other stringns.21:09
nacclolBanana: you can start at the sentence 'Sometimes, though, ...'21:10
lolBanananacc: those aren't commands, i read that but those aren't commands21:10
nacclolBanana: what?21:10
nacclolBanana: which method are you trying to do?21:10
anarky999Can someone answer a question about gnu ddrescue?21:11
Outyanarky999: i can21:11
Outyanarky999: doingg this all day helping me to rescue data for my customers21:12
anarky999Ok the hard drive stopped being readable after 1tb of data was recovered21:12
anarky999cannot find input21:12
anarky999is the img file still recoverable?21:13
Outyanarky999: how big is the hdd in total21:13
Outyanarky999: and yes there are ways21:13
anarky999i used the disks utility to try restoring the img and it says it will take 24 hrs21:14
srulii am trying to copy a ecryptfs dir with cp i get an error for most files that "file name is too long", i tried with rsync -azvh and it shows at the end errors encountered without specifying and the target dir is larger than the source.. wha is the best way to copy such a dir?21:14
Outyanarky999: is it possible (with opened pc) to pull power cable and reattach it again - cause hdd will get available again under linux then you can run ddrescue command again with same options to continue the rescue. but only in case you set a logfile21:16
Outyanarky999: my command goes like this  ddrescue -d -vv /dev/sdX  /targetpath/image.dd /targetpath/image.log21:18
anarky999I tried that it only worked a couple times. Now the drive won't load even on windows. My question is about the already recovered data. Is it usable in its current form?21:18
anarky999tried the unpluging thing*21:18
Outyanarky999: yes: sudo apt-get install testdisk21:18
Outyanarky999: sudo testdisk /pathtoimage/image.dd21:19
Outyanarky999: testdisk -> no log -> Intel Partition if Windows File System on it or GPT when dealing wind Windows 8 and up21:21
anarky999you lost me hold on21:21
Outyanarky999: the you can try the file utils to copy all available files21:22
Outyanarky999: if no partition is found use analyse option before21:22
lolBanananacc: i am trying to get any LXD containers to grab ip addresses of my local network 192.168.4.x and be accessible via openssh21:22
Outyanarky999: sorry where're you lost ?21:23
sergio_Hi all, I  am having problems to boot Wifislax21:24
anarky999hold on running testdisk I am a noob here21:24
sergio_Failed to load COM32 file vesamenu.c3221:24
nacclolBanana: ok, I know that.21:24
nacclolBanana: which method on that page are you trying to do?21:24
Outyanarky999: i opened private chat window see it ?21:25
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otherRickHow to set a custom name to an input_dev?21:30
=== olivier is now known as Guest45363
shazbotmcnastysergio_: did you resolve your issue?21:32
sergio_I copied the file and other to /21:32
sergio_but nothing21:32
sergio_any idea?21:34
shazbotmcnastysergio_: is it a live disk you're trying to boot to? And is it USB or CD or other?21:35
sergio_yes live usb21:36
shazbotmcnastyhow did you create the live disk?21:37
sergio_i used unebootin21:37
shazbotmcnastySeent this: ? http://www.ajopaul.com/2014/10/21/linux-usb-boot-disk-error-failed-to-load-com32-file-menu-c32/21:38
otherRickI create two event input device with a single module; but I need register the inputs using custom names21:39
sergio_but nothing21:39
lolBanananacc: "lxc profile device set default eth0 parent eth0" and the command below21:39
lolBanananacc: so the macvlan method21:39
sergio_i see that could be due to an old version of UNetbootin21:40
nacclolBanana: ok then change every instance of eth0 in that to whatever is correct for your system21:40
lolBananaok so it would be enp0s321:40
lolBananalet me try21:40
sergio_no I have the lastest one21:42
lolBanananacc: root@ubuntu1:/tmp# lxc profile device set default enp0s3 parent enp0s321:43
lolBananaerror: The device doesn't exist21:43
lolBananaenp0s3    Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 08:00:27:ac:b6:dc21:43
lolBanana          inet addr:
kenrinwifislax is just a distro?  Why not just use dd if=/path/to/iso of=/path/to/usb   ?21:43
nacclolBanana: hrm, you are doing that on the host, right?21:44
lolBanananacc: yes issuing commands on the host, via openssh21:45
nacclolBanana: `lxc profile list`?21:46
nacclolBanana: in a pastebin21:46
lolBanananacc: im not sure how to obtain that21:46
nacclolBanana: and maybe provide the full messages from the `lxc profile device ...`21:46
nacclolBanana: you run that command.21:46
lolBanananacc: default and docker21:47
lolBananaare the two things21:47
lolBananaroot@ubuntu1:/tmp# lxc profile list21:47
nacclolBanana: yes, use a pastebin in the future, but that's good21:47
nacclolBanana: ok, can you pastebin the full output from the `lxc profile device set...` ?21:47
CoffeeMonsterHi all. I have an old laptop with a broken screen, that I turned into a Ubuntu desktop (so with GUI, using an external monitor). I installed 17.04 on it, and was able to disable the laptop's internal monitor; all was well. I just upgraded to 17.10, and now all I see on my external monitor is a purple-ish screen. I am able to move the mouse further to the left, as if there was another screen:21:48
CoffeeMonsterthis makes me think the upgrade re-enabled the laptop's internal monitor. Any idea how I could disable the internal monitor again? Something like win+p in Windows.21:48
nacclolBanana: oh wait, i see now, i was wrong21:48
lolBanananacc: sorry but what's the full command21:48
lolBananaam i grabbing for the enp ether port?21:48
shazbotmcnastyaww he lef'21:48
nacclolBanana: try `lxc profile device set default eth0 parent enp0s3`; `lxc profile device set default eth0 nictype macvlan`21:48
nacclolBanana: that says to set the parent of the eth0 device in the default profile to enp0s321:49
nacclolBanana: and then to set the nictype of the eth0 device in the default profile to macvlan21:49
CoffeeMonsterI have SSH access to the laptop btw21:49
lolBanananacc: ok it did not reject those commands let me spin up a container21:50
lolBanananacc: is there any particular answers i would need to give after "lxd init"?21:51
nacclolBanana: wait, you should have allready run `lxd init`21:51
lolBanananacc: i did and i just went with the default answers but i was not sure if i had to select something different since what i am wanting to do is not done by default21:52
nacclolBanana: no, you first do `lxd init`, then do the config changes21:53
lolBanananacc: so having selected the default choices i should be fine?21:53
leftyfbCoffeeMonster: 17.04 is no longer supported21:53
leftyfbCoffeeMonster: sorry, I didn't finih reading :)21:54
nacclolBanana: sorry, you ran `lxd init` before ora fter the macvlan changes?21:54
CoffeeMonsterleftyfb np :D21:54
lolBanananacc: before21:54
nacclolBanana: ok, then yes, you're finne21:55
leftyfbCoffeeMonster: try https://superuser.com/questions/297819/move-window-to-another-monitor-in-ubuntu-using-keyboard21:55
leftyfbCoffeeMonster: sorry, open up the display utility and use the above to move it to your screen21:56
leftyfbCoffeeMonster: unity-control-center display  #  being the util21:57
fluvvellcan somebody remind me what the top bar in a unity session is called?22:03
fluvvellwith date/time on right etc22:03
lolBanananacc: is there a choice for ext4 format or no?22:11
lolBanananacc: i see a choice between zfs and dir22:11
nacclolBanana: sorry?22:12
nacclolBanana: note there is a #lxcontainers channel as well22:12
lolBananaoh ok22:12
lolBananai wasn't aware22:12
lolBanananacc: storage pools is what i am talking about, https://insights.ubuntu.com/2017/07/12/storage-management-in-lxd-2-15/22:12
nacclolBanana: right, 'format' is the wrong concept22:13
nacclolBanana: container storage isn't formatted22:13
nacclolBanana: zfs is less about the fs-parts of it and more about how zfs can do disk management22:13
lolBananai see ok22:13
CoffeeMonsterleftyfb: the wmctrl command returns "cannot open display", unity-control-center says "unable to init server: could not connect: connection refused" and "cannot open display", and even xrandr says "can't open display" :/22:14
lolBanana_spotty internet22:14
lolBanana_nacc: thanks again for the explanation and earlier help22:15
CoffeeMonsteri'm starting to get the feeling i should just crack open the laptop and physically disconnect the internal monitor lol22:15
akikCoffeeMonster: the unable to init server comes because of wayland22:18
akikCoffeeMonster: try selecting the ubuntu on xorg in the login screen22:18
CoffeeMonsterakik I can't see the login screen, I think it's on the internal monitor of the laptop (which i can't see). i literally see nothing except a purple screen and my mouse22:20
nacclolBanana_: yw22:22
CoffeeMonsterIs there a way to start a graphical remote connection to Ubuntu Desktop, a bit like RDP on Windows? I found something about xRDP, but it also said it was only available on Ubuntu Server22:22
naccCoffeeMonster: nothing is "only" available on "Ubuntu Server"22:22
naccCoffeeMonster: it's all the same set of packages22:22
naccCoffeeMonster: you can use rdp, i believe, or you can use vnc, or ssh -X, etc.22:22
lolBanana_CoffeeMonster: you can use teamviewer as well22:23
hidarii use xrdp on all my systems.  works great22:23
hidariworks better than vnc for me22:24
CoffeeMonsterOh, I like the sound of Teamviewer... I'll try these suggestions, and I'll come back to cry if it doesn't work22:25
CoffeeMonsterThanks :)22:25
lolBanana_CoffeeMonster: just keep in mind you will need to install teamviewer through CLI, and force the install22:27
otherRickHi, I develop a module with two event inputs; how assign a custom name to the input handlers for examplel: /dev/input/keypad0 ?22:27
naccotherRick: do you mean a kernel module?22:29
otherRickI develop a driver module with two event inputs, all works; but I need register the event inputs using custom names in order to difference each input?22:31
naccotherRick: you want a kernel channel22:32
naccotherRick: not the ubuntu support channel22:32
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FrameFevernacc: I want to download libstdc++-6-dev22:50
FrameFeverbut ubuntu cannot find it22:50
FrameFeverwhat is wrong?22:50
FrameFeverE: Unable to locate package libstdc++-6-dev22:51
naccFrameFever: for what version of ubuntu?22:51
nacc!info libstdc++-6-dev xenial22:52
ubottuPackage libstdc++-6-dev does not exist in xenial22:52
naccFrameFever: --^22:52
FrameFevernacc: https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=libstdc%2B%2B-6-dev&searchon=names&suite=artful&section=all22:52
FrameFeverI found it here22:52
FrameFeverhow can I download it?22:52
naccFrameFever: that's is for artful (17.10)22:53
naccFrameFever: you can't use it on 16.04.22:53
pavlosI think the name is libstdc++622:53
thyriaenI am looking for a way to configure a dedicated key ( lets say F12 ) to open a terminal ( or if i already opened one to bring it back up - and if it is already up to minimize it )22:54
lakituhey real real quick: is upgrading your os a lot better now? i'm looking at 17.04 being upgraded22:56
nacclakitu: 17.04 is eo22:56
lakiturecommended? dos, don'ts?22:57
lakitui know22:57
lakituthat's why i gotta upgrade22:57
nacclakitu: so not sure what you're asking?22:57
lakitui'm in 17.0422:57
naccbetter than what, it's required in your case22:57
lakitubetter than times of yore22:57
lakituwhen a upgrade was a risky proposition22:57
nacclakitu: please be specific.22:57
lakituanyone else know how reliable it is to?22:58
nacclakitu: you are not doing a normal upgrade anyways, you're doing an eol upgrade22:58
nacclakitu: in general, keep your system up to date in the first place and the upgrades are painless, ime22:58
lakitui have updates in their default settings. i am now required to upgrade to the next version, & seeing if that's doable, in the modern iteration22:59
lakitu((of Ubuntu))22:59
nacclakitu: it's always been 'doable'. you are being very vague23:00
nacclakitu: perhaps you would be happier on a LTS relelase23:00
lakitusome versions were not smooth to upgrade from, to23:01
lakitumaybe google / someone else has an opinion23:01
pavloslakitu: upgrades worked without issues, can you be specific?23:02
lakituin the past there were issues23:03
lakituwith some23:03
nacclakitu: ok, this is the support channel. If you have an actual support issue, please ask.23:03
lakituobviously i don't nacc haha. only asking if it is a safe proposition to upgrade my whole system...23:04
lakitui'll google from now on23:04
oerhekslakitu, you will never know for sure, untill you do: backup your data .. wait, if you don't have a backup, your data is unimportant :-D23:04
nacclakitu: eol upgrades are (IMO) inherently more tricky. It should work fine, but you'll need to follow the instructions23:04
nacc!eolupgrade | lakitu23:04
ubottulakitu: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades23:04
lakituright, backup is a good idea23:05
hidariget used to disaster recovery and using linux will easier to use.23:07
hidariwell works for me anyways.  wrote scripts to do everything for me since reinvent the wheel so much23:08
lakituwell i wrote a back up script23:08
hidarii moved on to restic.  pretty nice backup program.23:09
lakituyeah backups are a good topic. how to, what programs are best to, what you need23:09
lakituetc, etc...23:09
lordcirthdeja-dup is nice and simple for personal backups23:11
FrameFevernacc: FYI using sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-toolchain-r/test23:11
lakitu(backing up now)23:12
FrameFeverfixes my issue23:12
naccFrameFever: which is not an ubuntu repository23:12
FrameFevernow I can download the package23:12
naccFrameFever: so you are only supported by those PPA developers23:12
naccFrameFever: given that the repository is called 'test', i would ot necessarily use it in production23:12
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naccjack: do you have a support question?23:58
naccjack: you said that already23:59

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