muskanI'm having trouble installing virtualbox11:43
muskanI'm using ubuntu-gnome 16.1011:44
muskanand i'm getting dpkg error of "package libqt5opengl5 and libqt5opengl5-gles not installed"11:44
muskani tried to install libqt5opengl5 using "apt-get insall" but getting error of "package has no installation candidate"11:45
muskanI'm a newbie to ubuntu and don't know how to fix the installtion11:46
muskancan anyone help ?11:48
jbichamuskan: Ubuntu GNOME 16.10 has reached end of life. You need to upgrade to 17.04 or reinstall 16.0411:58
muskanoh !12:00
muskanisn't there any way to fix the installtion without upgrading the os ?12:01
jbichaoops, I mean you need to upgrade to 17.10 (or reinstall 16.04)12:01
muskani got it12:01
jbichathere is a workaround, but 16.10 has been unsupported for a year so it suffers from known security vulnerabilities12:02
jbichaunsupported for 6 months actually12:02
muskanso i better upgrade the os right ?12:05
jbichabasically if you don't want to upgrade about twice per year, you should stick to the LTS releases12:06
jbichaeach non-LTS release is only supported for about 8-9 months12:06
muskanI'm upgrading to 17.1012:10
muskanthank you jibicha12:10
tabbedhi! can anyone tell me why the download for ubuntu-gnome release 17.04 is not accessible anymore?19:36
jbichaUbuntu GNOME 17.04 is End of Life https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases you should upgrade to 17.1019:40
tabbedi know that - i have 2 systems, system A failed to upgrade from 17.04 to 17.10 a few weeks ago. system B is still running 17.04. now i wanted to install 17.04 on system A again and wait for ubuntu 18 to try the upgrade there again...19:48
tabbeddont wanna touch system B before everything went fine on system A - unfortunately i don't have the iso of 17.04 anymore19:49

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