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brayanAlguem on ?02:03
EoflaOEYesterday I created a USB for Kubuntu 17.10.1 by using Rufus for Windows XP. When I booted it I saw the installation screen which says to try or to install. I clicked on Try, and it took me to the non-blinking hyphen for a minute, then the hyphen disappeared. I waited and still there is no KDE 5 desktop. I have read that if I could run KDE 4, then05:10
EoflaOEI could run KDE 5. I pressed Num lock but it looks like the system is frozen.05:10
valorieEoflaOE: please verify your ISO05:21
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows05:21
EoflaOEvalorie, I accidentally deleted the ISO when I was about to do md5 so I have to redownload I again.05:23
valoriecan't you undelete?05:25
valorieEoflaOE: ^^^05:25
EoflaOEI will try to undelete05:27
EoflaOEI will come back when I return from school05:35
lordievaderGood morning08:45
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BluesKajHi folks11:23
calico_I cant disable horizontal scrolling with my touchpad as its greyed out, any workarounds?12:12
calico_can anyone help with my touchpad issue12:58
lordievadercalico_: You want  to disable the horizontal scrolling?13:03
calico_yes, but it's greyed out, I cannot select the tickbox. The vertical scrolling tickbox is accessible tough13:08
calico_lordievader, I want to disable it because in certain places such as in VLC - when I scroll to control the volume - the slider only goes up.13:09
lordievadercalico_: Horizontal scrolling is actually supported? I'd assume it is greyed out because it is not supported. VLC might mistake the horizontal motion for a vertical one.13:12
jaredneed help with linux commands ubuntu beta13:14
jaredfirst time in kubuntu IRC Chat13:15
BluesKajwhich beta?m beta for 18.04 isn't released yet13:16
jaredoh ok13:17
jaredThanks Blues13:17
BluesKajrun sudo apt update then sudoo apt full-upgrade to the stable official release m assume you're on 17.10 ?13:18
lordievaderjared: What does `lsb_release -a` say?13:19
lordievaderYou might need `sudo` for that (`sudo lsb_release -a`)13:20
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jaredwhat is the main utility of this IRC13:44
EoflaOEI cannot undelete, even after deep scan14:38
lordievaderEoflaOE: What are you talking about?14:46
EoflaOEAbout this problem: Yesterday I created a USB for Kubuntu 17.10.1 by using Rufus for Windows XP. When I booted it I saw the installation screen which says to try or to install. I clicked on Try, and it took me to the non-blinking hyphen for a minute, then the hyphen disappeared. I waited and still there is no KDE 5 desktop. I have read that if I co14:48
EoflaOEuld run KDE 4, then I could run KDE 5. I pressed Num lock but it looks like the system is frozen.14:48
EoflaOEI was about to do MD5 checksum but I accidentally deleted the ISO.14:49
BluesKajEoflaOE, what are you computer specs , a windows XP pc will have avery difficult time running Kubuntu on such an old pc14:51
BluesKajlordievader, he's also posting in #ubuntu14:54
EoflaOEBluesKaj: I have run KDE4 and Kubuntu 14.04 before for performance testing, I am very sure it can run every single Linux distros with minor problems, and my specs: AMD Athlon XP 1500+, 2 GB RAM, Radeon 9200 series, KT4AV MS-6712, built-in sound14:54
lordievaderEoflaOE: Normally you need specialized forensic tools to undelete a file. Usually a whole lot easier to redownload the iso. But, like BluesKaj says, first check if you PC meets the minimum specifications.14:54
EoflaOElordievader: OK. I am currently running on Windows XP. Does specialized Forensic tools require Linux to be installed? I am running on live14:55
lordievaderThere are probably forensic tools for Windows. But that is not the point. The point is that such methods are very difficult and (usually) very expensive. Like I said, much easier to redownload.14:57
lordievaderDoes that cpu support PAE?14:58
BluesKajEoflaOE, how larhe is your HDD , do you plan to dual boot ? etc14:58
lordievaderIf not, the 16.04 kernel won't run on there.14:58
BluesKaj32 bit with more RAM might work14:59
BluesKajPAE that is14:59
EoflaOEI have 2 hard drives, each of them is 40 GB. I plan to dual-boot so I can use Windows for games and Kubuntu for work. My CPU supports PAE15:00
BluesKajare you trying the 32bit Kubuntu 17.10? iso15:02
EoflaOEYes, I am sure this CPU does not support 64-bit so I chose 32-bit Kubuntu 17.10.115:04
BluesKajyes, it's a 23 bit architecture cpu15:04
BluesKaj32 even ;-)15:05
EoflaOEI will try redownloading and when it finished, I will report back15:06
BluesKajthere lighter Desktops that might run beter than kde/plasma like xfce for exmple15:06
EoflaOEI know. I ran Lubuntu and Xubuntu before15:06
EoflaOEThanks anyways for helping15:09
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IrcsomeBot1<IMR3D> I have two partitions (Root in SDA1) (Home in SDA2) and I want to join them. How can I do it from a LivePedrive?, I mean command line and which destination folder HOME, for example using rsync. Thanks.15:46
BluesKajIMR3D what do tou think the advantage will be by joining them?15:50
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BluesKajthere's no advantage that i can see, if your / partition is filling up run sudo apt autoremove and sudo apt autoclean to make room by getting rid of old unusable files15:54
viewer|68740anyone here?16:16
BluesKajviewer|68740, just ask your question16:17
viewer|68740i was just wondering if kubuntu has good support16:17
BluesKajI sure hope so ...what kind of support are you l;ooking for ?16:18
viewer|68740i'm about to install kubuntu16:19
BluesKajok, glad to hear that :-)16:19
viewer|68740and I know there is no company like Cannonical for support if I have problems.16:19
IrcsomeBot1<IMR3D> All this time to not answer anything useful, they are useless; it is clearly understood because people prefer Windows, you make them to leave Linux. Regrettable. I already found the solution with another assistance.16:38
* BluesKaj shrugs ... google most likely :-)16:41
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EoflaOEIf redownloading does not work, Could installing Xubuntu and then install kubuntu-desktop package manually help?17:13
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BluesKajEoflaOE, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/17.10/release/17:16
EoflaOEI am already redownloading right now.17:16
EoflaOEI know the site.17:16
TBotNikAll: Running Kubuntu 14.04 LTS on my laptop and can not get the Recently Used/Installed items to show in the launcher menu. Also this does not show .html and .txt files and since 90+% of my work is with those it must, so how do I first get the "Recent" on/showing and then mod to include my file extensions?17:23
BluesKajTBotNik, you could install the quicklaunch widget in the panel then install the "items" there by right clicking in quicklaunch and using the "add launcher" option17:30
TBotNikBluesKaj: The Recently Installed and Recently Used are a default and I have to edit some file to do this, but can no longer find the HOWTO on this!17:32
BluesKajTBotNik,right click on the kmenu icon , there are options there as well17:33
TBotNikBluesKaj: OK, found that an now are displaying, but how do I change the settings to include those file extensions I use constantly?17:50
TBotNikBluesKaj: There is also a way to change the count from the default 10 to 20 items.17:51
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HansCanyone here?17:58
BluesKajHansC, look at the nicklist :-)17:58
HansCah I see ;-)17:59
BluesKajHansC, if you have a question, just ask it18:00
HansCI was looking around the forum, since a couple of days I'm experiencing a weird issue with Firefox in Kubuntu18:02
HansCWhen I right click on the shorcut toolbar or click on a button in firefox it responds after approx 5 seconds. This happens only in Firefox and Thunderbird18:05
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KububuAny ideas what Kubuntu 18.04 is going to use for an instant messenger?21:00
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Fire-Dragon-DoLhello, anyone has any idea where to start debugging a login-loop in Kubuntu 17.10? I can login with a different user, but not with my main one21:52
Fire-Dragon-DoL(I login, see a black screen for a second and get back to login screen)21:52
memphistotry going through .xsession-errors in your home folder22:01
Fire-Dragon-DoLthanks memphisto, checking22:03
Fire-Dragon-DoLmhhh memphisto I get 2 warnings (really the same one repeated twice) "error sending to systemd: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.ChildExited: Process org.freedesktop.systemd1 exited with status 1", then it's repeated again later after settings, then "unable to find device 1"22:06
Fire-Dragon-DoLI can clearly see in my setting "DISPLAY=:0"22:06
memphistolook for startkde: and go from there22:08
Fire-Dragon-DoLmemphisto: in xsession-errors? `/startkde` can't be found :S22:11
Fire-Dragon-DoLwould love to have timestamps, sigh22:11
memphistowith the working user open .xsession-errors from non working user with command tailf /home/<nonworkinguser>/.xsession-erros22:15
memphistothen start a new kde session with your user22:15
memphistowhen it fails come back and check the logs on the terminal22:15
Fire-Dragon-DoLmemphisto: that's roughly how I did it: jumped in ctrl+alt+f1, logged in with non-working-user, less +F .xsession-errors, ctrl+alt+f7 and logged in. However I noticed I missed a line previously. The last two are "unable to find device '1'" and "QXcbConnection: Could not connect to display :0"22:22
Fire-Dragon-DoLwonder if my bash_profile is causing troubles22:22
memphistoim guessing you have something in you startup , some app , qt app, that is causing this22:24
memphistofound something on the net22:26
memphistothis might be it. ... https://askubuntu.com/questions/723244/cannot-log-in-after-upgrade-xcb-plugin-missing22:26
Fire-Dragon-DoLyes I'm guessing the same22:27
Fire-Dragon-DoLI did an update 2 days ago22:28
Fire-Dragon-DoLbut I rebooted like 100 times22:28
Fire-Dragon-DoLto make sure it was working22:28
Fire-Dragon-DoLHOWEVER (and I might be wrong)22:28
Fire-Dragon-DoLI think I added synergy to autostart yesterday22:28
Fire-Dragon-DoLso it might be that22:28
memphistocd .kde/share/autostart/22:29
memphistomove anything from there to temp folder and try loging again, let the tailf cmd run so you can check again for errors22:30
Fire-Dragon-DoLthanks good point22:31
Fire-Dragon-DoLI was looking in /var/log/syslog but .xsession-errors is more useful22:31
Fire-Dragon-DoLoh they moved the stuff22:41
Fire-Dragon-DoLin .config/autostart22:41
Fire-Dragon-DoLsigh, not that either22:44
Fire-Dragon-DoLlet me try a few things22:45
memphistohave you added some widget recently22:45
Fire-Dragon-DoLnope, but since I updated like 2 days ago from 17.04 to .10, it's a giant can of worms on its own...22:49
memphistoproblem is that its working on another user and not in your default one22:49
memphistowhich leads me to belive its someting in you autostart or startup configuration22:50
memphistoso compare $HOME/.config/startupconfig for both users22:50
memphistoyou alrady remove everything from autostart22:50
memphistoso that's only thing i'm thinking of right now22:51
Fire-Dragon-DoLyeah I definitely agree with you22:55
Fire-Dragon-DoLit can't be nvidia driver or such22:55
Fire-Dragon-DoLit's something specific in my home directory22:55
memphistotry moving all plasma config to temp folder; mv $HOME/.share/plasma-* /temp22:57
memphistoand then try to log in22:57
Fire-Dragon-DoLyep about to do that22:58
Fire-Dragon-DoLstartup config differs, I have a different theme22:58
Fire-Dragon-DoLwonder if it's that22:58
Fire-Dragon-DoLthey joy of `diff` xD22:58
Fire-Dragon-DoL"I am too lazy to compare, letting the computer do it for me" lol22:58
Fire-Dragon-DoLso many years on linux, I'm still a noob22:59
memphistome too22:59
Fire-Dragon-DoLwe are getting somewhere23:03
Fire-Dragon-DoLmoving .kde and .config23:03
Fire-Dragon-DoLdid the trick23:03
Fire-Dragon-DoLtime to narrow down which of the two23:04
memphistohave fun23:04
memphistobring back the .confg23:04
memphistobut not the .kde23:04
memphistoand try23:04
Fire-Dragon-DoLyes that contains a lot of helpful stuff23:04
Fire-Dragon-DoLI think I already tried moving .kde earlier, but let's retry23:05
Fire-Dragon-DoLnope, crashed23:06
Fire-Dragon-DoLlet's try the opposit for safety23:06
memphistowhat did you restore ? .config23:06
Fire-Dragon-DoLyeah .config only23:06
memphistook. so mv that again and restore .kde23:07
Fire-Dragon-DoLgood stuff I backed up everything yesterday23:07
memphistoit will be re-crreated23:07
Fire-Dragon-DoLwhoever said "you need only one computer" missed something :P23:07
memphistojust move it to temp folder23:07
Fire-Dragon-DoLyep yep23:08
Fire-Dragon-DoLok with .kde and no .config I get in23:08
memphistoso now the fun part23:08
memphistocheck the difference between non-working and working user in .config23:09
Fire-Dragon-DoLah ah ah23:09
Fire-Dragon-DoLI have so much stuff in .config23:09
memphistowell it shoud be something with plasma in the name and rc at the end23:09
memphistoso check those files first23:10
Fire-Dragon-DoLmh thanks23:10
memphistorestore one by one23:10
memphistooff to bed23:10
Fire-Dragon-DoLdiff .config .config.bak yields a nightmare obviouslyu23:11
Fire-Dragon-DoLgood night ;)23:11
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Fire-Dragon-DoLAH! Something moved,23:59

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