pleia2they don't want to work with us01:20
* pleia2 shrugs01:20
lynorianoh great01:30
* lynorian hopes this will end better than lubuntu.net and lubuntu.me01:30
pleia2their heart seems to be in the right place, a heads up might have been nice though :)01:38
pleia2it's a bit unfriendly to start a competing group like this01:40
FlannelWeird that most of the leadership is in NY and made this today.06:42
nhainesI am not certain I like the idea of them calling it a LoCo when it is specifically not a LoCo.  I'd like to see that changed.06:45
nhainesObviously, nothing else needs to change, although it would be nice if they at least coordinated with us so we could help with advertising.06:45

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