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kovosздарова народ11:50
kovosа в убунте матэ есть wayland?11:53
dbrassAnyone know if "°"(the degree symbol) is a restricted character for filenames?19:48
dbrassCaja can't handle renaming a file with that character in the name19:49
dbrasson 16.04.319:49
dbrassit keeps crashing19:49
Akulifile names with ° should work, this is a bug in caja19:59
Akulipeople on #mate might know where to report it19:59
dbrassI'm fillin a bug report on the ubuntu mate launchpad20:09
dbrassI'll ask on #mate before submitting te bug20:11
dbrassif they prefer it on launchpad or elsewhere20:11
grub-problemhi all. at wit's end with Grub after installing 17.10 on a usb thumb drive. no more booting from sda21:41
grub-problemboot-repair hasn't helped21:42
grub-problemI'm in the  grub>  cli now.21:43
diogenes_grub-problem, you did what?21:52
Nathangrub life21:53
grub-problemwhat u mean diogenes_ ?21:54
diogenes_grub-problem, you install ubuntu where?21:55
grub-problemusb thumb drive.21:55
diogenes_how you did that?21:56
grub-problemran install from another usb thumb and chose the usb thumb drive partition as target..21:57
diogenes_can u boot to usb?21:58
grub-problemhad it install grub on sda21:58
grub-problemI can only boot the usb install drive21:58
grub-problemthe live usb to be precise21:59
diogenes_and how did you run boot repair.?22:00
grub-problemif I remove the live usb, there's nothing after boot.  just a blinking cursor thing22:00
diogenes_you said you tried boot repair22:01
grub-problemI ran it off live usb. there's a reference to it. just had it run the recommended repair.22:01
diogenes_hmm is it efi system?22:03
grub-problemcould be.  I 've seen refi mentioned.22:03
diogenes_then you could try the bios option "boot from efi file"22:04
grub-problemthe usb drive which I've installed on, was a former osx install.22:04
grub-problemthe former grub install on sda was done by mate 17.02 install.  it had win/umate/mint boots.22:06
grub-problemwill try that boot option.22:06
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diogenes_some bioses even have the option to create a custom boot entry22:07
grub-problemthis is a dell bistro 355022:08
grub-problemthank you auto correct22:09
grub-problemit's from 2011 something.  boot from efi file not found yet.22:10
grub-problemis that a bios set up option?22:11
diogenes_search for uefi and try switching to legacy22:12
grub-problemif I use the 'boot options' menu when bios starts, and select the usb drive, then I land into grub cli.22:13
diogenes_no, you have to enter bios, esc or f12 or f1022:14
diogenes_or f222:14
grub-problemyes I''m there now. again.22:15
grub-problemcan't find nay thing uefi22:16
diogenes_maybe CSM22:17
grub-problem                                                     it's an AMI bios. it looks kinda simple22:18
grub-problem   the bios menu has: main, advanced, security, boot, exit22:22
grub-problemin boot you can only set priorities. priorities are; diskette, usb, dvd, esata, harddisk, network.22:24
grub-problemnothing like uefi, csm or legacy22:24
diogenes_then it's no efi, pretty hopeless and smells like re-installation22:26
grub-problemgrub> cat (hd0,1)/etc/issue22:28
grub-problemI was probing the several partitions this way.22:28
grub-problemthere was only 1 install reported. the mint one.22:29
diogenes_you could try: ls (hd0,1)/boot22:31
diogenes_see if you get vmlinuz and initrd22:31
grub-problemI don't get that. I get 'grub/'22:35
grub-problemI suspect hd0 to be the thumb drive and hd1 to be the ssd hd. since hd1 has all the partition s22:37
diogenes_you have to boot without usb since you want to fix the hdd grub22:38
grub-problemand hd1,5 reports mint.  there are instructions for grub repair into booting that install.  but is it worth it for further repairs?22:39
grub-problemok. will remove the usb22:39
diogenes_you get the error "only minimal bash like ...?"22:40
grub-problemafter choosing in bios boot for the usb that is.22:40
grub-problemby jove!22:41
grub-problemnow there is grub from the hard drive appearing22:42
grub-problemlooking at the former grub on harddrive now22:43
grub-problemwin7 and mint still there. umate 17.02 vanished.22:44
grub-problemI did C for cli22:45
grub-problemls only reports hd0 partitions now.  trying to find the umata 17.02 install.22:47
grub-problemI checked like 8 partitions. and again, only mint shows up. how can the hard disk install of umate 17.02 be gone?22:51
grub-problemso. is it possible to install umate on a usb drive and have it in grub on hda as a boot option?22:58
grub-problemand besides that. I don't mind having grub installed on the usb drive if it is able to list the hard drive OS's installs as well.23:01
grub-problemthe aim here is to run umate from usb for a while, while clearing out the data to keep from the 500GB ssd of the laptop, have it empty and start afresh. the hard drive has become messy.23:04
m4tgrub-problem: half-assed solution would be to disable the ssd when you install the usb23:06
m4tthen boot from the ssd & update-grub23:06
m4tit should probe it and add it to /boot/grub/grub.cfg on the ssd23:06
m4tgrub-problem: OR, and i think this is still relevant (from stack exchange)23:07
m4t"Run the install as normal, after the Select and install software step, the installer will run Install the GRUB boot loader on a hard disk. It will tell you what other operating systems, if any that it's found, and ask if it should install, at this point, choose Go Back, then in the installer menu that appears next, choose Continue without boot loader.23:07
grub-problemm4t: while installing 17.10 earlier on the usb, there was a question as to where to put grub. sda was the default option. wouldn't there be the option for the usb drive also?  can't remember if I checked it.23:09
m4tusb may have showed up as sda23:10
m4tbut yeah, i would try one of those 2 things.23:10
m4tyou can enter a shell and do ls -l /dev/disk/by-id23:10
m4tthat will show you the "human"23:10
m4tnames of the actual block devices23:11
grub-problemI installed on sdb. I know that for sure. checked thoroughly to make sure it would be the usb drive.23:12
* grub-problem reading the suggestions and trying to grasp it all23:14
grub-problemwhat if I just forget to want to boot into any OS on the hard drive at all?  just booting into a installed umate 17.10 on usb.  working on the data on the hard drive partitions from there.  I know this would be obtained also by just doing live usb sessions. but it's much nicer to work from a installed umate.23:22

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