bluesabrethanks flocculant 11:55
bluesabreknome: so...... wp contest?11:55
knomebluesabre, ack, soon21:28
flocculantknome: what freeze works against this? uif? 21:54
knomedon't think it's even that...21:55
knomemore likely final freeze for inclusion21:55
knomei'll try to finalize the thing tomorrow or thursday21:56
knomebut as you have seen.. it's very close to being ready :)21:56
Unit193xfdesktop still needs patched.23:03
-SwissBot:#xubuntu-devel- ::xubuntu-artwork:: [greybird] r544 Also build gnome styles for the dark variant (Fixes #212)... (by Simon SteinbeiƟ)23:20

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