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Ligoogle: "ubuntu how to find out the commands of an installed package"00:54
Liall none related results showed up00:54
naccLi: what do you want to know?00:56
naccLi: not all packages ship executables, for one thinng00:56
JoeLlamadoes xubuntu use less resources than ubuntu?  I heard it runs better on older machines.00:56
JoeLlamaI know lubuntu dfoes00:56
naccJoeLlama: i would say it's a less graphically intense desktop environment yeah00:56
JoeLlamaok cool thanks nacc that is what I thought also00:57
Linacc: that is exactly what I wanted. 1) If the installed package includes any executables. 2) how to go about finding the names of them.00:57
JoeLlamaand why are linux users nicer people that unix users?  Just curious00:57
naccLi: dpkg -L <pkgname> | grep bin ?00:57
JoeLlamaI have been on some unix channels where people just sucked :(00:57
naccJoeLlama: not really ontopic :)00:57
JoeLlamaok thanks nacc00:58
JoeLlamaI installed ubuntu 16.04 on a dell inspiron 910 (intel atom n270) and it was kinda slow but worked pretty well... internet and all... then I installed lubuntu 16.04 on that same system and the internet stopped working.00:59
JoeLlamagunna try xubuntu next00:59
naccJoeLlama: the underlying systems are the same (incl. the kernel) so it seems like something esle is going on00:59
Lithanks nacc .. that well do01:00
naccthe flavors are just different default desktop experiences01:00
JoeLlamahrm ok nacc yeah...01:00
JoeLlamasomething is up01:00
Lihowever there should be something more obviouse during the installation process01:00
naccLi: what do you mean?01:00
naccLi: why are you installing packages if you don't know what they are for?01:01
JoeLlamait's amazing how video performance was still slightly glitchy under windows and required a broadcom crystalHD hardware video decoder to play videos and still had a slight glitch to it but under ubuntu I didn't need a hardware decoder and videos played sweet :)01:01
naccLi: i guess, in my mind, you either are using a GUI to isntall packages, which probably means you are using a GUI to launch applications (at which opint you shouldn't even ncare what the executables are called)01:03
naccLi: or you are using the terminal and you know what you are installing and why01:04
naccLi: i'm trying to think of a generic use-case where what you are suggesting is a key need01:04
JoeLlamaso under xubuntu it's basically the same thing as ubuntu with a lower overhead graphical interface?  How does that compare to lubuntu?01:06
Bashing-omJoeLlama: Lubuntu is a faster, more lightweight and energy saving variant of Ubuntu using LXDE, the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment. It is targeted at "normal" PC and laptop users running on low-spec hardware.01:08
fradi need something to cut video streams, no edit, jsut cut a section and save it01:08
fradtips appreciated01:08
Jochegood evening01:12
JoeLlamaoh ok thanks Bashing-om makes sense01:12
JoeLlamaI will try xubuntu next on an Intel N270 (1.6GHz 1 Core) with 2G RAM01:13
JoeLlamait's a 32 bitter01:14
JoeLlamathe full ubuntu on that system (16.04) worked well and video was sweet but the GUI was a bit slow01:15
flybackanyone still reporting uefi issues in 17.10.101:18
nukkewhen attempting to boot Ubuntu on an Apple Xserve 2008, I get the following error: https://imgur.com/a/qlZTV01:19
nukkeany ideas about what the error indicates?01:19
masterasiamy boot process is broken01:59
masterasiahow should I fix it?01:59
masterasiaIt happens after I updated kernel headers and updated virtualbox guest additions01:59
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masterasiaI get an error 'failed to start Load Kernel Modules'02:00
Guy1524Hey guys, I need help with VNC.  I want to set up something like tightvncserver, that is a seperate desktop only exposed through VNC, not the actual display.02:00
Guy1524However, with tightVNC there is no openGL / Vulkan support02:00
Guy1524so my question is, how can I configure a GL / Vulkan compatible VNC server w/ any VNC server, be it x11vnc or tightvncserver02:01
flybackwell the good news is02:11
flybackthe amd e-450 itx box always locks up at the exact same spot02:11
flybackinstalling grub02:11
flybackwhich means it's a hw/and or linux bug02:11
flybackresolvable :)02:11
flybacknot dying hw02:11
* flyback bites randomCANUCK02:11
cfhowlettmasterasia, reboot.  hit the esc key immediately after the screensplash to trigger grub boot options.  choose an older kernel to boot.  that will get you into the system02:12
masterasiacfhowlett, hasn't worked so far02:12
masterasiacould it be my guest additions?02:12
cfhowlettpossibly.  what exactly happens now?02:12
flybacklooks like possibly the uefi bug isn't fully resolved in 17.10.102:13
EriC^^flyback: run the installer with the 'ubiquity -b' so it doesnt try installing grub, then manually install from a chroot or something02:14
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flybackgoing to try installing on non uefi mode first02:16
EriC^^how's grub failing02:16
flybackthe installer locks hard02:16
flybacklubuntu but same codebase except for a few minor changes02:16
cfhowlettmasterasia, try this:  purge the guest additions and test02:18
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flybackwtf don't you guys believe in swap anymore?02:25
flyback¿Ya no crees en el espacio de intercambio?02:28
cfhowlett!es| flyback english on in this channel please02:29
ubottuflyback english on in this channel please: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.02:29
flybackcfhowlett, that was a joke02:29
flybackhaven't you ever see the movie "airplane"02:29
cfhowlettperhaps jokes belong in the #ubuntu-offtopic channel rather than the support channel02:29
flybackwow just sad02:30
cfhowlettNullTheSecond, this is ubuntu support.  check your channel02:32
* flyback hands cfhowlett some tums02:34
flybackinstalling in non uefi mode worked fine02:37
Neo4what does it mean >/dev/null ? it's redirect to this file some output?03:21
Neo4it is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Null_device03:25
Neo4it means I can't see there nothing, this file always empty03:26
red_crosseanyone got any info on gestures using touchpads on linux? What packages are best to enable 3/4 finger gestures?03:27
fluvvellhow easy is it to move from unity to gnome desktop ?03:28
Neo4please send complains to /dev/null03:29
fluvvellNeo4, null is where you send stuff to disappear   echo "Dumb Idea" >/dev/nul03:29
Neo4fluvvell: understood03:30
Neo4I break down this row of code (* * * * * wget -q -O - ' . site_url() . ' >/dev/null 2>&1)03:30
Neo4do this for test (wget http://test/crone.php >/dev/null) and I files in folder03:32
Neo4I get*03:32
Neo4-q,  --quiet                     quiet (no output)03:32
Neo4-O,  --output-document=FILE      write documents to FILE03:32
Neo4what does mean quiet?03:33
lordcirth_Neo4, that wget won't print anything while doing it03:33
Neo4I might have guessed, -q forbid output error in console and -O allow write in file03:35
Neo4this command:03:35
Neo4(wget -O http://test/crone.php >/dev/null ) output nothing, it seems doesn't have sense?03:35
Neo4oh no it  output in console something03:35
Neo4with -q it nothing output03:35
Neo4I did it (wget -O http://test/crone.php >data) and got file 'data' and output in console03:38
Neo4I did it (wget -q -O - http://test/crone.php >data1) and got data1 and output is nothing03:38
Neo4-q - forbid show message on screen -O save in file03:38
Neo4if we do wget http://google.com >some_file we get nothing03:39
R13oseHow do I get the IP address of a brother printer if the config settings is saying initializing?03:39
Neo4no it works...03:39
Neo4we get two files index.html and some_file03:40
Neo4with -O only file03:40
FlannelNeo4: What is your question?03:40
Neo4Flannel: what means this code (wget -q -O - http://test/crone.php >/dev/null 2>&1)03:41
Neo4this last unknown03:41
FlannelNeo4: -03:42
FlannelNeo4: -O will output to a filename, the - is where the filename would go.  That outputs instead to the standard output (the terminal).03:43
maveric3prR13ose try this... #lpinfo -v | grep -P '://'03:43
Neo4Flannel: standard output is file?03:44
FlannelNeo4: the two things at the end first redirects the output (which would be the contents of the webpage) to /dev/null (nowhere).  The second part then redirects standard error to the standard output.  So, you'll get any errors displayed, but other than that, nothing "shows" anywhere.03:44
FlannelNeo4: no, standard output is "the terminal" if you're running a terminal.  In a cronjob, outputs get mailed to you.03:44
FlannelNeo4: http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Bash-Prog-Intro-HOWTO-3.html  That page covers all sorts of variations on at stuff.  So you can learn more.03:44
Neo4Flannel: what is useful do that code?03:44
Neo4it seems nothing load from internet, what he is load it put to /dev/null03:45
Neo4this is code from php file03:45
Neo4$command_string = '* * * * * wget -q -O - ' . site_url() . ' >/dev/null 2>&1' . PHP_EOL;03:45
FlannelNeo4: So, any /errors/ will be displayed (like, if the domain didn't resolve).  It also would do stuff serverside.03:45
FlannelNeo4: So... it could be to check to make sure your internet works.  Or that site_url is valid.  Or to tell site_url that your computer exists.03:46
Neo4Flannel: ok, we do redirect stdout to file than redirect stderror to stdout and both of them go to /dev/null, and that code doesn't have sense03:46
FlannelNeo4: Those are the possible side-effects.  At least, the big ones.  Not talking about second order effects.03:46
lordcirth_Neo4, https://explainshell.com/03:47
FlannelNeo4: No, it redirects stdout to /dev/null, then stderr to stdout.  The stderr would show up in the terminal.  It doesn't get re-redirected to /dev/null.03:47
FlannelSo, you take the source that would've gone to stdout, throw that away.  You take the source that would've gone to stderr, put it instead at stdout.03:48
Neo4Flannel: no, there -q it means "don't show in terminal anything"03:48
FlannelNeo4: No, -q means "don't show the usual wget stuff", like where it talks about resolving the host, and downloading the file, and the filesize and stuff.03:49
Neo4I see there exists a few stream std out std err...03:49
Neo4Flannel: understood, if it get error it show on screen03:50
Neo4that php code is complicated...03:51
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Neo4lordcirth_: nice site https://goo.gl/N3zf6T03:54
dedondestahow do i install gcc 4.8 on 17.10 ?03:58
dedondestahow do i install gcc 4.8 on ubuntu 17.10 ?03:58
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ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:02
chapodedondeesta did you look for the package?04:04
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EoflaOEYesterday I created a USB for Kubuntu 17.10.1 by using Rufus for Windows XP. When I booted it I saw the installation screen which says to try or to install. I clicked on Try, and it took me to the non-blinking hyphen for a minute, then the hyphen disappeared. I waited and still there is no KDE 5 desktop. I have read that if I could run KDE 4, then05:12
EoflaOEI could run KDE 5. I pressed Num lock but it looks like the system is frozen.05:12
EoflaOEHi EriC^^05:18
EoflaOEAnd when I tried with nomodeset, I got Input not supported so I cannot do anything05:20
SvetaEoflaOE: how did you run kde4 before?05:21
Neo4I've put it in crontab05:22
Neo41 * * * * wget http://test/crone.php >/dev/null05:22
Neo4When is must be done?05:22
EriC^^hi EoflaOE05:22
EoflaOESveta, I think KDE4 is more slimmer than KDE 5 for my computer05:22
Neo4minimum step for crontab 5 minutes?05:22
EriC^^in 40mins Neo405:22
EriC^^Neo4: 1min05:23
Neo4EriC^^: yes 1 min05:23
EriC^^* * * * * ....05:23
Neo4I don't see any changes05:23
Neo4crone.php write in file time and I see nothing05:24
azizLIGHTcan latest ubuntu or lts respond to media next or media previous keys (next track/ previous track) on lock screen?05:24
Neo4EriC^^: see http://pix.toile-libre.org/?img=1517376359.png05:27
Neo4I might have  had got to do restart crone?05:27
Neo4that command works in command like if do it manually05:28
vijuI want to use Internation Phonetic Alphabets chars? How do I use it?05:29
EriC^^Neo4: 1 * * * * runs in 30mins from now, the start of every hour05:29
vijuI don't find IPA chars in the input methods.05:29
Neo4EriC^^: why not every minute?05:29
Neo4EriC^^: it's each task will start in 30 minutes?05:30
Neo41 * * * * what does it might have got to mean?05:30
Neo4it would have been mean every minutes load url05:31
EriC^^no it would mean every hour at xx:0105:32
EriC^^* * * * * is every min05:32
Neo4EriC^^: how will be every file minutes?05:35
Neo4for example05:35
Neo4EriC^^: I guessed it must be have to create 5 task with05:36
Neo45 * * * * 10 * * * * 15 * * * * 20 * * * * 25 * * * *  .... 1105:38
Neo411 task05:38
Neo4ok understood05:38
Neo4no one task */5 * * * *05:43
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janschHi. Is there an easy, universal way how to find the source code corresponding to a binary?05:54
lotuspsychjejansch: i think apt can download the source of a package05:56
janschlotuspsychje: thanks - for the record: dpkg -S /binary/filename gives the package name, then enable source code in the sources.list (via "Software & Updates" GUI), then sudo apt update, then apt source packagename06:02
lotuspsychjejansch: cool06:03
Neo4in crontab we can add tasks from file do crontab /path/to/file06:13
jussshi there, I use gsetting set the caribou keyboard use tablet layout, and I find that ctrl key doesn't work, which layout is in /usr/share/caribou/layout/tablet/us.xml06:20
janschlotuspsychje: and it even contains a .dsc file with a description and a link to a web-browsable git repo. Nice!06:24
GegsiteHey! My 17.04 update manager is not working about 2 weeks now. It say, can't reach the address06:48
aibcan anyone explain why my ping and ssh don't seem to use /etc/resolv.conf? https://paste.linux.community/view/b0f77d1406:48
GegsiteE: The repository 'http://hu.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu zesty Release' does no longer have a Release file.06:48
Gegsiteoh... So 17.04 is EoL ?06:50
hateball!eolupgrade | Gegsite06:50
ubottuGegsite: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades06:50
hateballIt went eol the 13th iirc06:51
GeniusOfLovemy virtualbox running the latest Ubuntu keeps going black screen and there seems no way out of it06:51
Gegsitethought that all .04  ending is LTS....06:52
Gegsitewell hateball, I'm going to wait till the 18.04 comes... only 2 months now06:53
GeniusOfLoveapparently i've blocked hateball cuz i haven't seen that name at all06:54
hateballGegsite: you're still going to need to upgrade to 17.10 first06:54
GeniusOfLoveoh, here it is06:54
Gegsitehmmm so do dist-upgrad now?06:55
GeniusOfLovewhy would you name yourself hateball06:55
Gegsitelike why GeniusOfLove  :P06:57
hateballGegsite: Follow the instructions in the link above06:58
hateballThen you can do a regular do-release-upgrade from 17.10 once 18.04 is released06:58
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vaibhav_hello body t07:14
yogi1984lightgun: hello world07:17
yogi1984indeed job?07:19
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FuraiHey, something happened to my ubuntu installation and network-manager stopped working with custom DNS entries, I think automatic don't work as well.07:34
FuraiStill, the custom entries are what I'm after.07:34
FuraiIt sets up reolv.conf to use local nameserver but I don't know really where too look for configuration of that nameserver.07:35
lotuspsychjeFurai: ubuntu version? kernel? nm version?07:37
FuraiUbuntu 17.10 x86_64  4.13.0-32-generic Network-manager Version: 1.8.4-1ubuntu307:40
hackstockhi there07:40
hackstocki am getting a very long (haven't timed) delay when selecting my usb drive and grub loading07:40
hackstockit's a flashing underscore07:40
x4i_i installed Rstudio but it does not show up in shortcuts. Where did it go?07:40
Furaihackstock, check you dmesg when it boots up? Maybe there's some hint.07:41
x4i_same question for MS Visual Code - i dont see it in shortcuts07:41
Furailotuspsychje, Ubuntu 17.10 x86_64  4.13.0-32-generic Network-manager Version: 1.8.4-1ubuntu307:41
x4i_ubuntu 17.1007:41
hackstockare you telling me dmesg is logging before grub starts?07:44
hackstockvery baffling07:45
hackstockthis has nothing to do with grub timeout07:45
hackstockit's all before grub can hook07:45
hackstockmaybe its my BIOS07:46
GeniusOfLoveare you talking about investment markets?07:46
lotuspsychje!support | GeniusOfLove07:46
ubottuGeniusOfLove: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com07:46
GeniusOfLovedo you think i'm a liar, lotuspsychje07:47
bazhangGeniusOfLove, lets stop that now please07:47
GeniusOfLovestop what07:47
bazhangGeniusOfLove, this channel is support only , not random chatter07:47
GeniusOfLovewhat do you mean support07:48
lotuspsychje!es | MoL0ToV07:48
ubottuMoL0ToV: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.07:48
bazhangGeniusOfLove, ubuntu technical support07:48
GeniusOfLovebaz, I use Ubuntu07:48
bazhangGeniusOfLove, then stay topical, leave the random non-sequitur commentary outside this channel07:49
MoL0ToVhi ;P07:49
GeniusOfLoveI said a true but unflattering thing about a "christian woman" and she took me to court because facebook is awful07:53
bazhangGeniusOfLove, thats not topical here at all07:54
GeniusOfLovesorry, whut07:54
GeniusOfLovemy bad07:54
bazhangGeniusOfLove, we have asked many times now, nonsense chatter outside this channel07:55
GeniusOfLovebazhang, sorry, what have you asked about, I will asnwer07:55
Falphahow do I look at my hardware in ubuntu?07:59
FalphaI don't know what kind of motherboard I have.07:59
auronandaceFalpha: sudo lshwwill give you a bit of info08:01
auronandaceFalpha: sudo lshw08:01
Furailotuspsychje, I know you wanted to help me - anyway, fixed my issue by doing dpkg-reconfigure resolvconf/network-manager08:03
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hackstockhi I have a huge delay in my GRUB menu showing up08:22
hackstockaround 60 seconds08:23
hackstocknot sure what went wrong but something is definitely wrong08:24
hackstockI tried resetting my BIOS to defaults, that is not it08:24
auronandacehackstock: checked if there are any bios updates?08:24
auronandacehackstock: recently changed any hardware?08:25
hackstockit's the only drive connected08:26
hackstocki've tried different usb ports too08:26
auronandacehackstock: when did you start noticing this?08:26
hackstockso it is software related08:26
hackstockthis week08:26
auronandacehackstock: so it never used to have this delay?08:27
GeniusOfLovei'm frustrated08:35
GeniusOfLovemeh, don't buy in08:36
GeniusOfLovewhat even is this08:36
hackstocktrying to troubleshoot a long delay before GRUB menu loading08:36
hackstock60 second delay08:36
GeniusOfLovei want to short BTC08:37
GeniusOfLoveI want to short it SOO HARDDD08:37
ducasseGeniusOfLove: stay on topic, please08:37
GeniusOfLovebut how, i don't think it's optional08:37
GeniusOfLovesorry, i'm leaving ducasse08:38
hackstocktrying to troubleshoot grub delay08:39
hackstockon boot08:39
auronandacehackstock: so it never used to have this delay?08:40
hackstockto fix it08:41
hackstocklikely will be a waste of time08:41
hackstockjust do a fresh install08:41
hackstockbut i figured i would ask once08:41
hackstockin case any master hackers were around08:41
auronandacehackstock: you mentioned trying multiple usb ports. are you talking about getting to grub on a usb stick or usb external harddrive?08:42
hackstockdoesnt matter08:43
hackstocksame thing08:43
frechdachs69Q: does anyone know whether there is an update package for SDDM? current package is based on SDDM version 0.13.0 (as of 2015-11-04)08:43
frechdachs69for xenial?08:43
auronandacehackstock: if it is a stick then how old is the stick? do you get this delay on other machines?08:43
hackstockits not the drive08:44
hackstockits software related08:44
hackstocki just dont have the hard drive space to backup and reinstall08:45
hackstockoh well08:45
auronandacehackstock: you think this started happening after a certain update?08:51
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jacopastoriushi guys09:26
jacopastoriusi have one simple question. i have nvidia gpu and proprietary drivers installed09:27
jacopastoriusWhy lsmod | grep nvidia does not show anything?09:27
techsynthello how do i create a new wired connection through network manager in terminal ?09:28
k01101011grip VGA  see what that does09:28
techsynti have 2 ethernet adapters , the second one isn't configured09:28
hateballjacopastorius: what does this say: lspci -k |grep -A 3 VGA09:29
jacopastoriushateball: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 4th Gen Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 06)09:29
jacopastoriusSubsystem: ASUSTeK Computer Inc. 4th Gen Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller09:29
jacopastoriusKernel driver in use: i91509:29
jacopastoriusKernel modules: i91509:29
hateballjacopastorius: so this is a laptop with hybrid graphics?09:30
jacopastoriusi think the module loaded is i915 atm because i'm using a laptop09:30
jacopastoriusyes, hybrid09:30
jacopastoriusdo i have to switch to nvidia to see related module loaded?09:30
hateballjacopastorius: then you need to make sure the package nvidia-prime is installed, then go into nvidia-settings and pick the driver09:30
jacopastoriusthank you very much09:30
jacopastoriusjust another question. When a few thing will be clear for me, i'll compile 4.5 kernel from my own. I'm using xubuntu 6.04 LTS and i'm gonna import the config file which i'm using with the actual kernel. is it ok?09:32
nogodsnomasterswhy are you doing that09:32
jacopastoriusnogodsnomasters: just for fun09:33
nogodsnomasterstry linux from scratch09:33
nogodsnomastersbut it's not fun09:33
nogodsnomastershi yeeeey09:33
yeeeeyits fun09:33
yeeeeyu not fun09:33
jacopastoriuswhat do you mean with from scratch09:33
nogodsnomastershow r u09:33
nogodsnomastersyou install linux without an installer09:33
nogodsnomastersyou install it manually09:34
k01101011ha ha lfs bullshit on that bullshit09:34
techsyntcan anyone answer my question . or it's not the right channel to ask ?09:34
nogodsnomasterslfs is good09:34
k01101011gentoo yeah maybe09:34
jacopastoriusnogodsnomasters: ok. but lets suppose i want to install 4.5 kernel in ubuntu. Is it possible?09:35
hateballoh they left09:36
k01101011techsynt:  nmtui09:36
hateballjacopastorius: maybe it is, but it is not supported in this channel09:36
Ben64jacopastorius: anything is possible, but it's a bad idea09:36
jacopastoriusok thank you09:36
nogodsnomastersjacopastorius, I have installed latest kernel in ubuntu before09:37
nogodsnomastersbut it's a bad idea09:37
nogodsnomastersit might break things09:37
Ben644.5 isn't the latest09:37
Ben64it will definitely break things09:37
nogodsnomastersthat's like asking, can I put a 2006 nissan engine in a 1996 nissan car?09:38
jacopastoriusnogodsnomasters: i'd like to do that as well if i had a 1996 nissan. I like to tweak and improve things :D09:39
jacopastoriusbut if i risk to break something, better to forgive about that09:39
Ben64it's more like putting a 1996 engine into a 2016 car09:39
jacopastoriusI read about some improvements and implementation about power management in 4.5 kernel, so, having a laptop, i thought thath using the new kernel should be interesting09:40
Ben644.5 is not new09:41
jacopastoriusbut it is newer than 4.13 that is using ubuntu 6.0409:41
Ben6413 is bigger than 509:41
jacopastoriusmeh you're right09:42
jacopastoriuswhy the hell then the latest stable kernel in kernel.org is the 4.5?09:42
Ben64it isn't09:42
jacopastoriussorry, i was a little bit confused. i mean 4.1509:43
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nogodsnomastersyou should install the windows kernel.dll in ubuntu09:43
Ben64well you could install the mainline kernel, or you could wait a couple months for 18.04's kernel to make it to hwe-edge09:43
nogodsnomasterskernel.dll is great for ubuntu09:44
Ben64nogodsnomasters: don't do that here09:44
jacopastoriusnogodsnomasters: you're not of any help09:44
jacopastoriusi'm just trying to learn, nothing else09:45
nogodsnomastersjacopastorius, download the source code, configure the kernel, make the kernel then install the kernel09:45
nogodsnomastersthat's the steps09:45
Ben64!mainline | jacopastorius09:45
ubottujacopastorius: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds09:45
Ben64this is a much easier way09:45
jacopastoriusthank you guys09:46
null4bl3hi guys. if i suddenly get "mount error: cifs filesystem not supported by the system" with cifs-utils installed on my Ubuntu 14.04 3.19.0-25-generic server.. Where should i pry around to learn why?09:59
null4bl3a reboot did not help09:59
nogodsnomastersupdate cifs-utils?10:02
nogodsnomastersnull4bl3, try and update your cifs-utils10:02
null4bl3i already reinstalled cifs-utils without any luck10:03
null4bl3i do however get an extended error that puzzles me: mount error: cifs filesystem not supported by the system mount error(19): No such device10:03
null4bl3if cifs filesystem is unknown why get additional "no such device"10:04
Ben64what are you typing exactly10:04
null4bl3sudo mount.cifs //ip/share /mnt/dir -o credentials=/path/to/credentials,vers=1.0,sec=ntlm,iocharset=utf810:06
null4bl3modprobe cifs  returns:10:07
null4bl3modprobe: ERROR: ../libkmod/libkmod.c:556 kmod_search_moddep() could not open moddep file '/lib/modules/3.19.0-25-generic/modules.dep.bin'10:07
Ben64oh, 3.19 isn't supported anymore10:08
Seveasnull4bl3: that sounds like a much deeper problem. Try sudo dpkg --configure -a, and if that does not outut anything: sudo dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-$(uname -r)10:08
null4bl3i have been trying to get them to update the prod server.. this could my gold ticket.. :)10:09
null4bl3thank you.. will try10:09
Ben64you gotta either go back to trusty's 3.13 or up to 16.04's 4.410:09
daniel__server irc.all4y.net10:09
SeveasBen64: oh, 3.19 isn't what you get with 14.04?10:09
Ben64no, it was supported for a year, until august 201610:10
Ben64it's the kernel from 15.04, which is dead10:10
SeveasQuite so10:10
Ben64so it's still got meltdown and all those other goodies10:11
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lapiohi, I have this problem with monitors, my lifebook's main screen is dead and I'm using an external HDMI monitor (via DP-adapter) without issues but I have another monitor which uses VGA, the problem is that that VGA monitor randomly(like after 30min or so of usage) stops working and gives this error "not optimum mode, recommended mode: 1280x1024", which is the resolution by default and after the error10:45
lapioxrandr(arandr) only shows a 1024x768 max resolution which does not work at all10:46
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lapioI've tried adding the right resolution but it just gives me a black screen after activating the monitor10:47
lapioGPU is intel btw10:47
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Harishello all10:48
HarisI'm on 14.x10:48
anonnyIs amazon in ubuntu?10:49
HarisI ran a bash script with bash -x ./script-name.sh. Now, I can't bring to terminate it10:49
HarisI can't terminate it. I kill its pid. It restarts another pid10:50
HarisHow to run this script so no output on stdout is generated ?10:53
Harisnoshup ./script-name.sh >&/dev/null & doesn't seem to be the correct way to doing it on 14.04.x10:53
HarisThis syntax works on centos10:54
Hariswhy not on ubuntu ?10:54
Harisshell is same i.e., bash10:54
Ben64./foo.sh > /dev/null 2>&1 &10:54
Harisdon't use nohup ?10:55
funabashihi guys ist possible i can see what a guy have done atfter he removed/clean bash_history ?11:02
learningcI have a situation11:12
learningcI have a few terminals open11:12
learningcBut I cannot grab them11:12
learningcso they cannot be selected anymore11:13
learningcHow can I resolve this?11:13
learningcfahadash, yes11:14
BluesKajHi folks11:23
SimonNLlearningc: alt,tab   maybe11:26
muskanI'm having trouble installing virtualbox 5.2.6 on ubuntu 16.1011:35
muskanerror log : dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of virtualbox-5.2:11:36
muskan virtualbox-5.2 depends on libqt5opengl5 (>= 5.0.2) | libqt5opengl5-gles (>= 5.0.2); however:11:36
muskan  Package libqt5opengl5 is not installed.11:36
muskan  Package libqt5opengl5-gles is not installed.11:36
muskan virtualbox-5.2 depends on libqt5printsupport5 (>= 5.0.2); however:11:36
muskan  Package libqt5printsupport5 is not installed.11:36
marlo_musalbas, how are you attempting to install?  through apt or are you downloading a package from vb11:37
marlo_muskan, how are you attempting to install?  through apt or are you downloading a package from vb11:38
muskani'm new to ubuntu11:49
muskanand having difficulty installing virtualbox11:49
muskancan anyone help ?11:49
jacks_hi, im installing gnome and libreoffice has a mismatch hash, is there a way i can just force it to install regardless of the hash mismatch11:50
vltmuskan: What have you tried so far?11:50
muskani have tried to install missing packges11:51
muskanlibqt5opengl using apt-get install command11:51
muskanbut it's not working stating the package has no installation candidate11:51
vltjacks_: I would not recommend that. Can you try what happens after `apt update`?11:51
vltmuskan: Try `apt search libqt5opengl`11:52
jacks_vlt, really dont care its a test box, if libreoffice is broken, could care less..11:52
muskanvlt, did it. what next ?11:53
vltmuskan: Does the output tell you anything interesting?11:54
muskanit stated sorting and fulltextsearch done11:54
jacks_right now its the only thing holding back the gnome install11:54
vltmuskan: If there are no packages listed then none matches your search string.11:54
muskanwhat should i do now ?11:55
vltmuskan: What problem are you trying to solve?11:55
muskanI'm trying to install virtualbox11:56
muskandpkg is showing error of packets not installed11:56
vltmuskan: 16.10 is EOL11:56
vltmuskan: If you really want to use that: Have you tried running `apt update` first?11:58
muskanisn't there any way to fix the installtion without updrading to latest version ?11:58
muskani have tried "apt update"11:58
michagogoQuick question. Am I correct in thinking that following the instructions for Xenial at https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/blob/master/doc/build-windows.md#building-for-64-bit-windows will completely trash your system?11:59
muskanand install -f as well as --missing-f so far11:59
muskanbut nothing is working11:59
muskani have also tried to change update server from local to main following a blog for similar fix12:00
mopdprobeWhat to do if my friend is hording food?12:00
mopdprobeFrom my fridge.12:00
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muskanvlt ? are you still there ?12:04
BluesKajmuskan, now try sudo apt upgrade12:06
muskangetting error of unmet dependencies12:07
BluesKajwhat are you trying to install?12:08
jimb_michagogo, I do see where they have you add the Zesty repo to Xenial, if using Xenial, and I don't like that part... since it EOL'd Jan 13th12:10
nogodsnomastersubuntu is not good for me12:13
nogodsnomastersall linux and no games makes homer go crazy12:13
jimb_nogodsnomasters, Tried Steam? Either way, no distro is for everyone.12:14
oerheksand how is that related to ubuntu support, nogodsnomasters ?12:14
michagogojimb_: heh12:15
michagogoBut EOL or not, doesn’t that pretty much wreck the system anyway?12:15
michagogoIs there a better (right) way to get a newer version of mingw on a Xenial system?12:16
oerheksmichagogo, the mirrors are down, so figure..12:16
oerheks!info g++-mingw-w64-x86-64 xenial12:17
ubottug++-mingw-w64-x86-64 (source: gcc-mingw-w64 (17)): GNU C++ compiler for MinGW-w64 targeting Win64. In component universe, is extra. Version 5.3.1-8ubuntu3+17 (xenial), package size 20357 kB, installed size 108119 kB12:17
oerhekshmm 5.3 ...12:17
nogodsnomastersOK I'm installing steam.12:18
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oerheksmichagogo, you *could* look into this PPA, but it is a test... https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-toolchain-r/+archive/ubuntu/test?field.series_filter=xenial12:20
michagogooerheks: I’m only seeing gcc there12:21
ilfpottCan I write python scripts instead of bash ?12:24
oerheksmichagogo, oops, you are right :-(12:24
oerheksilfpott, sure, python is standard available12:24
ubottupython is a popular Object Oriented scripting language included in Ubuntu. For more on Python please see http://www.python.org/ or #python12:24
ilfpottI know python oerheks12:27
ilfpottbut how'd I use it to replace bash ?12:27
michagogoilfpott: well, what are you doing with bash?12:29
michagogooerheks: hm. I wonder how much trouble it would be to backport.12:30
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ScarZzhallo anton12:31
ilfpottmichagogo: I intend ot avoid bash12:32
oerheksilfpott, easy to find out, to run: python /path/to/script.py  # and the header: #!/usr/bin/env python12:32
ilfpottmichagogo: why not,12:32
ilfpottI use python12:32
ilfpottbut for shell scripting12:32
jimb_ilfpott, if using Python, it won't really be "shell" scripting. You will be a layer removed at best. Not sure this is the right channel for details though.12:34
jimb_oerheks, if using that header (+1 BTW, that's the header I use normally), then `chmod +x <filename>` and skip calling python... simply `<path/to/filename>`12:38
leeyaatrying to setup an apt mirror server. everything runs fine manually, but for some reason my default cron job is not working12:51
leeyaai can see cron job executes, but nothing happens12:51
leeyaaany tip how to debug it ?12:51
leeyaaoh, wait, im not debugging it properly lol12:52
leeyaai expected that when i run run-parts --report /etc/cron.daily it will execute my cron job from /etc/cron.d ... silly me12:52
warrshrikedoes anyone else think the ubunu 17.10 gnome theme sucks super bad?12:55
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leeyaawarrshrike: it sucks since the moment they introduced unity imho ;p12:55
warrshrikeleeyaa: no but unity still looked better12:55
warrshrikei mean just look at the top bar12:55
frechdachs69Q: does anyone know whether there is an update package for xenial SDDM? current package is based on SDDM version 0.13.0 (as of 2015-11-04)12:56
warrshrikeits so...jarring12:56
warrshrikethe menu integrated into top bar looked so slick :/12:56
warrshrikeno its just a jarring mess...firefox means three huge ugly bars stacked. and the gray color doesn't even 'flow'12:56
warrshrikeguys...its making me physically ill12:57
warrshrikeGod I hate mark shuttleworth12:57
warrshrikethe whole unity 8 hoopla12:57
leeyaawarrshrike: ive been using blackbox and e17 for years now, never looked back12:57
warrshrikewhats e17 a desktop env?12:57
leeyaai have it since its very early release and was using it on old p4 box12:58
leeyaaat the time gnome and other envs were really slow for that computer - e17 was running great12:58
warrshrikeleeyaa: looks like elementary os12:59
warrshrikemaybe theyre using this...12:59
warrshrikenot bad at all.12:59
leeyaaanyway, how to force cron.d to run without waiting ?12:59
warrshrikeso anyway I can't imagine any reason for this monstrosity....compared to this even windows 10 looks like the pinnacle of harmony13:00
leeyaayeah even kde looks good compared to gnome ;p13:00
R13oseHow do I find out the default brother printer IP address?  Mine is saying Initializing and can't fix this13:00
warrshrikeis there a single man here who doesn't hate it?13:00
warrshrikeleeyaa: I always liked KDE but could never use it long term...theres just something13:01
warrshrikeR13ose: i think maybe its the lack of a harmonious and opinionated design and too much customization13:02
warrshrikeyou customize a bit then a bit more then it starts being too much.13:02
leeyaawarrshrike: then just use something simple like busybox13:02
leeyaaerm blackbox i mean13:03
SoniEx3why do packages get held back?13:03
warrshrikeIMO unity was a good compromise looked 'clean' and was functional13:03
warrshrikeleeyaa: yeah i will...but still i got cry about this somewhere13:03
R13oseAny thoughts on my original question?13:04
leeyaaR13ose: usually default stuff are written on tags or stickers or something13:06
leeyaae.g. on every wifi router, default credentials and IP are written on the back.13:06
SoniEx3why's there a sole mention of CTCP messages in the channel guidelines?13:06
R13oseleeyaa: the default IP address is on the printer?13:08
leeyaaR13ose: i dont know, just a suggestion. it could be dhcp as well13:12
leeyaacheck user manual13:12
R13oseleeyaa: I printed the config pages and says Initializing which means the IP address is not getting there from the internet box.  I am unsure how to fix.13:14
SimonNLR13ose: check if dhcp serving is enabled in router/on system13:21
R13oseSimonNL: how?13:22
SimonNLrouter web interface and find dhcp client list there13:22
R13oseSimonNL: don't you need an IP address for that?13:23
soeehi, ig i have installed libreoffice bu downloading DEB files than how can i now uninstall all those packages?13:24
stefan_Hi all, I am having trouble getting my second monitor (Apple Cinema Display) to work again. I just installed 17.10 after using 14.04 LTS before. Is this the right place to ask for help?13:26
hateballsoee: dpkg -r <packages>13:26
SimonNLR13ose: yes13:27
ilfpottadsc: how do  I make an invisible file on the hdd13:28
ilfpott: how do  I make an invisible file on the hdd13:29
R13oseSimonNL: DHCP is already on.  Yet, I don't see printer there13:30
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SimonNLR13ose: could be printer is not set to dhcp search in the settings or better find the instructions in printer manual13:31
stefan_Ok, the monitor is detected, but stays black. I am using a ATI card (AMD Radeon HD 7790). I already tried switching drivers: from radeon to amdgpu => monitor is not even detected, radeon to amdgpupro => desaster (kernel not supported?).13:31
soeehateball: is there some parameter to remove package with dependencies as atm it doe snot allow me to do so13:31
SimonNLR13ose: brand and type ?13:32
R13oseSimonNL: the printer config page says IP address is initializing so nothing is getting passed to printer13:32
stefan_Apple Cinema Display 23" (Aluminium)13:32
SimonNLR13ose: printer connected to router by cable ?13:33
leeyaawhat is the alternative of /etc/sysconfig/clock on Ubuntu ?13:33
hateballsoee: do you still have all the downloaded debs?13:33
R13oseSimonNL: brother HL-5250DN13:33
hateballsoee: if so "dpkg -r *.deb" in that directory13:33
R13oseSimonNL: printer connected to jack via ethernet cable in one room and jack to internet box via ethernet cable in another room.13:35
SimonNLR13ose: internet box is a modem/router ?13:36
R13oseSimonNL: yes I believe so.  Called Bell Home Hub 200013:39
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SimonNLR13ose: only thing I can find about netwroking in the manual I found is  you should have a network manual on a CD13:43
R13oseSimonNL: no CD13:43
ne2kwhat's the cleanest way to install a backported new usb-modeswitch on xenial?13:46
R13oseSimonNL: other ideas?13:49
warrshrikeinstalled ubuntu 17.1013:53
warrshrikeaudio works through headphones13:53
warrshrikebut not internal laptop speakers13:53
SimonNLR13ose: try finding          brother HL-5250DN network manual       online. and read the instructions. only thing I can think of right now13:53
SimonNLR13ose: and kind of short in time right now have to go afk in some minutes13:54
warrshrikePlease help brothers.13:54
warrshrikeI need to watch medieval history show13:54
SimonNLR13ose: if this fails you could try connecting in usb.13:55
Mr_Panwarrshrike, try setup Pavucontrol13:57
warrshrikeMr_Pan: install pavucontrol you mean?13:57
Mr_Panwarrshrike, usually already installed13:58
adeoWhen will Firefox 58 be available :-)13:58
soeehateball: fails, https://paste.ubuntu.com/26495206/13:59
warrshrikeMr_Pan: it shows Speakers13:59
warrshrikethe bar thingy moves with music13:59
warrshrikeno sound through speakers :/13:59
Mr_Panwarrshrike, install Pavucontrol and setup correct audio exit (speakers or headphones)14:00
warrshrikei did install pavucontrol14:00
warrshrikespeakers selected14:00
hateballsoee: hmm, I could swear that used to work. well then you'll need to check /var/log/dpkg.log and undo what you did14:01
warrshrikeMr_Pan: selected at 'port'14:02
brainwashadeo: you don't use a supported ubuntu release? firefox was updated to version 58 a week ago14:05
BluesKajwarrshrike, what about the vol ctl in pavucontrol and also the vol ctls in alsamixer?14:06
yatesis there some flavor of an "apt" command which will find the package which contains a certain file? namely, i'm trying to determine what provides libcrypto: "error while loading shared libraries: libcrypto.so.10: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"14:07
ubottuapt-file is a program that can tell you which package(s) contain(s) a given filename. To install it and generate the database it needs, run "sudo apt-get install apt-file && sudo apt-file update"14:08
deemyates: apt-file14:08
stefan_Anyone got an idea, why my second monitor stays black? It is detected.14:08
soeehateball: ok i had to remove one by one like: sudo dpkg -r libreoffice6.0-ure14:08
adeobrainwash: No, I'm trying out Ubuntu 18.04, which still has Firefox 57 :-(14:08
yatesdeem: thanks!14:08
adeoI thought I was going to get the new version first :D14:08
brainwashadeo: usually it does not14:08
brainwashadeo: sometimes it can even take several months14:09
adeobrainwash: Damn, you are right :-( I really didn't expect this :D thanks anyway :-)14:09
warrshrikeBluesKaj: the vol ctrl under 'output devices'?14:10
warrshrikeyeah thats what im messing with14:11
BluesKajalso alsamixer in the terminal14:11
warrshrikeno dice...i initially felt its an issue of 'selecting' the right output device14:11
brainwashadeo: you could ask in #ubuntu-mozillateam about this. maybe offer your help if needed14:11
warrshrikeBluesKaj: speaker and maste are both full14:12
warrshrikeBluesKaj: weird...selecting headphones in pulse works for headphones...but speaker doesnt14:14
warrshrikeBluesKaj: one interesting thing...speakers has [unavailable] written next to it in pulse14:14
BluesKajunplug your 'phones to try the speakers14:15
warrshrikethe [unavailable] goes away when i click mute twice14:15
warrshrikeBluesKaj: yeah tried....14:16
warrshrikeBluesKaj: the unavailable comes after plugging in tho so yeah14:16
BluesKajqassim, also inalsamixer , make sure the automute is disabled14:16
BluesKajoops warrshrike^14:16
warrshrikeBluesKaj: no automate option in alsa...14:17
BluesKajit's on the far right14:18
BluesKajwarrshrike, well  maybe crossposting in linux will help you... I'm done here14:19
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warrshrikeBluesKaj: yeah it was enabled i disabled it...no dice14:19
warrshrikeBluesKaj: yeah done that already....first time i had this issue14:20
warrshrikeit was okay on 16.04 and 17.1014:20
BluesKajwarrshrike, try relogin14:20
warrshrikenow i fresh installed 17.10.114:20
warrshrikeand this issue14:20
warrshrikeokay trying14:20
EoflaOEBack to the problem that is interrupted by school: Yesterday I created a USB for Kubuntu 17.10.1 by using Rufus for Windows XP. When I booted it I saw the installation screen which says to try or to install. I clicked on Try, and it took me to the non-blinking hyphen for a minute, then the hyphen disappeared. I waited and still there is no KDE 5 de14:21
EoflaOEsktop. I have read that if I could run KDE 4, then I could run KDE 5. I pressed Num lock but it looks like the system is frozen.14:21
otherRickHi all, How to set an custom name to a event device for example: /dev/input/keypad0?14:24
otherRickI want use dev_set_name(evdev->dev, "keypad"); but I don't know how obtain the event device associated to the input_dev14:24
warrshrike_BluesKaj: nope no dice14:25
warrshrike_re logged in14:25
adeobrainwash: thanks for the hint! I found a ppa offering Firefox 59 for Ubuntu 18.04 I think it is provided by mozilla team!14:25
akikEoflaOE: when in the grub boot menu, edit the kernel boot parameters and remove "quiet splash". that way you could get more info what is going wrong14:26
EoflaOEOK akik.14:29
EoflaOEBut it is Live, not installed14:31
EoflaOEI don't think there is something wrong, but when the installation part come, X11 somehow started. When I pressed try, the terminal appears with system info about what is happening, then the cursor appeared and disappeared. Then the hyphen appeared and after few seconds it disappeared with no explanation of what is wrong. I cannot switch to TTY at a14:37
EoflaOEll and the system is frozen14:37
oldbuntuHello guys, I'm having an issue with upgrading an Ubuntu 16.10 server to 17.10, but I can't run "apt-get install update-manager-core" to upgrade, because 16.10 is "end of life". I've tried changing my sources.list to old-releases.ubuntu.com but I still get a 404: "E: Failed to fetch http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/u/update-manager/python3-update-manager_16.10.10_all.deb". I'm out of ideas, any suggestions please?15:12
seiburiihello all15:13
EoflaOEHi seiburii15:13
seiburiiAny help appreciated on this - I currently have a debian jessie armhf rootfs which can boot on tablet device which has been provided on xda. I am attempting to mimic this in creating a ubuntu armhf rootfs which can be natively booted (as the creator hinted that it could be done).15:15
seiburiiis it possible to copy kernel and modules between debian and ubuntu?15:15
EoflaOEoldbuntu: I searched on the link you provided,and it is no longer found on old-releases. Can you try to download it from security.ubuntu.com?15:16
jnewti have lost my image previews in cinnamon de.  preferences show them turned on15:17
EoflaOENever mind. Wrong site. I am afraid that you must wait until old-releases provide that.15:19
oldbuntuIsn't it weird that old-releases provides this package for all versions including 18.04, but not 16.10?15:22
EoflaOEYes, that is weird. Maybe old-releases forgot about 16.10 being EOL15:23
EoflaOEHi tobiti15:25
oldbuntuWell that's awkward15:25
DsergeHey all15:31
kostkonDserge, hi15:32
AlexPortableThe repository 'http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu zesty-updates Release' does not have a Release file15:34
cristian_chow can I resize title bar buttons in appòications designed for gnome?15:35
cristian_cany ideas?15:35
BluesKajAlexPortable, zesty support is eol tomorrow15:36
mark721hi guys15:38
EoflaOEhi mark72115:38
mark721currently when i switch between workspaces e.g using ctrl + alt + (right arrow key) and ctrl + alt + (left arrow key)15:38
mark721and one workspace has chrome open in *fullscreen*15:38
mark721and the other can have nothing open15:39
mark721it can crash when switching very quickly between workspaces.15:39
mark721so then the whole pc locks up, sometimes after a minute or two its starts responding i.e everything that it should've done in one minute while me clicking etc starts appearing in less than a second15:40
mark721but sometimes it doesnt and it forces me to reboot.15:40
brainwashmark721: I would disable hardware acceleration in chrome, and see if that helps15:40
mark721Now, now while i don't always switch very quickly between workspaces its not a big issue15:40
mark721but when i play youtube video15:41
mark721in full screen15:41
mark721and switch workspaces (back and forth btw when i switching i mean back and forth not just from left workspace to right) at "normal" speed15:41
mark721*when i say switching i mean back and forth15:41
mark721brainwash, hm you think?15:41
kostkonmark721, which DE?15:42
mark721wait sory15:42
kostkoncristian_c, 17.10?15:42
mark721lol what is a DE15:42
cristian_ckostkon: yeah15:42
kostkon!enter | mark72115:42
ubottumark721: Please try and keep as much of your info as possible on ONE line - easier to follow for everyone.15:42
kostkoncristian_c, have you tried a different theme?15:43
cristian_ckostkon: I don't know how to change the theme for gnome applications,vwhen using a different desktop15:43
EoflaOEmark721, Desktop environments like Gnome, KDE, ...15:44
cristian_ckostkon: I suppose, gnome applications are using adwaita15:44
cristian_cwhile everyelse is using another theme15:45
kostkoncristian_c, maybe with gnome-tweak, I'm not really sure though15:45
cristian_ckostkon: I don't know if gnome tweak applies also to different flavours (kubuntu, xubuntu, ubuntu mzte, etc...)15:46
rud0lfgnome tweak for xfce environment?15:47
rud0lfsounds odd15:47
cristian_crud0lf: read csrefully: 'gnome applications' in different desktops15:47
cristian_cfor example: Software15:47
cristian_cor gedit15:47
cristian_c(softwsre is pre-installed, btw)15:47
brainwashmark721: you certainly should test it15:48
kostkoncristian_c, probably it will work. and hopefully it won't try to install all the gnome related packages15:48
cristian_ckostkon: I hope '--no-recommends' option being quite working15:49
otherRickHi, someone knows how register a link or path to an event input device example: /dev/input/by-id/myDevice -> /dev/input/event22?15:51
jnewthow do i get a specific wine application to be the default for a filetype.  when i installed the software, i set it to associate with the filetypes.  i set the default program in nemo to be wine (as the wine app is not in the list).  when i double click the file it opens in wine internet explorer now.15:54
mark721brainwash, i disabled hardware acceleration but i still got the crash this time worse than before. Somehow it made my monitor go into sleep mode? That's never happened before15:56
brainwashmark721: pretty strange15:56
brainwashmark721: did you check the system log?15:56
mark721brainwash, nope i havent used it before15:57
jnewtthere's all these wine options in default program list, i'm not even sure which one is the right one.15:57
EoflaOEotherRick: try ln -sf /dev/input/by-id/myDevice /dev/input/event2215:57
brainwashjnewt: you could point it to the wine binary directly ("open with other.." or something link that)15:59
mark721brainwash, do you want me to share it somehow or something or ?15:59
cristian_cotherRick: ypu could use SYMLINK in udev rule15:59
seiburiiAny help appreciated on this - I currently have a debian jessie armhf rootfs which can boot on tablet device which has been provided on xda. I am attempting to mimic this in creating a ubuntu armhf rootfs which can be natively booted (as the creator hinted that it could be done). Is it possible to copy kernel and modules between debian and ubuntu?16:00
brainwashmark721: maybe. you should read about first https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-use-journalctl-to-view-and-manipulate-systemd-logs16:00
mark721brainwash, its quite dense do u mean all of it?16:01
brainwashmark721: no. start with "Basic Log Viewing"16:02
FriquoQuestion:  I installed "libreoffice" using snap. The only problem being, that the command "libreoffice" opens the old version16:03
brainwashmark721: the part after that is about persistent logs which you need to enable, because they are disabled on ubuntu16:03
brainwashmark721: otherwise the system log is gone after a reboot16:03
Friquohow can I explicitly start the newest version installed via "snap" ?16:03
brainwashFriquo: try /snap/bin/libreoffice16:06
Friquobrainwash, thank you - trying it out now16:06
brainwashthat's what https://www.libreoffice.org/download/snap/ mentions16:07
Friquoit works :)))16:07
Friquothank you so much16:07
Friquosorry for not reading the page16:07
oldbuntuEoflaOE, thanks for the help. Ended up installing the packages manually from an older distribution (16.04), then followed this guide to upgrade from 16.10 to 17.04 since it's not supported by default: https://andreas.scherbaum.la/blog/archives/950-Upgrade-from-Ubuntu-16.10-yakkety-to-17.10-artful.html16:12
oldbuntuThat'll teach me not to stay on LTS versions. See ya16:13
=== SimonNL is now known as SimonNL_Afk
hphello who can help me?16:20
leftyfb!ask | hp16:21
ubottuhp: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:21
hphow can install tar.gz file16:22
seiburiihp hello, Typically you extract the tar.gz file first using "tar -xzvf <filename>" - then the software inside (assuming the tar.gz contains a program to install) can either be configure;make;make install or if a binary can be run using sh <filename>16:25
nacc_hp: where did you get said file from? typically it has instructionns16:26
nacc_hp: or as seiburii said, it's in the tarball itself16:26
hpi did it as you said but ubuntu gave errors16:27
leftyfbhp: what exactly are you trying to install?16:29
leftyfbhp: please do not pm16:31
yatesdeem: apt-file only searches installed packages. i am trying to find the UNINSTALLED package which will provide a certain file. any ideas?16:31
leftyfbhp: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/09/install-oracle-java-8-in-ubuntu-via-ppa.html   .... add that ppa and use oracle-java9-installer as opposed to oracle-java8-installer16:32
nacc_yates: not true16:33
leftyfbhp: please do not private message16:33
hpi am sorry16:34
yateshp: oh, ok. i guess it just couldn't find the full filename (i think that is a symlink to another similar filename)16:35
yateslibcrypto.so works16:35
yatesnot libcrytpo.so.1016:36
yatessorry! not hp, but nacc_16:36
nacc_yates: that would be because it's libcrypto.so.1.0.016:38
yatesnacc_: you'll have to argue with the loader: ./exp-wsc./exp-wsclient: error while loading shared libraries: libcrypto.so.10: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory16:42
leeyaadoes anyone know where i can find which 16.04 LTS kernel has meltdown and spectre patches ?16:43
yatesit's probably a symlink to something else, yes. but not having the symlink means i don't know the actual file16:43
auronandace!meltdown | leeyaa16:45
ubottuleeyaa: Meltdown is a security issue with (primarily) Intel processors. It's mitigated by kernel patches named KPTI. Ubuntu released them in security updates for 14.04, 16.04, and 17.10. 17.04 will not receive this update. 18.04 will ship with kernel 4.15, which is patched already. 16.04 has updates for Linux 4.4 (release) and 4.13 (HWE), installs with 4.10 should upgrade to 4.13. See also !spectre, !nopti16:45
nacc_yates: that biary looks weird, but ok (./exp-wsc./exp-wsclient ?) but there is no such filel in ubuntu afaict16:46
nacc_yates: is it a RH binary or something (i see RPM hits for it)16:46
skinuxCan anyone tell me how to stop nginx service from starting automatically and make apache do that instead?16:47
nacc_skinux: systemctl disable nginx; systemctl enable apache2 ?16:47
leeyaathanks auronandace16:48
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elichai2hey, I have a problem, My laptop stopped booting, when I boot I go to BusyBox-initramfs, at first booting to old kernel helped but I tried running `apt autoremove && apt upgrade` and now no kernel is booting16:52
auronandaceleeyaa: this link can be more informative too: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/KnowledgeBase/SpectreAndMeltdown16:52
squealingcodeelichai2: Are you able to boot into recovery mode?16:52
elichai2I already tried chrooting via live cd and reinstalling grub and everything but still same problem (important to say I have luks encrypted partition)16:52
elichai2squealingcode: no16:53
elichai2running /scripts/local-bloc... lvmetad is not active yet.... then "volume group ""ubuntu-bg" not found"16:54
elichai2and "ALERT! /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root does not exist"16:54
debouncerhave anyone encounter with lagging bluetooth mouse problem?16:55
debouncerThe mouse model is Logitech M28016:56
debouncerUbuntu version is 16.0416:56
elichai2(squealingcode I'm sorry I wasn't clear enough but that's what I saw seeing on the screen)16:57
squealingcodeelichai2: No problem. Does "reinstalling grub and everything" include trying to reinstall the kernel?16:57
elichai2I updated the kernel when I ran apt upgrade16:58
debouncerdo you think whether this is a driver problem or a hardware problem?16:58
squealingcodeelichai2: In busybox, can you try to run; ls -l /dev/mapper ?16:59
squealingcodeTo see if your vg is listed there16:59
elichai2yeah I get only control17:00
elichai2no vg17:00
roadrunneratwasthi all.  i am trying to repartition.  i have a dual boot system.  i shrunk the windows partition and now have 40gigs unallocated, then my GRUB partition, then my ubuntu partition.  Is it safe (or even possible) to move my grub partition  over to the left?17:00
squealingcodeelichai2: I don't have any experience with this specific issue, but maybe this link can help you on your way? https://feeding.cloud.geek.nz/posts/recovering-from-unbootable-ubuntu-encrypted-lvm-root-partition/17:03
squealingcodeIt seems to deal with the same issue you are facing.17:03
squealingcodePlease do also check that the lvm2 package is still installed.17:04
yatesnacc_: ha. it is my own binary. it is a c++ application which needs the libcrypto library. it is linked with the -lcrypto linker option17:05
elichai2he's just regenerating initramfs :\ I tried that already, and tried, lvm2 is installed, i'll maybe try to reinstall grub and then regenerate initramfs too and test again, maybe this time it will work17:05
nacc_yates: built on ubuntu?17:05
elichai2oh and mine doesn't use EFI, it uses boot17:06
yatesnacc_: no, it was built on fedora 2517:07
elichai2(not that i think it really matters)17:07
nacc_yates: yeah you won't be ablel to run that on ubuntu17:07
nacc_yates: i'm not sure why you'd think you coulld17:07
nacc_yates: unless it's statically compiled17:07
yatesthis version of ubuntu and fedora 25 are both x86_84 targets, are they not?17:08
yatesLinux GUI-Altium 4.4.0-109-generic #132-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jan 9 19:52:39 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux17:08
haltQuick question, ( on 17.10 Gnome ) the automatic screen lock does not trigger, where should I look for error ( I did the setup it in Settings -> Privacy -> Screen Lock )17:09
yatesare not the shared libraries in consistently named and placed?17:09
yatessame abi, etc.?17:10
EoflaOEyou are welcome oldbuntu17:10
RobinJonssonHey everyone! I just did a fresh install to 17.10, and am having some tray-icon problems. With the Ubuntu appindicators extension active for gnome, no icons show up at all. I installed Topicons plus, but with topicons, only the icon for the most recently started program shows up. Any ideas?17:16
ChunkzZwhere can I find chromium's version with ubuntu 16.04.03?17:25
elichai2squealingcode: maybe this you'll know, I just noticed that /etc/crypttab is empty, does this mean anything?17:25
squealingcodeChunkzZ: You can find information about installation of Chromium here https://www.chromium.org/getting-involved/download-chromium17:26
elichai2lol nvm, I accidentally read the live-boot crypttab and not the chrooted one17:26
leftyfbChunkzZ: apt search chromium-browser17:35
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=== halt1 is now known as halt
ChunkzZsquealingcode, that link is outdated. leftyfb anyway to check if I don't currently have ubuntu installed?17:42
leftyfbChunkzZ: why?17:42
ChunkzZwhat you mean "why" leftyfb?17:43
sravanDoes anybody know about using ubuntu for machine learning and artificial intelligence. It is a query for understanding how ubuntu can be used and how much reliable it is for working with ML & AI17:43
leftyfbChunkzZ: why do you need to know if you don't have ubuntu installed?17:43
leftyfbsravan: people do use it for those things, yes17:44
ChunkzZleftyfb, I want to see if it's Version 64.0.3282.119 (Developer Build) (64-bit) before I install Ubuntu.17:44
leftyfbChunkzZ: https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=chromium-browser17:44
leftyfbChunkzZ: that was from a quick search on google17:44
jackszumowskijake hi17:45
ChunkzZlooks like I'll have to wait for it to be upgrade :P thanks leftyfb17:45
leftyfbChunkzZ: the developer build won't be part of many, if any distro's by default17:46
ChunkzZleftyfb, cheers dude. :)17:46
H3llionjake holland is gay17:47
H3llionwheres everybody at17:47
xHav0kI am gay17:47
ArCaI'm not gay17:48
H3llionArCa where you aat17:48
ArCaWhere I'm at17:48
shazbotmcnastyI've never seen this channel look fun17:48
H3llionlets make it fun17:48
leftyfbH3llion: please leave the ignorance and negativity out of this support channel17:48
xHav0kim in a never ending loop of sadness and despair17:48
shazbotmcnastygood job H3llion, xHav0k, ArCa17:48
ArCaThanks bae17:49
leftyfbxHav0k: since you're the same person, you as well17:49
H3llionthx shaz17:49
xHav0kwho am i the same person as?17:49
xHav0kim actually sitting next to H3llion17:50
ArCaAren't you sitting ON him?17:50
H3llionyes he is17:50
H3llionhes sitting next to me17:50
shazbotmcnastyare you guys having a LAN linuxing party?17:51
H3llionyea pretty much17:51
AndrewDhello ubuntu peeps17:51
shazbotmcnastyoh got it :<17:51
leftyfbplease bring off topic chatter to #ubuntu-offtopic. This channel is for support questions only17:51
ducassestay on topic, please guys17:51
ChunkzZleftyfb, I know 18.04 is soon but is it mid April?17:51
ArCaI don't even use Ubuntu, just wanted to check out round here17:51
leftyfbChunkzZ: it's at some point in April17:51
=== Conder_ is now known as Conder
ChunkzZthanks leftyfb ! can't wait.17:51
AndrewDi have been in hell the last few hours trying to install: https://github.com/Microsoft/msphpsql17:51
H3llionbut i dont wanna leave lefty17:52
AndrewDi keep getting an error Unable to locate package msodbcsql17:52
ducasseChunkzZ: there's probably a link to the release schedule in the topic in #ubuntu+117:52
ChunkzZgot it, forgot about that channcel ducasse, cheers.17:52
H3lliontry rm dir /c17:52
xHav0kor :C17:52
H3llionpress alt f417:53
xHav0ki think i have bipolar disorder17:53
H3llionthats sad17:53
leftyfbxHav0k: H3llion: dumblonde: please leave17:54
AurorasAuraHi everyone. I am looking for someone who can point me in the right direction. I have Ubuntu server 16.04 LTS and I want to make it so my machine connects to my vpn automatically everyday. Like a scheduled task. Any help would be appreciated17:56
leftyfbAurorasAura: it depends on the vpn. You can try the vpnc client and stick it in a cron job or systemd unit17:57
leftyfbAurorasAura: vpnc being for Cisco that is17:57
leftyfbAurorasAura: you'd have to look for the relevant client for your vpn connection17:58
AurorasAuraActually the command I want issued everyday is simply "expressvpn connect smart"17:58
leftyfbAurorasAura: ok, then run that in a cron job17:58
AurorasAuraCause it seems to disconnect every day.17:58
leftyfbAurorasAura: you might want to look at the clients options to see if there's a keepalive or reconnect option17:59
AurorasAuraI have never messed with cron leftyfb . lol17:59
leftyfbAurorasAura: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto17:59
leftyfbAurorasAura: first result on google for "ubuntu cron"17:59
AurorasAuraThere is a reconnect option and its on but if if fails too many times I have to issue the connect command17:59
elichai2new problem :), not all my keys in the keyboard work in the terminal, but it works fine in applications like firefox and chrome18:00
elichai2(and in the kde launcher)18:00
AurorasAuraThank you leftyfb ... I was just checking if cron was the only way.18:00
AurorasAuraYour awesome!'18:00
leftyfbit's not the only way18:00
leftyfbjust probably the easiest18:01
AurorasAuraI looked at that before but I have no idea. I will read up. Thanks again leftyfb :)18:01
elichai2weird thing, if I close the terminal(that was open since startup) and reopen it its fixing it but the kde launcher is still the same, any ideas why this is hapenning?18:02
AurorasAuraSee... Im just stupid or something.... I just want to issue the "expressvpn connect smart" Every day but reading this is difficult.18:05
AurorasAurait would be easier if I knew more English lol. I will wait for my boyfriend haha18:07
AndrewDwhen i run apt-get update18:09
AndrewDi feel like packages are not being added18:10
AndrewDi ran curl https://packages.microsoft.com/config/ubuntu/16.04/prod.list > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mssql-release.list18:10
leftyfbAurorasAura: if it's dying, you might want to look into creating a systemd unit for it which will restart it whenever it dies. A cron job might not be the best solution18:10
AndrewDdoes anyone know any way to troubleshoot this?18:10
AndrewDI have been trying to install sqlsrv to connect an mssql database18:10
leftyfbAndrewD: your curl command is going to need to be run as root, not sudo and not as a normal user18:10
AndrewDok i will give that a try thank you18:11
AurorasAuraThat would be awesome leftyfb . But That is way out of my league18:11
leftyfbAurorasAura: not really18:11
AndrewDwait... I am logged in as root18:11
AndrewDi tried that again and when i run apt-get update i see the package... however when i try to install i still get Unable to locate package msodbcsql18:12
leftyfbAurorasAura: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/26496445/18:13
leftyfbAurorasAura: you can try copying that to something like /etc/systemd/system/expressvpn.service18:13
leftyfbAurorasAura: then run sudo systemctl enable expressvpn18:13
elichai2someone? only some of my keys work with apps that launch automatically, but when I restart the app it works fine (I restart kde and the terminal), any ideas?18:14
AurorasAuraThank you so much! I just need to find path to expressvpn18:14
leftyfbAurorasAura: depending on the client, you might need to run it as your user... in which case under the [Service] section, put User=<youruser>18:14
leftyfbAurorasAura: type: which expressvpn18:14
AurorasAuraTHAT IS AWESOME18:15
leftyfbelichai2: to help troubleshoot, try a different terminal emulator like terminator18:15
AurorasAuraty ty ty18:15
leftyfbAurorasAura: have you confirmed it's working that quick?18:15
leftyfbAurorasAura: I wouldn't say it's awesome till you know it works18:16
AurorasAuraNo... The "which" thing is awesome18:16
leftyfboh, right18:16
elichai2 leftyfb it's even on the kde launcher18:17
AurorasAuraWell my boyfriend is like a groorew about computers but I want to prove women can be nerd too!18:20
leftyfbelichai2: to be hones, I'm not too familiar with KDE. Not sure if your issue is specific to that DE18:20
elichai2doesn't sound like kde specific because it affects the whole system18:20
elichai2(every app that autorun with it)18:21
leftyfbAurorasAura: the fact that you're here and even knew about cron means you get some of the basics and shouldn't have any problem learning the rest if it interests you18:22
leftyfbelichai2: check your straight terminal (CTRL+ALT+F2)18:23
nacc_yates: hopefully you've answered your own question, but of course nont18:25
nacc_yates: the point is the ABI you are compiling for, not the arch target18:25
elichai2leftyfb: in the ctrl+alt+f2 there are no problems18:25
nacc_yates: tbh, if you didn't know that, then I don't think you should be building from source :)18:25
leftyfbelichai2: ok, so it's not hardware nor kernel/driver level18:25
zomaarStill curious that there is no native word for "geek" or "nerd" in my language18:26
zomaarjk, Dutch18:26
leftyfbzomaar: are the Dutch just all jocks instead? ;)18:27
sweinnerd = nerd :)18:27
elichai2leftyfb: so what else I can debug?18:27
leftyfbelichai2: I still feel it's a KDE issue since we proved it's not system18:28
sweinzomaar: straatariest?18:28
sweinor suet18:29
Ghost91iI think i got a mem leak18:34
elichai2leftyfb: can't it be related to readline somehow?18:34
Ghost91iI was tryna shutdown and it just …FR…18:34
leftyfbelichai2: nope, since it's not an issue when you're at a normal tty18:35
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sweinwhy is ubuntu going back to xorg. seems so flippy floppy18:36
nacc_swein: #ubuntu+1 for such discussion18:37
Bashing-omswein: My opinion. wayland not quite ready for prime time .18:37
leftyfbI'd agree18:41
elichai2leftyfb: ok, If I use the "bad" terminal to open something like kate all the keys works just fine18:43
zomaarbecause LTS release and sane behaviour18:43
BullhillHello, I'am running Ubuntu 16.10 (yakkety) and want to upgrade to 17.04 or 17.10. Is that possibile?18:51
Bashing-om!eol | Bullhill18:52
ubottuBullhill: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades18:52
BullhillTy Bashing-om :D18:52
Bashing-omBullhill: Be aware that 17.04 is also End_Of_life .18:53
BullhillOki. than i take 17.10 :)18:53
Bashing-omBullhill: Yepper .. hard road to get to 17.10 .18:53
=== beaver_ is now known as beaver
AndrewDI am really struggling to understand why I keep getting this error Unable to locate package mssql-tools18:57
kostkonAndrewD, which release are you on18:58
kostkon!info mssql-tools xenial18:58
ubottuPackage mssql-tools does not exist in xenial18:58
kostkonAndrewD, it does not exist, apparently18:58
jimb_AndrewD, there is a `mysql-mmm-tools`, not sure if it's what you are looking for18:59
akikkostkon: it's from microsoft's repository (3rd party)18:59
AndrewDlooking to connect to a mssql server18:59
kostkonakik, that makes sense18:59
AndrewDi have a dev machine with 16.04.218:59
AndrewDand it worked there18:59
AndrewDdo i need to downgrade from 16.04.3 to 16.04.2 to make this work?19:00
akikAndrewD: there's usually no support here for 3rd party ppas19:00
AndrewDdo you know what direction I should go in to get this working?19:01
akikAndrewD: you could run apt-cache policy mssql-tools to see what the system knows19:01
AndrewDi tried with microsoft to no avail19:01
akikAndrewD: did you run apt-get update after adding the ppa?19:01
AndrewDits been 4 hours now19:01
akikAndrewD: you could run apt-cache policy mssql-tools to see what the system knows19:01
AndrewDtrying to understand why this doesnt work19:01
=== Ezriilc_ is now known as Ezriilc
AndrewDUnable to locate package mssql-tools19:02
kostkonAndrewD, double check that you have added the repo and that it's enabled19:02
AndrewDcurl https://packages.microsoft.com/keys/microsoft.asc | apt-key add -19:02
AndrewDcurl https://packages.microsoft.com/config/ubuntu/16.04/prod.list > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/msprod.list19:02
AndrewDthat is what you mean right?19:02
kostkonAndrewD, yes19:03
AndrewDyes i ran this as per installation instructions i find everywhere19:03
kostkonAndrewD, does   cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/msprod.list  give you anything19:03
AndrewDwhat is yes I see a key or something19:03
akikAndrewD: i just added that ppa on 16.04.3 and mssql-tools shows up19:04
AndrewDok so there is something wrong with my setup i guess19:04
nacc_AndrewD: msprod.list should nont contain a key19:04
AndrewDI am not sure what I am doing work19:04
AndrewD deb [arch=amd64] https://packages.microsoft.com/ubuntu/16.04/prod xenial main19:04
nacc_AndrewD: pastebin the contents of /etc/apt/sources.list.d/msprod.list19:04
nacc_AndrewD: yes that's fine19:04
nacc_AndrewD: `sudo apt-get update` in a pastebin19:05
nacc_AndrewD: and `apt-cache policy mssql-tools`19:05
AndrewDone sec19:05
AndrewDapt-cache policy mssql-tools N: Unable to locate package mssql-tools19:06
nacc_Adbray: it may not like you've listed the repository twice (apparently once in mssql.list and once in msprod.list)19:06
nacc_AndrewD: rather19:06
nacc_AndrewD: however, that is just a warning19:06
AndrewDshould i remove one?19:07
kostkonAndrewD, contents of the other file? cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mssql-release.list19:07
AndrewDdeb [arch=amd64] https://packages.microsoft.com/ubuntu/16.04/prod xenial main19:08
nacc_that's not what apt-get update said19:08
nacc_it said mssql-server19:08
kostkonhow many similar files are there19:08
kostkonAndrewD, ls -la /etc/apt/sources.list.d   or just remove all (ms ones) but one19:09
AndrewDok I should rm all the ms ones and then curl them again ya?19:09
kostkonAndrewD, that's an even better approach yes19:10
AndrewDok on it...19:10
AndrewDsame situation19:11
kostkonAndrewD, did you run  apt-get update19:12
kostkonyou did19:12
AndrewDis there some other reason why a package would be unable to be located?19:14
AndrewDI am not sure what to troubleshoot19:14
AndrewDthis worked on my dev machine19:14
kostkonAndrewD, a wild guess: it isn't supposed to exist in that repo in the first place19:15
akikAndrewD: did you fix the repository config problem? maybe it's the reason?19:16
AndrewDi have no idea what that means19:17
AndrewDhow do i fix that19:17
akikAndrewD: these lines: W: Target Packages (main/binary-amd64/Packages) is configured multiple times in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/msprod.list:1 and /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mssql-release.list:119:17
AndrewDi removed the duplicates19:18
kostkonAndrewD, uname -i?   probably a silly request19:19
AndrewDwhat does that mean19:19
akiknice catch19:20
kostkonAndrewD, it means that it wasn't silly afterall19:20
AndrewDsorry yes i19:20
gordonjcpit's the type of processor your kernel is compiled for ;-)19:20
kostkonAndrewD, the full shebang?  uname -a19:20
AndrewDLinux mojo 3.13.0-57-generic #95-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jun 19 09:27:48 UTC 2015 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux19:20
kostkonAndrewD, right19:21
AndrewDso i need a 64bit processor19:21
AndrewDi gotta go bark at digital ocean then19:21
kostkonAndrewD, more like a 64bit installation19:21
AndrewDgot it19:21
AndrewDi thought i had a 64 bit19:21
AndrewDthanks so much guys19:21
kostkonAndrewD, np19:21
AndrewDI will try to switch my droplet19:21
AndrewDI would buy you guys a beer if i could find you... you have no idea how much this whole thing has stressed me19:22
jimb_kostkon, you sleuth19:22
kostkonjimb_, ;)19:24
CoderEuropeHow do I install Unity 7 again ?19:24
brainwashCoderEurope: sudo apt install unity19:30
NuttyNuttersonIf I have a dual boot grub with linux and Windows 10 on it, can I install Windows 7 over the Windows 10 partition and have the grub launcher be fine?19:37
nicomachusNuttyNutterson: Windows will usually bork it, but I don't remember the fix exactly19:37
bozkann jemandem deutsch reden19:50
=== boz is now known as Guest22383
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!19:50
Guest22383ok danke19:51
sweinnein problem frualine19:51
dbrassAnyone know if "°"(the degree symbol) is a restricted character for filenames? it seems that Caja can't handle renaming a file with that character in the name. I'm running Ubuntu mate 16.04.3. Caja just crash when I rename the file.19:51
mutantedbrass: if it's supposed to be a portable filename, yes.  http://pubs.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/9699919799/basedefs/V1_chap03.html#tag_03_28219:53
mutantedbrass: that said, i can "touch °" on my Debian system just fine19:54
xdedaosI have a veracrypt partition on my main drive and I want to install ubuntu on a different drive. When I went to install ubuntu I got a warning about UEFI vs BIOS boot, what should I do?19:54
mutantedbrass: no matter what, the "just crash" part makes it a bug in Caja that could be reported, i would say19:55
dbrassmutante, What do you mean by "portable filesystem"?19:55
dbrassmutante, I get this error in my home folder on an ext4 partition19:56
mutantedbrass: it means that it would work on all OSes that are following the POSIX standard   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/POSIX#POSIX-certified19:56
mutantedbrass: i also use ext4, that part should not be the limiting factor19:57
dbrassmutante, I'll file a bug then19:57
mutantedbrass: yea, i think that's right19:57
dbrassmutante, for now I simply did not use the symbol19:57
dbrassmutante, worst case, it'll be closed19:58
dbrassmutante, Thanks :)19:58
mutantedbrass: yea, i agree. just see what Caja says.  yw!19:58
elichai2is it a good idea to upgrade 17.04 to 17.10 *from chroot*?19:59
elichai2(I have a lot of problems and I hope this might fix some of them)19:59
elichai2*I mean 16.0420:01
MrTopCatsurely it's better to stay on lts?20:08
MrTopCati can't imagine the more unstable releases fixing a lot of things20:09
dbrasselichai2, I downgraded to 16.04 due to too many problems in 17.1020:09
MrTopCatprobs more likely to introduce more issues and bugs20:09
DoowIf it's an option I'd recommend waiting for 18.04.20:13
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otherRickHi, I need assign a device link to a event input device in order to identify my virtual input; someone can give me a suggest?20:17
nicomachusand if it's a kernel issue, you can always install the HWE kernel to get newer versions20:17
mijkhow can I launch an X11 application using SSH. Not X11 forwarding, I want to launch an X11 application on the machine I'm remoting into20:20
kenrinremote in,  set the display var?20:21
akikmijk: x2go is one solution20:21
lordcirth_workmijk, something like 'DISPLAY=":0" firefox' might work?20:21
mijkoh? If I know that X11 is running on :O it should start?20:23
mijkakik: x2go sounds familiar20:23
akikmijk: it's fast, secure and has session support20:24
akikmijk: although, you need to use a 3rd party ppa20:25
mijkthanks, I'll give it a shot20:26
akikmijk: a down side is that it doesn't support desktop environments that require hw acceleration20:27
nicomachusakik: that eliminates both unity and gnome, doesn't it?20:27
ioriawondering what's the problem with XForwarding ...20:27
akiki.e. unity/gnome 3/plasma 5 don't work good20:27
akikmate desktop, plasma 4 are ok20:28
jmzc\join #network20:28
=== mg is now known as Guest69751
otherRickSomeone knows if the kernel can be create symblinks to the event input device (without udev rules)?20:36
=== Guest69751 is now known as Efe
cristian_cotherRick: why without udev rules?20:38
otherRickThe 60-persistan-input.rules create symblinks to the event inputs in the /dev/by-id/!@20:39
otherRickbut I need that the module self create the symblink to the event input device.20:41
otherRickudev can be resolve my problem because the driver module used two event inputs for emit different events, for udev both devices are the same have the same vendor/ product only can be difference by the minor value concatenate to the name of the event device20:44
cristian_cotherRick: /dev/input/by-id/devicename is already a symlink to /dev/input/event#20:45
otherRickyeah but was replaced by the last event input device registered20:46
cristian_cotherRick: for example: two identical mice?20:47
johnnyfiveHowdy. I'm trying to understand what this file is: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/n/ncurses/ncurses_6.0+20171125.orig.tar.gz is this considered the latest version of ncurses? and if so, why is it a tar.gz instead of a deb?20:47
otherRickthe module driver works emits all event but using udev I cann't determine who is who20:47
cristian_cotherRick: maybe, udev has a parameter for filtering that20:48
nacc_johnnyfive: that is the orig tarball for the source package20:49
otherRickI used udevadm monitor --property20:49
nacc_johnnyfive: it is the upstream tarball, possibly modified to meet dfsg that is the basis for the source package in Debian/Ubuntu20:49
johnnyfivenacc_, ahh I see, thanks.20:50
=== Zren_ is now known as Zren
otherRickThe both devices have the same information only the DEVPATH is different.20:50
otherRickare /sys/usb/.../keypad/input22 and /sys/usb/../touch/input2320:52
johnnyfivenacc_, is this pre-patched or is there some manipulation to this source before being converted into debs? Or some other step between?20:52
akikotherRick: the udevadm command can also show you the serial number20:53
nacc_johnnyfive: hrm?20:53
johnnyfiveyou said "possibly modified". Just trying to understand if that modification exists in the tar.gz or in between tar -> deb20:53
nacc_johnnyfive: it depends on the particular upstream tarball20:54
nacc_johnnyfive: and the source package20:54
nacc_johnnyfive: are you still doing your massive archive rebuild?20:54
johnnyfivewell not "trying". We have it all working20:54
johnnyfiveoh, you didn't say trying20:54
nacc_johnnyfive: i did not, no20:54
johnnyfivebut ya,20:54
nacc_johnnyfive: well, you probably want a different channel anyways, this isn't a support topic -- perhaps #ubuntu-packaging or so20:55
johnnyfiveyea you answered my question, thanks20:55
johnnyfivenacc_, Thank you for all your responses btw. If you were curious I can msg you with the site that explains what we're doing, along with a demo.20:58
nacc_johnnyfive: yw; i'm a bit otherwise busy right now :)20:58
johnnyfiveyep. cheers20:59
ImageJPEGSo I just setup phpMyAdmin with nginx on a Ubuntu lxc container (running on Proxmox). I downloaded the zip file and installed it that way. Yes, I know I could download it from the repos but I'd rather have more control over the setup process. Anyway, I'm able to log in but there are no images/icons and the text is overlaying itself.21:00
nacc_ImageJPEG: you woulld ened to ask upstream phpmyadmin then21:01
nacc_ImageJPEG: since you are nont using an ubuntu package21:01
ImageJPEGI can try but there's only 39 users on that channel...21:01
mutante"more control over the setup process" what do you mean by that21:02
nacc_ImageJPEG: not exactly our issue that they don't have an active IRC channell21:02
mutantebecause you can certainly change everything and this way you just get a system that is less "clean"21:02
mutanteand you cant properly remove it again21:02
nacc_mutante: i was choosing to not engage on that part :)21:02
mutantewell, the whole support thing is another reason not to, as we just saw21:03
nacc_mutante: yeah :)21:03
nacc_mutante: i'm not in any way disagreeing with you21:03
melohi all21:27
=== HairToday is now known as JPSman
JPSmanWhile iotop shows me a list of processes that are using my disk drive, is there a program to show a list of processes that are using the internet?21:33
nicomachus!info netstat | JPSman21:35
ubottuJPSman: Package netstat does not exist in artful21:35
memphistois the repalcement21:35
nicomachusJPSman: ignore ubottu he's a stupid bot. netstat works just fine.21:35
memphistobut maybe ntop is what he is looking for21:35
kostkon!info ss21:36
ubottuPackage ss does not exist in artful21:36
kenrinworks fine if you have net-tools insstalled...21:36
nicomachus!info ntop21:37
ubottuPackage ntop does not exist in artful21:37
nicomachusdax: is ubottu dumb or am I?21:37
kenrinThose are binarys,  not packages...21:38
nicomachusoh. so I am. ok. sounds typical.21:38
memphistojustnetstat -tuneape21:38
memphistojust run nestat -tuneape and check the last columt21:39
kenrinnicomachus: the correct package is iproute2 just fyi21:39
=== Night is now known as Guest46962
aduckHello. I see that Zesty support ends in january 2018. Is that why I can't find the package archives in local mirrors? If so, to where can I point my apt sources?21:53
nacc_aduck: ended already, yes21:53
nacc_!eol | aduck21:53
ubottuaduck: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades21:53
=== Judy is now known as Guest63751
aduckah, there's an old-releases site. nice, nice. The upgrade will wait until this weekend. :)21:57
aduckthank you.21:57
nacc_aduck: i would highly suggest you update sooner than that21:57
nacc_aduck: just fwiw, you've not got security updates for a few weeks, includinng for spectre/meltdown21:57
TJ-aduck: You can "do-release-upgrade" without needing to put old-releases in sources.list nowadays21:58
kostkonaduck, and this is a serious vulnerability https://usn.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-3552-1/  i hope you are not using firefox22:01
Howie69Umm.... Anyone else having a problem with the gatech apt mirror?22:01
Howie69N: Updating from such a repository can't be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default.22:01
aduckthank you. I'll consider doing it sooner.22:02
aduckas in, I'm going to do it tonight.22:02
nacc_Howie69: what version of ubuntu?22:03
kostkonaduck, good call. just that one is pretty serious22:03
aduckso, time to make a disk image and data backups. later. thank you.22:03
Howie69nacc_: Let's see...22:03
Howie69nacc_: I'm using artful22:03
nacc_Howie69: ok22:03
nacc_Howie69: i think you'd need to contact the mirror admin22:04
nacc_i forget, there might also be a mirrors status page22:04
=== dragonrider23 is now known as lfkeitel
=== HairToday is now known as JPSman
Howie69nacc_: It's annoying... I can apt search, but not install22:06
Howie69I wonder if my old professor is still runnning the mirrors up there...22:07
Howie69isn't there an apt switch to allow insecure repos?  Without reconfigiring all of apt?22:09
TJ-Howie69: are you sure you're not behind some HTTP proxy? The Release/InRelease files on that mirror look to be correct22:16
Howie69TJ-: I haven't changed mirrors.  It's been working for months22:16
TJ-Howie69: I mean a proxy in bewteen you and the mirror, like ISP/Wifi hotspot transparent proxy22:17
Howie69TJ-: Nope, my network topography hasn't changed either22:18
Howie69Just the kids' linux box wifi to my router22:18
Howie69It says it hit the mirror, and reads the packages, but then gives that error22:19
TJ-Howie69: I've just fetched the InRelease and checked it's signature, and it's OK.22:19
TJ-Howie69: try this: "cd /tmp;  wget http://www.gtlib.gatech.edu/pub/ubuntu/ubuntu/dists/artful-updates/InRelease ; apt-key adv --verify /tmp/InRelease "22:20
Howie69TJ-: As a matter of fact, it did an update yesterday.  This is my first apt attempt since.  Maybe the update broke something22:20
Howie69TJ-: I assume there is some room rule about pasting... which pastebin site works these days?  It's been a while for me22:22
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:23
TJ-Howie69: usually pastebin.ubuntu.com ... however, as long as you get "gpg: Signature made Wed 31 Jan 2018 11:49:09 GMT using RSA key ID C0B21F32" "gpg: Good signature from "Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key (2012) <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>"" it's good22:23
gambl0rehi #ubuntu, my wifi connection drops from time to time22:24
gambl0reany ideas what could be the problem22:24
gambl0rehi #ubuntu, my wifi connection drops from time to time22:24
gambl0reany ideas what could be the problem22:24
Howie69TJ-: I was unaware o the ubuntu pastebin, thanks, I'll use that next time22:24
Howie69gambl0re: Router22:24
Howie69gambl0re: Probably some TCP timeout setting22:24
gambl0remy phone is fine22:25
TJ-Howie69: so that's fine, let's assume the local PC lists are corrupted. "sudo find /var/lib/apt/lists -type f -delete"  then re-fetch using "sudo apt update" and try again22:26
Exterminadorperhaps here isn't the place. but is there any way to get rid of Firefox quantum and install the regular one via command line keeping my current preferences?22:28
lordcirth_Exterminador, why do you want to roll back?  56 won't be supported forever22:29
kostkonExterminador, firefox 58 is the regural one. the one you are looking for is firefox esr which currently is at version 52 if im correct22:29
gambl0rehi #ubuntu, my wifi connection drops from time to time22:29
kenrinBetter off just installing firefox-esr22:29
gambl0reanyone know what could be the problem? thanks22:29
Exterminadorso, Firefox ESR will go away eventually?22:30
kostkonExterminador, no, it will actually jump on to a newer version at some point22:30
=== argus- is now known as argusbr
Exterminadorkostkon, so, it's possible to do what I'm pretending to do? k didn't find any good tutorials tho22:31
argusbrawk '{' print $0":3128" '}' tudo > ir  "what is problem in comand"22:31
kenrinWell,  it'll jump to firefox 60 soon22:31
kenrinSo the ESR will be quantum too22:31
ExterminadorQuantum problem is the lack of support for some plugins22:32
Exterminadorbut meh22:32
Howie69TJ-: Hrm.. same error22:32
ExterminadorI can live with it22:32
kostkonExterminador, esr isn't in the repos so you'll have to use some other 3rd party repo or download it from mozilla22:32
TJ-Howie69: really? can you pastebin the apt update output ?22:33
Howie69I'm looking for whatever adds flash support to chromium22:33
kenrinThere is plenty of other browsers based on firefox that aren't quantum22:33
koolkalangHi all, can I configure gdm3 so that I can choose the session, but not have to type in a password?22:34
Howie69TJ-: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/26497547/22:35
TJ-Howie69: the problem isn't with gatech, the messages show that, it's some PPA you've addded!22:35
tomreyn!info pepperflashplugin-nonfree22:36
ubottuPackage pepperflashplugin-nonfree does not exist in artful22:36
kostkontomreyn, i think it wasn't needed anymore22:37
tomreynoh ok22:37
Howie69That ppa didn't upgrade to arftful from 17.04 correctly22:37
TJ-Howie69: right, so you need to remove it22:37
Howie69but that shouldn't keep the rest of apt from working22:37
Howie69that takes effort22:38
TJ-Howie69: so what other errors are you getting when trying to install ?22:38
nacc_Howie69: it doesn't?22:38
nacc_Howie69: it doesn't keep apt from working, i mean22:38
nacc_Howie69: you got an error from your buggy repo, with two notices on the error.22:38
Howie69TJ-: I see error in my apt request when I pasted in pastebin22:40
Howie69stupid PuTty l and 1 look the same22:40
Howie69The font in chrome made it distinguishable22:40
nacc_Howie69: yes, you got an error, as TJ- said, for the one repo22:40
Howie69Or I need glasses....22:41
JoeLlamaI've installed xubuntu 16.04 and it doesn't see the wifi card. How do I view the device map so I can see all devices that are recognized on the system?22:41
Howie69flashplugin-nonfree btw22:41
kostkon!info inxi xenia | JoeLlama, lspci and lsusb? or install this utility22:42
ubottuJoeLlama, lspci and lsusb? or install this utility: 'xenia' is not a valid distribution: artful, artful-backports, artful-proposed, bionic, bionic-backports, bionic-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable, utopic, utopic-backports, utopic-proposed, vivid, vivid-backports, vivid-proposed, wily, wily-backpor22:42
kostkonoh no..22:43
TJ-JoeLlama: start with "lspci -nnk -d::280" and see if the device is listed22:43
JoeLlamathanks Kosha :)22:43
kostkon!info inxi xenial | JoeLlama, lspci and lsusb? or install this utility22:43
ubottuJoeLlama, lspci and lsusb? or install this utility: inxi (source: inxi): full featured system information script. In component universe, is extra. Version 2.2.35-0ubuntu1 (xenial), package size 122 kB, installed size 547 kB22:43
JoeLlamaneat :)22:43
TJ-JoeLlama: do you see a line "Kernel driver in use:" ?22:44
JoeLlamaworking on other stuff atm but I will get to this in a little while (:22:45
JoeLlamaTJ- yes it sees the wifi card22:50
TJ-JoeLlama: and it shows a driver in use? which driver is in use?22:51
JoeLlamayup lemme get that22:51
JoeLlamadoesn't it normally say that wifi connections are available?22:52
=== xqb` is now known as xqb
JoeLlamathat is what I am used to seeing22:52
TJ-JoeLlama: OK, let me check on that one22:53
JoeLlamaoh ok thanks22:53
JoeLlamayes before it would just pop up and show available connections and now it doesn't... I'm looking for that list22:54
TJ-JoeLlama: which device is it? In that lspci output, on the right-side of the first line, it shows the [Vendor:Device] ID, can you tell us what is there?22:56
JoeLlamabroadcom BCM4312 TJ-22:57
JoeLlamait worked when I installed the full current version of ubuntu22:58
JoeLlamaworked nicely22:58
gambl0rehi #ubuntu, my wifi connection drops from time to time22:58
gambl0reanyone know what could be the problem? thanks22:58
JoeLlamathen I wiped that and installed lubuntu and xubuntu next and neither of those works22:58
TJ-JoeLlama: which release is it, 16.04 ?22:58
TJ-JoeLlama: can you "pastebinit <( lspci -nnk -d ::280 )" for us ?22:59
JoeLlamawell... ok hold on gotta get a flash drive23:00
TJ-JoeLlama: OK, don't worry, just give me the numbers inside the square brackets on the right side of the lspci output, something like [1234:5678]23:01
JoeLlamaThis will take a minute or two TJ- (learning curve)23:07
=== xqb` is now known as xqb
JoeLlamaTJ- : https://pastebin.com/ifN4nQyu23:12
JoeLlamaso let me understand this, when the system starts up it should automatically suggest available connections right?  if it doesn't something isn't working, is this correct?23:14
TJ-JoeLlama: According to modinfo the correct module that matches that alias [14e4:4315] is "ssb" - I'm assuming the b43-pci-bridge was installed by some 3rd party driver package you added, is that correct?23:14
=== nacc_ is now known as nacc
JoeLlamano, I added nothing... it was a straight installed23:15
JoeLlamafor both lubuntu and xubuntu23:15
TJ-JoeLlama: hmmm, because I can't find this b43-pci-bridge anywhere23:16
JoeLlamaagain, the question is, if it doesn't show that message suggesting available connections, something is wrong is that correct?23:16
JoeLlamahrm ok23:16
BlackDalekAnyone know why Gimp won't let me create a brush 4 pixels x 2 pixels?23:16
JoeLlamaI see b43-pci-bridge online on google23:16
TJ-JoeLlama: not necessarily, there's a lot of config in the network side, but generally a visible AP should be listed by nm-applet23:16
JoeLlamaoh ok23:17
TJ-JoeLlama: that's not much help! I'm looking at the 16.04 kernel modules and it doesn't exist for kernels 4.4* or 4.13*23:17
JoeLlamahrm..  is there a way to manually look at available connections... also I do see forums talking about this23:17
JoeLlamahrm o k23:17
naccBlackDalek: probably better asked in a Gimp channel23:17
JoeLlamaI will read forums23:17
JoeLlamabut I'm still here open to suggestions23:18
BlackDaleknacc, I did. that channel is dead23:18
TJ-JoeLlama: right now the wrong kernel driver is in use as far as I can tell. Looks like something put in place by ndiswrapper23:18
naccJoeLlama: did you enable 3rd party drivers or whatever (it's an option during the install, iirc)23:18
JoeLlamaoh ok23:19
JoeLlamaso um... what is the right one?23:19
naccTJ-: should be able to run `modinfo`, iirc23:19
naccJoeLlama: `modinfo b43-pci-bridge`23:19
JoeLlamaok I run modinfo23:19
TJ-nacc: right, but I'm trying to locate where it came from, apt-file search doesn't locate it23:19
naccTJ-: right, modinfo should say23:20
TJ-It's part of b43 apparently, which suggests a 3rd party package23:21
JoeLlamanacc "not found"23:21
naccTJ-: agreed23:22
naccJoeLlama: what wasn't foud?23:22
JoeLlamathat module23:22
TJ-JoeLlama: as a workaround try this: "sudo modprobe -r b43-pci-bridge; sudo modprobe ssb"23:22
JoeLlamaunless Ididn't type if right23:22
JoeLlamaum.. ok TJ-23:22
JoeLlamaTJ- FATAL not found23:23
JoeLlamahrm lemme make sure I am typing this in right23:23
TJ-JoeLlama: what does "uname -r" report?23:24
JoeLlamanope nope it all says "not found" for that23:26
JoeLlamaoh uname hold on23:26
TJ-JoeLlama: OK, so you've got the old Zesty HWE kernel there23:27
JoeLlamais that good? :)23:27
JoeLlamait's what came with the iso23:27
TJ-JoeLlama: It means we can be sure of what we are dealing with.23:28
Howie69Well, now, that takes care of the brat....23:28
Howie69Daughter is in trouble, lost PC privs... only allowed to use the computer for school23:28
JoeLlamastill reading forums23:29
Howie69she's being a smarta** and decided to run chromium in incognito mode so I couldn't find out she was going to youtube and game sites23:29
Howie69So, I diabled incognito mode on her computer :)23:29
TJ-JoeLlama: I'm concerned that those 'modinfo' commands were not finding the kernel modules; that might suggest the currently running kernel's image package has been removed. what does this report? "find /lib/modules/$(uname -r) -type f -name '*.ko' | wc -l"   ... it should print a number which is the count of all kernel modules for the current kernel23:29
TJ-JoeLlama: the "wc -l" - that's a lower-case L23:32
JoeLlamaTJ-  505323:33
TJ-JoeLlama: which is a good number, about what I'd expect.23:33
JoeLlamaoh um... ok23:33
TJ-JoeLlama: so, try this: "lsmod | grep b43-pci-bridge" - does it report anything or nothing?23:33
JoeLlamait did nothing TJ-23:35
TJ-JoeLlama: good, so it is unloaded from your earlier command. Now lets try to load the correct module: "sudo modprobe b43"23:35
JoeLlamaumm k23:36
TJ-JoeLlama: if that works you'll see nothing, it'll just return to the shell prompt23:36
JoeLlamayes that is what happened23:36
TJ-JoeLlama: in which case then do "iwconfig" and see if a wireless interface is reported. If it is, tell us it's name.23:37
JoeLlamaoops did the modprobe thing twice by accident23:37
TJ-JoeLlama: doesn't matter23:37
TJ-JoeLlama: if the module is already loaded it simply exits because there is nothing more to do23:38
JoeLlamaoh ok23:38
JoeLlamaare we kinda stuck now TJ-?23:40
TJ-JoeLlama: I was waiting for the wifi interface name23:40
TJ-JoeLlama: from: >>>>  in which case then do "iwconfig" and see if a wireless interface is reported. If it is, tell us it's name.23:40
JoeLlama"no wireless extensions"23:41
JoeLlamafor both enp4s023:41
JoeLlamaand lo23:41
TJ-JoeLlama: hmm, that's a pain! that module should work. I wonder if you're missing firmware23:41
TJ-JoeLlama: do "dmesg | tail -n 30 " and see if there are any kernel messages relating to b43 and/or firmware missing23:42
JoeLlamahrm... dunno TJ- but like I said, originally I installed the latest version of ubuntu 16.04 which was a little slow on this systerm and it did work nicely23:43
TJ-JoeLlama: at this point we'd expect an interface with a name beginning "wl" if the wireless I/F is created23:43
Jordan_UTJ-: Has JoeLlama already install the "firmware-b43-installer" package (while connected via ethernet to the internet)?23:43
TJ-Jordan_U: thanks, as far as I know this is a fresh Xubuntu install from ISO23:43
TJ-I stay well away from Broadcom usually due to their terrible driver experience/support23:44
JoeLlamaok so I am looking for something in all this informtation23:44
Jordan_UJoeLlama: TJ-: Broadcom's firmware isn't distributable so while you have the driver you don't have the firmware. To get the firmware, connect to the internet via ethernet then run "sudo apt install firmware-b43-installer". That package will download and extract the firmware you need.23:45
JoeLlamaI see nothing relating to broadcom23:45
TJ-JoeLlama: well, we hope the 'b43' module reports it loaded ... and we wonder if it reports it cannot find a "firmware" file - it should complain about that23:45
JoeLlamahrm k23:46
TJ-JoeLlama: can you connect the wired link to your router in order to get to the Internet23:46
JoeLlamawell the computer is not hooked up to any networks so...23:46
JoeLlamaI download it to flash drive first?23:46
JoeLlamathis is getting teeedious :)23:47
TJ-JoeLlama: you could, although it's easier to connect an ethernet cable!23:47
JoeLlamaok ok I think I'm just oging to takea break... thanks for all the help TJ-23:48
TJ-JoeLlama: when you installed the regular Ubuntu you must have had the PC connected via wired in order to install the correct firmware then, too, surely?23:48
JoeLlamaI just used a flash drive23:48
JoeLlamaiso > usbstick23:48
TJ-Jordan_U: any ideas how that'd have worked !?23:48
JoeLlamaI'm thinking I'm going to just install ubuntu 16.04 again23:49
JoeLlamais it possible the wifi card went bad on me?23:49
JoeLlamaand that is the reason why this is happening?  I can swap it out I have piles of them23:50
JoeLlamaperhaps switch to an intel wifi card?23:50
JoeLlamawait lemme look at the card I might not have any in this form factor23:50
TJ-JoeLlama: As Jordan_U pointed out, Ubuntu cannot ship the Broadcom firmware, so it's unclear how the device was working. The installer ISOs are identical at the kernel and base system level too23:51
ohffyHi Guys23:51
JoeLlamayes I just go get an intel wifi card then :)23:51
ohffyI installed ubuntu and then removed the parition and deleted it via windows however, the grub is still there and its messed up. How do I remove it? I now am unable to install any linux distro because of this problem. I thought I removed and deleted it but I guess I did not23:52
TJ-ohffy: GRUB boot-loader on the fixed disk won't interfer with a USB/DVD ISO installer booting, and once the installer is running it can replace the GRUB you've left behind23:53
ohffyOk but everytime I try and install any distro, I get some sort of error23:54
ohffyWith Ubuntu, the USB won't even read23:54
ohffyI know its not a defective USB23:54
ohffyIts new23:54
ohffyAnd it works with other distros fine in terms of creating a bootable image23:55
JoeLlamaTJ- when I install the intel wifi card is there an easy way to detect it?23:55
TJ-ohffy: at what point won't the USb 'read' - when the motherboard is loading it? during boot of the installer? during installation to the fixed disk?23:55
TJ-JoeLlama: Linux kernel does  auto-detection23:55
ohffyWith Ubuntu. It wont boot at startup when I restart the PC23:56
ohffyEven with boot priority set to USB23:56
TJ-ohffy: that's either a problem in how the USB was written, or a bug in the PC firmware. Is it an UEFI-based PC?23:56
ohffyIts an ASUS23:57
TJ-ohffy: there are some models where you have to go into the firmware setup at power-on time and specifically *TRUST* the boot-loader on the USB device!23:57
ohffyhmmm, I never had to do that the first time23:57
TJ-ohffy: it's quite ridiculous but we're seeing this quite a lot with Acer and Asus and some Lenovo23:57
TJ-ohffy: Iy may not affect you, but the symptoms you've described are spot-on what we see other users experience23:58
ohffyTJ-: you mean the booting image not detecting at startup?23:58
pfrielHas anybody seen issues with sssd causing your AWS c5 instance to freeze using either the 20180122 or 20180126 Ubuntu cloud images?  I have narrowed it down to sssd.. if I disable that the box works fine but once I start it the box hard locks and CPU goes to 100% on the instance.  No helpful logs in /var/log/kern.log, syslog, etc23:58
pfrielworth noting we don't see this behavior on anything other than c5 instance types..23:59
ohffyI'd put a dvd if I could, but the thing has no cd23:59
naccpfriel: you might want to ask that in #ubuntu-server23:59

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