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balloonsvern, were you able to get the spaces test job created on jenkins?16:11
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thumpermorning people19:09
hmlmorning thumper19:15
rick_hhowdy thumper, thuoght you were away this week?19:15
thumperrick_h: hi there19:16
thumpermorning hml19:16
thumperrick_h: nope, just until today19:16
thumperback into it19:16
thumpershort week for me19:16
rick_hgotcha, cool19:16
babbageclunkhi thumper19:52
thumperbabbageclunk: morning20:13
thumperbabbageclunk: how goes the sprint?20:13
vernballoons or veebers, quick review? https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/833320:14
veebersvern: LGTM with one comment (not a blocker)20:28
vernveebers: I assume your comment meant to reference .set_region? I think that's clearer... I'll update that real quick20:32
veebersvern: so sorry, copy and paste error and I didn't even check it :-(20:33
veebersvern: yes I meant to add .set_region(...) to the end of that. Sorry for the additional overhead20:33
vernall checks pass. merge requested :) https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/833321:29
verngrr... in ci the machines have ens3, not eth0... guess I need to improve the logic of that part of the network spaces test22:52

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