adeoHi, are you the guys behind the firefox package on Ubuntu, or just the https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/ubuntu/firefox-next PPA?14:26
adeoI'm asking because I'm wondering when Firefix 59 will be available to Ubuntu 18.0414:26
adeo(and your PPA does already provide it)14:27
gQuigsadeo: well, firefox-next is for the betas14:29
gQuigsFirefox 59 will come out of beta around 2018-03-13 -  https://wiki.mozilla.org/Firefox/Roadmap14:29
gQuigsand we usually get it within a few days at most14:30
adeogQuigs, sorry I mixed up Firefox 58 and Firefox 5915:36
adeobecause Ubuntu 18.04 only provides Firefox 5715:36
mdeslauradeo: we published it 15 minutes ago15:40
mdeslauradeo: patience :)15:40
gQuigs15 minutes..  ah.. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox  ..  I was thinking 58 has been around for much longer than 15 minutes :)15:47
ricotzmdeslaur, bionic was mentioned ;)15:54
mdeslauroh, the dev release gets it weeks later because of the autopkgtests and newer toolchain and stuff15:55
mdeslaurI had read that as 16.0415:55
ricotzmdeslaur, ok, I would understand it gets stuck in -proposed, but if wasn't uploaded yet15:56
mdeslauradeo: sorry about that, for 18.04, don't hold your breath15:56
mdeslaurricotz: I assume because it doesn't build in 18.04 yet15:56
adeoaww :'(15:56
mdeslaurdon't run 18.04 in production ;)15:56
ricotzmdeslaur, rustc is sufficient there already15:57
adeowell, it's not production, it's my desktop :-) so no worries15:57
* mdeslaur shrugs15:57
ricotzmdeslaur, even for Firefox 5915:57
gQuigsadeo: when I run dev, I mostly run Firefox from either the -next PPA 16:21
gQuigssomeone in -desktop was hoping to 58 sooner IIRC, due to it dropping gtk2 depends or something16:22
adeogQuigs, will try :-)16:24

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