Omnifrogclearly the only people in here are old and cranky04:23
Omnifrogmyself included04:23
Unit193Might have to define 'old', but yep! :D04:27
OmnifrogI'm prety sure everyone in here knows they are old. no young person would be here for this long in this room >.>04:38
Omnifrogso the definition is irrelevent04:38
Omnifrogmy guess is that this room has nothing to do with Ubuntu any more04:41
Unit193Or TN?04:42
Omnifrogit's just a place people have been logged into for so long they refuse to leave04:42
OmnifrogI used to run a channel just like it04:42
Unit193I have a network I'm on for that reason.  Since it stopped mattering, most people have fallen out of the channel, the owner's nick expired and thus so did the channel, and now the network has renamed.  Yet still, I connect.04:43
OmnifrogTN might be the the only relevant connective tissue in here04:45
Unit193I think most here use Linux.04:45
Unit193Have used Ubuntu.04:45
Omnifrogthat's why they show up04:46
Omnifrogbut they don't stay04:47
Omnifrogdon't mind me. I'm drunk04:48
Unit193Don't mind me, other active channels are crap right now.04:48
OmnifrogI'd like fo find an IRC channel that wasnt rubbish04:53
Omnifrogactive with a healthy community04:53
Omnifrogbut these days...04:53
Unit193I have some nice channels, but they're quiet right now.04:53
Omnifrogback in the day all of my IRC channels were always busy04:56
Omnifrogfuck time04:57
Unit193(FWIW, some channels are still very active, and so is the good ol' spam.)04:58
OmnifrogI would rather be bitter and angry >.>04:59
Unit193I can multitask, so still get to keep that. :P04:59

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