diddledanali1234: interesting, I wonder what the problem is00:24
* diddledan kicks it00:24
ali1234the game works beautifully in single player :)00:24
diddledanthen there's no problem :-p00:24
diddledanit works fine! except online..00:24
ali1234did you maybe build it from a random git snapshot?00:25
daftykinshe has a dartboard, so i'm told00:25
diddledanlemme check what I used00:32
diddledanI pulled it from: https://github.com/OpenRA/OpenRA/archive/release-20171014.tar.gz and compiled that00:33
daftykinsdiddledan: did you find Frasier yet!?00:35
diddledannot yet. been busy00:38
diddledanand jetlagged00:38
diddledanI'm on the coffee today so I'm a bit buzzy :-p00:38
daftykinsdo all the things!00:38
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.07:55
foobarrymacbook air won't turn on ALTHOUGH it did at one point last week. tried the magic reset PRAM , SRAM etc to no avail. any suggestions?09:11
foobarryseems temperamental09:12
foobarrybitcoin spam is the new thing i see.10:14
zmoylan-pithe main one that sticks out for me is how obamacare is going away and i need to sign up for trumpcare...11:18
zmoylan-pimeanwhile in techsupport land... https://imgur.com/gallery/P191U11:19
foobarrythe top pic, i did that recently11:22
foobarrywith infiniband cables that were hard to remove11:22
foobarrysometimes it needs to be done if they are plumbed between racks11:24
zmoylan-pidid you learn nothing from star trek?! you're supposed to have human sized conduits for all the cables :-)11:27
SuperMattJeffries tubes ftw11:35
foobarrysome guy have cable tied the cables every 6 inches11:36
foobarryto the rack11:36
foobarryit was never coming out11:36
zmoylan-piyou were using the wrong tool.  you find the eejit who did that and use your cluestick every hour till the cables are gone :-P11:37
foobarryi suspect the rack came pre built11:38
foobarrythere were so many cables in it , and IB cables are thick11:38
zmoylan-piyeah, i've seen that level of you'll never have to do anything to this rack... 2 weeks later... oh bugger...11:39
foobarryi'm going back to that rack soon11:39
SuperMattI'm so glad I don't have to deal with racking any more11:43
SuperMattthat's ${CLOUDPROVIDER}'s problem11:44
foobarrythis is just for my test cluster11:44
foobarryotherwise there's a dedicated team for hardware11:44
zmoylan-piyour test cluster? 10 rasp pi in a cornflake box? :-)11:46
foobarryi have one of those too :D11:47
zmoylan-piwow, were do you buy your cornflakes? :-)11:48
SuperMattThis is the extent of my cabling skills: https://photos.app.goo.gl/yPmX3fOjNrdR0GW2211:58
zmoylan-pihuh, a leftie... :-)12:00
SuperMattActually, I'm a rightie, but when we got our first computer, my brother who is a leftie set up the mouse on the left hand side. I've really known no different12:00
SuperMattI recently tried playing some games with it on the correct side, but I just failed.12:02
SuperMattIt feels really strange12:02
foobarryyou are strange12:31
zmoylan-pithis. is. i.r.c. :-)12:39
SuperMattfoobarry: it's not my fault I'm strange. I've explained my reasons!15:13
daftykinsafter my right arm was left really weak from a shoulder break, i vowed to balance my hand usage so my left wouldn't be so useless in future - it's pretty handy15:20
SuperMattI could spend some time working on using my right hand, but *shrug* left WFM15:26
daftykinsmmm less incentive when one isn't injured, but when it counts - it counts15:28
daftykinssomehow i grew up using cutlery left handed but right for everything else15:29
SuperMattLeft handed for cutlery? How vulgar!15:31
SuperMattThe Queen would never accept you in her dining quarters15:31
daftykinsi am but a lowly Channel Islander, so that may be guaranteed :D15:31
daftykinshttps://websiteforstudents.com/configure-static-ip-addresses-on-ubuntu-18-04-beta/ - this is horrible :/16:38
haltQuick question, ( on 17.10 Gnome ) the automatic screen lock does not trigger where should I look ( I did the setup it in Settings -> Privacy -> Screen Lock )17:06
daftykinsask in #ubuntu17:07
haltwas just about to, but now it's done17:09
daftykinswas it off?17:10
haltit was on all the time ( as far as I can tell )17:15
zmoylan-piediting video in linux.... is that a i do everything in linux masochistic thing? does stallman know? :-P17:30
zmoylan-piwrong channel :-)17:39
=== halt1 is now known as halt
daftykinsi wondered :D17:39

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