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mcb30Hello!  I'm trying to debug how cloud-init handles network configuration in OpenStack.16:04
mcb30I see it correctly fetch the metadata from
mcb30I have traced this as far as cloudinit.sources.DataSourceOpenStack.get_data()16:05
mcb30which then seems to simply throw away whatever was retrieved in results['networkdata']16:05
mcb30This fits with the fact that the log file shows "Applying network configuration from fallback ..."16:06
mcb30The end result is that cloud-init is totally ignoring whatever network configuration data is provided via the OpenStack metadata server16:06
mcb30Does anyone have any suggestions?16:06
smosermcb30: currently cloud-init does not read network metadata from openstack datasource.16:07
smoseronly from config drive.16:07
smoserwe have a path forward to get there.16:07
smoserbut doesnt do it right now.16:07
smoserso suggestion is "use config drive"16:07
smoserwhich i realize is less than wonderful.16:08
mcb30smoser: ok, thanks for saving me a few more hours of debugging :)16:11
mcb30So, is using a config drive the only way to get IPv6-enabled instances?16:11
mcb30(other than manually editing the generated ifcfg-eth0 file)16:11
smosermcb30: yes, ant the moment.16:17
smoserits not a lot of work to make network metadata service work.16:17
smoserbut just not there now16:17
mcb30smoser: can we help (either with a patch or some funding)?16:32
smosermcb30: patches are for sure welcome.16:44
smoserand /me wishes he had a 'buy me a coffee or an ember coffee mug"16:46
mcb30Next problem (no longer a flaw in cloud-init): the network_data.json file that OpenStack creates on the config drive is missing the IPv6 configuration anyway :(16:54
mcb30The universe is determined not to let me get IPv6 working, but I shall defeat it16:54
blackboxswword on the street mcb30 is that I'll be working on the openstack network config shortly :) (like this week)16:55
mcb30blackboxsw: awesome!17:01
dpb1I too would now like an ember coffee mug, thx smoser17:02
dojordanhey @smoser, any update on the lack of daily builds in azure? Is there someone I can follow up with about this?20:26
smoserdojordan: i'll push a bit.20:32
smoserdojordan: its in progress is all i can say.20:55
blackboxswmcb30: if you get a chance, it'd be helpful if you have a more complex example of network_data.json that you were concerned wasn't working...    I'm working out an approach here, but wanted to make sure I handle your use case too.21:03
blackboxswmcb30: wget -O - 2> /dev/null | json_pp | pastebinit    # that'd do it for me21:03
blackboxswthe initial image I'm playing with has only a single nic & ip21:04
blackboxswbut I'll be adding more simplistic examples of  multi-nic/ multi-ip vms21:05
rharperblackboxsw: I have a large collection on network_data.json examples, many of them are already encoded in the cloud-init network unittests21:14
blackboxswoops, /me looks21:14
blackboxswrharper: yeah my initial network_data.json doesn't really surface any ip infromation beyond DNS and # of macs21:16
rharperblackboxsw: look at say tests/unittests/test_net.py21:17
rharperthe OS_SAMPLES21:17
blackboxswit really looks like we might need to query using openstack or nova client libs to get the rest of the related info if presented with limited information like my openstack/network_data.json presents21:19
rharperwhy do you think that?21:20
rharperthere's not a lot of config, it's links (devices), networks (ip and route), and dns21:21
rharperthat's all there is, the links can be physical device, or various virtual devices (bridges, bonds, etc)21:21
blackboxswmy paste doesn't contain IP info https://paste.ubuntu.com/26497259/21:21
blackboxswor I'm being dense21:21
rharperno, it's dhcp onlly21:21
rharperlook at the datasource/openstack/helpers to see how we parse that21:22
rharperblackboxsw: also you can feed network_data.json into cloud-init/tools/net-convert21:22
blackboxswyeah, I guess I expected I'd see public IP associations that I made for the instance as well.21:22
rharperfor the openstack stuff, we're already  fully working AFAIK, what we're missing is the bring-up-an-interface-to-dhcp portion21:22
rharperand then, a fetch of the network_data.json since currenlty we only invoke the helper when we find a network_data.json in the configdrive part21:23
* blackboxsw also wants to persist that data in instance-data.json for openstack21:29
rharperright, so, when get_data() runs, it needs to also crawl the 'network_data.json' value and keep that in the instance-data.json21:35
rharper+1 on the idea21:35
mgerdtsI just did 'make rpm; rpm -Uvh cloud-init...rpm' and rebooted.  On reboot, it really wants to get metadata from, then from another IP address (the host of my VM).  I'm having troubles finding the magic to turn that off.21:38
smosermgerdts: well, it       is looking for a datasource. do you have one ?21:41
smoserare you running on a cloud ?21:41
mgerdtsRunning on SmartOS21:41
mgerdtsso I'm interested in the SmartOS data source, but not the others21:42
smoseryou can configure it tonlyi search the smartos datasource.21:42
mgerdtsIn /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg, disable-ec2-metadata is present, the same place it is on an ubuntu 14.10 VM21:42
smoserbut it will only end up hitting the network when it has failed to find smartos.21:43
mgerdtsok, that could explain it.  I'm getting a stack trace when it tries to get sdc:resolvers, as that's not configured in the host.21:43
smoserat least normally... 169.254 is ec2,and the other is i suspect CloudStack.  both of which should run after smartos by default.21:43
smoseryeah. then that is the problem. hm..21:44
smosermgerdts: can you file a bug and provide the metadata you see there ?21:44
mgerdtsseems as though DNS should be an optional part of network configuration - probably missing an exception handler21:44
mgerdtssure, will do.21:44
mgerdtsFWIW, I'm happy to work on this a bit.  I'm working on bringing bhyve to smartos and investigating whether cloud-init would be the easiest way to configure networking on the various other distros.  Our ubuntu images already use it.21:46
blackboxsw+1. many hands make light work21:49
smosermgerdts: yeah, it really should be pretty easy.21:57
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1746605 in cloud-init "stack trace when sdc:* not defined" [Undecided,New]21:59
mgerdtsThanks for the help smoser.  Will work up a fix and be back later.22:01
blackboxswrharper: thx for the test tips for OS references. otherwise I would've spent all day trying to setup and reproduce different configs23:08
blackboxswok things looking reasonable to set this up and move the OpenStackdatasource to Local stage.23:09
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