LtWorfwhy require authentication to join this channel?10:01
LtWorf"authentication", the nickserver thing10:01
alkisgLtWorf: because of spam bots10:44
LtWorfi see10:52
apwthey tend to flip that status back and forth depending how much spam there is10:55
melodieone of our LUG's users meet with an issue with the system freeze while using it, with LO, with FF. She is a newbie however she managed to send a pic and a dmesg after a reboot with sysrq. kernel version : https://framapic.org/RTFfSMQExMex/nZ06GcR3LSZo.png and dmesg : https://paste.ubuntu.com/26494950/ - question : is there another kernel she could install to solve this issue? If yes which one?  13:31
LtWorfi don't think a screenshot and a dmesg after a reboot are particularly useful13:36
alkisgmelodie: I found 4.13 kernel highly problematic, and we switched a lot of schools here to 4.4, which appears a lot more stable13:38
alkisgapt install linux-generic => installs kernel 4.4, but she would need to manually select it from grub's advanced options, and see if it's more stable, and remove 4.13 if it is13:39
melodiealkisg I transmit on our ml, thanks13:41
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