Chikore__nzoueidi, Hi09:27
nzoueidio/ Chikore__09:27
nzoueidiand everyone09:27
nzoueidiHow are you mate? :D09:27
Chikore__Fine just want to ask sum questions09:28
Chikore__I actually working on a Linux QT5/C++ App and I hope to make it for win32 arch is that a way to do that? libs?09:28
nzoueidiYeah sure :D09:29
nzoueidiOne second, I bring my mag of coffee x)09:29
* Chikore__ bring his coffee too09:29
Chikore__nzoueidi, Simply I have to use a toolchain xD09:45
Chikore__nzoueidi, so?13:33
nzoueidiOups :/14:31
nzoueidiSorry, I grab my mag of coffee and forget about our discussion x)14:32

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